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[man panting]

[heart beating]

[girl muttering]

[panting continues]

[school bell rings]

[students chattering]

[boy] Okay, what's the blue light?

[girl] Green.

[boy] Jesus, green then.

It's just the light at the end of his dock.

That's it?


Please, no. I'm begging you.

I have 55 minutes.

There's been like, ten movies made of it.


It's everything, I guess.

It's hope.

It's something you want but know you'll never get

because it doesn't exist.

Or maybe missing everything you've lost.

Please, Nell.

It's right.

Okay, what about this... "orgiastic future"?

Yeah, well, that's not happening.

Yeah, but it's in the book.

Stop it, Jude.

Finish the essay.

Okay, this hope not existing, that's what Tom is feeling?


[scoffs] Nick.

Shit! Okay.

Just make it sound original.

You'll be fine. It's really open-ended.

[school bell rings]

I gotta go. Good luck.

Wait. You going tonight?

Uh, if my dad gets back in time, I'll meet you there.

Which egg?




Hey, Mr. Wallace.

Don't you have statistics now?

I do. Yeah, but I heard Mr. Reeves is out sick.

There's a sub.


The thing is, Mr. Wallace, um, I have to finish this for Mr. Foster's class.


It's a third of our grade.

You understand that we're having this conversation right now?


It's one thing to skip a class,

but now I've told you to go to that class,

so now it's, sort of, becoming another thing.

Right. Yeah.

The thing is, Mr. Wallace,

I think it might be better for me to get in trouble for skipping class,

but be able to finish the essay?


Jude, you're a weird kid.

But we've both got a job to do, Jude.

Your job is to go to class.

my job is to be a guidance counselor

and tell you to go to class,

and also to help you to get out into the real world in one piece.

Got it?




You had a terrible summer, Jude. I know.

I'm sorry I didn't get to your father's funeral,

the school wanted somebody to be there.

You still got to follow the rules like everybody else. Okay?

And trust me, there are much larger hurdles out there

than a paper for Mr. Foster.


Now, we know that there are marbles in the jar,

but if we make the jar opaque,

is it still possible to say that there's a one in nine chance--

Excuse me? Mr.-- What's his name?


Hey, Jude.

Am I disturbing you?


Good. Then maybe you can answer the question.

I was listening, sir.


What did I say?

[sighs] You have a jar of marbles, we can't see through.

And you want to know if there's a one in nine chance

that the number of marbles start with a one through nine.

But that's wrong.

I'm sorry?

It's wrong. There's actually a 30 percent chance

that the number of marbles starts with a one,

and about a 20 percent chance that it starts with a two and so on.

It's called Benford's Law.

Mr. Reeves hasn't gotten to it yet, but he will.

So, it's not your fault,

'cause it's probably not in his class book yet.

So, if we turn the jar... opaque,

now we can't see the marbles.

-[school bell rings] -That was awesome. Are you kidding me?

I like how he went back to the marbles.

Oh, it was fantastic.

How'd you know what it was?

I didn't really.

I think I heard it on a radio show or something.

I-I-I-- I don't know. It just came out.

You serious?

You don't even know if it's real?

I think it is, but no.


Not really.

Did you finish?


Hey, Judie.



That was great.

You finally found someone you could out-geek.


Shut up, Derek.

He made it up.

Seriously, Judie?

No, it's real. I think.

I thought it was cool.



-[ticking] -Nice.

No! No, no, no.

You go away.

[chuckles] Mm.

Wait, what? What is that?

Just a hunch.

I'd tuck that rook back inside if I were you.


Wait, what?

It was the rook, I think.

Yep. [exhales]

Let's play again. Reset the clocks.

[winding timer]


[door opens]

We picking Nell up tonight?

She can't come.

Why not?

Uh, she's babysitting her sister.

She said that if her dad gets back in time she'd try.

So what kind of party is this tonight?

What do you mean?

I mean, what kind of party is it?

Just a big party. I don't--

The Muftics are moving, and David thought it'd be cool

to have a big party in their empty house.

Wow. They just rebuilt that house.

Yeah, but David's dad got a job in Atlanta.

Well, I hope they don't burn down the kitchen in Atlanta too.


So, the parents will be home then, right?

Probably. I don't know.



Are you sure?





This isn't one of those rainbow parties, is it?


You know, where the girls put different color lipsticks on,

-and the boys try to sleep-- -Oh, my God, Mom. No!


Mom, that doesn't even exist.

They do. I read about it in the paper.

-No, Mom. It's just a myth. -It was on a parent's blog as well.

