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We've done a couple truth videos about youtubers the most recent one being ninja and in the comments section

A lot of people wanted me to do one about ali-a. Now ali-a is without a doubt one of the most successful

Gaming youtubers in the world right now and he's been on the top for a long long time

But just like any big internet personality. There's probably plenty of things. You didn't know about him. What is up everybody?

Welcome to the truth series. And today we are going to be uncovering the truth about

Ali-a, you let me know in the comments if you guys enjoy Ali A's content. Let's get into it

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now first things first ali-a doesn't share a ton about his personal life, but he was born in November of

1993 in Great Britain, he started his YouTube channel in November of

2009 that's right all the way back almost a decade ago at the age of

16 and he started off uploading quick Call of Duty clips

His first video ever is a quick

37 second clip called go to throwing knife that showed off some pretty cool shots and a cross map throwing knife kill in modern warfare

Now his channel continued to be straight forward modern warfare 2 clips and commentaries for well over a year now Ali A's first big milestones

Came in 2011 when in February he was partnered with machinima

And he also got his silver play button for passing 100 thousand subscribers and back in 2011 a hundred thousand subscribers

Was a huge huge deal

He continued to upload both multiplayer and zombies tip videos and commentaries for black ops 1 and then did the same

For modern warfare 3 back when caught on YouTube was in its prime the golden years of Call of Duty

Some would say now one thing a lot of people don't know

Is that while Ally a space may be a big part of his personality nowadays?

It actually took him a few years to finally show himself on camera. His first vlog was uploaded on May 11th of

2012 almost three years after his channel actually launched and that video ended up doing pretty well for man

It currently sits with 2.2 million views while the rest of the videos are all hovering around 100 to 200 K

Alireza format really didn't change much as this channel continued to blow up and he became the go-to place for

Call of Duty news tips gameplays all new maps modes, whatever it was

People were seeking out his content just two years after getting a silver play button for a hundred thousand subs


received his gold play button her passing 1 million meaning he gained more than

900 thousand subs in less than 24 months which backed in that was a big deal

That's an average of 37 thousand 500 subs a month for two years and keep in mind

Like I said, this was early 2010 when gaming on YouTube was still in its infancy

So making content people liked was really difficult because nobody really knew what people wanted to watch it

But ali-a had mastered that formula and after he hit his first million subs his YouTube career

Really took off so after he started to blow up he signed with his first

MC and called Polaris in October of 2013 even later swapped over

To stylehaul who he's still with today and it's the same in CN as other youtube stars, like ksi

dan TDM and joey graceffa

Ali-a, also started making pretty regular television appearances in the UK

He appeared on The Gadget Show in 2013 and 2014 and was interviewed by the BBC in mid 2013

about his career in the introduction of YouTube red by

2015 he was officially recognized by Business Insider as one of the top 10 most popular British YouTube

Personalities at that time, which is that's a big deal and speaking of 2015

That was a pretty massive year for our boy ali-a

Not only was he given the massive shout out by Business Insider

But he was also recognized four times by the Guinness World Records by the end of 2015

He had set four World Records and gaming the most popular Call of Duty channel buy views the most popular Call of Duty channel by

subscribers the tallest staircase built in one minute minecraft and the most wood blocks collected in one minute in

Minecraft now these Guinness records just pushed his channel's popularity even more today ali-a boasts some of the biggest

sponsorships and gaming such as el gato scuff control freak and even

monster energy

So so ali-a was already a big success before he became associated with fortnight

but when exactly did that start well his first fortnight video was uploaded on October 8th of

2017 just a few weeks after the battle royale mode launched

But even after this it took him a while to really make the transition but for tonight first hit the scene nobody really thought

where it would end up or what it was going to do and

It took a little while for most youtubers and streamers to transition over

He uploaded his first fortnight video in early October and clearly had fun making content for the game for a few weeks

But then switch back over to uploading primarily Call of Duty videos after world war ii launched in early



After the world quickly realized the cod world war ii wasn't the best for youtube content and also is a pre underwhelming game overall

He made the full transition

over to fortnight resulting in an

Explosion of new views and subs to his channel

One thing that I give Ally a credit for is he is very good at seeing trends before they happen

He did the same thing with pokemons go and he did the same thing with fortnight

He's very good at predicting

What is going to be popular and being at the head of that trend here basically a trendsetter?

When it came to his content now

Some of you ali-a fans may be familiar

with his girlfriend Claire who is also a longtime gaming youtuber and she kicked off her channel in October of

2014 when she started uploading videos of whore games like alien isolation

Outlast and slender as well as some Cod videos and vlogs mixed in the two have kept their relationship

Pretty private aside from some videos together in a channel

They had that they launched together called Claire in ally in this channel grew rapidly and currently boasts just under six hundred thousand

subscribers in only five months and speaking of channels


Currently has three channels to his name his main channel his let's play channel called mori ali-a and his vlog channel with Claire

Combined his channels have a subscriber reach of over twenty point two million subscribers in a combined viewcount of over five

Billion total views but enough about the views you guys want to know how much money he makes don't you?

Everybody wants to know how much money youtubers make and just like any other youtuber

It is hard to get exact figures because of how much ad rates and CPM fluctuate

Without warning and also there are plenty of behind-the-scenes deals that youtubers have with various sponsors brand integrations

And it's simply impossible to know how much money is being exchanged there

But we're gonna go with sources. And once again, none of this is verified. I'm just gonna give you guys a ballpark

Guesstimate, okay

according to various sources his current net worth hover somewhere around

six to seven million dollars USD

He also boasts an average of three point nine million new views on his main channel every single day

Which anybody could guess and you could say that's anywhere from I mean five to ten thousand dollars a day

So we're just guessing and obviously there's a lot of guesstimation involved in there

but let's just say this ali-a is doing very very well for himself and we're gonna close this truth video out with the facts that

I consider ali-a a friend. I have known Ally since I had five hundred subs and he had three

thousand subs I reached out to him when I had five hundred subs, and I was trying to do a

Commentators more tournament kind of like the big March Madness youtuber one that woodysgamertag

Did but I wanted to do it for smaller channels, and I asked him if he wanted to be a judge

And he immediately said yes

We we became friends then and then he also did a dual come with me to help me grow my channel

a little down the road

So I think he's a stand-up dude, and hopefully you guys know a little bit more

About and because of this and this is the true series my friends. We don't do it very often one

Maybe every couple weeks, but you guys in the comments section

Let me know what you would like to see we do truth about video games

We do truth about dark web. We do truth about personalities like ninja and ali-a

You guys give me suggestions and it could possibly end up being a truth video in the future

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