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Listen remember how you would use your fingers as placeholders when you were reading those choose your own adventure books looking like a Captain Underpants

Flip Oh Rama what netflix has joined the server and is serving up their 21st century concept of this and what better way to play

Test it then with black mirror a show

We've gotten mad requests for since most of us believe free will is a thing

I've divided this video into three main parts all time Sam so you can pretty much choose your own adventure with this or

Experience the whole thing

Let me explain so it's always been great about black mirrors how creepy and futuristic the episodes feel yet

It also seems like they can occur tomorrow

Like I'm pretty sure most of us have played a telltale game

Our IP telltale games heavy rain life is strange where you're able to choose certain things that alter the path your character follows

I personally love those games, even though some people consider the movies, but now we actually got one that is a movie

This is separate from the series tab for black mare on Netflix because it has to generate multiple windows while you're making decisions

But I think it's crazy to see how they shot this thing because if you don't pick up your remote at all

There's actually an auto-generated path that the movie will take that totals up to an hour and a half

But if you do spend the time figuring out where each different decision takes you then the movie totals up to five

Hours and twelve minutes even crazier than that was that this was a 170 page script which was shot in 37 days

But was shot linearly according to the director meaning that they didn't shoot every single option while they were on that one set

They would start from the beginning for each one. So it would flow better for the actor when they were making that decision

that's wild how Netflix has done cool things on the platform in the past like having to D from PO Jack horsemen go missing since

The D in the show was stolen and you end up finding it somewhere else on the app

They've also done interactive stuff before with the kit shows where they're a little bit more simpler

Not as bloody, but you were able to get posts in his boots

But what I'm excited for is to see if black mayor takes their previous craft ideas and puts them into season five

depending on the reception of Bandersnatch creators Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones wanted alternative endings for season two's white bear which is

Probably why it's referenced in the specific story

But the one that would have flipped people out was their scrapped idea for season three's playtests

You know the one where Wyatt Russell takes a job at a videogame company before things get really dry

Well, what if in Trippier is their idea of having a different ending play without notice if Yuri watched it a second time

Which would it cost people to probably start questioning their reality?

I love our Netflix created its own program to keep up with the different pathways that they were creating for this specific episode how they

tested the attention span of a viewer and you that they had to put in a choice every

Three to five minutes in order for the viewers where remote and I get stuck in the couch

But the scariest part is hearing the creator himself admit that even he has trouble finding some of the pathways in the episode

Almost building this creepy feeling of what if it starts creating its own what if the creators of the show?

Rewatch it back one day and they start saying things they didn't even shoot

Now according to Netflix themselves

there are five main endings and I suppose what you would consider and after credit scene a lot of people claim that they know the

Definitive ending, but you know the credits pop up once you've watched all five and they can vary so the final final one

It's up to you. But this one is the best starting out from the beginning

we got our boy from Dunkirk having to make really serious decisions like


Accelerating, what is cool? Is that even though these seem like minuscule decisions?

They do a good job at incorporating them throughout your paths

like if you played that game until dawn where the

Therapist would ask you if you were scared of one thing or another and you're like brah. I'm not gonna fall for this

So depending on what cereal you choose you'll end up seeing a commercial for it. Later

Whichever album or song you choose ends up being the score that plays in the background of your scenes. Yeah. We're in the future

The years 1984 hence the now to tape and our do Stephane is about to pitch his game

Bandersnatch to this video game company

He meets will Poulter who I've seen people confused with Jesse Plemons who was in season for a black mare

But Matt Fleming sends to play way creepier roles. Oh you two. Enjoy each other

It's often we don't appreciate

Colin here's a famous game creator who sits down to look at Stefan's new game Bandersnatch

and the meeting a Bandersnatch can vary to some people I suppose it originally comes from Lewis Carroll who I would say his reference a

Lot throughout this episode, you know, he did do Alice in Wonderland and Stefan goes on his own trip

He's looking for his white rabbit. Colin's wife. Looks like the Mad Hatter

He goes through his own looking-glass

it's also a nod to the real game named Bandersnatch that never came out because the company went bankrupt in 1984 and

1984 is exactly the time the story takes place

But for all I know broker seems to be a big video game nerd so it can really just be a final fantasy nut

He presents the game which is based on the book

He grew up reading within the show called Bandersnatch and where you have to make decisions that lead your character to certain points

And it's gonna get even more meta the big villain in the game is a steamie named pax

Which is known as being the thief of destiny and right away you get the first big choice to either

Work with the company or do it yourself. So come on. What's your answer?


