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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BATTLESHIPS FT. JOAST, FOKI, LIBERTY, and $ELLOUT$?

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Janet: And that slowed me down a lot and then we finally reached the ...

Toast: Balloon

Janet: Balloon part, we tried like so many different positions , and it would not pop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Poki: It's not even a circ.. it's not a circular balloon

[Scarra Laughing]

Background music

Fed: I am pretty confident because I know Poki really well and

Fed: I think the Taiwan trip, like we had like 14 hour flights so we legit just like talked ...a lot Poki: Yeah ...talked a lot

Toast: Yeah, I mean it's not really about who's the better couple

But someone's got to be on top and it might as well be us if we had to rank couples

Not that you should... *stutter* Love is the most important thing

Lily: Umm... I'm sixty percent-ish. I think we know each other fairly because we've been friends for a while

but, the physical portion... 100% [shakes head]

Scarra: We got shipped together because...

There weren't any other ships. Like we must have came on the wrong show.

[confused grunting]

Mark: What's your ship name?


Toast: This is probably where we'll lose the most points because we're not very know


Janet: Yes ...ahhhhh

Lily: In ...out

Fed: What the... What the fuck? lol

Lily: Out ...out

Lily: To the right! To the right!


Janet: He walks faster than me and takes bigger steps, so the rope was hurting my ankle

Keep going keep going

All the way back stop

Lily: Heartstone sucks!


Fed: Ahh nice!


Toast: It went okay. We took our time and once we got to the balloon part, it was actually pretty easy.

Cause we just like [grunt]

Wait, what?

Albert: So I'm pretty sure that we're not gonna win on just speed alone

And I'm a magician, I can tie all sorts of fake knots so...


Just to save a few seconds. I'm planning on

Lily: I've.. never seen this

Albert: Just you know... You gotta trust me on this alright?

Lily: Okay. You can tie knots well.

Toast: Why are you stealing our strategy?

Poki: OMG! They're holding hands. Disgusting

Toast: Albert is committed.

Toast: Hufflepuff sucks!

Janet: I'm Hufflepuff Jeremy!

(fake knot mentioned earlier)


Lily: After seeing Toast and Janet go, we were like...I felt a little better cause I'm like "we can do that"

Fed: I don't know if I told you but in high school

Every year we had a three-legged race. After my freshman year, I think, I got first every single time.

Poki: Oh. Also, we kind of have the same sized legs, and we're pretty similar in that sense so I thought

We're pretty compatible physically for this challenge.

Fed: Physically yes

Scarra: They're so quick!

Toast: Oh oh here we go, this is where you mess up

Scarra: oh you are gonna trip

Lily: That was fastttt

Scarra: Untie it, its taking awhile



Poki: We started and I was like okay, I think we can like fast walk this and this man started like running

I'm just like getting carried. I'm just like, "Okay okay"

But seriously, he carried me

Fed: I mean everyone was going slow

I don't know if I carry my weight at a normal speed. I feel like we have the fastest man alive

Xell: We have the fastest man alive

Scarra: Yes, nickname Barry Allen, the Flash, so I think this is gonna be real easy. With whatever time

They're gonna get just divided by half. That'd be me trying the 2% you divided it by half, then it's times two...?


Scarra: As I was hitting the speedforce I realized I was moving too quick, and we just tumbled

Lily: They look like a couple of war veterans

Like It's okay buddy we are gonna make it

Toast: Nice

Scarra: Luckily we caught each other and we finished the race still quicker than another team

Toast: Uh.. going first definitely hurt us because everyone else

After stole our strategy off the in and out thing you can listen

And you can hear them going in and out and in and out like that's our strategy

Janet: Ours

Toast: Ours

And they stole it without even asking for permission, so..

Fed: Toast said that people were copying his strategy. False

He would he was doing the what was he saying? In and out

Poki: We do one and two one leg two legs one legs - yes different strategies entirely

Janet: I'm really confident in the second event with the peanut butter and jelly sandwich because we play a lot of talk

Toast: Keep talking no one else explodes.

Janet: Yeah that one. We're really good at that when together

Toast: We've been playing a lot of duo games together, so uh

Our communication skill is

Xell: Three two

One go

Okay just one more

Poki: I'm done

Mark: Foki...Foki...Foki is done

Poki: Fam look at my face

Fed: Wait can I look?

Mark: Janet, Janet, Toast, Joast, you keep eating

Unless you want to surrender

Toast: You didn't seem like you're enjoying the sandwich, so I decided to... you know eat it for her

Janet: But that was against the rules so we got disqualified

Fed: No, no no we have to talk about Toast fucking tryna to cuc us

Poki: Dude that was sketchy. He took both

But we still beat them tho

Toast: I was the hands in the

Sandwich-making part and when I reached for the peanut butter

I also touched the jelly and you know it was an honest mistake so when I was bringing the peanut butter over

My arm got hooked on the jelly jar. I was like whoops. Guess they're both on this side now

Lily: I have no confidence on this one either

Scarra: The only reason I was worried cause I was kind of worried about Josh's like you know arm lengths like I wasn't..

