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Spontaneous Satsang in the Kitchen

Monte Sahaja 1st January 2014

The Unbroken Now-ness

[Mooji:] A human being's life - our life -

should be completely immersed in


Not merely in, sort of like,

what we call human love or excitement,

or, you know, the things which come from our...

merely from conditioning,

but to be immersed in the...

in what you may call the Holy Spirit,

or the Divine Spirit, or you may call Presence.

It is the same thing.

That is your kept being.

Everything you move...

When I keep using the example -

I know people have been being making a joke of it now when I say that,

If you have the flu for two weeks...

I'm hearing when you've got the flu for two weeks here, you do nothing.

Whereas, when the flu is here,

things still go on - something happens.

But the example is good enough, because

what I was aiming at

- was driving at - in that example,

is that, whatever it is that takes place

while you are in that state -

say we gave the example of flu;

there may be better examples if you look for them,

but whatever you are doing -

it is happening in and out of that state.


when your life is not...

not the life of your mind,

but the life of your being, the life of the Self,

it should be life that is immersed in Being,

in Presence, in the Holy Spirit.

People have different orientations

because, some people, they don't believe in God.

Okay, this is fine, whatever.

Then, for those...

they develop more the sense of presence.

And those people who have

more strong philosophical temperament,

they will be more finding the appeal

of, like, self-inquiry.

The more, either intellectual orientation, or philosophical orientation,

they come into the same place,

because ultimately the True

is beyond all the expressions.

But for those who are somehow graced

with that love for God

or whose heart is, you know, sort of more

the heart of feeling and intuiton and surrender,

then you will experience

your existence will be the undercurrent of this,

is always immersed in this river of

joy -

this vibrancy,

this vibration,

this current of joy,

of the being,

or what I would call the Holy Spirit

or the Divine Spirit, the Divine Being.

And somehow that was what I was equating

with being in the flu state;

that everything takes place in that.

So it doesn't matter,

no activity can draw you out

and to make your mind the activity.

The activities are happening,

but they are all encompassed in this -

in the spirit of being.

Isn't it?

And this is a growing and expanding field

in the sense that, in fact,

it is not expanding - it is constant,

but it would be experienced as expanding

because of our dynamic and functional existence.

As the identity - personal identity -

is being replaced

or transformed into more our spiritual nature,


Because a person is a very exhausting state.

Don't we find like that?

[Sounds of agreement]

Because it is always negotiating

and it's always comparing, and

if its projections are not satisfied,

it drops back into, sort of, judgements and resentments, and so on.

It's a very, very heavy state.

Whereas, as you become more aware

of the space behind the person,

you see,

it's a much lighter field.

Then you feel the fullness of Awareness.

From the perspective of the person - from the mind - it looks more like,

'Well, without my person, without the substance,

without the story of my life -

where IS my life?'

You see.

But without the story, going beyond the story,

you feel your full existence.

And a story just feels like just another novel.

It just feels like another kind of novelty.

Even the being doesn't need any novelty.

But the story just feels like another

kind of fiction,

another fiction.

It loses its grip.

This is why I refer to it sometimes

as a kind of hypnosis, an hypnotic state -

that the Being-ness somehow

gets pulled into a state of hypnosis where it's believing itself

to be merely personal.

And here you are called beyond this person,

you see.

Because even in the expression of religion,

which is meant to be the hall that takes you

into the room of Truth.

And not even a hall, I mean,

it's meant to somehow invite -

not only invite, but

expose -

and introduce and unite your being in that.

Sometimes, as I said -

that I've been saying more recently -

if your personal or tribal identity is preserved,

I don't feel that you have accomplished your fullness.

That can be there also,

but it should not be

the highest aspiration.

It has to be that your true freedom,

it goes beyond every category,

and the only thing that is beyond that category

is that emptiness.

As long as there is a sense of something-ness,

then it will maintain a quality,

it will start to, you know,

express preferences - and deep preferences.

And when there is preferences,

there'll be likes and dislikes, there's the judgments,

there's the, kind of, separation.

When you look from the place of Awareness, separation itself becomes phenomenal.

Does anybody see this, or not?

[Sounds of agreement]

You see.

And this is to the glory of the True,

because then you are out of every and any trap.

And I want to see that these things are really taken inside,

and that you present yourself with your entire being,

and be totally up.

Don't be carrying two baskets

if you are searching for the True.

Just come and be totally available,

totally open,

totally present,

totally ready

to say, 'Yes,

fill me with You,

with Your presence, with Your love,'

or 'Replace me with You,'

or 'Bring me home to the full Truth,'

or whatever it is.

But you must come full ready -

not kind of,

not like you're in a supermarket picking and choosing -

but that you've come,

you have come to the till.

It has to be this openness.

And then your life comes alive!

Really, you know.

If you are merely negotiating on behalf of the ego,

it's not good enough.

You're trying to find out what is good for your ego,

what would be good for you for today,

and you're still holding on to

a kind of tribal identity;

localized identity as a person or something.

Then I say you cheat yourself.

You are cheating.

Come as though today is your day.

Rise this day, like this day is your day.

Not later this day - now this day.

And I don't want to put it on human shoulders.

I don't want to put this opportunity

on human shoulders, you know,

but to call each one to their own divine nature,

which is no distance away.

It's no distance away.

It's not like it's in another place,

it's waiting to happen, and all of this.

We are encouraging, and supporting,

and being loyal to a lot of

avoidances, projections, postponement.

And I'm here to tell you,

what you say you're searching for

is ever-present.

Let it begin in Presence.

And this is why I'm not asking that anybody just engage their mind.