Mom, I'm begging you, please. Don't talk about it. Please, it's made up.

Okay. I'm just trying to be a well-informed mother.

That's fake. I promise. [sighs]


[teen] Whose house is this?

Is the whole school coming to this party?

Yeah. They have a rule: if you invite any kids, you have to invite all of them.


Mom, no. That ended in fourth grade.

Maybe I should just say hi to the Muftics.

Mom, please.

Just to wish them well, to see them off.

Mom, I got to go.

-Okay, call me when you need a lift. -[car honking]

Hey, Judie!



The world can be full of pricks.

Try to avoid them.

Okay, Mom. I'll call you later.


[teen] Speakers!


Hey, kids. Don't just hide in here.

-Jesus! -I know. There are kids here from everywhere.

Who brought them?

Nobody knows. They all just showed up.

Derek and June and that group are headed in.


Where are your parents?

They're already in Atlanta.

I'm staying with my grandmother for the next week.



Looks like your party got hijacked.


Oh, okay.

There's nothing to do but ride it out.

-Will you guys hang out and help me clean up after? -Mom wants me home by 11:00.

Hopefully they'll be gone by then.

Who brought the keg?

[David] I don't know. Some kid just dragged it into the bathroom.

Okay, well, you know what?

I need to go to the bathroom.

[hip-hop playing on speakers]


[hip-hop continues]

I'm untouched You untrained

The sun's up Someone get him two coffees


Try to put your dukes on me I fought a lion

Oh, I'm a liar Do you want to get The truth from me?

I don't even remember. Was this David's?

No. Sister.


Parents, I guess.

I think I'm going to go.


'Cause this blows,

and maybe Nell won't even show up.

Why not?

She has to stay with her little sister.

Why did you laugh at school today

when Derek called me a geek?

I didn't.

Yeah, you did.



It's huge.

Who could have this many clothes?

David's mom, I guess.

They have a closet inside of a closet.

Look, David's rich, I think.

Let's get out of here.

-Whoa. Whoa. -What?


Great. I'm going back down.

No. Come on. Let's look at these.




Probably David's dad's, from before the Internet.

What do you got?

[Jude] Jesus, Derek.

What is it, Judie?

Give 'em. [laughing]

David work himself silly to these?

This is his parents' bedroom.


Where's your girlfriend, Judie?

She'll be here.


[electronic music playing]

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Hey, kids!

Come up here.

Oh, shit.

Derek's just going to torture them.

Maybe better them than us.

Ah, come on.

[Derek] All right, settle down. Get into a circle.

We are going to play a game. There are only two redheads in this deck.

Real redheads, I've checked.

Everybody gets a card, but the two who get the real redheads

either make out in front of us for three minutes

or go into the closet for seven minutes.

But what if two guys get the red card?

Well, a game's a game. I guess there's no exceptions.

No. No way do I want to look at naked old people.

You're saying you don't, which is cool, but you do.

[Derek] All right.

Sit down, kiddos.

Black. Brown. Ah, blonde, nice.


Red! Whoo-hoo!

Oh, no. No, no. Sit right back down.

[Derek] One gone.

-You taking her place? -Shut up, Derek.

-I just want to look at something. -[Derek] No.

You're either in or out. And now you're in, Judie.

All right, new game. Give me back the cards.

Hey. Let me look at those.

You saw them already.

[June] Hey, Brainiac. You want to see the cards?

Play the game.



[Derek] Brown.

Brown. Blonde.

Black. Blonde.

Brown. Blonde!


You're either in or you're out.

So, all the way around. No reds, so we keep on going.

Black. Blonde.

Black. Brown.

Oh! Red!

Red for Judie.

Blonde. Blonde.

Brown. Black. Brown.

Blonde. Black. Brown. Blonde.


Shit. Wow.

Okay, we're not making out, so...

Let's go sit in the closet.

Come on, Judie, into the closet.

Let's go, Judie!

[inhales sharply] Shit.

Let's go, Judie!




[hip-hop playing faintly]


Don't even think about touching me.


I wasn't going to.



I have a girlfriend.

I know. Bell.



Do you have a watch?


Uh, I have a phone.

This is going to be a long time.

Yeah. [sighs]

I'll let you touch me, if you want.

No, that's okay. Thanks though.

[hip-hop continues playing]

I'm going to try to get a beer.

Aren't you dating Derek?

Not really.


I'm sorry he calls you Judie all the time.

It's okay. I've been hearing it since, like--

[chuckles] second grade.

And you do it too.


