Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【vlog#2】Japanese Festival In Warsaw Poland | Piknik z kulturą japońską Matsuri【驚愕!海外反応】ポーランド日本祭り

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I'm here because...

I'm interested in Information, traveling and of course Japan...

Thank you.

I'm from Krakow. Came to Warsaw for this contest.

I'm interested in Anime, mode and make-up.

I'm here for..

It's my birthday! So..

I love Naruto(anime) so I started to draw manga.

I enter the show because I just came back from Japan...

-Are you cosplaying? -Yes

What's is the caracter?

Nozomi from "Love Life"

-Kotori Minami from Love Life -I know the caracter!

And Eri also from Love Life

Are you sure?

A caracter from Love Life has a knife?

Like a Ninja?

Well, I'm also from Naruto

So, you are from Love Life and Naruto?

We got this.

What did you do?

Well, not much actually, but we are just talking and taking pictures

-So, are you having fun? -Yes

Did you try Japanese food?

Yes, Sushi and....well, just Sushi!

Only Sushi?

So, not a lot then?

-Oh, and Onigiri! -So, Sushi and Onigiri

-You? -Nothing, actually..

-Nothing at all? -Well, I don't eat Japanese foods...

What does it mean?

Well, I eat rice I guess.


Also Sushi and Onigiri.

-Was it good? -Yes.

Thank you very much!

-What did you do? -I'm working.


-At Suzuki, right? -Yes

We have Pinball games.

How many came?

A LOT, actually. They never stopped coming!

I'm just having fun.

I finally got Ramen noodles after queueing for 2 hours.

2h of queueing?

Yes, people love that.

So, noodles are soggy?

-Well, no. They made it at time. -Oh, ok!

What was the name..? Omiya...

-Was it good, at least? -I forgot the name!

Oh, I queued for 2h and I forgot the name of restaurant.

-But there's a huge line still. -Yea, I saw!

-That's why I didn't eat anything.. -Whaat?

It's too long right?

Well, I was filming all day. Didn't have time.

Actually, I didn't eat anything, I might faint...

Well, for Sushi, you don't have to queue up.

At this time. You can just buy.

Ok, I want to dance later so I'm gonna eat !

Thank you!

Let's dance together.

The first place goes...

How do you feel?

First, I'd like to thank you all

I didn't think I would win.

I'm really surprised so really thank you. I'll always remember this great memory.

"Flavor" (Sorry!)

How do you feel?

Happy and surprised!

-Why are you surprised?? -hahaha

Not telling.


Also surprised, but really happy that I went to the show. I'll remember this.


Me too, didn't think of winning the 2nd place.

-Were you nervous? -Yes

-Is it because a lot of people were watching? -Yes

I don't know but I'm still alive!


I was stressed going up but when I was in Yukata, I felt good.

Yea, I was stressed and the dance but everything went well.

-Everyone danced right? -Yes.

It's easy for you to say, you are Japanese!

So you guys watched me picking up girls as Nishikori Kei?

And they said that it's not good.

It's not serious, just a social experiment

But what came to your mind when you watched?

Well....just you are not serious person!

Not a serious...

And you were using Pokemon Go to pick up women.

Sorry... I'm nice and be even nicer.

I'm not sure if I want people to think Young Japanese guys are all like you.

It's not good impression.

Well, actually I want to change how we perceived. Since they think that we are so serious.

Oh, so you want to change the image of Japanese men?

Yes, like we can be fun and frank.

So, you ladies were dressing the girls in Kimono?

And they looked so beautiful, but how long did it take?

About 10 mins each for dressing.

-Oh yea? -And the hair and make-up are done by professional.

For that, I think about 20 mins each, so 30mins in total.

Who choose the Yukata?

Actually, the girls picked up prior to the contest.

Oh~ I really wanted to know so thank you!

-Hahaha, -I was wondering since the last year.

They choose so it's personal preferences

Something looks nice on you, you know?

So, at last, please be easy on my videos?

Thank you!

Oh, can I use the footage?

Sure, but I wonder if it's fun..

It is.

-It's not a clickbait, I supporse.. -I think it's interesting.

I'll explain the move in Polish since Japanese already know the dance.

Right hand and right foot forward.

Left hand and left foot.

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