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What we have done, we have set a voluntary standard for indoor quality features

that are above and beyond what is required by law.

It's nice to see a government entity get involved and really start to put their stamp behind it.

We wanted to add the Indoor airPlus to the program we were already doing for the energy

efficiency to make sure that the indoor air quality was as high quality as we could get it.

Indoor airPlus qualified home includes indoor air quality features that protect from mold

and moisture problems. You have to have proper water managed home, you got to have

five feet on your gutters to take like that, and what that does is it enables the home to

shed the water as it suppose to, so it does not create mold and mildew.

We were adding this ERV to bring fresh air into the home. We also have certain requirements

like protecting the HVAC system doing construction to make sure dust doesn't get

inside the ducts.

It's sealed at every joint at every connection with masking. This allows minimum air leakage.

In addition to that we have also added a return and supply in each bedroom to try to balance

the system out. Pest barrier to prevent pest

from entering the house, the vents on the outside of the house, we were trying to use

a new type of baffle fan. What we got with Indoor airPlus requirement to isolate the

garage through air celling techniques, and then add an exhaust fan to the garage.

And that's not typically done by builders. You have none of that air and all that stuff being

infiltrated into the home. We have got protections for radon and naturally occuring gas in the soil.

You got to remove radon from the home, if not the home owners can get very sick.

And then we also add requirements for low emitting building materials.

We are using like low VOC paints, and low VOC sealer on the floors, caulk and things like that.

You have to be willing to go outside the box just a little bit, and with a little bit of help

it makes it pretty easy. We hear over and over again, and we have heard over and over

again for over ten years about how indoor air quality and comfort are some of the most

important reasons for doing green construction for consumers. So with Indoor airPlus

we are just making it easy for builders to know that they have a government backed

standard that backs up those claims of improved indoor air quality.

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