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Today is going to be amazing. Yesterday we saw some exciting matches.

All of the teams will be pushing to reach the global level.

And we will see who's going to be the winner. That's the most important.

Who's going to be the winner?

Besides the prize pool, there is the pride of each country

to represent Southeast Asia.

Yes, and especially since this is such a prestigious event.

Without further ado, let's get started with the first round.

This is our map, Erangel.

It's very difficult to say what a great team is made of.

It's difficult to sort of capture that lightning in a bottle.

It's difficult to sort of capture that lightning in a bottle.

It takes work.

A lot of players will fall at several hurdles.

A lot of players will not be able to make it past a certain stage.

They won't be able to make it to the big leagues.

And that's just how it is.

You know,


It's not easy, otherwise anyone would do it and everyone would do it.

I mean, you know, $5 million of prize money over the year.

Why wouldn't you?

But even if you can,

sometimes it's not guaranteed.

That's a lot of responsibility for these players to perform here.

That's a lot of responsibility for these players to perform here.

Sometimes it can cause

quite a lot of stress

and a lot of pressure.

But with the right amount of pressure,

sometimes even coal can turn to diamonds.

Bigetron again versus Morph.

Bigetron already collected 10 kills.


Which makes them as the conquerer.

Jeixy tries to get more aggressive towards Bigetron's side,

but Ryzen with already 4 kills in his pocket,

has already blown up the buggy here.

Jeixy and Morph being eliminated in the 4th position.

BOOM Esports, I think's already being spotted.

SVAFVEL, already being knocked down.

I don't know where is the last BOOM Esports player

the BOOM Esports player and

-Winner Winner Chicken Dinner again! -That's what I'm talking about!

Like yesterday, Bigetron calls today

with an outstanding performance

Winner Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

and a lot, a lot of kills coming...

The boys were really showing their class there.

Like a diesel engine,

they may be slow to start,

but at the end of the day,

they're our children. That's what we are proud of.

They can unite and live up to their name, Red Alien.

Mess with these guys...

Mess with these guys,

and you'll get wiped out!

The World League for a lot of these players is,

it's that pedestal, right?

It's that pedestal that everyone's looking to sit atop. And,

it's not easy to do.

Any player whilst they might aspire to be there

needs to be ready to be there as well.

When they come up against other regions,

when they come up against plays that they haven't seen before,

will they be able to adapt and overcome?

It's the ultimate expression of skill


And your ability to get there really

can prove tonot only the people around you,

but to yourselfthat you deserve to be one of the best.

And for a lot of players, that's exactly what they want,

what they're pushing for, what they're driving at.

I've never been to the Global Final so I don't know yet how it feels.

I am the one who recruited the members of Morph Team.

After discussing it with Zabrol, we decided to recruit Jeixy.

I discussed it with Jeixy, and we decided to recruit Ongak (noMrcy).

The thing about Jeixy is he is a good leader.

His gameplay, his strategy, there's a lot to learn from him.

He pushes us forward.

As for Ongak (noMrcy),

he is considered as the terminator on Morph Team.

Of course, our goal is to get a slot in the PMWL.

To join Bigetron there.

All the teams in Indonesia play in the shadow of BTR.

Bigetron didn't become a champion in the blink of an eye.

For a year, they were trampled by everyone.

Finally, they became World Champion in the next season.


-Zuxxy, Luxxy. -Hello.

They are arguably the best duo in the world.

They are inseparable wherever they go, whichever team they play,

or with any roster they play with.

Who on your team is slowing you down from getting a WWCD?

- Hmm, which one? - Which one?

No one.

RensKy and Zabrol, they are also brothers.

They have very good chemistry.

I'm Morph Zabrol.

I'm RensKy.

Hi, both of you.

Congratulations on your Winner Winner Chicken Dinner...

As for Zabrol, since he is my little brother,

I know him better than anyone, ever since I was little.

Probably he is more skilled than me.

And then, you know, how do you say it...

He's still young and open to learn new things.

At the moment, Zabrol is heading back to Palangkaraya.

To our hometown.

During the PMPL Indonesia Final,

that night, I heard that my Dad was admitted to the hospital.

Because of a heart problemthere was a blockage in his heart.

We heard this news on the first day of the Indonesia Final.

My Mom suddenly sent us a chat when Zabrol and I were playing.

But what could we do? We had to be professional.

We couldn't...

We still had responsibilities.

The thing is, PUBG MOBILE is an online game.

A lot of people can play this game,

and PUBG MOBILE is also a survival game.

Teams need to survive, they fight each other,

until the strongest remains standing.

So this is a game of survival.

...the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

There's no way my Mom can be on standby 24 hours a day.

If she does, she will get sick too.

So Zabrol and my Mom take turns caring for Dad.

He must stay healthy until he can go to Jakarta.

For surgery.

Why like this?

Wet hands...

Let's head in.

My co-workers' children know of Zabrol and RensKy.

It makes my friends' children happy

to see that Zabrol and RensKy come from Palangkaraya.

They represent Palangkaraya at the national level

and are a pride for the children here,

who know them.

These guys here...

Before becoming a civil servant, I was a programmer.

A computer programmer.

So besides programming, I liked to play games,

but in the past, there were no gaming competitions.

Because I liked playing games,

when they were little, I bought them a PS.

We played together as long as they studied and did well in school.

-This was that time they were champions. -Yes, it was.

It was when we took a photo in front of them.

The trophy was heavy.

Yes, the helmet trophy.

Honestly, when I got the call about Dad's situation,

I had trouble concentrating. My mind went everywhere.

