Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Read Key of Liteon Drives NO-CUTS Part 2/2

Difficulty: 0

Navigate to Liteon Menu

then go to "Read Key using Maximus Scorpion"

if the option dont appear it means

you need a fw update on your lizard (Gecko 1.01)

go to Lizard Website and download the updater tool

follow the manual to know how to update it

Now we enter to the Option and it gave us the

first instruction, since the drive is turned off

we just need turn it on, after done it press OK button

Now the 2nd step, you need to touch the pad MPX01

with the tip of the Scorpion.

I will move the camera so you can see it

at the end of the video will show you a zoomed

image so you can see easily where is located.

Now contact the spot. Make sure the tip of the

scorpion is touching the pad. Lets Turn OFF-TURN ON the drive.

Now in lizard press OK to indicate

It bring you to the 3rd Step: Remove the probe

from the MPX01 pad and TURN OFF-TURN ON the drive (do that)

Now in Lizard press OK and now it shows the Key

Read Sucess screen, it means the key was read

and and verified against the Drive. (AES128 verification)

Now press OK and will show you the next screen

where indicate its ready to send the file to the PC

Leave the lizard and go to Lizard Toolbox

Click on Get Snapshot button. Then choose the

folder where you want to store it.

Remember to have a folder for every drive

so you can have a proper working structure

Lets save the file and you can see the file is

read from lizard in a snap

To check the details please go to the CFW Generator

tab, and click on Load Fw, select the file you just

read (dummysnap.bin). You can see there the

other files related to the drive (inquiry, identify, etc)

Now we can see the details and the key of the drive.

As you can see we have read the key of an 83850 V2

drive without the need of any cut, solder or glue

If you want to generate your custom firmware just

choose from the combobox the type of file you need

from the template list.

Then click on Save As, choose location (same as the

source file). Click yes to store it.

Now the CFW file is ready so you can flash it to

the drive.

The proper way to remove the scorpion is as follows

Turn off the drive, unplug lizard

remove the grabber of the RED WIRE first

then remove the grabber from BLACK WIRE,

take care not bending the hooks.

The scorpion remains with some energy due to the

capacitor, if you want to speed the discharging

just make the 2 hooks contact each other.

Make sure every time you use the scorpion its

100% discharged.

Thats all for watching, Enjoy your lizard.

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