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[The King of Food season 6]

Color Man fish sauce A taste of tradition!

Alright, stop!

It's been many days, yet I still couldn't find any workers

for our tribe's newly built restaurant! I'm so upset. Anyway, thank you.

Great job, Red and Yellow! I'll see you guys later!

Everyone, nice to see you again in another episode of The King of Food.

The show is brought to you by HTV and Dien Quan M&E.

It's aired every Wednesday at 8:35 p.m. every on HTV7.

Thank you, Color Man Fish Sauce, for sponsoring this show.

Glad to know that there are many people coming here today to apply for jobs in our restaurant.

Please come in!

- My my... - Hello, boss!

Yes! Greetings, big boss!

Looking great! You totally have that chargirl-vibe coming from her!

I just thought I should do something special so that you'd recognize me among all these beautiful boys and girls.

- Come on, stand up! - Do you come here for a job or to become a servant?

Whatever is fine, as long as I get to eat!

Alright, tell me about yourself, young girl!

My name is Kha Nhu a.k.a Meo,

and I'm here to apply for any position that is available. I can do anything, and my specialty is eating.

- Do you have a boyfriend? - No.


But the requirement for the job is: you must be currently dating someone!

You're out!

- Next! - Yes! My name is Vo Dang Khoa.

Any experience in working with foods or in a restaurant?

He sure has! He runs a diner of his own in the Western Region.

- How do you know that? - Because we're dating!

So yeah, I have a girlfriend as the job requested. And that's her!

- We just decided to date each other 5 minutes ago. - Wow...

A deceiving relationship! Out!

My my... I think this girl is someone who came from Europe.

- She has that office lady vibe! - And very stylish too!

Show him, girl! Say something in a foreign language!

*speaking in gibberish*

Your mouth is like in pain after saying... whatever that was!

She's a foreigner, so she says whatever she understands!

My specialty is being silent!

I can work in the restaurant a whole day without uttering a word. The customers will never feel bothered with me.

The point of the job is to talk and keep the customers entertained, lady! You're out!

So, what you got?

- Yes! My name is Thuan! - Okay...

- I am an avid eater. - Uh huh...

- And I'm here to apply for the head manager position of the restaurant. - Say what?

You know that I already don't like you 'cause you're taller than me - the owner, right?


He didn't even look at his application!

- Alright, uh... tell me some of your strengths! - Yes.

She's a very handy girl!

- I'm Lan, from Hue! - I can see that.

I'm here to apply for... any position that has little work but pay well.

But what can you do or good at?

Oh that... My specialty is speaking in Hue accent!

- A person from Hue good at speaking in Hue accent!? - What's special about that?

- You're gonna work here in the South! - Yeah.

I can do anything you ask me to!

- Can you cook? - Of course!

- How good? - I even know how to make Hue-style fermented foods.

Hue accent is one of the most unique and adorable accent, but...

- It was ruined through her way of speaking! - Yeah.

You're out!

- Chieftain, I think you should hire her. - Why?

You can have her deal with those troublesome customers who come to make a fuss in the restaurant...

So they will destroy the restaurant as well?

- No! She'll scare them away for him. - I'll have your restaurant destroyed, chieftain!

Now this lad here is more like it! He got the look, and his height is just right!

Since all the other candidates are dropped, my chance of getting accepted seems really high.

What's your talent?

My name is Le Xuan Tien, and my talent is...

flying planes! I'm a pilot!

I'm gonna bring lots of foreign customers to your restaurant.

My diner is meant for locals, young man! Why would I need someone to bring in foreign customers?

- But what position are you recruiting? - You'd better handle everything alone.

- I'm looking for a someone to be the restaurant's receptionist. - Oh!

Someone with the look, the charm, the elegance...

But not disabled, people! Not disable!

Hey, stop pushing me!

But it's not like they'll have a chance before someone who has all the requirements like me.

Moving on!

You guys might not be qualified to work in my restaurant, but you can still help me find out good dishes.

I've brought in some fine chefs to cook for us and you guys will help me taste them.

But of course, only the winning team gets to do that. The losing team will have to sit and watch.

- Looking people eat isn't so bad! - Wait! Shouldn't we use the game to determine who get the job instead?

Go back to your restaurant if you want to work that bad!

Guess I'm destined to be the boss only.

Alright, let's get some tables and chairs so we can all sit down and talk.

So, the theme for today is: Flower, Fruit and Tuber!

Dishes that have flower, fruits and tuber in them!