Your folks name you after that song?

No. There's a book.

Called Jude ?


I've never read it though.

Is it true that you made up that thing in class?

Sort of. Yeah.

That was cool.

Is Kent gay?

No. Why?

'Cause he never dates anybody.

Yeah, but I don't think that makes him gay.

That makes him a regular high-school junior.


I know he made out with a girl.

A woman, really.


Someone's mom.

No way! Who?

Kendall's mom.





We're done.


Hey, assholes! It's time.



[rock music playing]

Those pricks.

I'm getting a drink.

[man shouting on speakers]

Watch it!

[all shouting]

Get off him!


[shouting continues on speakers]


You know where David is?

David who?



-What about Kent? -Shut up.


[text whooshes]

[sirens wailing in the distance]

[hip-hop playing faintly]

Where are they?


Um, they didn't come out.


No one came out.

I already did that, Kent.

What did you do, Derek?

Hey. I didn't do anything.

They didn't come out.

All right, well, let's find them.


Where are you?

I'm coming home. You don't have to pick me up.

I've been trying to call you, Ju--

[sirens wailing]

[police radio chatter]


What the hell did you do?

You're... Dad. What are you...?

What are you doing here? Mom!

Don't worry about your mother. Worry about me.

Did... you... do it?

Do what? Dad...

This is not the time for this. Did you hurt that kid?

What? No. What kid?

Derek Colby.

I-I just saw him at the party.

[Mom] What party?

Then why do the police think you did it?

Why are there people saying they saw you do it?

Do what?

Stab him.

In the park.

How are you here, Dad?

What do you mean how am I here?

Where the hell am I supposed to be?

Take it easy, Drew. Please.

Our boy killed a kid.

Don't you tell me to take it easy.

I have to go to my room for a second.

What did you do?

I didn't do anything, Mom. I promise.

[Drew] Jude! Change your clothes. A lawyer is coming.

Seriously, if they're off banging each other, I will kill them both.

I didn't think you guys were dating.

We are.

That's not what I heard.

Shut up, Kent.

If anything, I want to date her sister.

They sent her away.

-To where? -Some fancy all-girls school.

-Hey, stop talking! Where are they? -I don't know.

-There's not another way out of that closet? -I don't think so.

What do you mean "I don't think so"?

I mean, I've never been in there before either.


I never knew it was there.

You have a secret closet in your house?

I don't think it was secret.

I just didn't know it was there.

[hip-hop continues playing]


[music stops]

Why isn't the music playing?

-You David? -Yeah.

The cops are here.

Did you let them in?

I don't know.

[Kent] Hey, people. Shut up. The cops are here.

[crowd shushing]

Is this your house?

It is, yeah.

Are your parents home?

No, not yet.

They're coming.

We're moving to Atlanta. [nervous chuckle]

-Is there any alcohol in here? -No.

Okay, listen. Keep it down.

You're getting noise complaints, and I don't want to come back here.

Got it?

Yeah, I do. Thank you.


It's Meade here.

There's no sign of drinking or drugs.

And the kids said they'd keep it down.

[busy line tone]

[automated voice] The number you have reached is a non-working number.



Call June.


To see where she is. Jesus. a non-working number. Please check the number--

[busy line tone]

The number you have reached

is a non-working number.

It's not working.

That's what I got with Jude's.

What the...?

Stop looking at me like it's my fault.

[Drew] The police were already here.

-They're out looking for him. -[Jude] Mom.

No. I think it would be better if you came here.

Your dad asked you to change your clothes, Jude.

I will in a sec. Can I ask you something?


Is this you?

Who gave that to you?

It was in David's house.

David who?

David Muftic.


-Is it you? -Just give it to me.

I can't, Mom.

Give it to me, Jude.

Mom, I think need it.

[Mom] For what?

I don't know.

I'll tell you in a minute.

He's got one of the pictures.

Of what?

The playing cards.

Jude! Jude!

Jude, get down here.



Jesus Christ.

[Jude coughing]

Your dad's not here, Jude.

He's at home. You know that.

Where is this?

How did you get here?

I don't know.

We were in a closet.

"We"? Who came with you?

-June. -June?



Well, you better get the hell back.


Where is the closet?

David Muftic's.

[engine starts]

Mr. Wallace?

Why did you hit me?

Is it true that Derek's dead?


The police said I did it.


You're in the wrong place, Jude.

[tires screeching]

Get out.


Get out. Get out of here.


I don't know. Try the closet. Just get out.


I have to get home, Mr. Wallace.

You sure do.

