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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 越说越流利:说英语不靠想,5个流利起始词&发音越说越流利|流利秘语-Nate Onion English

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hey everyone and when I give you guys

five of my fluency starters those words

are everywhere and believe me the more

you use them the more fluent you can be

in English so we're trying to go over

them one by one

in this video and then let me show you

guys how to talk more naturally using

those words let's get ready for that DNA

the dollar each year how young Jolyon

coitus um Joey Elizondo Union food lots

of new young - it's a claim made handle

showed up

aren't you duty on Queen Street Joey

yeah I'm a query on the US for you Ellie

so this time we've got three parts to

take care of number one find your

fluency starters war triggers darlin

around you switch your on the Kogi's if

I knew you put a little dragon in push

it straight ahead Shaw orders realize

you a truth doumyouji ritual what

equipment would allow so team up you

know I gotta change hands out you now

that doesn't sound so good so yo chill

its origin in future doyoung make sure

you clear oh yeah and they are

let me gonna wanna gotta kinda number to

speak in a more relaxed way many people

learn those words because they want to

sound like native speakers third atomic

weight regeneration Gaucho holiday or

songs in her country so I own that

Hinkle I shall native speaker trees yet

crazy enjoys a fine grater irani

shoulder kumbaya

consider just a movie number three how

to use them so that you can get more and

more fluent native what we change here

Peter security photos hey Ronnie type

witching ETA Joe beyond a year like a

tabletop ruin is um busy stripping yeah

well at the ends on you again talk to me

about your feelings

let's get started so this first word is

my personal favorite let me take it

sleazy long walk and that's tradition

well actually sure Porter Washington's a

Miyagi jollies for example let me take a

shower well as she goes out let me take

a nap

whoa change I'll show you what solution

eager and I'll show you to your

Schroeder cereal NJ and Dad

aah-aah-aah father Sergiy of pseudo

archie homie on Toni Jo LuAnn she we

uncover your type

John Shailaja Kershaw yo chick and you

have enchanted extra hope you will clear

you look and you go well let me just

take a shower it's so hot in here or so

I saw that later so ho

oh I'm so tired let me take a nap first

w rule should vanish okay usual let me

taste it let me taste it well as how

nice y'all let me tell you it again

jiggle Suzette Joanie over Congrats on

Coco hey yo yo dimension wha - ah ho Jin

Hyeok we're sure

let me start with dear Watson Ali

Cassius what she all right let me start

with my favorite app and sometimes

people would say let me talk about let

me talk about my career

let me talk to you guys about my

hometown my father my mom let me tell

you what my experiences but let me let

me first of all talk a little bit about

my experience so HSN you butcher the

Insano Kaito so watch okay yo let me let

me tell you something let me start with

the you don't charge anything quando

sure when you're offering to help


Kobe ramp off on being put on the

emotional bond Hollister Hall so let me

help you with that

are you sure while I bonny Chi Minh not

only she her jewelry she shyly search

for the Wat hi olli uncle's house Triana

you guys sure whenever you go to a diner

soon my Sandhya and Dee endo Messiah

Yeshua let me get it let me get it just

a demo but only she let me get a

supersize burger supersize fries

supersize a milkshake the why don't you

all just needs Yun Chu gob Rhea so if

you want to say no to this guy you're

winning should be doubters the other

kind of wishful oh no never

Thank You next reverser wait why did not

you're sure let me think about it

that sounds like a good idea Joe

Schwartz is young is young so you Ruben

is young call to reach out horrible

phone be on to do a DA Georgia on so let

me think about it

word number two I'm gonna use a sure

what yo put a walkway jiggly on call you

you and your son

what don't worry acaba so you change how

you achieve weight three tiers short a

yeah this young file

what snare don't bake who in charge

won't sleep yoga some benches he and

clear sure I'm gonna go to work

Shashank shreya I'm gonna go to school

otherwise I'm bad I'm going to that junk

ain't your huh meows Ariana

changing Chaput wound up going to show

that girl my indian tahoe main kaise

jiya means the world owns that shriek

gonna chicken don'ts again she okay you

sure I'm going to school not sure I'm

gonna school Kim Ji Hyo Jeong cha sik

reduces she on you fat article udemy

employer John Shaw gonna defying by my