- You mean like the flower salad? - Oh yeah, there's that.

- Oh, I know: 5-flower Topping Pizza! - Uh huh.

Or the Stir-fried Beef with Cowslip-Creeper Flower. That dish is simply sublime!

- Talking about those makes me so hungry. - Me too!

- How many root vegetables do you know? - Sweet potato, taro, lotus root.

- Cassava, carrot. - Coconut palm heart.

That one is not even in the root part of the tree!

We're talking about root vegetables, sweetheart!

- Then... - Beet!

Oh yeah, the Pig Tail and Beet Soup! That's also one of the best dishes I've ever had!

The best of best!

Now, we're gonna see what we'll be having in this 1st round.

They're not only delicious, but also very healthy dishes.

Welcome, honorable guests of the Happy Tribe!

Today, we will be treating you to many feasts with food made from the ingredients that are closely associated with nature,

namely flower, fruit and tuber.

Let's start the first feast with the Rose Congee.

An intriguing name, isn't it? I bet everyone is curious to know what kind of dish it is!

Although easy to make, one could say the dish itself is the physical form of simple fanciness in a bowl.

The first step is to pick out the petals from the rose flower,

and blanch them in a pot of boiling water.

Once the petals turn pale in color, take them out of the blanch water. This water will be used to make the congee.

Using a combination of regular rice, mung bean and sticky rice will give the congee a deeper flavor and better texture.

Now to wait until the rice and beans are cooked.

Oh my, the rice and bean almost done. It's time to add the ground pork in!

Use a blender and grind the blanched rose petals finely in water.

Sieve the lumps and add the rose-petal water in the congee.

Finally, season the congee with spices.

Take one spoonful of hot congee and the pleasant rose fragrance will penetrate deep into your nose, urging you to go for more.

You definitely won't be able to stop after your first try!

Next up on the menu of this round's feast is Thai-Style Seared Beef with Chive Blossom.

This dish consists of only 3 ingredients: Kobe beef, chive blossom and bell pepper.

Simple but absolutely delicious!

Firstly, cut bell peppers in to small pieces.

Then, half chive blossoms.

Divide the beef into smaller pieces, preferrably 4!

Add some oil into a pot.

- As the oil and pot are about to burn, put bell peppers in first and beef later.

How ridiculous she is!

Season with pepper,

and chili sauce.

Once everything is about done cooking, add chive blossom in.

This is to make sure the blossoms still preserve its texture and flavor.

Stir everything for a couple minute more, then turn off the heat. How appetizing it is!

The fresh and crunchy chive blossom with its mild pungent flavor goes oh-so-well with the tender and umami-rich beef.

A truly worthy dish of a grand feast!

Our 3rd dish on the first menu will be the one to leave a floral impression on those who get to eat it!

Seafood Stir-fried with Male Papaya and Egyptian River-hemp Flowers!

In this dish, the male papaya flower, which is bitter but containing many medical benefits,

will be combined with the mild sweetness of sesbanian sesban flower

and the umami flavor of fresh squid and prawn.

Julienne carrots and putting them aside to use later.

Prepare squid and prawn,

then boiled them in a pot of 2000C water.

Once cooked, take them out and leave to dry.

Add oil to saut shallots until fragrant.

Put the boiled squid and prawn in to fry.

Pepper and seasoning powder will help bring out the flavor in the seafood.

Lastly, add papaya flower, sesbania sesban flower and julienned carrot in.

Stir constantly to enhance flavor absorption.

The 3rd dish is absolutely delicious and nutritious.

The contrast of flavors is what makes this dish stand out among other delicacies.

In just one bite, the sweetness and bitterness clashes, yet at the same time compliments each other.

Truly a peculiar gourmet experience!

The last dishes on our first menu will be: Pork Knuckle and Artichoke Stew!

The artichoke flower with its unique signature flavor combined with the wonderful pork knuckle in one hearty stew.

This dish will definitely be the centerpiece of the upcoming banquet.

Cut shallots, leek and artichoke flower into small pieces.

Put pork knuckle and shallots in a pot of boiling water and stew until tender.

Then add the rest of the prepared ingredients in,

and season with spices.

Continue stewing for about 20 minutes, and the dish will be ready!

Take a spoonful of the piping hot broth, pour it over the piece of pork knuckle in your bowl to warm it up before enjoying.

The tender meat, the sweet soup, the crunchy veggies... all flavors mingle together to create the ultimate food satisfaction!

