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- It's not the celebration I wanted

but there might be something good in here.

Nice little Wind Tunnel Hoover, that's 20 bucks.

All right, what do we got here?

A couple of brand new military wing tip boots.

Those are 20 bucks right there.

Probably $50 worth of odds and end clothes down here.

Here we go.

Well, this bike is actually a little bit better

than I thought it was here.

It's all aluminum, it's got the nice suspension shock.

It's got front shocks on it.

I'll get an easy 200 bucks for this bike, no problem.

That's about 20 bucks per gear on this sweet ride.

Oh, shoes.

Got some nice little shoes.

Old vintage belts.

Kick your butt boots.

You know, believe it or not, there's 100 bucks right there.

Here's a nice little fog machine.

Sure I'll get 50 bucks out of that.

Oh, I got to bring this out.

This just feels like it's something.

I don't have the foggiest idea what.

Wow, A whole lava lamp collection with gold stones

in it.

This one's cool.

Hell, I think these are worth getting checked out.

Some of these look like they're pretty old.

It would be totally groovy if these lava

lamps heated up my profit, man.

Down to the last box.

Let there be something.


Lots of old jeans.

I'll tell you, there's probably 50

bucks worth of pants in here.

I was hoping for 10,000 bucks on my 10,000th locker.

Just a little shy.

I'm bringing my lava lamps to Matt Kennedy, gallery

director at Wacko soap plant.

Hey, Matt.

Hey, Darrell, how you doin'?

Good, good.

Look what I brought.

Lava lamps.

All right.

Let's get these plugged in.


If only everything in life were this simple.

Tell me what's happening here.

You're the expert.

So lava lamps so back to 1963, to England.

There's a guy named Edward Craven Walker,

and he was a British accountant who one morning, while making

his breakfast, got this idea while watching

eggs boil in a pan of hot water to come up with this.

Weird, eggs, something that comes from a chicken's ass

had something to do with the lava lamp.

I think you need an anatomy lesson.

Eggs come from a chicken's ass.

No, they don't.

Eggs don't--

MATT KENNEDY: Not from your ass.

Oh, jeez, yeah.

I still want to know what came first, the chicken or the ass.

So with lava lamps, you've got electrical currents that

hit an electrical bulb, which lights up the lamp

and it also heats up the lava.

And you can see that there is an opaqueness to some

of the water, and that's because that's a blend of mineral

water and paraffin wax with something

called carbon tetrachloride.

And depending on how it's configured

and the wattage on the lamp itself,

you can get very different types of designs in wax.

Oh, wow.

So this lamp here, with a little bit of damage,

which you can see right about there,

and it's also missing the cap.

Now this one right here, these were

done as part of a retro series to look

like '80s accoutrements.

Now this piece is really interesting.

You just don't really see these very often.

It's been ages since I've seen one, probably 25 years.

Oh, that's good.

That's what I wanted to hear.

Now this piece here, the great thing about this,

it's an oval shape that's thin and cylindrical

as opposed to being a bell shape like the rest

of these lanterns.

You can tell by the kind of disco designs,

you're looking at the late '70s and early 1980s.

So let's get to the meat of the potato.

What are these worth, Matt?

Well, this one, because as we pointed out,

there's a dent here, $10.

This one here is not as old as it looks,

but because it's a zebra, $30.

All right.

Now the design on this, which is of course,

very different from these, makes it much more of a unique item.

This kind of retro look was only in fashion

for a limited period of time.

For something like this, $100.


That's getting better now.

What would this need to be in order for you

to make some money on that locker?

I've already made money.

See, this was the meat of the potato.

This is the gravy.

I'm going to tell you what.

This isn't just the gravy, this may be the steak.

Because you don't run across them too often.

It's a real unique piece, and because you're

talking about an era that's also very chic again,

this particular lamp, in this condition,

I would say would be a fairly easy sale at about $500.

500 bucks?

500 bucks.

Do you know how many of these I've thrown away?

You've thrown these away?


You're in the wrong business.

First time I've ever been told that.

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