[line ringing]

Well, they're not home or they're not here.

Okay, we're going to stay here. You guys can take off.

Dad's upstairs. Kid's still missing.

[gate rattles]

[dog barking]

Hey, he's across the street!

[officer] You guys go up, we'll go down.

[door closes]

[footsteps approaching]

[sirens wailing in the distance]

[David's dad] Get your ass up here!

[David] I'm coming, Dad.

You brought the police into our house?

I didn't bring them here. Some kid got hurt in the park.

Some kid got killed, and they came from here!

Get out here!

-Who was the kid? -[David] Which kid?


Nobody. He's a douchebag.

Then why did you invite him?

I didn't! He just showed up.

Then why didn't you get him to leave?

I don't know, Dad. He's just a weird, creepy kid.

Nobody even pays attention to him.

Well, the weird, creepy kid killed Derek after leaving our house.

[David] It's not my fault, Dad.

No, it is your fault.

You let kids in here you didn't know, kids you didn't like.

And you let it get out of control. And that is your fault.

[hip-hop playing]

Hey, Kent.


Where's, Jude?

Uh, we don't know.

I think he might have, uh, disappeared.

-What? -They were playing that game, Seven In Heaven,

where you have to go into a closet for seven minutes with someone...

Or they have to make out.

So Jude had to go in with June.



And they didn't really come out.

Why did he go in with her?

It's not like that, Nell.

Oh, Derek made them. They didn't have a choice.

But how did they "not come out"?

We don't know yet. We'll find them though.

-Are they hiding? -We don't know.

But are they still here, Kent?

That's what we're trying to figure out. But we don't know.

Well, you do know there are a couple of cops outside?

A couple?

Oh, God.


Don't open that door.

[knocking continues]

This is the police.

Open the door.

[boy] Upstairs!

If they had a warrant, they would have said so.


Open... the door.

That's bad for David. That's really bad for David's parents.


You're not the kid I talked to before.

No. I'm different.

Open the door, son.

Everything is fine here, really.

Did the music get turned too loud again?

Open the door.

We told you to keep it down, and you didn't.

Now open the door.

No. No, really. Everything is fine here.

We're great. How are you?

Open the door.

Um, I'm going to have to ask if you have a warrant right now.

How old are you?


Is there any alcohol being served in there?

Not that I've seen. No.

What's your name?


Listen, Luke.

You're going to open the door.

We're going to come inside and make sure everything is okay. Okay?

Otherwise, everything escalates.

Do you understand?

Um, well, we should probably take a vote or something first.

Just one sec.

Okay, there's two cops outside.

My brother says this happens sometimes.

You just got to wait them out.

Otherwise, everyone's parents are getting called,

and there could be booze problems for David.

So for now, keep the music off,

everybody start cleaning up, but nobody leave.

Hey, everybody.

Let's go. Let's help me clean up my house.

[kids muttering]

[busy line tone]

The number you have reached is a non-working number.

Please check the number and dial again.

[busy line tone]

[David's dad] This was supposed to be 15 to 20 kids.

I agreed to buy you a keg.

Now it's I don't know how many kids and one of them is dead.

You know how much trouble I could get in for this?

[faint] I'm sorry, Dad.

Holy shit, you little bastard.

Dad, he's here in the stairs.

What? Which stairs?




Are we friends?




Not even when we were younger?

I didn't even know you when I was younger, and no. Derek was my friend.


Yes, really.

I didn't do anything to Derek.

They saw you do it, you asshole!

Did you?

No. I wasn't there.

-Where? -At the park!

It wasn't me. I promise.

You're a twisted kid.

You've always been a little twisted kid.


Yes, always.


-I'm calling the cops. -Please, don't.


I guess we weren't ever friends,

but I can prove you can trust me.


You wet the bed until sixth grade.

Oh, bullshit!

And I never told.

And you made out with Mrs. Brenner.

You know June Johnson?


You know where she lives?



Dudson and Third.

Corner, I think.

I didn't hurt Derek. Swear.

And just so you know...

you were my best friend.


Oh, wow.

So we get a warrant. They're a bunch of kids.

Who knows what they're doing in there?

We can't.


Because I already called in that there was no booze.

So we say we saw it now?

How? Through a crack in the open window?

Who cares? We just say.

There are only three judges in this town,

and more than likely one of their kids is in there.


Every one of those kid's cameras is on us.

Some judge will sign a warrant, I'm telling you.

No. No underage drinking, no 911 calls, just noise complaints.

No warrant.

But we got something better than a warrant.

You recognize that car?

