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I'm very excited about this stuff because I think it brings together a lot

of things that we've been working on and it's a really exciting future ahead.

I just wanted to share with you some of the context for our goal, the

goal of all health care providers, and that is to

improve the quality of life for our patients and the well-being of the

population in general.

A number of years ago, we noticed a couple of things coming together

and that is that the population is aging

and older

people want to be active. They want to have a maximum quality of life as long

as possible

and therefore are demanding services, such as total joint

replacement services,

and they want them now,

they don't want to wait, they want to get on with their life, they want to

enjoy their life.

And it's a very exciting time because what we've been able to do in Ontario,

through efforts like ours at the Holland Centre,

is to decrease wait times by over forty percent.

What that means is that for the first time

we can offer our patients

surgery in a timely fashion and they can plan surgery around their life not the

other way around.

There's no question that it's made a huge difference and patients are much

happier when they can come in and they can plan when they want to have their

surgery as opposed to being forced to take the next available slot, which in

some cases was a year away.

At the Holland Centre we are the pioneers in this new model of care

which is basically freeing up surgeons time

by implementing alternate care providers, advanced practice physiotherapist

to screen the patients to evaluate the patients

so that the surgeons time can be used more effectively

for surgery

and that the patients they

deal with are ones that have already been prescreened, pre-selected

and channeled for surgery,

so that the surgeon's time is used much more efficient.

I think people will come away from the talk with an understanding of

the background of arthritis care and

the role of the Holland Centre in

the Ontario and in fact the Canada wide plan for hip and knee services.

And I think they'll also understand better how they or their loved ones can

access the service

and the fact that we do have have capacity

and ability to look after them.

I also think they'll be energized and excited as we are about the future.

We're continuing to improve care.

we're continuing to innovate, we're continuing to improve the way people

receive care.

I think they'll be very excited when they hear what we have to tell them.

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