And those are the dishes we will be having in this round!

They all look so delicious!

- You said we'll get to eat those dishes, right? - Yes, but after the game, that is!

The winning team will get to eat, and the losing team will have to serve the winning team.

You know, of all the times I've been on this show, I never got to eat anything.

- Really? - Yeah!

And I'm sure it'll be the same this time too!

High chance that will be the case!

How about we just get a tie in the upcoming game?

Nope! Even if result happens to be so, Mr. Giang will find a way to break the tie!

- We can't have a tie, 'cause there are only enough food for one team. - Can we just share them together?

We are a family, chieftain!

We... have been each other's colleague for a long time now, haven't we?

- So I'm sure you know that... - Okay, okay! I get it! Let's not talk about that anymore!

Alright then, let the game begin!

The game you'll be playing this round is shuttlecock throwing!

- The two teams will... - Throw the shuttlecock at each other!

Yes! And you must do so on your side of the stage, meaning no crossing this borderline.

When one team attacks, the other team needs to evade.

'Cause if you get hit, you'll become the enemy team's prisoner.

- But they have more members with suitable physique for playing sport. - This seems a bit similar to the U-game.

But, if you throw at Thuan and he catches the shuttlecock...

you'll be captured instead.

- Get it? - We'll that do until one team have all of their members captured, right?

- Tien, be sure to aim and capture me first, alright? - Now, when your teammate is captured...

For example: Lan is captured by Thuan. To rescue her, I'll throw the shuttlecock for her to catch.

- If she catches it, the rescue is considered success and she'll go back to her team. / - Okay!

It doesn't matter low or high, it counts as long as you catch, correct?

You can go back as long as you catch the shuttlecock your teammate throws, right?

But, what if we restrain our prisoner like this?

There are children watching this show too, young man! No violence allowed!

- You guys ready? - Yeah.

We'll play 5 rounds. The team that wins in more round will be the victor.

- Everyone moves to the grass area of your respective side! - Okay.

Yep, this totally has that sport-vibe!

Once start, you're free to move within your side of area. Remember, do not get hit!

- Your team will attack first. - Let me take of these heels!

- Alright! - Let's do this!

- There's only one shuttlecock, right? - Yep!

Watch out!

Go, Lan! Go!

- I'll block him! - She'll throw high!

Go, Khoa! It's our turn to attack now!

Aim at Tien, Khoa!

No, Thuan! You stay over there!

- He crossed it! - Khoa crossed the line!

- That's against the rule! - But I was just trying to...

But you crossed the line! So get over here!

Argh... they're throwing high again!

He broke the stage asset! His whole team should be deemed lost this round!

- This is seriously damage, young man! - This piece is worth 15 million, just so you know!

- Alright, back to the game! - Here's the shuttlecock!

- Run, Nhu! Run! - There are 2 shuttlecocks now?

- Trinh!? - Get over here, girl!

- Nhu, watch out! - I thought there suppose to be one shuttlecock only.

And so...

Run, Nhu! Run!

Oh my god!

- All member are captured! - We won! Yay!

How am I suppose to fight against all of them myself?

That's 1 - 0!

You guys lost the last round, so you'll attack first again this time!

I felt like a lone mouse back then!

Alright, let's continue!

Spread out, everyone! They're coming!

Gotcha! Get over here, Khoa!

You missed it! Back to the prison!

- Hey, stay in the grass area! - Focus, Khoa!

- Get the shuttlecock! Counterattack time! - Help me!

- Throw it to me, quick! - I'll do a diversion!

Give them the shuttlecock!

- But it's our turn! - Oh, right.

Throw it to me!

Stand behind Khoa, Lan! Use him as a shield!

- Did I got them? - No, you didn't.

- Our turn! - Watch out, you two!

Get over here, Nhu!

Now, listen... no, not you, Nhu. Keep going!

You have to be smart here, Trinh! Focus on capturing instead of rescuing!

If you caught them all, your team will still win!

Rescue me, Trinh!


Tien, throw it to Thuan and rescue him!

Oh no you don't!

Nice catch, Thuan!

Alright, your team's turn is done! It's your turn now, Trinh!

- Has she thrown yet? - No, not yet!

It's you versus their team now, Trinh!

Stand up and run! Quick!


- Can we just drop the game now? - I'm starting to feel the exhaustion.

Come one, you can do it!

Seriously, I feel like a mouse with nowhere to run. They were all targeting me!