I don't know.

I've put a thousand tickets on that car.

It's Judy Dragle's kid.

Oh, boy.



What the hell is wrong with you?


You left me there, you piece of shit!

Stop! I thought you said you were getting a drink.

You left me there!

I'm sorry! I swear.

I was getting beat up.

What happened to you?

A bunch of guys attacked me.


I don't know. They just surrounded me and started grabbing at me

before I could get away.

Are you okay?


Why were you up in the tree?

Because those guys were chasing me.

And I lost my keys and they kept coming back to look for me.

This might not even be your house, you know.

This is my house.


We're not where you think we are.

What are you talking about?

We're somewhere else.

Somewhere the same but different.

And I-I don't think you should go in that house.

Shut up, Judie. And come here and help me get into my home.


[inhales sharply]

["The Mexican Hat Dance" ringtone playing]

What the hell are you doing?


I think he's in trouble.

What are you talking about?

I think something really messed up has happened.


That wasn't there before.

You think Jude wrote that?

I do.

I saw him.

And I think he's in trouble.

This isn't my house.

That's what I was saying.

-[electricity crackling] -[screams]

What the hell?

Is this a joke?

We're somewhere else, June. The same but different.

That your sister?

Yeah, but I've never seen this picture before.

Wait a sec.

[whispering] June.



[June wailing]

Go away.

[Jude shouts]


What are you doing?

You should've let me smother you, June.

It would've been easier.

-Ready? -Go.

That was your sister?

We don't get along.

No shit!

And here we go.


What is going on?

Hello, Mrs. Dragle.

Just what the hell is going on?

Well, ma'am, your son's probably inside with a bunch of kids.

It seems the party got a bit out of control.

So go get them.

Oh, we can't really.

We don't have a warrant to go in so we just have to wait till they come out.

What? Oh, for Christ's sake, why can't you go in?

We don't have any evidence of drug use or underage drinking

and now it's pretty quiet in there.

So really, we just have to wait and make sure nothing gets out of control again.

[scoffs] Jesus.


Open this door!


[pounding on door continues]

Open this door.



-Eric Dragle, open this door! -Jesus!

Oh, no.


[pounding resumes]

Open the door, Eric!

Aw, come on.

[pounding continues]

-Can't let her in. -I'm dead.

If you open the door, she comes in.

Cop sticks his foot in the door, then they come in. Things get worse.

-How does this end? -I think they'll leave.

[pounding continues]


Uh, hi, Mom.

E-Everything's okay. I'll see you at home.

Fine, Eric. Fine.

But I am now going to call your father in the city.


[all gasp]

[all chattering]

And that is why we can't leave the house.

Come with me.

I went in there and I saw Jude.


I know. I know. It sounds crazy, but I swear to you I saw him.

What do you mean though?

I saw him and he was getting the shit kicked out of him.

David, come here.

Was that there before?

I don't know.

It wasn't. We all looked and it wasn't.

What is it?

[Kent] It's writing.

-It says, "Get me home." -He thinks Jude wrote it.

-Oh, my God. -The closet was hidden, right?

We all know there was never any writing in there.

How come both of their cell phones say they're out of service?

-Kent. -I think they're in trouble and maybe they need our help.

-Look, she's gonna cry now. -Why do you gotta be such a goddamn asshole every time?

[Nell] Stop! Stop it!

Jesus, you guys.

[both panting]

Holy crap.

It's like I said, the same but different.

-Jesus. -And here, Derek is dead.



That's what those guys were yelling when they were chasing me.

But I thought they were just trying to scare me.

They're saying I killed him.


-In the park, some kids said they saw me. -Did you?


[continues panting, gasping]


[cell phone rings]

[ringing stops]

My dad's back.

From where?

From being dead.

How did your dad die?


He hit a deer on the parkway.

But wait, he's alive here.

Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe this place isn't all bad.

It's all bad. It's a different my dad and a different me too, I think.

Wait. You saw another you?

I saw my room and that was scary enough.

[tires squeal]

It's Mr. Wallace.

From school?


[engine idling]

He punched me and threw me in his car.

Mr. Wallace punched you? Our Mr. Wallace?

He's surprisingly strong.

And he told me to get out of here.


He said the closet, but I tried.

Wait. You went back?


Maybe if both of us...

The place is gonna be packed with cops.

[cell phone ringing]

[ringing continues]

[ringing stops]



Stay in there, Jude.

What has he told you? What has he told you?

That we have to get out.

Good. Yes. How?

We have to go back to the closet.

And so, Jude...