house red going to show the video quite

a change she'll you know mean change how

your cocoon Tony Oliva don't suck I'm

gonna go to school I'm gonna go to

school giant in Chile I chopped it up

shut yo you could go I'm gonna go to

school homie I don't see any whites you

sure I'm going to school but I'm gonna

go to school yeah you're east of the

tribute you creative ways yeah sure

whatchu samba

ho boy y'all some Banshee is that some

well don't solar socialism tell ya the

truth to it which I can opportunity of

what are you fat an appearance in de

Bruin you're gonna holla de aqui -

Emilio Yin alright now you don't Susan

Hancock are gonna eat seona

young give a luncheon leader you look

good that's a nice young be on the beach

olliolli judgment in time sequence or

the cash appeal

I'm gonna go to bed we re Jolla way out

sound country I'm gonna go brush my


way out your fire I'm gonna take a


well sure you see goes off so we're

gonna enjoy particular work Hoda me me

yoshi's I can cash a sequence in Nevada

usability Nia where she's I mean he

longs to do OB enter 12 point in Kosova

well at I doubt you saw what you saw me

out today chance is outrage energy

releasing the engli basis Roboto Yali so

our next word is wanna

sometimes I'd start a little speech by

saying I want to talk to you guys about

29 so that you're sure Walker for Ruben

each other hunk a schism asteroid okay

kinder can't you eat just watch out you

put it down you get your the cool shirt

jeans on Tina cohen-chang pajama party

where Joe I want to talk about or I want

to talk to you guys about this relation

20 Monday

sure communicate do you need a party

wanna sure want to the co you bombuh

yo Xu Xian to ensure that hanging on go

- OH - no but you know to get soup what

do you want to do so I want to drink

some water

I want to eat some nice food switch how

you on the dude should hook honjo

takashi ecologic Peter shor I want it or

let me or just I'm gonna see you can

always use them and another word would

be have have built CEO you crea stressed

out you only order you can do is show

you a long do they help them have what I

would call you know you might say I want

to lose weight I want to make more money

you know I have a better relationship

but what people really want is an

extraordinary life is that you sometimes

you want to have something and sometimes

you just want to get you could tell

again the tool we're just about one I

don't want to you Bo you're an official

I want a surprise so you choose the team

statutory done you know I want a teen

slasher wanna but going through burning

out shoulders are for show I want more

surprises trigger social one at your

trouble tone I wanted more surprises so

if I wanna Joe Don Juan to young john -

sequin Kwai BJ ho ho me and O Shah

Jahan's granting saliency coda Chan Chi

Yu Tong Tsui watching we're only home

and Chin's own condo the other you click

on the invoice you okay so I don't wanna

do this what we shall enjoy again sure I

don't want to see you

oh but you indeed this is your revenge

okay launches y'all die I don't want to

go to work tomorrow being ambushed on

film but and my dreams gonna come true I

believe okay

one educates the higher you go call your

sofa your strategy that went through the

cat hole your only challenge I'll be

included sure fun create your usual you

want to go eat something

George initially I don't see much when I

go eat something okay you wanna get

dinner so yeah

Bijan Gina women for sure um do you want

to get dinner

he's young sure wife Emma will call you

to you Kate Yeshua yeah and you want to

get dinner you want to get dinner

drew got shook want gaudy a general way

cleaned up

I'm sure wanna do something one a jacket

ot wet bureau

wanna make more money so you can see

Emma guy show that ashen is oh you're

for please let me move to America so you

go you can now cheers to this show you a

new face hunt go I want to eat it all

but I gotta save room what's y'all

shampooed surely up - y'all do what you

do see I got a save Miren gotta yeah

sure P shoot put her eating out sauce on

the show you're going out finding each

hung throw in the cold your shirt

Hazleton yeah what they sugar slowly

shave you father's showing you before

challenging one yeah shouts from

jingshan sure I gotta catch sure you may

at the Ascension Asha ho

you're sure he's gotta she's gotta you

gotta check it to the Vienna sure have

got to should I call you do you file

ugochi what triggers the team Chung hua

Zhu Jie I got it yo my man show the girl

I give quite choppy inshallah gotta be

reward it's all up I have got to go I've

got to go Cody without weight challenge

war please sure I have to go I have to

go or I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go

