Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Deep Sheep Season 1 Episode 1: Knock 'Em Out

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Robby: Bed, bed, go to bed, bed, bed! Daniel: Now everybody sleep...

Chris: Get in the bed, get in the bed. Did we make it? Did we all make it?

Nathan & Daniel: Yep. Chris: (sigh of relief)

Chris: Why are you a sheep? Who is that? Who's a sheep?

Daniel: What the crap? Chris: Robby, why are you a sheep?

Robby: (bleats loudly)

(silence) Nathan: (inaudible)

Daniel: Chris, I hate this. Why do I--Why am I always starving to death when we join, when I join, your game?

Chris: How are you starving? It's peaceful. Nathan: Go ahead & kill yourself.

Nathan: Go ahead & kill yourself.

Daniel: Hey, good point Nathan. You know what? No one touch these.

Robby: Alright, hold on. Chris, Chris. Film this. Film this.

Daniel: Suck it. Robby (quickly): Come to me, come to me Daniel: Who touched them?

Chris (honeyed): No one...

Chris: So, uh, okay. This is a new game that I invented called Knock 'Em Out. Woohoo. Yay!

Chris: And I am here playing with xAlien7 who's really upset

Chris: Rockerzzoom

(Xbox 360 notification sound)

Chris: Okay Daniel: Holy crap. Holy stinking crap. Chris: (chuckles)

Chris: Did you find them? Robby: (inaudible)

Daniel: I'm down here Chris: How did you live?

Daniel: I'm alive & I'm down here Chris: How did you live?

Chris (voice cracks): Oh God!!

Daniel: Okay, now I (inaudible) my slimeballs. Robby: No! That was from you, Nathan!

Chris: That was very rude, Nathan. Daniel (quietly): Where's my slime balls?

Chris: Very rude indeed! Very rude, very--ah!

Robby: (laughs) Chris: Hi.

Daniel: Um...

Chris: Okay! So this is a new game called Knock 'Em Out. Uh, it is a giant iron donut in the sky surrounded by

I guess it's glazed by some, you know, raspberry-flavored fences, but pretty much here's how the game is played

In this chest over here is Knockback II swords and then some other crap that doesn't really matter

All that matters is the Knockback II. Uh, then you have a bunch of armor that's going to protect you so that you don't take that much damage from the hit

The goal here is to knock your opponents out of the ring or into the little donut hole in the middle

Daniel: Like that! Chris: Yeah! Last one standing wins

Chris: Alright, everyone grab your crap

Daniel: Where's our crap at? Chris: Only grab one set

Daniel: Only one set? Chris (quietly): Yeah

Nathan: Ready Chris: 3, 2, 1. Knock 'Em Out!

Chris: And this is best 2 out of 3 or, uh, first one to-- Daniel: Why am being the I first one getting teamed up?

Chris: First one to win three times

Chris: Jeez, you go flying

Daniel & Robby: Oh! Robby: Nathan! Oh Nathan! D-Daniel, I mean

Daniel: I'm still alive. You live from the fall with the armor

Chris: You live from the fall?!

Daniel: You get half a heart (chuckles)

Chris: Oh my God! I got sent! (laughs) Holy crap! Oh wow, I only lost four hearts

Daniel: Don't even think about it. Chris: (laughs) Jesus.

Daniel: Oh yeah, it's on peaceful. Chris: Block attack!

Robby: Boom! Chris: I don't think anyone's ever going to die, Daniel

Nathan: And this is why we're recording Daniel: How many hearts do you have?

Chris: Um Robby: No!

Nathan: I win Robby: I fell

Chris: Alright, Nathan wins the first round. Woohoo! Alright, Nathan. Go ahead & hit that switch for me

Daniel: Chris, I honestly don't think you can waste the armor. Plus we had to kill ourselves to get back up, right? Oh, never mind

Chris: Yeah Robby: What? Oh!

Daniel: No, you can't ascend before me (laughs) Chris: I was thinking of doing that to be honest

Daniel: Chris, don't even think about it. Chris: What the?! How did you hit me? Robby: (laughs)

Chris: How are you able to hit me? Robby: (continues to laugh)

Chirs: How the hell were you able to hit me? Robby: No, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel!

Chris: Get out of here Robby! Robby: Daniel, noooooooooo!

Daniel: Good job, Nathan. Good job!

