Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MTB Belgie / MTB Belgium: This trail is a MTB thrill! (4k)

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Hi Guys!

This weekend we are heading to the south of Belgium

To a small village called Ouren.

Actually the village lies on 3 borders of 3 countries:

Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.

We are going to ride some nice trails there

with a lot of vertical meters. So if stay tuned if you are curious about how the trails are

And the trails will cross the borders of the 3 countries obviously

So it's going to be epic!

We are not there yet but it already looks quite amazing...

Check it out!

Let's go!




Nice views nice views.


Cave men... preparing dinner.

Bonfire man!

It's cold.

0C so...

We are going to take a nap right now. (aka damn it was cold)


It's tea time.

Tea time...

Tea time my dear.

Hugh Hefner of mountainbiking

Damn... that's already like 900 vertical meters from the start (not really)

Now we are entering Germany or what?

Oh we are already in Germany.

Welcome to Germany!

Are you sure this is the right way?

Here is a road.

Bram how do you like it so far?

[Speaks ancient language]

Bram eating cookies.

Bam... entering Luxembourg!

I wouldn't go down to much right now...

You know what do a squat.

Haha... check him dancing.

Very nice view!


This one looks like it's going to be long.

Almost automatically pulling a wheelie

Empty empty... everything is empty (by Samson & Gert)

The Umpa Lumpa's!


We are back!


Oh my God!

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