Please! I'm tired too, you know. Keeping you in check was exhausting, Nhu!

The is the result of us skipping breakfast today!

Round 3 starts!

I think he's aiming at me!

Where are you throwing, Khoa?

- Alright, let's do this! - Oh ho!

Aim for her legs behind the coat!

- Did it hit? - No! They're coming!

Take that!

What are you doing, Khoa?

We got Nhu!


Got him!

Throw it to me, Tien!

Alright, it's you guys' chance now, aim for...

Listen! Ignore Nhu and go for Tien. If you get him, your team will win!

Run, Tien! Run!

Nhu, use this to cover his head so he can't see!

Run, Tien!

Cover his head! That's it!

- We got him! - No, you didn't!

Camera replay! We need camera replay!

Alright, let's see...

- The shuttlecock hit the ground! - Tien didn't get hit!

The shuttlecock hit the ground, then bounced up and touch his leg.

Aim for Tien!

Where are you aiming, Khoa?

Nhu, catch!

She missed!

Lan, hold her still! Hold her!

Take that!

Game set!

Gosh... I'm exhausting!

Final result: Kha Nhu's team is defeated with 3 rounds lost in a row!

And now, it's time for the feast!

Here are foods we will be having!

- Look so good! - All are steaming hot to!

They don't look that good!

- What's wrong, Khoa? - Well... I... sorry.

The Rose Congee!

Well, it's basically typical white congee, but instead of regular water, they use rose water to cook.

- Rose is a very... - Versatile?

Yes, a very versatile flower! It can be used in many things, from cooking to skincare products, etc..

Plus, it's also a symbol of love!

You know: "Rose has thorns! Touching those thorns is embracing the hardship in love."

Can we apply this to the face like some kind of skincare cream?

- Would you like to try it right now? - I'm just joking!

- Now I know why our team lost! - If you want, I'll buy you some fresh roses to do that later, Trinh!

Tt's because their team is simply superior in both brain and brawn!

- And because you're still single! - Seriously...

That's the only aspect your team is stronger!

Alright... before we start eating, we need to make our kumquat salt!

- Let me help... - Oh, no need! I'm fine!

You have to be very focused when squeezing the kumquat!

Oh come on, why can't I even help with that?

Seeing this makes me want to eat some balut eggs!

And when you finish, don't throw this away just yet!

Instead, you dip it in here, and then...

It's definitely not something pleasant to do...

but it can amplify the a pain of those who only get to watch.

Alright, let's start from the Seared Beef with Chive Blossoms.

- Let me help... - No thanks! I still have hands!

Gonna dip this in the soy sauce.

You dropped something.

Here, I'll cover your face for you; so don't be shy, Nhu!

How is it?

Beef, super tender! Chive blossoms, crunchy and flavorful!

I wanna try too!

Dig in! You're the winning team!

- Alright then, don't mind if I... - Lan!

- You know... - Hey, what gives?

Look, Lan... let me help you with this one.

- The plate is near me, after all. - Oh, you don't have to, I...

"Fish without salt will go rotten; Juniors who disregard their seniors' advices will go banana" - Lan!

If there's a physical thing that best describes the term 'tongue-in-cheek,' that would be you and your mouth, Trinh!

I need a chili to help me forget the embarrassing thing I just saw.

She sure can come up with anything!

Aren'y you guys already have your foods? Just eat those!

- Girl, we're trying to stay calm and serene over here! - Don't spill the bean for us like that!

And also, we didn't bring much. Just a box of fried lard as snack!

Now now... I'm sure you guys already know. When you're in a show, you have to abide to the rule of that show, right?

I'm gonna have to temporarily seize those for now.

Our crispy fried rice and dried shredded pork!!!

Lady, pardon my rudeness!

Wait... what are you doing, chieftain?

Just how much foods did they bring in here with them?

How come I didn't feel that box and I hold on to her earlier?

There we go!

- Fruits? Well, better than nothing. - They aren't real fruits!

Anyway, we're all colleagues here, am I right?

If we just let them watch while we eat, it wouldn't feel right.

So we'll let them play a game. And the winner will get to eat with us.

It's decided then! We'll let them play this game in the last round.

Wait, what?

Meaning they still don't get to eat now!

- Moving on to this dish! - What is that?

Male papaya flower... with Egyptian river-hemp flower and carrot.

Why did they use male papaya flower but not female papaya flower?

Because there's no female papaya flower!

No, not exactly that, but... Khoa, explain that to her!