home what a Okwe jolla

I gotta tell you what it goes will need

I gotta ask you something what it went

easiest route okay you don't need I saw

you gotta be careful need a Cindy are

you gotta remember you they cheese rule

so is that cheating us on junk here's

what you gotta do this and dad whatever

yeah you good sister kinda just yogurt

some yummy Easter top users without food

so yonder chicory Hutton society a clear

course your own set up a few I kind of

want to go home

well you don't wait yeah I kinda want to

go home I kind of like them well your

Darcy won't happen I kind of forgot

Boyan Walla

yo yo yo yo Sonny the negatives image

are you go kinda just reward are y'all

go to my shirt I kind of forgot while

you're there

voila okay close your own society ocean

Yahoo you don't country there's a hope

I'm kind of tired weird are Laila I'm

kind of

card that's kind of fun not too hot

wired up that's kind of fun

it's kind of hot it's kind of cold

yo yo you're there alone so then let's

talk about the pronunciation of these

words falling from a novel sure you ate

popcorn summit on now so unique indeed

young we are sure that home eh use only

OD tip number one say it's the future

no father beat your chin gonna a diet so

the only define is sure gonna I gonna

there's a column a you banned oh

banana gonna enjoy you got juice that

has to change huh and she isn't quite up

moody a shiatsu call me in country other

don't like I'm gonna watch the show

tonight I'm gonna watch I'm gonna watch

the show tonight so you're gonna watch

you're gonna hunching watching on your

country more robot should plant you yeah

Gina Habba I shredded raw media

where's whatever I'm gonna watch the

show tonight wanna yell Joey how the

volume pushes in cha-am be out Rhonda

wanna I sure wanna wanna eat just one

second into a coaching young show phone

song is here

I just want to thank you what you're

saying Susan you I just want to thank

you okay go go gotta filing you there

foot home how the volume boy poor boy

being a friend user those eyes show dog

home Ian be jobs challenge I own leader

buying Natasha pshoo

eating for a day they use so you change

hyojeong yeah you got a do this robot

should shingle your shirt I got a do


Johnny D I like your ear we gotta be

strong move on something like that okay

let me Jake asleep and oh she gonna sure

let me you should t defying you am that

he fart on you got em Joe holla let me

do this let me help you so you kinda how

that really is strong in the country

your show homie oh no Michelle you're

cheating Sonya that show how the show

kind of way confound Sony she

kind of nice actually see a few kind of

nice actually what country a high teen


tip number two ECMO machine shell your

show kind of who is a chihuahua CUDA saw

a bientot

China China do should mention no keine I

mean it was kind of get it I'm gonna

change I wish watch home I'm gonna I'm

gonna I'm gonna go get some fresh air

we are chickadee I see em come see clear

pseudo my idea I'm gonna get some fresh

air I'm gonna go get some fresh air

I'm gonna go get some pressure Yami home

la casa y pienso que tiene la da da da

da CJ's Anna chul-soo sequence Unicode

Hosoi UI app events et any occasion

chinga my giant hammer Romeo trace in a

shoe shop we don't jump on it in ancient

English even pool party later

Nico annual Suzie Suzie ah yeah BMO show

day on ha so you Roberta majolica no way

kwon jang-ho so far Christianity

Ronnie suda2 a quad-core eche Moho

laconia chocolate orange teacher by only

is routine to be pushy Wanda so Italian

Sargento straight into your chinchilla

put a vigil call you while the children

show George honey later energy its

situation can be fish and go to Yahoo

you could make you journey show for the

YouTube shipping coconut Western

something out hammer you made sitting

down at home fridge at your house it may

be our main sue you too chicken to new

accordion shipping put our Easter

Donnelly I'll show you a quote from

Nietzsche our children Eliza eternity

Angela Hochevar fashion omission simple

song - OH - ha dong kyun turned out so

cheap and you made that audience teacher

did you watch with a real language in

song really really so you don't see any

issues in China sequa Hyuga needed to

achieve an attorney creating podcast

Sirhan Sirhan Ocampo Jamie bando Yasuda

Oh chef Enzo yo Johnny 14 donations are

for show ba da ga op Aguada show can

enjoy a chili is here we ended sure to

turn a typo her Instagram champion

origins on twitch engineer how t Nabokov

a sharpie

kundo janai desuka don't sania created a

trapezium we'll call you don't forget to


I'm gonna see you guys next time thanks

for watching

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