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Hi everyone, welcome back to InnoUvators. We meet a lot of talented people in our

search for the most out there over the top technology. Today, we're going to

introduce you to a few of these masterminds and see what they've been

working on recently. To see their full interviews be sure to click the links in

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First up we have Takayuki Kameoka in a unique

approach to raising health awareness Takayaki Komeoka created a device that

replicates the feeling of peeing yourself using a combination of

different pressures around the legs and groin.

He plans to bring it worldwide to

aid medical training nurses and incontinence awareness.

Kazutoshi Tanaka

Tanaka dreams big with his ideas to revolutionize how robots interact with humans.

Initially inspired by ancient Japanese martial arts his research has

shifted toward robots that can play ping-pong with full power shots as well

as the possibility of adjustable difficulties.

It makes you think our

future training partners will be robots

Next up, we have Takanobu Watanabe.

Like something straight out of a science

fiction movie, Takanobu Watanabe aims to bring us robots that will swarm the

skies, and he proposes an incredible vision of small ornithopters helping us

in traffic jams, farming, and even golf.

His remarkable invention is set to debut

at the World Expo 2025 in Osaka.

Kazumi Muraki

Kazumi Muraki shows you don't have to be old to save the world

This young innovators dream is to reduce

carbon emissions in a handy device no bigger than a suitcase.

We first met Muraki when he was just 15 years old.

That's when he came up with his brilliant method of removing co2 from the atmosphere.

Now, a few years later his

plans are continuously growing and he hopes to one day live on Mars.

Etsuko Ichihara

Etsuko Ichihara is an inspiration to us all. Her career led her down the path to

being on the development of the world-famous robot pepper

Now, she describes herself as a media artist with her award-winning

works being featured across multiple outlets. We sat down with her to hear of

her inspirations for "The Digital Shaman" project an idea to help grieve the

recent passing of a loved one as well as "Namahage in Tokyo", a reimagining of a

traditional Japanese festival in a modern setting.

Yoshihiro Sejima.

"My ultimate goal is a robot that is more attractive than my wife"

Those were the words of Sejima when we met with him and his ideas for

building empathy between humans and robots are unrivaled.

From varying the pupil sizes of robotic eyes to even producing tears these future robots are

sure to draw in emotional reactions from people around the world.

Yuichi Hirose

Stand aside 3d printing there's a new thread in town

Yuichi Hirose breaks down the conventional image of what 3d

printing is by working on an intriguing challenger to the technology: knitting

His in-progress ideas look towards building reshapable products out of threads.

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