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Hello everyone channel to Welcome today walnuts in a very easy way to threader you sausage

I'll show him made

his first pot to half a cup of tea for starch

half getting tea cups flour

here thanks to help me Elif

And also I added a half cup granulated sugar

More If you like dessert, you can add more sugar, but I think the sugar is just right, I add

a glass of grape molasses on it after mixing it a little bit, we mix it

well with the help of the

whisk to prevent

lumps. I continued

. We can now cook molasses jelly. That's why we continue never Juice leave

I opened moderate fire pit, and again we need to whisk until it solidifies the Shuffle

to mix even until quite a solidified

whisk to stir until it takes beautifully so vulgar that solidify the wait

recipe up here so the audience would have got below a certain difference if you leave a comment, or emoji

you to look, I want to show the stages situation jelly seen here

Register become more strict color as we darker it got really a very nice consistency

now, but I've cut down on the latest situation is completely the bottom of the quarry, I cook this not a little more stirring and

no stirring as you have seen I want to show the final version also has become increasingly difficult

at this After it reaches the consistency

, you can also turn off the bottom of the

stove. In the meantime, I prepared

my greaseproof baking paper.As you have seen, I have greasy baking paper on my

counter, I add 1 tablespoon of oil on it

and I make it

come everywhere with the help of a brush LTE part may never make it roll t in a very easy way to adhere

And from January bought jelly I am pouring out of almost oily oven paper,

at first the wrong direction

cried I, because I need to elongate preparation for a thin

roll, but because from our oils could change very quickly in the direction that Keep in mind

Molasses gel I tried to prepare the longitudinal and thin in this manner

mid-I prepared by pressing on the little middle part for walnut future

walnuts'm ranging from the middle part of making it an all putting consecutive

no need to marshaling the Spacing really practical

Never a great way without waiting for days without threader You can catch the same flavor.I

recommend that you move a little fast here,

when the jelly is too frozen, it will be difficult to stick together and now

I roll it into a roll with the help of

oily baking paper. I did not have any difficulties, I

constantly pressed and thinned the roll with my hand.

It leaves the greasy baking paper very easily. I also wanted to check it

and I recommend you to rest it in the refrigerator for at least 1 to 2 hours.I

rested it for an hour. I had to end the shooting. Evening Without but when the rest 2 hours very

nice consistency will be

we have to stop now been walnut sausage

with Elif'l I remove from the fridge in the meantime I end when I cut the parts Elif also

shooting the slim cut with his own knife

I realize editing to him, no I did not realize at the moment that studied the Elif pretty dear

Walnuts I was happy when he ate it, but I really loved it. Of course, because it is a much more useful thing than

junk food

And as you have seen, I prepared a presentation plate for you. Its

consistency texture is really

nice.When you make the flavor , I would be very glad if

you write it in the comments. the idea would

have wanted to show you the exact closely and have come to the end of a recipe my If these tariffs like you

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