Why should I? It's not like we'll get to eat if I explain!

- What is it? - Did you choke?

That bitterness took me by surprise!

- Your blatant cruelty is the only thing surprising here! - Yeah, and our patience to put up with it too!

Try it, you guys!

Tien, why don't you eat? It's my joy and happiness to see you eat, don't you know?

You see that, chieftain! How am I suppose to eat like this?

Almost every part of the papaya tree can be used as food.

The fruit is obvious, the flower can be cooked like this, and the leaves can be use in stir-fry dish.

Smell so good!

You know... I'd be so happy if Lan fed me a small piece.

Feed you? Okay, sure!

Just... don't give me your empty plate!

- Happy? - Not anymore!

- Come one, it's edible! - No thanks! We still have our self-respect!

- Okay. - But... maybe a lick won't hurt.

- Okay, no more tease! It's game time! - Alright!

I've done this before so...

- Trinh! - Yes?

Sing a song that has 'star apple' in its lyric!

There's a song trending recently that has this fruit in its lyric!

No, not that one! It's this...

It's that song!

There's a line that mention this fruit!

[He's trolling them.]

- Just kidding! - That's still a bit too much, even for you, Mr. Giang!

An orange?

- No, it's a kind of kumquat! - Kumquat? Okay, I got it!

Alright! Nhu, you get to eat!

Right... watching my teammate eat isn't so bad! Yeah!

Okay... here's your fruit, Khoa!


- I don't think there's any song that has that fruit in its lyric. - There is!


They didn't even pronounce the fruit right.

Alright, how about...

Now, let's try the Pettitoe and Artichoke Stew!

Very delicate, yet flavorful broth!

- There's a flower similar to artichoke, but red. You guys know what it is? - Yes.

It is like a red variation specie of the normal artichoke?

No, I think it's some kind of rose.

- It's very small, right? - Yeah. You put it in water and it'll dye it red.

Red water lily?

No! I think it has another name... carcade, I believe.

Please no, Mr. Giang! Don't!

I don't want another llama and ostrich story of mine!

That flower is called roselle.

It's a small, red flower that is very beautiful when bloom. It can be used in both foods and drinks.

- Oh yeah, I remember now. - I once used it in stew with pig tail.

It's absolutely wonderful!

The flower has a mild and elegant sourness to it; plus, it gave my stew a beautiful, vibrant red orange color!

- Your 2nd chance, Trinh! - An orange, eh?

- Can I do this one? - No, this is for Trinh.

Not that kind of "orange," people!

Wait, what about that song - Father's garden?

Alright, here's an easier one!


- Again, not like that. Something that mentions "coconut" as a fruit! - Vuon Cay Cua Ba (Father's Garden) has it, guys!

Almost at that part!

Still no coconut!

- I don't think that's the lyric! - Stop changing the lyric of the song, you three!

- Coconut? There's no song with "coconut" in it. - You can sing about "coconut tree".

We even get entertainment services, right guys?

- This is so annoying! - They're using us.

Let's try the next dish.


Seriously, this is amazing!

- Other dishes are amazing as well. - Here comes Rose Congee.

Thuan, please stop smiling while eating. There's nothing to be so excited about.

The smell is enchanting.

- How is its smell? - It smells of roses.

You don't have to tell me.

- But really, it's so good. - Honestly, I'd like to know

'cause I've never eaten roses before.

Such a delightful aroma.

- Please stop! I don't wanna hear. - I've never seen a rose in my life.


- Oh my, is it a rose? - Yes.

Please, sister, you're being irrational, not innocent.

- That's enough. - I'm gonna put on eye masks to stop looking at the food.

- All the dishes are incredibly good. - Have you tried it?

Hard work pays off. I fought against Meo and Ha Trinh with all my might.

I got hit so hard in my head. Yeah, totally worth it!

- Great achievement, huh? - Must be the guys who did it. I had no idea.

It was really painful.

This is an easy task.

Sing a song with your name in it.

Oh my, let me do it.


- No "Trinh" yet. - Fast forward!


- Still no "Trinh". - But my nickname at home is Thi.


Then go home and eat.

- OMG! - But it's true.

My mom calls me Thi at home.

Then should I sing a song that mentions "noodles" 'cause that's my nickname?

- That's absurd. - It's Nhu's turn.


- Khoa, your turn! - But there's no song that has my name in it.

A song about general hospital (benh vien da "khoa") maybe?

