Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BIG REACTS #3: BIG in Sevilla and Malta "Only XANTARES can win a round like that!"

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tiziaN: I was so sure that he was going to ace this

tow b: I was convinced, too. But I just now remembered

that he got dinked through the wall by the 2nd guy.

He showed it to me in the demo later on.

He gets the first one

tiziaN: Joe(nex) overpeeks from quad

tow b: Right here, he got him with a left eye peek

he definitely had the advantage there

tiziaN: He for sure screamed a lot after he died

tow b: That was a bitter round

tow b: What round was that?

tiziaN: Where even am I in this round?

Ah I am at coffins

tow b: Oh he nades him there, right!

Oh no

tiziaN: I naded them before that I think

I knew he was going to stick it

tow b: That was your round tizi!


tiziaN: It was a super close call as well

He had a little bit of luck, I don´t know what I could have done better

I knew that he was sticking it after I prefired him once

tow b: I think

you just have to shoot him

we need to cut that. I just wanted to

flame you a little bit

tow b: Look at how he is holding his head

tow b: Ahh that´s this round!

tiziaN: And the quad player doesn´t expect him at all

tow b: I remember the round now

tiziaN: AmaNEk smokes himself and just runs out the smoke

tow b: Super crazy

tiziaN: Owen (smooya) already gave up on the round

He just wanted to pick up the m4 and run

tow b: That´s insane.

Also insanely bad by AmaNEk. You can´t

really lose that round, ever. We have to watch that one again.

tiziaN: There was a deep ct smoke, that one

one the very left

tow b: Yeah I watched that round!

tiziaN: That´s why the quad player thinks that noone is through base yet

tow b: Exactly, there definitely is a lot of time luck involved

kennyS is back there thinking

he wasn´t through and is just holding ct base not expecting him at all

at that exact moment

Owen (smooya) should not have shot

because he sees him standing quad and aiming

in that direction, meaning that he

can search for the other one first. He could be dark

or banana

tiziaN: It doesn´t matter what he does

because AmaNEk runs out of his own smoke

tow b: What can you say... You won the tourney but

that situation was played poorly by you

tiziaN: I am being blamed

tow b: Is that the round where he retakes from cat? That one was insane!

tiziaN: Is that the round? He is going to be 1 hp soon, right

4 hp

tiziaN: He somehow onetaps him

but I knew that he was going to win the round after that

Omg the way he drops down there

tow b: Yeah! With the 4hp remaining

I thought that he was just super excited and just

jumps down there

tiziaN: I shit my pants a little bit when he did that

tow b: Super sick round for sure!

Only Can (XANTARES) can win a round like that. No other player

can get those headshots

tiziaN: If the enemies have to clutch against him it feels like they are giving up

He´s just insane

tow b: That´s like having to play against ZywOo

you are playing a 1v3 and then...

Look at how Joe(nex) is looking

Look at how Joe(nex) is looking

tiziaN: Look at how you are looking

tow b: How the heck to I look there?! Like a little... nevermind

tiziaN: Okay next clip

tow b: Ah that was that round

tiziaN: That was a good 1v2

tow b: Yeah but...

tiziaN: If the one guy in ct

overpeeks or doesn´t peek enough then

it´s an easy 1v1 in the end

But Owen(smooya) played that really well

tow b: You have to give it to him, he is a very good clutcher

He wins these rounds more often than not

A very good klatscher (means clapping in German)

tow b: GADE

tiziaN: I think you pronounce it ged

tow b: I don´t care, he´s called gade

tiziaN: Okay so gade 1v2 clutch situation

t post plant

tow b: We could perhaps play that better

tiziaN: He is unknown and could be anywhere

tow b: He can play that perfectly right there because

Jarosz (tabseN) is known over there

tiziaN: Can (XANTARES) could perhaps jiggle there a bit

and not just go all in but

the bomb is going to go off in

maybe 15 seconds or so

so he is feeling the pressure

tow b: What´s interesting is his reaction

Look at his reaction

tiziaN: Whose? gades?

tow b: Yes

tiziaN: He doesn´t really care he´s just saying something

tow b: Exactly but they are definitely working on that

I saw that the last time we played against them

in the pro league. He just

grins a bit and does a breathing technique thing

so they keep calm

tiziaN: Let´s try and lip read so we know what he´s saying there

tow b: I can speak a little bit Danish

tiziaN: God they are shit

that´s what he said

Owen (smooya) is thinking the same thing

tow b: He is thinking "Damn we are shit"

tiziaN: Oh it´s alive!

I am alive in a scene for once!

I am getting 1v3´d. Nice.

I am flanking and apparently wearing a hoodie, cool

tow b: He has such weird aiming

He is insane.

tiziaN: What even happened there?

tow b: It´s just insane. His aim is so crazy

Was he known in window?

tiziaN: I don´t think so

No he is just chilling there

still no contact

tow b: Nope, we still don´t know it

Okay, now we know! Who is that?

tiziaN: The first guy was Joe(nex) and the second guy was Owen (smooya)

tow b: Owen (smooya) probably should have just waited for the last guy, who was that?

tiziaN: The enemy could have

only really been there tho. Because dark was cleared and

a mate at least was on site before

tow b: Okay, true

but sometimes we just lack

the oversight. What could´ve been done is that

after he was known

Owen (smooya) should now have died to him but waited

tiziaN: But it was a very quick series of events

tiziaN: We are contacting out squeaky

tow b: Ah it´s that round

tiziaN: Nice hud molly right there

tiziaN: Every man for himself a little bit

tow b: I think we probably communicated

tiziaN: Ahh that´s where I called that he could flash main and he does that

tow b: Yeah that was really good

tiziaN: Unlucky timing

tow b: That was a sick round by Can (XANTARES)

He´s just playing dm

tiziaN: With that cool spin, just doing a 360

tow b: Yeah that was insane

Sick round

tiziaN: I feel like it always looks so elegant

if he does this pirouette

So beautiful

tow b: I feel like Joe (nex)

tiziaN: dies?

always has nice clutches when playing from that window

tow b: That was the round where he goes close! Sick.

tiziaN: Look how he is shouting! It always looks super cool

After winning a round he always looks up and screams

tow b: Like that


tow b: That´s like a

having to live through a traumatic event

all over again. The things you guys

force us to do!

Trauma therapy.

tow b: Ah that was that

tow b: Had he not wallbanged him there the round

would not have been that easy with the awp coming from connector


tiziaN: He played that well. Tries to go for the planter

I think he could have even heard him jump

What can I say

It was an easy clutch. Not easy but

one guy is planting so he only has to fight the one guy and he could have

also just killed the planter with one bullet

and that would have lost us the round too

meaning the odds were stacked against us

tiziaN: I am dead again already

tow b: That was this round

tow b: So he is rotating towards a

Those were such close matches...

14:13 again but we win this round

tow b: It was crazy

We were not rewarded at all for these crazy clutches

tiziaN: We are winning so many clutches

tow b: Well we also lose many but we of course don´t show them here

We just show our clutches

That´s thanks to Johannes Lehner (@lightjpfilms ;)) he is directing this

tiziaN: We also watched some of the others clutch

tow b: That was really well played by Owen (smooya)

tiziaN: Do you see that? He has the gade coolness

After he wins the round, wait for it

tow b: Does he really?

tiziaN: Yeah look at him

Right there

tiziaN: He must have been tilt

tow b: Who?


tiziaN: Hallo Owen (smooya)?

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