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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Embroidering fields of gold

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Maria Grazia fell in love with this archival piece.

Its from the late 19th century.

We can see that she used the motif

and interpreted it to create this dress, with ears of wheat.

This is crochet embroidery.

There are two shapes.

This wheat here is done with small straight stitches,

and here we have small knots

to create a messier effect for the leaves.

It really looks like fields.

The wind has come and gone, the wisps of straw

and the leaves have flown away

and cover the fields with this golden aura.

To be able to reproduce this archival work,

we had to find thread that was as thin as in the past.

We split our thread into three.

We always find small tricks.

Our craft is one of small tricks.

Once the embroidery is done, we move on to the ageing process.

We use a brown-black ink to get this antique look.

This dress is composed of large pleated panels.

It looks like its straight, narrow, slender, but when the model walks,

you see the wind blowing on a field of wheat.

The Description of Embroidering fields of gold