I don't have any faith towards

the humanized mind.

This you have to transcend.

So in the beginning it might seem some effort is required,

like if you... as an example,

if your car battery runs flat

and you turn the engine,

bong-bong-bong. Nothing.


Then you say, 'Oh my god.'

You have to see if you can find some help

to give you a push.

Then you also have to know how to start a car from a flat battery also,

on the run.

And then effort is required.

People push. 'Hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo.'

Waa-waa-waa - vroom!

Once it fires up, no more effort is needed.

Once it's really fired up, it can go by itself.

Sometimes, once we are again fired up inside,

then your life will be carried,

not forced, not pushed.

If you are finding in your life

you're pushing and pushing,

it's because somehow

we still have our consciousnesses divided,

you see.

You want to preserve something of the old...

nature of the old identity,

so you are not fully open for that.

And to that extent, we will move in division

and when you move in division, you move very slowly.

You'll go two steps forward, one back.

Or sometimes two forward, three back.

It will feel like this.

And nothing... In terms of the discovery of Truth,

you have no natural enemy in the universe,

except the one that is sprouting inside

through the mind and the identity,

you see.

And don't...

Don't ask that time should be merciful to you,

because time can be merciless

if you embrace only that old identity.

Because inside,

nothing here is imperfect.

It's fully real, fully true,

you see.

But if we are somehow walking on two roads,

it's not going to be easy,

like that.

First, put your full attention inside the heart.

Be fully there

and then go wherever you wish, after that.

Go wherever you want.

Because your wants will unify themselves in your heart

and they will be the wants of God, if you want to put it like that.

You will go ahead - move.

You will not have to be strategizing your existence.

Life doesn't become a chess game anymore.

I'm not saying it becomes a bed of roses,

because there always has to be some tension in the life,

to keep the consciousness alert.

Because as long as the vital breath

and the body is there,

consciousness is there.

The play of duality will also be there,

but it will not overcome you.

When you can see in duality non-duality,

when you see in diversity unity,

then everything is... everything is well.

So essentially it's not...

I don't want our contact to be

emphasizing teaching and learning so much

because the mind is always going to be involved.

And it's a trustworthy and...

realm by itself.

But more to inspire

the remembrance and the recognition of your Self,

what the Self is.

The Self cannot be described:

it doesn't have a birthday;

it does not have a death day;

it has no astrological signs;

it's neither male nor female;

It favors no particular religion,

though it expresses itself through all of them,

you see.

The Self is not imagination,

it is not fantasy.

And yet all of these are known

as mere shadows arising in its light.

The Self is not abstract;

it is not a notion; it's not a concept;

and it's not an object.

It has no image, no form,

and yet all forms take their birth in it

and are perceived in it.

To whom am I referring, you see?

Where are you? Where do you come in this?

Who are you in this?

Are you also an appearing object in this,

or are you the perceiving subject?

This is my question.

You determine:

are you merely an object arising

and being perceived in the Awareness

or are you, yourself, not the perceiving?

Are you not the object of perception?

Are you the object of perception,

or the perceiver of the object,

or the perceiver of that which is perceiving

everything else?

And don't get lost.

Because, beyond all these things,

is the Indivisible One.

And whenever I use the word 'beyond,'

I'm not talking about beyond in a spatial way,

not beyond in some linear...

or in some terms of distance,

but beyond in terms of subtlety.

You are the subtlest,

because you are the one who is aware of even

the concept of subtlety

and the experience of subtlety.

But there is a weight that's pulling like a gravity

on your attention

to go back into the realm of duality

and to make your bed there.

Go anywhere, but don't make your bed there.

In fact, don't have any bed.

Why do I speak like that?

Because where I'm speaking from is ever-present,

it's always here.

And what I am pointing to is life itself;

that which gives life to life.

And this is why I say that I'm never concerned about the future.

It's not my domain.

Future? For future you need a kind of mind,

and for desire-future you need to be a person.

But what replaces all this

is that unbroken now-ness,

the timeless now.

When you've not realized this, then we...

we then pick up the concept of time:

past, present, future - like that.

But these are secondary concepts.

Something is standing quite apart from all concepts,

in whose light concepts are perceived.

As I'm speaking, you only confirm,

if you can.

You can feel, right where you are.

Because my words are not going to lay eggs.

I don't want to give you words that lay eggs in you,

but destroy what is untrue;

wash away what is untrue,

you see;

leave you empty.

Because a human being must know emptiness,

the emptiness that I speak about.

It's not some sterile state, as would be portrayed or presented through the mind.

It cannot be described.

And yet it cannot be denied also.

It's only the mind that is rendered empty

through devotion or through wisdom

that can accommodate - you can put it like that -

the power of the presence.

It will not share itself with a person,

will not sit in the same chair.


So, this is not a karaoke satsang.

It's not about following, something like this,

but to check inside your own Self

and to see where these words

are breathing inside you.

What is there?

And who watches them?

And then somehow you have to recognize,




your true place -

and over and over and over again,

not as a chore but as pure delight.

Because each time you rescue again your mind and your attention,

from the ego,

there is just pure delight.

It's a joy, not work.

For a while, it can seem like work.

Very good.

Thank you.

[Voiced thanks]


The person is a very exhausting state

because it is always negotiating and comparing.

If its projections are not satisfied,

it drops back into judgements and resentments and so on.

When you become more aware of the space behind the person,

then you feel the fullness of Awareness.

When you can see in duality non-duality, when you see in diversity unity,

then everything is well.

The Self is not imagination; It is not a fantasy.

It has no image, no form, and yet all forms

take their form in It and are perceived in It.

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