So saying yes pretty much ends everything as the game is called sloppy and gets panned

You can then choose to end the movie right there or go back and pick a different path of actually working it on your own

Which is able to help Stefan concentrate more on the game and have enough time to go to therapy

Would you like to talk about what happened with your mother?

No, no, you really might learn something new

So I'll ask again

Would you like to talk about what happened with your MA

I said no the funding goes to the store where you pick up this album, but then he buys his book without your permission

we get to learn a little bit more about the dude who wrote the book Bandersnatch and

Turns out he was crazy

this man was so invested in keeping up with all the paths and decisions that he was creating for his book then he went so

crazy off of free will and

Predestination and actually seeing the packs monster that he thought nothing mattered and decided to just kill his wife

This man was also preaching about mind control

it's funny because I always think about

Ashton Kutcher and how he changed his ayat' to be more like Steve Jobs when he was filming the movie and that

Change of diet actually caused him to start getting pancreatic problems. It's crazy

You get the next major choice that appears a couple of times and that's deciding to either spill 30 and destroy the computer

Descending the story that also Stefan's hopes and dreams or yelling at your dad

Which some of us aren't as privileged to do if you yell at him the boovie continues and you make your next major choice

That's either following Colin or going to therapy

If you follow Colin you end up going to this place where you drop acid?

with the PEX demon on it and he starts spewing about alternate realities and how he's practically aware that he's a TV character that has

Different storylines and you kind of noticed that he starts recognizing stuff on the second time around we went before

No, my favorite part in the whole movie. Is this bit where he starts ranting about pac-man and how he actually stands for?

Programming control pulsing somatoform thinks he's got free will but really he's trapped in a maze in a system

All he can do is consume

He's pursued by demons probably just in his own and even if he does manage

Sending out one side of the maze what happens he comes right back in the other side

Well damn as drugs and black Mary usually do they get so worked up about everything that they start questioning

Reality and if they're in a simulation and they decided to jump off a balcony

Obviously if he makes the faun do it he dies in the movies over if Colin does it my mind just splats and you wake

Up in the car ready to go to therapy again. You feel like you're not making these decisions. I

Feel like I'm not good like someone else is I'm doing this for us Stefan

You don't have to decide to medicate yourself

But you know, I saw what happened the last time a Timothy sha'lame dude got addicted to drugs

So, nope

If you do take them, you got two stars in the game movie ends

But if you don't take them in you flush them you end up back in therapy where you finally decided to talk about Stefan's mama

And it's depressing. It turns out that his mom died when he was a kid

She was running late because the dad had hit Stefan's bunny because he thought it made him a sissy and that caused her to catch

The later train which ended up in a wreck killing her

You don't have another choice to smash her throat tea and this little hoe does not he was doing this to me. I

Know there's someone there

I guess I'll explain the show

to the show

If you don't get the option to tell him you're watching him on Netflix and to explain it to him and boy

Did you come to the right dude my man?

He decides to switch to the therapist that we're watching in my Netflix and she calls them both out because she believes that they're not

entertaining enough for someone to sit home and watch them on TV and

This turns into an action film now one if you choose to fight her you end up getting medicated and the movie is over

But if you try to jump out the window

You get what I consider to be the best ending of the mall where it becomes the super meta filming on set

For Black Mirror where he's being called by his actors name, but he still thinks he's the character of Stefan you're not

scripts, it's jump out saying like

It's the fight scene now

Easily the best if we ran a little bit back though, we make our way to the more

Depressing I would say scenes that

You need to brace yourself for there's one where you go into a secret room that the dad's been hiding where you get a bunch

Of outcomes you put in the wrong password and you either eaten up or chopped up

But if you pick toy as the password you get his old toy

To sponsor reality where you get to choose to actually go with the mom and if you do you still end up on the late

train that ends up killing you both which is really checked up when you consider that a kid is making the decision to

Die with his mama

instead of living with his father

But boy, does it get worse and I've seen a lot of people complain about these last endings saying that they get too violent

But it just sounds to me like y'all didn't put in pack as the password if you end up opening this file

You see that the Dead has been Truman showing the boy. He's been drugging his child putting messages into his computer

Staging the mom's death with a sad bird boxing the boy

He's practically doing stuff that are more jacked up than three identical strangers

So considering that this Minister knew Trent of a dad seems to be a government pack agent who's been?