I was worried if he was able to cover everything on the table because you know he's got a jacked arms

But they're kind of short. You know. And i don't think him being strong matters in this competition

Poki: Lily you have to eat this. Lily you have to eat this

Mark: Alright Scarra you have to swallow it but you are good

Liliy: I don't like um

Sandwiches in general, so I was tryna like take multiple bites, multiple big bites to hopefully out eat Scarra...Which I guess was fruitless to begin with

Toast: I'm actually really confident about this one even though we haven't talked that much

I think if there's a question that comes up. Even if we don't know the answer to, we can still figure it out, right?

Janet: We've done that before where we've accidentally thought the same thing and said the same thing at the same time right?

Toast: Yeah


Janet: ahahaha hashtag

Toast: You were suppose to say twinsies

Janet: But you said it. Oh twin... okay three, two, on,e twinsies

Scarra: Da f. I know he likes anime...that's it... in the two years I've known him, this is how we enter conversations "so anime"

Poki: Honestly. I'm not nervous for him. I think you know me so well that you are going to get everything right.

I'm nervous for me

Like do I remember stuff about Fed?

Who are you?

Fed: What the f?

Mark: What is Fed's favorite color?

Poki: Red

Mark: What is Lily's favorite color?

Albert: Pink with a secondary white

Poki: Red for Fed

Mark: Alright, flip it

Toast: What?!

Scarra: They cheated before hand

Liliy: Wait no we didn't, there's no cheating going on

Scarra: I was in the car when you were quizzing each other

Fed: What the f

Poki: And sometimes white huh?

Mark: What is Toast's favorite movie and what is Josh's favorite anime?

Scarra: Oh my god

Janet: Oh no

Mark: All right, so what is Toast's favourite...

Janet: Toy Story 3?

Mark: What's josh's favorite anime

Scarra: The monogatari series?

Josh: Yeahhh we are on board baby!!

Janet: No, I Remember now

Mark: What is Janet's favorite breed of dog or what was the breed of my dog excuse me and then Scarra?

What is Scarra's favorite League of Legends champion to play?

You know is that why you are excited?

Josh: Yeah, I think

Mark: We'll go Josh first. Josh, What's his favorite?

Josh: Katarina final answer

Mark: Toast what is uh...the breed of her dog? What was the breed of her dog?

Five, four, three, two, one

Toast: Yorkshire Terrier

Mark: Reveal

Janet: You remember now?

Xell: I thought I had it on the Katarina on the favorite champion.

Scarra: Dude...Oh I feel

Janet: Well I think you should of gotten...

Toast: You should of gotten Shrek

Janet: Yes, but you should of also gotten the Shih Tzu

You have been talking a lot about Toy Story 3 tho

Toast: We have had conversations about my love for Shrek

Janet: No we didn't, no we didn't, it wasn't that huge it was like a two minute

Okay, I remember this you don't have to repeat it. Okay, what about the

Shih Tzu. I said it multiple times too. Even before this interview we talked about it, and you admitted that you


Toast: Ogres are like onions

Mark: What was Albert's childhood dream job? And

What did pokey study in school? Alright, so Fed what did Poki study in school?

Fed: Chemical Engineering.

Mark: What was Albert's childhood dream job?

three two

Lily: Doctor?

Poki: Yall cheated, yall cheated. They cheatin I'm just sayin

Lily: No,no,no,no, you are Asian...Doctor seems like its..

I know this is gonna sound really bad but you know, Albert is from an Asian family so I thought doctor was a right

Mark: All right, so Toast has where is my favorite place to sit in the house?

Xell: Is that safe for work?

Janet: What? Noooooo you guys are so dirty

Mark: Where did Josh go to college. Okay? What did he study in college? All right? You ready Josh? Janet the answer

Janet: The stairs

Mark: Scarra?

Scarra: He was a psych major

Xell: How could you not know?

Like a psych major? I'm not gonna lie I was thinking for a second. Maybe he was a kinesiology major but I'm like naw

Mark: What is the anniversary of Foki?

Poki: I'm gonna guess the day we went to Taiwan so I think that's

February 13th?

Mark: What was the first color Lily ever dyed her hair

Albert: Pink

Lily: That's so close

Poki: Cause day wise it makes sense

Mark: You both are five for five. What is their favorite holiday?

Josh what is our favorite holiday? You know we get along right so probably the same thing at Thanksgiving

Martin Luther King jr. Memorial

It's Valentine's Day of course all right reveal the answers

All right, so Joe finishes with three and whatever the fuck we're falling star and Josh

Not that I'll take yeah all right, so what is pokies shoe size six-and-a-half

what is Albert's shoe size?

nine?..and a half?

Alright reveal


You remember that???

You guys get five out of six

I don't mind not getting first

I think first is overrated

I think second place is that's such a bad way to think about life

what the heck


Honestly, not bad

Pretty good

I'll take it

The team that place below us holy shit ...

you guys lost to a fake couple like not even a real ship

For the record Josh and Scarra has known each other for at least two years

And they spend a lot time together. I think if I spend two years, Janet

I would know who just as much as Josh and Scarra

Thank you guys so much for watching

Foki ship best ship

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