Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Game Grumps Animated - The Jamboree - by Nathan Wheeler

Difficulty: 0


Arin: How many rednecks does it take to eat a Possum? Two, one to eat and-

Dan: One to eat?

Arin: If the local fauna is mainly made of possums, gators, jackalopes, bobcats, racoons and armadillos

Arin: You are probab-

Arin: Son of a bitch!

Dan: Alright!

Dan: On to the jamboree!

Arin: On to the jamboree.

Arin: I'm a part of the motherfucking jamboree!

Dan: Alright well I'm excited.

Dan: I mean- Arin:My titties are

Arin: Ready to squeeze!

Dan: Wh- What does that mean, exactly?

Arin: It means my titties are gonna be squeezed!

Dan: I'll take- I'll take your word for it.

Arin: Billy-bob, Ray Dan: Oh, choose my redneck!

Arin: Sheena.

Arin: Sandy.

Dan: They're exactly the same. Arin: Ray and Billy-Bob.

Arin: They're wearing different clothes, Dan.

Dan: Alright.

Arin: Shoot everything that moves on the screen. The player with the most points wins the event.

Dan: Just shoot! Go for it!

Dan: Just shoot a bunch of shit!

Dan: *Burps* Oh God.

Arin: Ping!

Arin: Chicken.

Dan: Ba-COCK!

Arin: Ba-Balloon- Bagloon.

Dan: Bagloon!

Arin: I got the bear.

Dan: You got the berr.

Dan: Where all these balloons come from?!

Arin: Stop throwing shit at me!

Arin: I can't shoot fast enough.

Arin: Just like fucking bullet hell, like-

Arin: They just start playing Euro Beat, it's like-

*Arin imitates Euro beat*

*Dan imitates Euro beat*

Arin: Gotta shoot that racoon.


{Creepy music}

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