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Hi everyone, Patrick here, so unless you have been living under a rock you will have released

that DJI have just released another Drone, called the DJI Spark.

No the clip that I just showed you there wasnt from the spark, that was from my trusty phantom

4, and no they didn't send me one for FREE, the prototype, to look at, and show you, not

big enough, yet….

But I cant keep up!

I was excited, I was excited about it and I had saw the ads coming up on my youtube

feed, the days previous to the release, and I thought yeah this is exciting.

what's going to happen? and I actually was checking during the day to see what it was

going to be.

I was kind off hoping that it was going to be an upgrade to the mavic pro because I have

been holding off just to be able to get it.

But low and behold no, it was the DJI spark.

Now, initially I was excited and thought yeah it looks nice, but then when I started to

see other reviews, I thought its really just a beginner drone.

Yeah its a beginners drone, yeah, but I am trying to get my photography and my video


And I need it to be 4k, because everything is moving towards that.

so the DJI spark doesn't have it.

it has 1080p so I won't be getting it because of that alone.

Why do I think they are doing that?

Do you know what I think?

I think, it's good for business.

Why release the 4k one first.

Why not start off with the 1080p and then in the upgrade, in the new version we will

bring it out, so its the DJI spark but with 4k.

Ahh, why could they not just have brought it out as 4k right from the beginning, So

I'll not be getting it because of that.

Now I will also not be getting it because it has only a 2 axis gimbal on it and the

wind that we get around here I think I need it to be 3 so that it will adjust at every

way possible so that I can get the best use of it.

So I probably won;t be going for it just yet because of that too.

Now it says it's for beginner its a beginners, am I a beginner?

Well I am a novice, because I am still learning.

Am I a beginner?

probably not....

But it's 500 quid.

So you know, beginner, are they going to spend 500?

Well I suppose its not 1000, or 2000 or 3000 or 10,000 like some of the really really big

ones, so 500 quid yeah.

Will I get it for my 5 year old son, ahh, knowing the way he has gone through his tiny

drones that only cost 20 quid, I dont think it would even last a day….

So, when I am out, going about my drone journeys and sometimes I am doing castles and scenery

and that sort of thing, I do want to show it off in its best light.

4k means a lot to me so I won't have to worry about it if I am using my normal drone..

So as it stands nothe next one will probably have 4k….and then I might consider it.

So why should you buy it?

Now if I were an athlete, and I were snowboarding down the mountains, and I wanted a small little

drone to help with active track, its probably going to be pretty good.

Actually now that I think of it, sometimes when I am filming by myself it would be handy

to have sort of a little spark going in the background as I am walking along.

(sigh) No, no I am not getting it.

I am not getting it, I am waiting for the new mavic pro to come out to go down to a

smaller drone, because I am very happy with the one I have at the minute, gotta learn

how to fly that one first!

I do think it would be useful for when I am out by myself, which is a lot of the time,

but for 500 I don't know if I could justify it folks!

Anyway another thing that they say about it that the controls are easy and intuitive.

You know I have seen it where they are raising it up where they are controlling it with their

hands, but what if that thing just flies off.

What if you wave at it or do one of those actions that it has to go 20 metres back I

think its a wave so it goes back 20 metres or so and then you can take a selfie, well

what if you are inside in a house and you wave by accident or someone goes by, well

that thing is going to go back and crash isn't it?

That's just too easy for me to be destroyed.

But heh that is probably good for business too.

then you will have to get a new one, but ahhh, all these things just worry me a little bit,

at the minute.

So if the space is smaller and if you are inside the house and it says you use it for

family gatherings and what not, yeah it will be nice, but it also comes with its risks,

so I am not to sure about that.

However ,if you do like small compact drones and you are obsessed about space when you

are carrying them and when you are out and about, doing your filming, yeah its good as

we saw in one of Casey's videos he just popped it into his side pocket and there you go.

So, I am not going to go into all the technical specs I am just giving you my thoughts on

it, being someone who is using a drone quite a lot, and hmmn, that's what I think as of


I am going to pop you in a few links where you will get the proper tech specs and all

of the little nerdy things that you know will compare like for like, I don't need to go

into that, I just want to give you my thoughts on it as I see it right now.

But I am going to hold tight and I am going to wait.

I kind of always wait to the 2nd version just until it irons it out, its a new model, so

if thats anything to go by, I am sure, given the swiftness in which DJI release their products,

I am sure we are not going to be waiting that long to see an upgrade to the DJI spark.

So those are my thoughts, I hope you have enjoyed it, thank you very much bye bye.

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