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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Cost of Capital - Episode 6 "The Dotted Line" SEASON FINALE

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More news on INX.

Give me the good news first.

Since when did I ever bring you good news?

You mean you really have nothing?

Nancy accepted our sweetened offer,

$60 million, 25% ownership, and she can leave after two years.

Good news like that I don't need to hear the bad.

She wants us to drive up and meet all her team.

- So? We always do that. - She wants us there for a week.


Are you there?


I guess we have no choice.

Suzanne, could you ask Martin to step in, please?

- Who? - He's the new guy, ASAP.

Right away.

- You wanted to see me? - Yes, yes.

Have a seat.

Now Martin...

why hasn't this meeting with your father and Paula happened yet?




on a... on a...

hunting trip.

A hunting trip?

I don't, I don't...

think I'd be able to reach him

- right now. - Martin...

I don't care if you have to run to the forest,

shoot him with a tranquilizer gun and tie him to the hood of your car...

find him.


So why did Robert put you up to this, Clyde?

You'd better have something good to offer up after what he pulled.

Paula, I already told you. I came here to see how you were doing.

Cut the southern gentleman routine.

All right. You want to get down and talk about business.

You do have some new investments we're looking at and the word around the

campfire is that you're interested in distress funds which we now have access to.

And you just randomly decided to extend that olive branch

to me because Robert asked you nicely?

I understand the 1972 is even better. Have you tried it?

Why did you call me here and what do you want?

These distress funds are the best performance funds around

and they are closed to new investors but I can still get you in.

And in exchange all I have to do is ignore Robert's piss-poor investments?

These distressed funds might be doing deals,

but no one's up more than 10% in the past year.

Paula, you need to get yourself some better research analysts.

These three funds are up 50% year-to-date and closed to new investors

but I can get you in.

All you have to do is keep supporting Robert or in the least look the other way.

This just seems too good to be true.

I wonder why you're really doing this, though.

Robert must have some dirt on you.

Oh, now, Paula, honey, you know I am as clean as a whistle.

It's just that Robert and I, we go back a long, long ways.

You guys would make great villains in the next James Bond film.

I'm selling it tomorrow you know.

I guess after the first day I bought her

it'll be my second day enjoying the high-maintenance bitch.

So you found something more high maintenance than me.

I still can't believe you sold your company, Nancy.

Robert tell you why he agreed to your higher price and other terms?


I just think they were desperate for a deal.

I guess if they have a guarantee that you're going to stay there isn't much risk to them.

Now Scott...

you know me better than that.

You think I'd let myself get out-negotiated by a bunch of old men?

They're not making you stay?

They definitely asked for at least a five-year...

They asked for a lot,

but I can leave within two years.

What was the final price?

60 million.

We can build more than half of those factories you want.

You told me...

that you would never believe that I would sell INX

until you saw the funds wired into my bank account.

You don't have to show me your bank account.

I believe you.

You never believed me.

I was wrong.

At least we agree on one thing.

So what's next?

Even if you're serious, we can't just build half of those factories.

Funny you should ask.

That's actually why I'm here today.

Are you family?


- You could say that. - I see, well...

I'm going to have to ask you to leave now. We need to prep him.

You can see him afterwards.

Hey, great news Jason.

Looks like the deal's going to close.

Wish I could have been there to see that.

Yeah, everybody knows how you're really busy with work.

Hey, by the way, I...

just want to let you know that everyone

really appreciates the work you've done here. We couldn't have done this deal without you.


you still think I should lower my expectations?

Don't worry about your bonus. You're going to be well-compensated.

Okay, gotta go.

- Hey, boss. You okay? - You need some help?

- Come on, let's get you up. - You need some help?

- Don't touch me. - Okay.


- Never touch me. - Okay. Won't touch you.

Oh, God.

- You got cuffs there. - I'm fine.

- Here, I know how to do these. - How are you guys? Don't...

touch me!

Don't touch him.

It's good to see you.

- Thanks. - Glad you came in.

It's been a long day. You know...

I've been here working...

finishing the deal.

Right. No worries, you know? You don't have to.

Sometimes you've gotta take one for the team.

Yeah, we've been working all day. Getting the INX deal done.

That's good.

That's really good.

I'm glad that you got that done before the...

the end of the year.

You guys are definitely going to get some recognition on this.

You know, bonuses are coming up pretty soon.

Oh. Oh, we know about that. And actually, I was thinking about asking you...

Yeah, about that.

Your expectations should be...


I thought you said it was huge deal.

No, no, no.

Getting the deal done, that was huge.

The deal itself...

was small,


with even smaller fees.

Sir, Peak Partners is giving us over $10 million in fees next year.

I mean, it's got to count for something right?

Well, who knows what the...


I, I don't know how to turn this off.



We don't even know if they're going to do a single deal next year.


Discount everything. That's what they said.

Frankly, I expected more out of you.

You're supposed to be the smart one.

But Byron, with the way market conditions are right now...

- we should be--- - That's right now.

The market's going to be a lot better next year. It has to.

Okay? And then...

I expect big things from you two.

You close the big deals and then we all get to go to the VIP room.

- Okay. - And then it's my treat.

And then you get to see me roll VIP.

- Yeah, I like that. - I'm glad you like it.

- All right. - Get out of here.

Okay. Cool.

Thanks boss.

- I, just... - That's good.

Yeah, nothing else. No.

Todd. Todd, come on.

Oh, we're fucked.

Have a good night.

I'll be in touch with your father.


I shouldn't have said that.

Thank you, Robert. I'll see you next week.

Yeah, and thank you David, thank you very much.


Let's talk about your bonus.

Come on in. Have a seat.

We did it.

The fellows are just wired. The loans are in place and...

Nancy hasn't

gone off to a tropical island and abandoned everyone.




You played a major rule in this INX deal, and

I wanted to make sure you were appropriately compensated, so here you go.

Robert, this is down 10% from last year.

The market was down 30.

Bonuses everywhere are even lower than that.

And to be fair, this was a...

team effort.

A team effort?

Robert, I brought this in.

I did all the work.

David pitched in a lot.

- So did Martin. - Martin...

was too busy drooling all over himself to get anything done.

Not true.

Without him we'd have never got the limited partners support.

He's very well-connected in his family, and you need to learn to be

a team player...

if you want to succeed in investing.

And apparently have a very well-connected family too.

Hey, Jason, what's going on?

Hey, not much.

Did you get your numbers yet?

No, still waiting.

They say tomorrow though, you know, you?

Yeah, yeah. Just now.

It's a trainwreck.

That sucks, man.


Well, you know, I think everyone's hurting though,

- you know, with the markets and all? - Yeah.

Yeah. Hey, I just have a quick question for you.

Yeah, shoot.

You guys hiring?

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