Practice English Speaking&Listening with: De Edison Serie #2 - Forever You (Dennis van Aarssen Original) [ENG SUBS]

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Forever You is not only the title of the album,

but as you all probably know... Oh this is already ***. Whatever.

I'll just finish it for now.

Martin: - Why would you say that about your own music? -

No it's not my music that's ***, it's just a *** bunch of lines

I wrote here. The title of the album is also the title of the song!


Hi! And welcome to already the second episode of 'The Edison Series'. A short series, here

on YouTube, where in each episode I sing a song from my debutalbum 'Forever You'

for which I received this beautiful Edison Award last year.

Besides me just singing the song, I'd like to tell a short backstory about the song.

And this week it's about the song 'Forever You'. Forever You is not just the title of the album.

No no, but as you probably guessed it's also the title of a song.

In fact, it's one of my personal favorites. I wrote the song together with Ren van Mierlo,

incredible Dutch songwriter,

and the song perfectly describes what my first year as an artist looked like.

Everything in my life changed completely: I could suddenly quit my job as a project manager,

I moved, got to know a whole bunch of new people,

I could live off of music of course, I ended up in a completely new world.

Maybe I should make a song again this year

about what has changed in my life.

'Forever Home' or something

'Forever Social Benefits'

But this song is a love letter to my girlfriend, because whatever changes in my life

I hope she never does.

And so I pray, you'll always stay,

forever you.

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