Please don't hit me, Mr. Wallace.

And why the hell are you here?

I tried.

You tried what?

The closet. It didn't work.

Just you?


So, and I know that you are the little genius in the group,

maybe try both of you.

Mr. Wallace, sir. Uh, they found me.

So the house is gonna be packed with cops and more people.


Get in the car.

Get in. Lie down in the back.

Jesus Christ.

I'll let you touch me if you want.

[Derek] Garage?

[David] Empty.


We searched everywhere, Derek.

How do you know? You didn't even know that was here.

Shut up.

It's just a closet, you guys.

[Kent] It isn't.

That was honestly the most boring seven minutes of my life, assholes.

I swear to God. I saw him. I know he's still here.

-Okay, then how do we help him? -I don't know. I don't think we should leave.

-What if they're at a movie or something? -They're not at a movie.

[woman] Kendall! Kendall Brenner! Come to the window now!


That's Kendall's mom, Kent.

-He told you? -Oh, yeah.

Where is he taking us?

I-I think to the house.

Mr. Wallace, if we go to the house, I think I'll be arrested.

Stop talking.

[police radio chatter, indistinct]

Stay there.

[no audible dialogue]

[June] What's he doing?

Maybe he's in charge of this place.

Let's go.

Come on.


Come on.

You have seven minutes.

Hopefully, I'll never see you again, but if I do...

there's nothing I can do for you.

Come on, Jude.

[woman] Kendall, open the door now.

[scoffs] All right, fine.

You see these, hmm? You see them?

Take a good look.

'Cause if you don't get your butt out here right now,

it's gonna be the last time that you see them.

Maybe until you're married, Kendall!

Her mom seems mean.

Why would you make out with her?

Shut up, Nell.

[cell phone clicks]

Seven minutes.


Are you okay?

I don't know. Yeah, I guess.

[no audible dialogue]


You better come down here.

Hi, Mrs. Sullivan.

Where's Jude?

I don't know. Is he not at home?

Would I be here if he was?

Try June's house.

Hi, Nell. Who's June?

June Johnson. They left together.

To where?

I don't know.

We, uh-- We didn't see them leave, so they might still be here.

Why isn't his phone working?

That's a very good question, Mrs. Sullivan.


It's Luke.


He's Luke.


He's Kent.

Yeah. No, it's Kent. Yeah, Mrs. Sullivan.

Where the hell am I supposed to look for my son?

We still have four minutes.

Can I ask you a question?

Yes, it was my first time. Did I not do it right?

You did fine.

Was it your first time?


What happens if we open the door and we're still here?

We quickly forget about how maybe I didn't do so good, and we run fast.

You did fine.

Jesus, why do you still have that?

It's my mom.


Wow. Looks like it was taken forever ago.

Yeah, but it's her.

And I think it's how we got here.


I don't know. The same, but not the same.

But this was where we were.

And I don't have one.

I don't think it's that.

Well, something did it.


I don't know.

You ready?

I guess.

Let's get out of here.

[thunder rumbling, distant]

Where is everybody?

I don't know.

[cell phone ringing]

Hi, Mom.

Are you okay?


Are you headed home?

I went by to pick you up and everybody was gone. I got worried.

Uh, yeah, I'm fine. Sorry, but, Mom, where is everybody?

What do you mean?

I mean it just seems like nobody's around.

It's late, Jude. Just come home.




Come straight home, okay?


What did she say?

That it's late.

But it was definitely my mom. And everything sounded okay.

Oh, thank God.

It's Wallace.

Should we run?

-Yes! -[tires screech]


[car stops]

If Mr. Wallace is after us, where are we now?

I don't know.

[tires screeching]

Oh, Jesus!

Come on!

-[Jude] He stopped. -[engine idling]

What street is this?

I don't know. We passed Gaylord. I remember that.

This all looks wrong, though.

Where the hell is Prosserdale?

I have no idea.

Yeah, well, we're on it.

[cell phone ringing]


Hey, my dad's back. Where are you?

Uh, I'm not sure.

Well, come to Kent's. Everybody's here.

Everybody like who?

What do you mean? Everybody.

Is Derek there?

Yeah, but he's being okay. Just come.

[chuckles] Uh, I'm not sure where we are now.

Who's we?

Uh, I'm with June.

Yeah, that's what everybody said.

We just got lost.

Where are you?

Uh, some street called Prosserdale.

That's right here. That goes to Kent's.


Just stay on that road.


I guess we're close to Kent's.


She says.



There's a dog.

There was a dog.

