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After Casper's Japanese invasion in Germany, the Germans invaded Zeeland.

This is a nice trio. The AMG GT isn't a successor to the SLS.

Especially the large difference in pricing. The SLS was expensive,

though cheaper than the previous Mercedes sports cars.

The Mercedes-McLaren SLR was insanely expensive.

This AMG GT-S... There are 2 varieties: a normal Mercedes-AMG GT (they've changed the name)

with 454 hp, and the GT-S with 503 hp and 479 lb ft torque.

That is OK, I think, for my first day of work after a vacation.

It's not that bad. The engine was newly developed.

It's a hot V, which means that the turbos sit in the V8's V.

That's good for emissions (whatever) and for the turbo response (that's more interesting).

The engine is more compact.

There's the question which one is the prettiest, the one you'd want.

I think the SLS coupe is the prettiest, but I'd choose the SLS roadster to drive top down.

You do see the family resemblance, with the roof of the AMG GT. It suits it.

On the other hand, the tail lights should have been something more.

Not that this is important. There's the large Mercedes star, but I wanted to share this.

The performance is fantastic, even for the normal AMG GT. It does 0-62 mph in 4 seconds

and the top speed is over 186 mph. The AMG GT-S does 0-62 mph faster; 3.8 seconds.

Its top speed is 193 mph. Not the stupid limiter German cars usually have.

You'll need the dynamic plus proline package to go faster.

If you take a driving course and spend 3,000 euros extra, you can go even faster.

No, this is 193 mph from the start.

You don't have to doubt about buying an AMG GT-S and the turbos not sounding good.

It sounds fantastic. It's an in-your-face AMG V8. There's a lot of noise. Wonderful.

The handling is great, with a lot of grip, even in the wet and in corners.

It feels like a fool-proof car. You'll need to try hard to drift it, enter the corner pre-dedicated.

You see and feel that the car doesn't really want that.

It's no showboat like a C63, which goes sideways when you're only looking at the throttle.

If you're driving normally (a bit quicker than the average housewife), it's a capable car.

It's dry. The road is a little wet here and there. The car responds really well to the throttle.

It's not like the AMG GT-S has too much power to handle. It's really great.

We do have to discuss some things. The price, of course. The AMG GT starts at 145,000 euros,

the AMG GT-S starts at 165,000 euros. The test cars are fully loaded. This color alone is 8,000 euros.

This leather is 6,000 euros. It's just leather and suede, but whatever.

With a lot of options it costs 229,000 euros, so they've gone overboard with the list.

The competition consists of the Porsche 911. This is the car people with an S-Class have to buy for fun.

They now go to the AMG GT, or so Mercedes sees it. The Jaguar F-Type is another competitor.

It does resemble this one the most. The base model F-Type is cheaper, but the V8 is equally priced.

Its character is like the F-Type as well. The 911 is lighter and has a different type of sporty powertrain.

It needs more rpm with the naturally aspirated engines, as long as they're there.

It feels more racey. This car's engine feels more like a powerboat, an American muscle car.

So yea, what to do? If you have the money, would you buy a second-hand SLS, a 911, an F-Type,

or something else? You can buy a lot of nice things with that kind of money.

This is a really good car with a pretty, good working interior.

It shares this with the Porsche 911. The satnav and interior finish are fantastic.

The prices for Mercedes features are fantastic, which they have in common with Porsche as well.

I would doubt a lot. The 911 is an icon, and this is the newcomer; the new kid on the block.

That we're doubting at all, is something they did well.

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