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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 한국 지하철을 처음 타보고 모든게 신기한 일본인 배우 반응!

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Did you see it? Gate?

You're flapping! It's like racing! Hey!

I heard that Seoul is selling socks everywhere.

There's real socks!

What? 100 yen?

No way.

Checking the smell before eating.

The first food I eat in Korea is medicine and taste.


It's opening with wings. Haha

They're responding to each one.

The reaction is great.

I can't help it because it's the first time for me.

It's wide here, too.

I'd like to take this, too.

What's this? It's amazing!

It's wide!

It's wide but scary.

It's gonna be on video.

But somehow it's cool.

It's great. It feels like an armory. It's amazing. Not in Japan.

I see. I've never seen it.

It's on the left here. And I go to Seoul Station by subway.

You can think of Seoul Station as Tokyo Station in Japan.

I'll go all the way here and transfer.

Let's go!

I think you'll find out if you take the subway in Korea. Usually, we have all the screen doors installed in Korea.

So I don't think there's a lot of accidents.

You did this before Japan, right?

I did it at a cost.

In Japan, it's installed on a long line, and it's half as big as the chest.

Korea is almost up to the top.

If you're in Japan, that's what the Southern Line looks like.

But isn't it expensive?

I heard it costs a lot of money.

Can I take a bike with me?


I can't, can't?


The guy with the bike told me to get in here.

Does it say that?

Please translate the yellow letters.

bicycle riding position

I'm telling you...

Whoever owns the bike has to ride it here!

Is this the airport yet?

Maybe some people bring bicycles.


I don't know, but...

I don't think I've seen it in Tokyo.

I didn't do anything that bothers me.

I don't think you need to do that on purpose. I agree...

I don't want to ride a bike here.

Is there a place near the hotel where I can ride my bike?

The hotel I reserved this time is too crowded in the middle of Myeong-dong, so it's not a place to ride on a bike. Laughter

It's getting in the Laughter

The hotel you go to today is very nice.

I wanted to reserve a red zone that is attached to the roof to the swimming pool, but I couldn't catch it because it was full.

Myeong-dong doesn't have a swimming pool. I'm afraid... Hongdae is full.

Then the next time you come back!

Are you coming again?Laughter

Can't you come? Smile.

The subway's here. / This is normal, isn't it?

It was huge earlier, so...Laughter

It's here now.

It's the end!

End point?!

We're going all the way there!

But we'll be there in about 40 minutes.

Well, that's it.Does this keep going underground?

I don't know.I've never been in a car before, so...

Same as me.

This is the Hongdae area we talked about earlier.

This is Hongdae?

You're changing at the last stop, right?

Yeah. / This is the sea? - Yeah. - There's almost no water?

Over time, water comes back in.

It's in Japan, right?

Some people pick up shellfish when there is no water.

I see. What is that?Isle-like...

I'm afraid I don't know much about this place. I'm gonna get in trouble again.

There's nothing near the airport yet.

But I feel like I am in a foreign land...It feels like a place for lace.

Hey. Hey.

It's wide and like a racetrack.

I think this is normal in Korea. I think it'll be easy to drive.

So they're all going to speed up.

I often watch Korean movies, but they are very wide.

I feel like driving.

Do you like driving?

I don't like it, but if you look at this big road, it's kind of...

So I think it's dangerous to drive a light car in Korea.

Even in dramas, driving in a big car is often seen.

In Korea, it's called an apartment, not a mansion.

Is that an apartment?


It's pretty.

This one?

That is elementary school.

Elementary school?


What about that?


Japanese mansion is called an apartment in Korea.

It's so big.

It's so wide that I can forget what I buy, so it's got?

You came all the way to Seoul Station!

At last.

Let's change to line.

If I ride that one more time, I'll arrive?

Yes! We're arriving at Hyehwa!

It's hard to pronounce. Hehe..

Hehe. Hyehwa.

There's a reason why the chair is hard. The subway fire killed a lot of people and changed the material so that they wouldn't burn like that.

That's why.

That's right.

So it was hard.

That's why I think so.

You're right what I felt, aren't I?

That's right.

When I sat unconscious, I was surprised because I was stiff and my butt hurt.

Because it was a big incident.

I got it.

I was warned because I didn't explain this when I was filming recently.

I'm glad you asked me one more time.

I think so

Maybe everyone feels it.

Is it cool in Japan?

Isn't Japan worried about fire?

It's more of a derailment or suicide accident than a fire.

It's a case of arson in Korea.

What? Fire? There's this gate again!

Did you take it? / Yes! I did. Laughter

How to open it is amazing! Laughter

This gate is the last one.

I heard Korea sells a lot of socks everywhere.

Wow, really.Socks! What culture is this?

There's a lot of character's socks.

I've heard that they sell it anywhere at 100 yen.

Look! There's anything.

What's the matter?Plus, he's selling adult belts and his socks.

There's also food.This is delicious.


a medicine course

Is this a regular snack in Korea?

Is it a set of three?

100 yen!


It's a gift!

Let's have one, too.

Okay! I'll have one!

I think Korea's cultural experience started all of a sudden.

I like this!

I wanted to eat this kind of normal food.

Hold on a second. Please take a picture of this, too.

You're selling boiled eggs, too?At the station?

It's a boiled egg.

I think people who like this training will be happy!

It's 100 yen.

No way.

100 yen in all!

All in one hundred yen... There's socks here, too!

Socks... all 100 yen.Laughter

Here comes the subway! Hurry up and try it!

Then I'll take some medicine.

Do you eat often, too?

I don't eat that much, but I like Japanese people.Last time I ate, everyone said it was eating.

It smells good! It smells like fried dumplings.

the smell of fried mandu

The first food I eat after coming to Korea is medicine!


Have you ever tried fried dumplings with red beans inside?

It doesn't have red beans in it.

It's sweet, isn't it? / Do you ride this?


It has a bit of sweetness.

The oil is amazing.

Three of these are cheaper than 100 yen.

It is one of the foods that I put for my ancestors during Chuseok or Chusok in Korea.

Oh, I see.

But they sell it at the station, too?

If you eat like this, you'll find out it's a tourist, right?Laughter

This is usually the subway in Seoul.

It feels local.

Isn't it wider than Japan?

I'm sure...

Where does this connect to?

Where should I say?

A subway train that goes longitudinally

We're on a long-distance journey, but...


But this line doesn't just travel vertically.

Is that a Korean route ticket?

I feel more than Tokyo.

I think it's similar.

Does it feel like you're riding in Chiba?

Unlike that, think of subway to go to Myeong-dong and Dongdaemun.

It's my first time out in Korea!

It's my first time out.

It's the first time!

Hyehwa? I came to Dehakro!

This is the street where musicals and plays are famous!

I'm having an unusual experience right now!

I think most tourists go to Myeong-dong.

Myeong-dong as soon as you get here.

But I'm in Hyehwa, where pronunciation is difficult!

It's five o'clock. It's seven thirty. I still have about two hours. What are you doing?

You should eat!

I am hungry.

Let's go eat naengmyeon!

Cold noodles in my hometown!

That's good!

I don't know the place well, but let's go!

Let's walk and find it!

Let's go!

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