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Hey guys! Guess whose back. And this time with her own YouTube channel. Beinvenido Salas,

Ashley Brooke TV. Some of you guys probably know me from Gym Booty TV. I am the reigning

Queen with over two and a half million views. But for some reason y'all kept not y'all but

somebody kept reporting my videos and they got deleted and here I am with my own channel

now. So Ashley Brooke TV is going to be pretty similar to what you were seeing on Gym Booty.

There will be lots of reviews mainly panty reviews, but we might toss in some other reviews.

We're going to do like a, I don't even know what we're going to call it yet, but we're

going to have the opportunity too where people can actually send things that they want reviewed.

So if there's a particular pair of stockings or panties or just a cute one piece bodysuit,

whatever you guys can totally send that to me and then that will be the item that I review.

So we're also going to do like little sneak peeks here and there just little bits into

my daily life and workouts and makeup, cannabis and all of the great things that I have going

on. I do own a cannabis dispensary and I'm also about to relaunch my own cosmetics line

that is hemp based. So that's going to be pretty awesome to keep up with.

I just wanted to say thank you guys again for everybody who liked commented shared whatever

you guys did. This is going to be a fun little journey for all of us. If you guys don't already

check out my Instagram it's Ashley two underscores and Brooke I had to put zeros instead of O's

because somebody has it, has the name and she doesn't even like post or like she's never

even active. So Ashley underscore underscore Brooke. Come up off that username girl. You

don't need it. You can have the zeros. I'm about to get things kicked off the right way.

We're going to go straight into a review.

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