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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Schwa - English Pronunciation

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Would you like to know the secret to clear English pronunciation?

Today we will look at the most common sound in English, which is a vowel sound called

the Schwa. Keep watching to learn how to use the Schwa

sound to speak faster, clearer and more like a native speaker.

Let's look at an example. The word Doctor has two syllables. The first

syllable Doc is strong so we pronounce that very clearly. The second syllable is weak

so we use the Schwa, ta. Doctor. Doctor. It's the same with the word water

The last syllable is weak, so we use the schwa. Water, Water.

Doctor. Water. Door bell rings

Was that the door bell? Hold on, let me just check.

Ow! That really hurt. I need to see a doctor!

Let's look at some other examples of two syllable words, when the second syllable is weak so

we use the schwa. Letter.

Hammer. Freezer.

Teacher. Sometimes a whole word becomes the Schwa.

Like the indefinite article. We don't usually say a, instead we say a.

A book. A phone.

A pen. Of, is another good example of this.

Do we say cup of tea? No.

Instead we say cuppa tea. Cup pa tea.

Cuppa tea. Now, let's look at how the schwa sounds in

a sentence. Firstly, without the Schwa.

Do you want a cup of tea? Now, with the Schwa.

Do ya wanna cuppa tea? Do ya wanna cuppa tea?

I hope you found today's lesson useful, and that you are now able to use the Schwa to

improve your English pronunciation. Can you think of any other words that use

the schwa? Perhaps you can list them in the comments

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to receive more videos about English pronunciation. Now, I really do need to see a Doctor.

The Description of The Schwa - English Pronunciation