Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ricky Riot and Arty Toucan are going to be on TV! The Ricky Riot Art & Craft Kids Show.

Difficulty: 0

(Ricky) Wow. Doesn't that look fantastic, Arty?

I still can't believe we won best arts and crafts store

in the entire world!

I can believe it, Ricky Riot!

You know why?



We are!


And besides, we have something

no other store has, Ricky Riot!

What's that? A talking toucan?

No, silly beaky!

We have you Ricky Riot!

And me...


we are the best arts and crafts team ever!

Yeah, well I am...

I mean, we are, pretty good aren't we?

Oh, Ricky! We've got mail!

Quick! Open it!

I wonder who it is?

Open it!

Hello, Ricky Riot!

Hello Arty Toucan!

I'm Johnny Goodlooking from the news!

I just heard about your amazing award

and I'm sending a TV crew to the shop right now

to do a story on you.

That's right!

You are going to be on TV!

I'm Johnny Goodlooking...

and you're not.

(Both) We're going to be on TV!


There is so much to do!

They're going to be here any minute!

What are we going to do?

We have to rehearse, what are we going to say?

Oh, I have an idea, Ricky Riot.

Why don't I pretend to be Johnny Goodlooking

and I can ask you some practice questions.

Riotriffic idea!

OK, here I go...

Welcome to the news,

I'm Johnny Goodlooking and this is the news!

Arty, there is no time for that!

First question!

So, Ricky Riot, tell us what happens here in the store?

Good question, Johnny Goodlooking!

Every day, we get a delivery of a big blue box...


The big box is here!

Catch it!

Good catch!

Thanks Arty!

Well it comes in through the googly eyed flaps

and it falls in and I catch it!

Then I say "Catch it! Catch it! Catch it!"


I mean, very interesting!

So, what's in this big blue box?

Well, chenille stems, paint...

it could be polyfoam balls

it could be anything!

Hmm, I see, I see!

And what do you do with these amazing crafty items?

I come up with the most riotriffic ideas!

Right here on this table, I look at the item

and I think of all the amazing things we could make out of it.

Hmm, Ricky Riot...

Does anyone, say

hey, a bird

help you with these award-winning

crafty items?

Of course! My best friend Arty Toucan and I

come up with the most riotriffic ideas

and we show it on the big screen over here

and then,

we show all the boys and girls at home,

step by step, how to make it!

Oh Ricky!

Don't forget to tell them how I help you

with all the hard painting bits!

And how I post all the instructions on our website

for the boys and girls to follow at home!


They're here! They're here!

How do I look?

Do I have anything in my beak?

No, no just your tongue!

OK, we've got to let him in!

Are you ready Arty Toucan?


Let's do it!

It's showtime!

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