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welcome friends welcome back to the

kitchen have you

uh have you been waiting out there for

an entire year to

see this cut open this

is our homemade prosciutto or uh some


call it an iberico ham country ham

it goes by a whole bunch of different

names anyway it is a salt cured

pork leg and it's only salt cured so if

i take you

back a year we start out in this kitchen

here with my friend jamie and we

butchered a hog

and i'm through yep so that's through

the backbone that's it yeah cool

done with the sock done with the saw

yeah we'll use the larger knife and

we'll just finish off that cut

and so it's the same just

is there a specific motion that you're

supposed to use with the knife uh well

just a long fluid pass is ideal

if uh if i find people that are just

making small nicks then they get

what would you know as like a shingling

effect and we're just looking for nice

long passes

so this cool

it's a little bit daunting oh please i


i think the biggest thing is actually

just having a big enough bin to put it


i think i've got it covered and did all

of the cuts and i was left with this ham

which a couple of days later i packed in

salt for the initial cure and when that

started out it was

22.7 pounds or 10.3 kilos

at the beginning of the salting process

at the end of the salting process

it weighed 20.4 pounds or 9.2 kilos and

that was october 4th

2019. today

is october 13 2020 and it now weighs

8.4 pounds or 3.8 kilos

so over the year of hanging in my


it has lost 12 pounds of water weight

and it

it smells amazing now over the last year

a lot of people have left comments about

these blue marks on the leg

those are marks left by the abattoir and

i think they're very important because

each of these marks tells a story

about this pig the farm that it was

raised on the breed of pig it is the day

that it was killed what it weighed on

the day that it was killed

and the abattoir that killed it all of

that leads to accountability i can trace

this hog

right back to the farmer's field where

it grew up i know

the heritage of this piece of meat which

can be very important when you're

talking about food safety especially

when you're home

curing meats you want to make sure

you've got a quality piece of meat

before you start curing it now the only

thing left to do is cut this open and i

didn't get one of those fancy holders i

decided that i might only do this once

in my lifetime and i didn't need another

thing hanging around in my kitchen

so i'm just going to i'm just going to

hold it and slice it and see how far i


my understanding is that there are three


four depending on who you talk to

distinct muscles in here that all have a

different flavor

so i don't know what i'm going to cut

open first i'm probably going to start


open the bigger piece which is sometimes

called the maza

so i'm going to start out with a heavier

knife and i need to remove

the skin and this yellow fat

you don't want to eat the yellow fat so

i am

just going to slice here

and then a little cut here now the

skin is really tough

and then you're trying to slice

across here

and then i'm going to attempt

to peel that skin off

oh it smells wonderful

this smells absolutely amazing i wish

you could be here

for the full sensory overload that i'm

going through right now okay

so just try to peel off the skin on the

other side and i don't want to go too


to start with i don't know how far down

that fat cap goes but the fat

is just wonderful

pull that back

so i'm going to keep the fat the white

fat you can eat

and rendered out would be amazing like

just like bacon fat

for other operations in the kitchen and

so i think there's just a little bit


just going to trim off some of this

white fat just to get us

down to the meat

look at that

and then this is so this is meat and fat

that's been exposed for the last year to

the air in the basement

so i'm going to cut some of that off

because it's hard

there we go

oh look at that

hey glenn you said to bring wine hey

friends this is the day

it is the day so i've got my long

knife and i'm just gonna give it a go i

don't know how thin i'm gonna get

let's do a little let's see

okay first one not so great let's see

what happens for the second one

if i can

that one looks better yeah practice

practice practice practice okay one more

let's see if i can get it

uh if if i could hold it a little more


well and also you know okay

one more i want to help but i also don't

want to

recognize that it's uh okay so some


spend their entire life 10

15 20 years of their lives just cutting

ham so i don't know that that's thin


but it looks pretty good so let's give

it i don't i don't have the little

tweezers i don't have the little


okay piece for you jules thank you piece

for me we've got some

wine such up there thank you all right

one year in the making

tastes exactly as it should it's salty

it's it's

it's not super salty but it's got that

yeah it is the right amount of salt but

it's not that you know that you're


yeah okay that's pretty good i think

that's worth celebrating

nicely done i'm gonna have another piece

because we've got a lot of handy

well and just think of all the things we

can put it in now a little pasta a

little bit on a pasta with some cheese

so now that you have it there's a

more than a year's worth of eating there

well and

the flavor will continue to develop i


i i when i was researching this i looked

at stuff

where guys who worked in restaurants who

cut ham for a living like i mentioned

they'll go through two three four of

these a night

in their restaurant whereas this is

enough to last us probably the entire


definitely for the entire year

i'm really happy with that that's good i

am really happy with it i am

got your happy face on that's great so

it wasn't that difficult the most

difficult thing was walking past this

in the basement almost every day and

looking at it going oh there's still

six months there's still and being aware

that you know

anytime you moved anything around in the

basement it was there it was there

don't run into that yeah don't run into

the ham

it's not that difficult if you've got

the space um

give it a try and it is it's a family

event it is it is

this will get shared with friends and

family and it's

and it might seem extravagant but

because we will

share it with friends and family this is

much cheaper than going

to the deli and buying one yeah it

becomes an affordable thing

it becomes an affordable because you've

invested as a group and you've invested

your time yeah it's mostly the time

you're paying for time

really is what you're doing you're

paying for time so i would say yes

give this a try thanks for stopping by

see you again soon


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