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Hi, Im Tom Antion from

If youre thinking about starting an eBay business, I think it's a great idea but not

just for the reason you might think. Sure, you can sell things from around the house.

But if you'd really like to start a business that you can run from your home and make continuing

revenue without having to sell your furniture off and then sell something different every

time, I have an idea for you.

We sell inexpensive-to-create information products on eBay and we use them not only

for the cash flow but to bring in new customers that then buy all my other stuff that I have

created at retail. This is called lead generation. This is a great business because information

products are very simple to create. You can get freelance people to create the entire

thing for you dirt cheap just on an idea. It could be about a hobby of yours; tennis

or golf or fishing or hunting. Whatever it happens to be, you can create an information

product and somebody else wants to know about it.

These information products could be in the form of CDs, DVDs, eBooks, MP3 files that

people play on their iPods. Things that are cheap to create, massive returns when you

sell them. This is a great way to do business. And as I said, it brings in more customers

that you can then sell retail products to. Once you build up a database of people, and

I have over 100,000 now, you can hit your button, send them an Email every time you

have a new idea and orders will start pouring in.

I have been doing this since 1994. Any time I feel like it, I can hit a button or I can

come up with an idea first, write up a little note about it, send an Email out to my database,

and orders pour in. I want this for you. There is no shortage of topics you can do it on.

I hate golf, but hey, people are crazy about golf so I can sell them golf stuff. I love

tennis so I can sell them tennis stuff and also I am not an attorney or an accountant,

but a lot of the stuff I do is tax deductible even though I enjoy it. So if I'm doing tennis

stuff and I'm selling a tennis product, Ive got to do research. Ive got to test out

tennis rackets, I got to buy tennis balls. Just the fact that I love tennis doesn't hurt,

does it? There are a lot of benefits of being in the eBay business or an online business.

Come on over to where you can see a video about this very

unique training center we have. And you can read about the year-long training program

we have that teach you all of this stuff. This doesn't happen overnight. This is not

a get-rich-quick scheme. We have nine different revenue streams coming in and you can download

a learning brochure at the site that will show you active web sites that you can go

to and visit and see how they're making money. And these all belong to me. There are 9 different

types of them, although we have hundreds of web sites out there now. It'll teach you all

about the stuff that's available to you.

If you want to get into an eBay business, that is just one little sliver of what you

could be doing. Come on over to the site, and maybe one of these days I'll see you here

in Virginia Beach and well be learning Internet stuff together.

See you later. Im Tom Antion.

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