Manipulating Stefan worse than you have it makes this next part a little bit more bearable

you then get the option to kill the dad and they're nice enough to even let you choose how to dispose of the body if

You bury him you get the chance to go on a killing spree since you know

You're bound to get caught out of the way where Colin shows up and you can kill him these other two show up and you

Can kill them by the way, you're gonna end up in jail with this one

But if you decide to chop them up, you actually not only turn into Sweeney Todd

But it gives you enough time to finish the game release it and get a 5 out of 5

Before getting pulled faster than a Kevin Spacey project

Of course credits and play as Colin's daughter in the future takes up the mantle of creating DLC for this man who's in jail

But she's so obsessed with this game that while she's working on it. She unknowingly

Becomes a part of the game. She's trying to recreate

Now I love Easter eggs

If you guys want to make more blackmail videos that catch up on all the crazy connections and the crazy stories

But just focusing in this episode they take it to a complete other level

There's that secret post-credits type path that I mentioned where you end up back on the train

He pulls out a Bandersnatch tape this time around it makes these weird noises that people actually translated into a QR code

They then scan that QR code it took them to the tucker soft web site that's hosting all of their previous games

And it actually lets you download and play nosedive nosedive

Of course then starts calling back to all of the previous Blackmer episodes

Nosedive being season 3 episode 1 where the elegant Jessica Brice Chastain Howard was in

Metalhead was season 4 episodes 5 title which shares the same direction as Bandersnatch

We see a mention of hang to DJ software in this article a safer reunion of the USS Callister fleet

Here the start of 15 million merits they're a kosher shoutout to the prime minister

Here yet another call back to the most annoying episode was this thing a shout out to san Junipero with the hospital and of course

white bear with the symbol and the time-shifting one with play tests where you realize if you go back to season 3 that

Bandersnatch was alluded to

Years ago in this magazine safe to say I think this episode is a combo price

the whole series is I love how as

Dystopian as it gets as tech savvy as it gets the main themes always come back to human motives

the situations are put in and how they react how they have to look themselves in the mirror and face the

Reflections and how the scariest black mirror of the mall is already in your pocket

Thank you guys for checking out this video I'm curious know your thoughts down below in the comments section

I black mare is one of the best episodes on Netflix and I was a BBC show that then came over here

I don't think it suffered anything since I kept the same creators. It's just a different platform. I adore the show

I know some people think that this was repetitive and people complain because that's the point of it. Yeah, yada yada

I think it's really interesting be it

this is the first thing that does it and then others come about I don't think it's gonna be a

Pandemic if you want to call it


You know where everyone was doing werewolf and vampire movies because those are easy to make found-footage movies

Right those became the craze those were easy to do with a cheap budget may in a multi like pathway movie

We have to choose your own adventure and takes way too much work

And I think unless someone has a really good idea and the funding for it. We're not gonna see a bunch of them

Maybe some cheap ones, but it takes way too much work for it to be a gimmick in my opinion

So I really appreciated this episode

I thought it was pretty dope cuz you know your thoughts anything that I may have missed any other outcomes

I'm pretty sure that yours from now

I'm not saying my theory of it self generating is gonna be correct

But I'm sure that there's other little Easter eggs that they put in there things that we're gonna find out later on in season 5

But I'm curious to see where

Not only black mayor takes it but where Netflix takes it where all the craters take it and how would you think it can be?

Bring telltale back. If a telltale person is watching this or someone with a lot of money

Forget us on you to forget a paycheck go give it to telltale bring them back. I miss them

Let me know your favorite stuff down below in the comment section dealing with black mayor

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