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I"m here, man.

Three window coupe?

Three window coupe.

Oh, my gosh.

MAN: Before we go, Bob's taking us outside in the rain to show

us something really special--

a 1940 Lincoln Zephyr.


Look how it just lays down.

You could ski off of it.

Oh, my gosh.

To me, this was the pinnacle of it all.


So this car was in the back of a six car garage in Dearborn,

and one of many that my dad had kind of scattered around.

My plan was to do something with it-- either restore it,

or street rod it.

You see so many of them, especially in this condition,

street rodded.

Because now they wouldn't take an original car, like,

really nice, and street rod it.

They'd take something like this, and do it.

The '39 is the most desirable, but '40 is the last year.

They're just so elegant, they're beautiful,

they're on point with everything that you

think about in a 1930s coupe.

They're long, they're lean, they're low.

The front end, when it comes at you, it's just--

oh, man.

It's like a new pair of underwear, man.

They're perfect.

Does the trunk open?

Let's see.

OK, we're free on the side.

There we go.

OK, you can't bend it too much, though.

What do you see, Mike?


We've got a radiator.

Look how much space there is in here.

I tell you what, the squirrels have been getting in here.

And look at this.

That's the original color, right there.


It's kind of a blue, huh?



When I was 18, I wanted to be so much like my dad.

I wanted to make this car my hot rod, like he

did with his Corvette killer.

This is the car that I was going to make personal to me.

It's frickin' rad.

That dream has kind of faded over time.

I'm serious about the car.

I get underneath it, it looks basically

like the rest of the car.


I get inside of it.

The engine is not original.

OK, yeah.

So Frankie, this is supposed to have a V12.


That looks like a 351.

MAN: Needs a lot of work.

Doesn't have the original engine.

There's some body work that's been done to it.

There's pieces and parts that are missing, but--

it doesn't take away from the beauty, to me.

What are you going to do with it?

What are your plans for it?

Well-- I had to be honest with myself.

To hang onto something until it became just a pile of rust

really wouldn't be fair.

I-- I can part with it.

I can let it go.

Price wise, about 15.

15 grand?


Yeah, that's more than I'd like to spend,

because it is a serious project.


And it's not like you see barn find

Zephyrs all the time, you know?


So what are you--

what are you thinking?

I'd like to be in it for, like, seven,

because I'm going to have a grand in shipping it,

so I'd have eight in it.

I've been down this road before.

I know how much work it's going to take

to take it to the next level.

What I'm looking at, basically, is a shell, a frame.

There's no interior in it.

But I don't want to walk away without it.

What's your bottom number on the car?

My bottom number would be eight grand.

Let's to it.

All right.

We're doing it.

We're gonna do eight grand on the car.


Good deal.

Thank you, Mike.

We're going to have Danielle call you,

and she's going to figure out shipping on this.

And we can get this out of here in a couple of days.


But the biggie is this has to be out of here.


Because if we send a shipper over here, and he sees this,

he's leaving.


He needs to have a straight shot.


So we've got four wheel drive on the van.


If we move this stuff in the front,

I think we could pull it out of here.

I want to see it come out of this catacomb.

All right.



Pull through, Frankie.

Keep going.

This car is rare.

It's a three window Zephyr coupe.

OK, crank it, crank it, crank it.

I'm cranking.

All right, you gotta keep going.

Keep going.

I think all we need to do is clean it up, assemble

the parts that are there--


And sell it.

There it is, dude.

We did it, man. - We did it.

Look at it.

Look at it.

It was a bit surreal for me to see the car outside,

not under cover anymore.

It's been so long for me to actually

walk around the entire car.

How did I do?

You did great, brother.

It's out.

Yeah, see, now the shipper can--

he'll come in, and he'll take this, and winch it right on up.


All right.

Who knows, it could have been another 25

years before anything happened with that car.

You're a brave man, Mike.

These cars are so hard to find.

To have the opportunity to buy it is a blessing.

This is it, bro.

Seen the exhaust coming out the side.

This is it.

This was an opportunity for us that we couldn't pass up.

All right.

I like it.

Lots of trim.

All right, hey, let's get you paid.


All right.

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