But during the Indonesia Final, we all had a dream.

This team has a dream.

Ah, that house is also good, there's high ground and low ground.

This would also make our parents proud.

It can make my Dad proud, too.

We are called pro players, right?

So we need to act as professionally as possible.

This is our responsibility.

This is our job.


So after the SEA Finals is over,

hopefully we qualify for PMWL and I can go back home.

To take care of my Dad.

Jeixy must miss his parents. Ongak, too.

We miss our parents, of course. We want to see them.

We hope to make them proud.

No regrets.

They're all strong, all of them.

-Hello. -Hello.

How are you, Mom and Dad?

Brol... (Zabrol)


Fine, fine.

Dad's been sick, right?

How has he been?

I can do my job okay.

Although not fully.

I have to stay healthy so I'm ready for surgery when the time comes.

Later on.

Dad and Mom, please stay healthy there.

Don't get sick.

Because I'm far away. I miss you. I cannot take care of you.

Keep up the good work. We are always watching you.

Always pray.

We miss you.

-Of course. -We miss you so much.

-Mom... -Especially in this situation.

-I hope everything is fine. -Yeah.

Don't you miss me too, Brol?


We're going to see each other anyway.

Most of the time,

we all have an open and friendly relationship.

Especially with their Mom.

Zabrol and RensKy always open up to their Mom.

When it comes to things that are rather heavy or complicated,

then they will talk to me.

We can't let our problems affect our work.

Although, as humans, we can't help thinking about it.

The thing is, the last event was a way for us to reach World League.

But the chance slipped through our fingers.


the ultimate goal of a pro player is playing in the highest league,

and to stay at the highest level.

That's how it is.

And to play in World League is a rare opportunity.

And hopefully

Morph can realize the dream of making it to World League.

There can only be one champion.

Welcome to PUBG MOBILE Club Open

Fall Split Global Finals.

It's time to shine.

But we remember in the previous Global Final,

it was still dominated by Southeast Asian teams and teams from China.

Since last year at the Global Final in Kuala Lumpur,

PMPL and World League has gotten more challenging.

All the teams are much stronger.

Everything back then seemed


sad and bleak.

But not anymore.

The World League is very important to us because

it's the only way to get to the global stage.

It's something that everyone dreams for.

If we get to play in World League,

whatever the outcome is, we'll be happy just being able to play there.

We are at the last day of the PUBG MOBILE

Professional League Malaysia/Singapore

2020 Grand Final.

Alright, now we're back to the main event.

Alright, now we're back to the main event.

-Last day? -Yeah, last day.

-Exciting! - We have 5 games left.

Erangel, Vikendi,

Sanhok, Miramar.

-All 4 maps. -That's right.

-All 4 maps. -That's right.

5 games, that's it.

There's a lot of pressure on AG (Armory Gaming).

Oh, that's it! GODDARD knocks SYX!

Look at this,

MADTOI manages to explode Kuza,

and Kuza is out of this game.

MADTOI is truly the mastermind of the team.

When he was with ILLUMINATE (now Valdus The Murder),

he was the second IGL.

he was the second IGL.

When MADTOI joined Team Secret MY,

I can say that the team performed a lot better.

I can say that the team performed a lot better.

As we all know, MADTOI is a skilled player.

As we all know, MADTOI is a skilled player.

He is really talented and has great game sense.

He helped refresh Team Secret MY's leadership approach and game strategy.

When they got MADTOI, they became a more complete team.

They released uHigh!

He's going way high and up and away!

I think replacing players in PUBG MOBILE

is not that much different than in other sports.

is not that much different than in other sports.

Everyone has their own position and unique skills.

Everyone has their own position and unique skills.

For example, in basketball some guys can jump higher than others.

The same thing in esports, some people think faster than others,

or are better at using sniper rifles.

GODDARD knocks iSLOW. ZooMs headshots iSLOW!

I started as an outsider, then transitioned to in-game leader.

As a newcomer, I feel like

they welcomed me well.

I didn't feel left out or like a newbie,

or like I wasn't a part of the team.

I feel happy I joined this team.

And it's official, ladies and gentlemen.

And it's official, ladies and gentlemen.

Team Secret MY is your

PMPL MYSG Champion

with 296...

If you're dropping out of the plane,

you need to know that the 3 guys next to you have your back,

and they are willing to go with you,

and they are willing to go with you,

in any situation.

MARTIN, jumps in and ends the game as in-game leader...

Let's go!

That was dope.

We did it.


We got it! We got it!

ILLUMINATE (now Valdus The Murder) isn't a very well known team.

It took them a long time to get this trophy.

Since they started,

they always came in 2nd or won nothing at all.

I think their fans are very happy that this team finally has a trophy on the shelf.

We're going!

1st place is 500,000 baht!


There is a time to be champion. There is a time to lose.

Winning and losing are both part of competition.

The most important thing is to always play your best.

Now we've got this Pro League infrastructure in place.

It's a case of

Who's going to make it to the World League?

Who's going to get there?

There is already that global level competition,

and it's going to be really exciting

to see how that all comes together this year.

We still have a long way to go,

much more ahead of us.

How does it feel to become the MVP here in Week 2 on the Super Weekend?

It's too good, I feel,

It's a very good feeling being the MVP of Week 2.

My main goal is to be the MVP of the whole tournament.

And first and foremost, we have to get the international trophy.

Our main goal is that.

So yeah, that's our main goal.

So you're telling me that the $10,000 for the MVP

in the League Finals isn't on your mind at all there?

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