Chris: What the hell?! Oh, you suck so many--thank you. Okay, moving on to Game #2. So, right now, Nathan has

1. First one to 3 wins. Everyone kill Nathan. 3, 2, 1 Knock 'Em Out!

Chris: Oh jeez Robby

Chris: God

Robby: Nipples, nipples, pizza, pizza nipples, pizza nipples (inaudible noise)

Chris: Get out of here, Mr. Daniel!

Robby: I don't (inaudible)

Daniel: This is scary Chris: This IS scary (Robby: Nathan!)

Robby: (laughs) Chris: As soon as you get hit once, you just go flying

Robby: Not for me for some reason Daniel: You really don't know where you're going Chris: Oh my God! (chuckles)

Daniel: Aw, ballsacks

Robby: Oh, Daniel actually died Chris: Robby, I'm pretty sure last time you were the one

Chris (cont'd): who killed me so I'm going to try & kill you Robby: (yelps) Noooooo!

Chris: Yeah, nice, Nathan! Alright, me & you

Daniel: (sings generic battle music) Robby: Wait, no. Chris. Chris. I wasn't (cuts out)

Daniel: Cue the epic music! (increases tempo to previous song)

Daniel: Wait. Star Wars music? Okay (sings an upbeat and rhythmic tune)

Chris: Is that Star Wars music? Daniel: (continues then stops) Yeah

Chris: Okay. Alright

Chris: Geez, Nathan. Can you just die for me? How come you're not you're not even even flying!

Daniel: Chris, you're gonna lose Chris (child-like): Uh, no I'm not (repeats 4 more times)

Nathan: This is taking too long. Chris: (groans) Die.

Chris: Yes! Nathan: Oh no Chris: (moans)

Daniel: Alien! Chris: My thumb hurts

Nathan: I (inaudible) Daniel: (laughs) Oh crap (pants)

Daniel (deep voice): I'll take you all on! Chris: (laughs)

Robby: (laughs) "I'll take you all on" Chris: Oh my God. Alright, hitting the switch

Robby: Don't you dare do it. No, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel! Daniel (hoarse): Soap, soap, what is water?

Chris & Robby: (laughs) Chris (confused): What?

Chris (child voice): Come on, Nathan. Get your (louder) cute little tushy over here!

Robby: (guffaws)

Chris (normal): Alright, so me and Nathan: 1. Daniel & Robby: 0. Round 3 of Knock 'Em Out. 3, 2, 1, go!

Daniel (hoarse): Soap, soap, what is water? Chris: What is that from?

Robby: No, stop Nathan: I almost died there

Robby: (distressed noise)

Chris: Hey, hey, hey! Daniel: Get out of here!

Chris: Oh God! How am I still alive?! (chuckles) I can't believe I'm still alive now.

Chris: Jesus

Robby: Get Chris out! Chris & Nathan! Get Chris & Nathan out!

Daniel: Oh, I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die Chris: Daniel's died--

Daniel: Alright, everyone team up on Robby right now and then uh--

Robby (shrill): WHY?!

Chris: Daniel & Ro--Daniel's died first every single time

Chris: Robby, I see you crouching over there you stupid ballsack! Robby: (laughs)

Robby: (laughs) Chris: Die

Chris: Oh God! Robby: Yeah!!

Robby: (laughs) Chris: Hi Daniel, what's up?

Daniel (hoarse): Soap, soap, what is water? Chris: (laughs) What is that from?

Robby: (laughs) Daniel: Spongebob

Chris: Well, I'll get some cinematic views

Daniel: Aw, you suck

Chris: (sings fast-paced action music)

Daniel: Is that Star Wars? Chris: I don't know. I was just making it up. I'll just play actual real epic music. Go!

Chris & Robby: Woah!

Chris: Okay Nathan: That will be some short music

Chris: Yeah (proceeds to laugh with Robby)

Chris: Yeah, I got the helmet. Here, just hand me the other crap. Robby: Okay then

Daniel: Um, here I'll give you my extra crap too Chris (sincere): Thank you, I love extra crap

Daniel (hoarse): Soap, soap what is water? Nipples. Soap. Robby: (clears throat)

Chris: Alright

Nathan: You hit him while I stayed on the ground so he just went flying back there Robby: (quietly gasps) No!

Nathan: And he just went flying to the ladders Chris: (quietly chuckles)

Chris: Cool Robby: I'm such an idiot. No, I just fell again. Daniel, I hate you (Daniel laughs). I hate you so much

Chris: Okay so what is it right now? Nathan has 2, I have 1, & then--

Chris (strained): Oh, is Daniel going to make it? Oh, he was so close

Robby: (laughs)

Daniel: Dang it! There we go Chris: Okay. So-- Robby: (continues laughing)

Chris: Alright Daniel: Hey, you wanna know what I just realized?