[knocks on door]



[people chattering]


Yeah, no.

Oh, yes.

Hi, June.


So this shithead kills me and then you start boning him?

Shut up!

And I didn't kill you. You're standing right here.

-Dude. -Jesus.

I still have the pencil.

Why did you do this, Jude?

I didn't.

And why would you pick her over me?

He didn't touch me, Bell.

[buzzer blares]

[people cheering, applause]

That is a great answer, June. Well done.

We're gonna play another game. Seven in Heaven was clearly a blast for you two,

but this one, I think you'll love.

Really. We've been waiting for this for a long time.

It's like truth or dare, but more fun.

Let go.

-I didn't-- -Don't say anything, Jude.

Not yet.

You looking for mommy, Judie?

You know, it's not truth or dare, really. It's more like lie and die.

We ask you a question and if you lie, bing!

The magic door opens up and grabs someone you care about.

And then you get one more chance to tell the truth.


What the hell are you talking about, Derek?

You'll see.

[cheering, applause]

What the hell?

So, when you said that little thing about how Judie didn't touch you,

that was a lie.

And now here's your sister.

So come on down!


Now you get to play one more time. Are you ready for your question?

I wasn't playing in the first place.

Oh, yes, you were.

June, question.


It's an easy one. Trust me.

What, Derek?

Your sister's away at school.

Do you miss her?

Of course.

[buzzer blares]



[cheering continues]

Yeah! Whoo!



Look at me. It's not real!

[Derek] You lied to us, June.

You lied to me and you lied to them.

If you hadn't, your sister would still be fast asleep.

And she would've woken up.

Now, Judie, it's your turn.

And again, I do think this is an easy one. We want to start off slow.

But we have a special guest for this one.


Hey, Jude.

So that marbles thing that you were so very smart about. What is it called again?

Benford's Law.

Yes, that's it.

I'll certainly never forget it.

But that wasn't the question.

Do you love Penelope?

Or Nell as I guess you call her.

It's okay.

I don't know.

[buzzer blares]

[crowd cheers]

Well, it seems you do know.

Hey, Jude. Is your dad alive?


Wait. What? Are you sure?

I thought maybe you saw him.

He's dead.

And how did he die?

In a car accident.



[cheering continues]

Let's see if this thing works backwards.

Judie, that was a tricky one. You told the truth and he still died.


You're a weird-ass kid, Judie.

Did you wet the bed until sixth grade?

-No. -[buzzer blares]


[Derek] This is not how this is played.

A game's a game, Derek. Ready for your next question, Kent?

-Oh, shit. -Please.

Oh, hi, Mrs. Brenner.

Please, don't ask anything.

-You go. -Derek.

Why did we never have sex?



Because we didn't.

[buzzer blares]

[crowd murmuring]


No, because you finished as soon as I took your belt off.

Ready for the next one?

Derek, don't say another word.

[all shouting]

[Jude] Go, go!

[all clamoring]

In here.


Wait, Jude!


-Dad. -You have to get out of here, Jude.

-I know, we're trying. -Not really.


You're just going around and around.

But I don't know how to--

Yes, you do. If you wanted to end it, you'd end it.

Come on, Jude! Let me in!


Jude, come on. Please, please!

I like her, by the way.

Yeah. I do too, but how do I end it?

Just like our chess games.

You have to reset the clocks, get everything back to zero. End the game.

End the game.

If I end it, you won't be here?

Right. And neither will you.

Please, Jude! Jude, please!


Let me in! Come on!

You have to hurry.

Dad, what is this?

Hold onto it till you get home.

Ask your mom.

Bye, Dad.

Run, Jude. Run.

-Jude! What the hell? -Run!



[Derek] Hey, Judie!


Quick. Grab the chain.


Keep it closed!

[Derek] Judie!

Open the door, Judie!

I told you, Jude.

If you didn't make it out,

there's nothing I could do for you.

You also once told me it was your job to get me out into the real world.

This isn't the real world, Mr. Wallace.

-For you it is now. -No, it isn't. I can get us out. Take us back to the house.

[pounding on door continues]

Then we'd better run.


[engine revs]

Cutting through the park.

How do they know where we're going?

They know and they don't want you to make it.

[Jude] Why?

They want you to stay here.

They want to hurt you for as long as they can.

-Why? -'Cause they can. Because you let them.

This is the place where the worst thoughts take over. Everybody's worst thoughts.

And you sure as hell turned everything upside down.

We need seven minutes.

I know.

Will we have seven minutes?

Probably not.

You said you had a plan.

