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M/V 3rd Day Yuto's Solo Cut Filming Site

About 200(?) candles are here.

And there is a sofa in the middle.

This set is what I've dreamed of.

I just feel sorry to use this set by myself.

If the members were here, it would be more beautiful.

Well.... Somehow...

The candles make me focus, I think.

Spacing Out While Staring at Candles

I'll do my best for the solo cuts.

Acting While Lying on the Floor

I think I'll fall asleep for real.

Yuto's Fighting Scene against Drowsiness...?

(Pretending not to be sleepy)

I'm falling asleep...

Eyes Open Wide!

Overcoming Drowsiness, Finishing the Scene Successfully

Q. How were your solo cuts today?

I think my body moved freely, so I did it so well.

And I'm happy to finish it safely.

From Yuto to Hui... Since the song holds your heart...

I hope you can express your true feelings.

Whatever you want...

With true feelings you had when you wrote this song.

Hui, I root for you!

And I love this 'fighting' gesture.

Yuto, thanks. I'll do my best!


With Yuto's Message, Hui's Doing His Best While Filming

I don't know what's going on.

Am I doing it okay?

Q. How did you record the sound effects in ?

All of the effects are my voice.

All the memories are burning~

I did that.

I bought a new mic in the workroom.

I won the game at 'PENTAGON 12-hour Live' and got some prizes last year!

With the prizes, I bought a mic filter and other things.

So, using the equipment,

I just record effect sounds in my workroom and sent them as data.

I recorded all of the sound effects in my workroom.

An unbelievable night~

Of awful memories~

I recorded the sound in the workroom, too.

When we sing 'Lie, it's all a lie~'

I sing 'It's awful~ Woohoo~~,' too.


I did all of the sound effects in my workroom.


Most of the sound effects were all born in the workroom. Find Hui's Voice Hidden in


- Welcome. - Cool.

- Hey~ - You look cool.

Why is this shirt so small to you?

It's a gift from Hongseok for me.


Hui's Solo Cut Shooting is Over

Q. How was today's shooting? It was fun.

I tried my best to express my feelings genuinely.

Faithful to the concepts, we tried to show some intense images before.

But, we pursued some pure images this time?

That's why I didn't put on heavy makeup.

And the hairstyle looks natural, too.

I hope you love it.

From Hui to PENTAGON Members... Since we practice the group dance hard,

if you're tired, for the next member beside you,

I hope we can work harder.

Let's finish the filming with the cool group dance!

Noisy Waiting Room The Members Have Gathered for the Group Dance at Last

It's the icing on .

We'll film the group dancing scene.

I took a rest yesterday. (Wow, group dancing~)

Since I had a day off, I'll work harder today.

YouTuber with 1.31 Million Subscribers To satisfy UNIVERSE, I'll fly~

Q. Did you practice with Yanan until late last night?

Yanan bought dinner for me.

I ordered the food~~

Hongseok ordered and Yanan paid.

And I just ate.

2-line Poem for the Guys Who Fed Him 'Gyeran (Egg)'

Gye: Gaeguri~(frog), Naughty gaeguri~~

Ran: Ran~ Rara ran~


Q. Did you practice with Wooseok until late last night?

We didn't practice that much.

Wooseok and I just ate dinner in the practice room.

We just danced to the song 2 or 3 times.

Hongseok ordered food for us.

Shinwon just went home...

Q. Is Shinwon nice to you?

Yes, he's very nice to me.

When I was in China, he was the one who called me most frequently.

(Sweetly) Yanan, did you eat?

We've gathered after a long time to shoot the music video.

I hope we can have a good time while doing it.

We can do it well.

Of course, we can.

When I am with the members...

I become more relaxed.

I'm less uneasy than when I filmed my solo cuts.

It's good.

Stop it!

Q. Your favorite dance move in ?

In a scene, we jump and spread.

When we sing 'But this is what I got~'

We express our feelings through the move.

I love that part best.

Today's Resolution!

Since it's a group dancing scene,

we'll do our best to show you the wonderful performance.

We'll also try hard to show you our mature image in the performance.

That's my resolution today.

Go for it!


Mayonnaise is on Standby

When just two of us are together, we'll make you bored...

The other guys will give you lots of fun instead.

When just two of us are together, we become very serious.

(1.31 Million Subscribers) 1.20 million subscribers of PENTAGON YouTube...

Thank you for loving PENTAGON and PENTORY all the time.

We're wearing the same shoes today.

And the white jackets, too.

- The rings - Even the same rings.

We'll keep going to make a wonderful video.

- I'll do my best. - Way to go!

Watch our group dance, please.

The Group Dancing Scene will be Taken Where Hui Took His Solo Cuts



Where is Yuto going?

I'll do a close-up coverage of Yuto.

Pretending without cameras...

Where have you been?

This place is really...

Look over there!

Look at what?

Huh? Where has he gone to?

What the...

This place is good for playing hide and seek.

Whenever, Wherever, the Members are Happy

This is the place we can play.

Meanwhile, a Guy Worrying about Muscle Loss

Aerobics makes me lose muscles...

Today, it's nearly H.I.I.T.

Repeating H.I.I.T for Every 3 Minutes

It's really tough.

A statue doesn't speak. Wooseok Has Become a Statue

Don't you have frostbite in the finger?

Editing Point

The lighting is really beautiful.

The Set Looks like a Deep Sea Under the Blue Lighting

An Unknown Creature Has Appeared

Add some water drops, please.

Exhausted Before Filming

Save me~ Same Place at the Same Time

Enjoying the Break Time with Their Own Way


Like an idiot, I, to death, I Loved you but this is what I got~

Oh, no~ Editing Point


Just do it!

Obtaining 1 Image Point


M/V Shooting is Over

1, 2, 3 Ten~tastic, we're PENTAGON!

We've done M/V shooting.

M/V Shooting took 3 days.

Yeoone, I heard you set fire to the filming set.

I set fire to the grass garden.

Isn't it a crime?

He set fire to the music world.

Hongseok, did you blow up dishes?

Since I didn't like the food there...

What's this~~!

What about you, Yanan?

I felt heavy pressure at first.

But being with the members gave me strength.

Anyway, we tried so many things this time.

And I also sent a supportive message to you.

Just like Hui cheered us up,

it would be great if we send a supportive message to UNIVERSE as the ending comment.

From PENTAGON to UNIVERSE... Thanks to UNIVERSE, we can always run and fly.

Thinking of you, we worked hard for the album.

We hope you love it.

And we are always grateful for your lots of support and love.

UNIVERSE, Way to go!

PENTAGON, Go for It!

- Well done, guys. - Bye~

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