Daniel: Last round was a repeat of the first round. Chris & Robby: It was. It was. It was.

Chris: Alright! Now Nathan has made it in the last 2 every single game

Nathan: I have a feeling that everybody is going to gang up on me Chris: Probably

Daniel: No, I'm not like that, Nathan Chris: I'm like that & Robby I don't know what you are

Chris: Alright! So, Nathan 2, Me 1, rest of you 0. Round 4 of Knock 'Em Out. 3, 2, 1 Go!

Daniel: Sacks! Chris (strained): Balls!

Chris (normal): Oh God, Oh God Nathan: I fell

Chris: Yay! Daniel: Alright Robby (loudly) No!!

Nathan: (inaudible) water Daniel: (inaudible) Chris: It's the aliens! It's the aliens!

Chris: (moans) Oh man, you got me pinned. Oh, I knocked you back. Yeah!

Nathan: The water is still here

(Chris's sword breaks)

Chris: Oh what the heck?! Oh crap! Wait! Pause! I need a sword, I need a sword, I need a sword

(Daniel & Chris chuckle)

Chris: Okay, go!

Chris: Oh jeez

Chris: (grunts several times)

Chris: Hey Daniel, how you doing? Daniel: You're being such a tryhard right now.

Daniel: If anyone's a tryhard on your first day across from you, you punch him square in the face

Chris: (laughs) You punched the crap--(screams loudly)

Chris: Nice Robby: (laughs)

Daniel: Alright man I'm trying to study Chris: Okay

Daniel: (scoffs) I can't believe he's actually trying. Look at this tryhard. Nathan: (inaudible)

Chris: Nice, Daniel won one. Woohoo! Daniel: Oh yeah, I need to hit the switch or Chris you can fly up

Daniel: That's, no, hitting a switch is like a trophy Chris: It is (chuckles)

Daniel: Okay, you don't touch the switch, I switch the touch

...and if Chris is over there & I'm in the middle then that means Chris would be on my right & Nathan would be on my left. That's backwards. It doesn't work.

Chris (silly): It's not allowed

Daniel: Get out of here! Robby: (surprised noise)

Daniel: Sorry Chris for my behavior. I just had to. Nathan: My armor hasn't even taken a bit of damage Chris: It's okay. You're an alien.

Daniel: (chuckles) "You're an alien"

Chris: Nathan has 2, me & Daniel have 1. Robby, you are (pauses) suckish & this is Round 5 of Knock 'Em Out. 3, 2, 1, Go!

Chris: So wait. Who has fallen in the hole so far?

Chris: Jesus

Daniel: Um I have every round except one Chris: Jeez Robby you're already dead

Chris: But Daniel I'm helping you out brother! Come on! Onesies, onesies, onesies! Come on!

Chris: OH! Daniel: Okay, okay

Chris: Came up from behind you! Ouch! Stop it! Robby: (clears throat)

Chris: Jesus!

Nathan: Well, I almost fell

Robby: Well, I already fell, Nathan Chris: You fell a long time ago, Robby

Robby: I know! I was about (Chris: Oh God!) to get Nathan & then all of a sudden Daniel over here (Daniel: Wow) & BLEEP me in my BLEEP

Daniel: Chris, we just got TK'd. He literally hit you once. Chris (softly): Jeez

Daniel: You bounced backwards into the hole. I looked over for a second to see if he got you down & then he hit me once & I bounced right down in the hole.

Chris: Nice

Chris: Okay! So-- Daniel: We just got TK'd

Chris: Nathan won. Nathan wins the first ever Knock Them Out. Woohoo!!

Chris: Woo! Yay! Alright & uh-- Robby: Screw you guys

Chris: As you guys know, our skins have been recreated into giant houses where we are all in a big circle around

the Biome tree. Now, everytime we play a game: one of us is gonna win the legendary & honorable

Golden Crown. This crown will be placed upon their head & they will be the winner

Nathan: Uh, I think it's too big Chris: (laughs)

Chris: (sings royal fanfare tune) So Nathan is the official first winner of all the games that we're going to play

Chris: He gets the crown Nathan: It looks really good on me

Chris: Good job. That is Minecraft Knock 'Em Out. See you guys later! Bye.

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