We're gonna die if we stay here.

But I know how to get us seven minutes, I think.

-How do we do it? -The same way we beat their game.

We have to take it over. We need to control it and end it.

-How? -We have to destroy the closet. We need to reset the clocks.

What? I thought you said it was the card or something.

Maybe the card's important, but my dad said to hold onto it till we get home.

Like a-- Like a passport.

-What? -It's only important when you're away from home, but--

But you still need it to get home.

But how are we gonna tear down the closet and use it at the same time?

The gas can that you smashed my head on, does it have gas in it?

Of course.

We tear it down as we go through.

What if some of the others have gone through?

I-I'm sure they've tried, but I don't think the closet would let them.

-Why not? -No passport.

[David] Oh, shit!

Who is that?

My grandmother.

So? Okay.

She has a key.

Oh, this is bad.

[chattering, indistinct]

Have at them.

Thank you, Mr. Wallace.

-June! -Go, go, go.

-No matter what, give it the full seven minutes. -June!

-I don't like this idea. -It'll work.

-How do you know? -I promise it will. Please.

They're going to kill us. Please, come on!


Come on. I can't do it without you.

-[fizzles] -You're kidding me.


It'll work.

How do you know?

Wallace said this is the world where our worst thoughts take over.


We never made them answer the second question.


We could've hurt them.

We could've killed Kent's mom or Derek's dad and we didn't. And like Wallace said,

it turned everything upside down.

If we won't kill them, this world can't use us anymore.

You really believe that?

I think I do. Yeah.

[Meade] All right, let's all play hands on our heads, butts on the floor.


Where's Derek?

I don't know. I thought he was down here.

At least I don't have to pretend to be Derek's girlfriend anymore.

Yeah, but I wasn't pretending with you now.

-Are we going to jail? -What's your name?

Thomas Phares.

Well, we'll just see, Thomas Phares, won't we?



The hinges burned my back.

Your sister is fine. I promise you.

Just four more minutes.


[both coughing]


[coughing continues]

This isn't gonna work.

It will.

[sobbing] We're gonna die in here.

-[screams] -[shrieks]

Remember first grade? This is gonna be like that.

We're gonna go outside and I'm gonna start calling off the names

of everyone whose parents are outside waiting for them, then you will be released.

For those of you whose parents clearly don't give a damn about you,

we will have a van come and take you to the station.

They can meet you there, okay?

Okay. Good. Can I get Lisa Burke and Chuck Mallet, please? On me, let's go.

Then I'm gonna need an Ashley O'Neil, Megan Collins, Stephanie Kelley,

Matt Thompson, Scott Worth.

Excuse me. Is Jude Sullivan in there?


Uh, no. Haven't got him.

June Johnson?



I think our kids are missing.

Their phones don't work. Someone here said they left.


Disappeared is, I guess, what they said.

Everybody just stay there for a second, okay?


Mom, just for a second.

I didn't kill Derek.

Okay, that's-- that's good.

Jude, nice to see you. You too, June.

Kent, are we friends?

Of course, we're friends, man.

Where you been?

I'm not sure, I guess.


Where did you guys go?

[sighs] It's really confusing now.

Okay, I'm gonna go back up there and I'm gonna look for Derek.

Where the hell were you, huh?

We searched the house, top to bottom.


Did you guys go to a campfire?


Hey, Mom.


What's this?


A few of us made these years ago.

When we first moved here. It was sort of a joke gift.

We made them and we put them in the pack

and we gave them to the husbands.

What did dad do when he saw it?

He played along.

I think he liked seeing some silly different version of me.


You okay?


Wow, that was forever ago.

[pop music: droning keyboard intro]

The rest of my body Is facing up

Bad idea got good enough

What the hell came over me?

To modify Throw away the key

Watching my heels Get back cement

Upgraded, just different

What good is the future Now to me?

When all I see Is the path I leave

[continues, instrumental]

These words are overused

How do we get to Keys and now?


Apply yourself to

It's okay

It's okay If we're a little used

Waiting for earthquakes

Finding conversation Is boring

I'm recognizing A definite possibility This will end soon

Information is compromised

Oh, the deaf Are fooling the blind

I wanna scream I wanna believe

There's nothing left I can't unsee my feet enough

[continues, instrumental]

The rest of my body Is facing up

The rest of my body Is facing up

The rest of my body Is facing up

The rest of my body Is facing up

The rest of my body Is facing up

The rest of my body Is facing up

The rest of my body Is facing up

The rest of my body Is facing up

[music ends]

The Description of Seven in Heaven