Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SPECIAL : MAYVINCI @ CARS & COFFEE KNOKKE

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Welcome all at Ride and Shine Detailing

We are extremely busy with this Bugatti Veyron

A lot of work on this car

as we are removing all the old film from the car

So we later can apply new PPF on this car

But it's hard to remove old film for the car

There is still a lot of glue and material that sticks to the car

so we need to remove this literally per centimeter and that takes lots of time.

So we are set back in our planning on this car with already a couple of days unfortunately

Too bad, but that is what it is in Car Detailing; we see more setbacks than we see things going easy.

That is life when working with cars!

We are now also working a really cool Land Rover

(not Range Rover)

It is an older model, but completely build up from scratch with new parts.

There is a nice story behind that, so we will cover that story and the treatment in an upcoming vlog.

Also we are working on a lot of Tesla's to protect these with PPF

Some just the front and other we will wrap in total

and after that we will coat them with

Mayvinci Ayamo coating.

Speaking about Mayvinci, last weekend we visited the Cars and Coffee in Knokke Belgium

Over there we had a very nice stand with Mayvinci.

I have shot some video's at that event and I would love to show this to you in this Vlog

So enjoy and I will get back with you at the end of this episode...

This was 'Cars & Coffee' in Knokke!

We've had a really exciting day

A lot of beautiful cars

We had the opportunity to speak a lot about Mayvinci

We have shown a lot of the Mayvinci products

Everyone we spoke with was really impressed with the products

We will now return to Brugge and grab some food

and then we will meet again in my next Vlog! Cheers!