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Our cattle are basically locavores. The potatoes they eat come from right over there.

My name is Rob Miller. I'm the general manager of El Oro Cattle Feeders in

Moses Lake, Washington. El Oro Cattle Feeders is owned by Agri Beef Company. It's

a second generation family operation. We buy the vast majority of our cattle, here

at El Oro, from other family farms and ranches across the Pacific Northwest. We

pick up where they left off and get them ready for the grocery store and the

restaurants. My name is Martin Camacho, been working here about 25 years. Our

goal is to produce the best beef we can and that starts with taking care of the cattle.

It's very important to keep these animals calm and very low stress. We need

to welcome these animals and we receive them with the best care possible, clean

fresh water, long-stem hay... because if we can manage how we treat them at the

beginning we don't have to use antibiotics at all. Absolutely, the pen

riders are the front line of animal care. I try to talk with the entire staff

every day, they're kind of the eyes and ears for us out at the feedyard. They

keep me apprised of what's going on so that we can continue to make good

decisions. Technology allows us to be proactive in animal health. We know

everything we need to know about every single animal right there on our

laptops. In the rare instance where an animal actually needs to be treated that

treatment is recorded along with that animals individual identification into

our software program. It's not just about growing cattle, it's about feeding them

something that keeps them healthy and comfortable and that's why we employ

a beef nutritionist. The hay and other ingredients are all sourced right

here in state of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. When local potatoes are made into

fries and chips often there's a portion that doesn't make it into the grocery

stores maybe just weren't pretty enough but our cows just don't care and we take

those products and feed them to our cattle and turn them into delicious beef.

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