Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Stir-fried kimchi dosirak (Kimchi-bokkeum lunchbox: 김치볶음 도시락)

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Hello everybody!


Today's recipe is kimchi-bokkeum.

Stir fried kimchi.

I'm going to make this and I will make a Korean lunchbox.

Dosirak. I used to make this for my family all the time.

They love it! And I love it, too!

You will be surprised to see how easy it is.

How many delicious dishes did I make with kimchi?

Kimchi is such and important Korean ingredient.

That's why Korean housewives make a lot of kimchi.

And this kimchi in the refrigerator.

Even a lot of Koreans have kimchi refrigerators.

This refrigerator is just for kimchi only.

But I don't have one. I have no room in my apartment

to put my kimchi refrigerator if I buy this.

So onion, just a little bit.

For one pound of kimchi, just only a quarter cup.

See? This is a quarter cup.

And then kimchi!

This is exactly 1 pound of kimchi.

453 grams.

Usually I don't measure like this when I cook.

Just, you know, approximately I take out my kimchi.

For you guys I measured this exactly.

Ok I made 18 pounds of kimchi!

And now, it's really well fermented.

By the way, red hands! (laughs)

Well fermented kimchi tastes sour

so this is perfect for me to make this kind of kimchi-bokkeum.

Easy, easy!

So this kimchi, one pound, I'm going to chop it up.

And I always eat this part also. This top part. Chop it into small pieces.

Now, let's stir fry.

Cooking oil around 1 tablespoon.

My oil is vegetable oil but you can use any type of cooking oil.

And then I will just add kimchi.

This is medium-high heat.


And onion.

Just keep stirring until the cabbage is withered and cooked.

This side dish is for a lunchbox so it should not be really watery.

If your kimchi has a lot of water then you should squeeze out the excess water.

And then stir fry like this.

So around one minute I cooked.

Sugar, one teaspoon.

And gochujang around one or two tablespoons.

Like this.

So you gotta keep stirring.

Another version for this recipe is I add some pork or beef.

But this time I will just make this without meat.

(timer rings)

I stir fried for 5 minutes.

And I'm going to turn off.

That's it! Easy easy!

And last touch! What is it?

Sesame oil!

Sesame oil is very important.

Because it makes it taste really better.

One tablespoon sesame oil.

Yeah, once I add sesame oil this dish is much much more delicious looking.

And a little bit shiny, and smells sesame oil-y.

Yum! yum!

That's it!

I think this is one of Koreans' most favorite side dish for lunch boxes.

Kimchi-bokkeum! What else do you need?

Rice and kimchi-bokkeum, all you need is those 2!

But we need some protein so I made more side dishes.

(crunching) Mmm!

Yum, yum yum!

These days it's wintertime.

So on winter days when I make lunchboxes for my children

I use a special lunchbox, a thermos.

Thermos lunchbox.

I'll bring my Thermos and show you what I did!

Just before filming I made 2 recipes.

All these recipes are from my website.

This is ojingeo-chae-bokkeum, it's shredded dried squid.

And this is tuna.

Just a can of tuna and I made these tuna pancakes.

6 pancakes from one can of tuna.

This is what Korean moms are doing.

Waking up early in the morning and then making all the lunchboxes.

So the reason I use this Thermos is because in wintertime

my children - or even myself, I want to enjoy this warmth.

Sometimes I put the rice here. Sometimes I add some soup here.

But today let's add rice here.

I made this rice.

This is really hot.

But once you cover this it's going to be ok for hours, really hot.

And then kimchi-bokkeum.

So I just cover this.

And I will just add here.

Let me taste.

(laughs) I can't wait!

(crunching) Mmm!

Crunchy, sweet, squid-y. (laughs)

And this is tuna pancakes.

... this is green stuff ...

Don't forget chopsticks!

And a spoon.

And water.

That's it! Now I still have a lot of left over side dishes, I can make more.

Why don't you make Korean dosirak?

Just like this. Not only for your children, but if you work,

you go to a company, make you own lunchbox.

That's the most delicious, made with love.

Isn't it? You are going to make this, you are supposed to put all your passion inside. (laughs)

Ok let's open! Lunchtime everybody! Come over! (laughs)

And rice...


Mmm! (laughs) Yummy yummy!

Whenever I taste kimchi-bokkeum I feel my appetite is really boosted.

Mmm! (laughs) Soft and a little crispy.

Savory. Kimchi-bokkeum is a little cooked but still crispy.

And sweet and a little sour and spicy and sesame oil-y.

Perfect Korean side dish for a lunchbox.

But you guys can also keep it in the refrigerator.

Put it in an airtight container and keep in the refrigerator for up to one week.

No problem. Oh, by the way, oh my God exciting!

Next video I will use exactly this kimchi-bokkeum to make a really beautiful beautiful

really delicious recipe.

So today we made kimchi-bokkeum, stir fried kimchi.

Enjoy my recipe, see you next time!


The Description of Stir-fried kimchi dosirak (Kimchi-bokkeum lunchbox: 김치볶음 도시락)