Think of songs about graduation. It may consist of "valedictorian" (do thu "khoa").

- No way. - Way!

For example,...

- Like that! - OMG! For real?

- Stop being ridiculous! - I'm serious.

Each major (khoa) in college has their own song, like...


- Sounds good. - Agree?

I'm so sorry, chieftain!

I know. This is our fault.

What an amazing entertainment service!

We feel full from laughing.

Actually, I told them to sing just for fun, no eating included.

You both got fooled.

- Now, listen! It's Lan's turn. - Here comes some orchids (Lan).



There's "Lan" in it.


There's "Lan" in it.

[So embarrassed]


[Is she really singing?]


- My dad usually sings this song. But that's all I can remember. - Why don't you sing a more elegant song? For example, "Hoa Ngoc Lan".


She chose the song that suits her vocal.

Anyway, we've got to enjoy the dishes

as well as free performances from famous artists.

Very satisfying!

Now, let's save our stomachs for the next round.

- What? - We're gonna win too.

- Should we make some comments? - Wait!

[What's that?]


I almost forgot!

In this new season, there's a prize for each round.

That's why you have to try your best in every round. Now, let's choose your chest among those 3!

- Among 3 chests? - Your prize money is inside.

I'll let Tien decide.

Since your name means "money", you should choose it.

- I choose number 1. - Cool! Chest no.1 is yours.

We'll open it at the end of the show.

Are you curious about the menu and the challenge in Round 2? Let's find out now!

[The King of Food season 6]

We've had so many nice dishes in Round 1.

- Also, we've played many interesting games. - Nope.


What nice dishes? I didn't see any.

'Cause you didn't get to eat.


Now, this is a new round.

Tall people gain the upper hand in this upcoming game.

[Just my luck!]

Can we not play games that require physical strength?

Well, the result is clear right from the beginning. We play games just for fun, right?

I forgot. You don't have to choose the chests.

Yeah. But we should not make them feel bad, right?

Lan, we only need 1 host. You don't have to rub salt into the wound.

Please stop! It hurts right here in my meow meow.

- Please stay calm! - You're trying too hard to impress Dien Quan M&E huh?

You wanna be an MC?

What? I didn't say anything. Come on, guys!

Ladies and gentlemen, please look forward to the good dishes in this round.

In the previous round, you're treated to a flower feast. Now, let's try a tuber feast!

Let's start with Small Taro Soup with Pork Ribs.

Cut the taro into bite-sized pieces.

Cut the ribs into bite-sized pieces.

Cut scallions however the chef wants.

Add ribs and taro pieces in to cook.

Season to taste as it reaches a boil.

The soup will be especially rich according to the restaurant's standard.

It's ready to serve.

Perfect to pair with some rice vermicelli.

The next dish is so good that everyone's gonna finish it in no time.

Taro and Seafood Salad.

A dish combines the best ingredients of the ocean and the earth,

including taro,

carrot, red cabbage, white cabbage,

shrimp, squid and roasted peanut.

The chef is cutting taro into strips.

Gee, really?

Turn on the stove.

Fry taro strips until golden.

Julienne cabbage and carrot.

Bring shrimp and squid to fry.

Stir everything up with some Color Man fish sauce, chopped garlic and chili pepper.

Mix well to enhance absorption.

Wow wow wow Wowy!

What the heck!?

Finally, the salad is all done!

Let's intensify the flavor by pairing it with some shrimp crackers.

Coming up next is a rich and healthy recipe.

Pigeon Soup with Lotus Root.

The preparation of pigeon is utterly difficult and sophisticated.

But our handsome chef doesn't mind at all.

Cut lotus root.

Add whole pigeon and herbal ingredients in as the broth is bubbling. Season to taste.

Cook until tender and the soup is ready to serve.

I'd like to thank the chef.

Making such a complicated dish must have worn you out.

The star of this feast is here! Braised Moray Eel with Turmeric.

Apparently, the main ingredients are moray eel and turmeric.

Cut turmeric,


chili pepper, peppercorn.

Cut the eel into smaller pieces.

Turn on the stove and heat the pan.

Caramelize sugar until golden to add a nice color to the fish.

Not too golden, okay?

We don't want burnt sugar.

The chef adds all ingredients in and stir well.

Add the fish in.

Braised fish never goes wrong with Color Man fish sauce.

Season to taste.

Sprinkle some ground pepper and voila!

My goodness!

This braised fish is bomb!

Eating it with steamed rice definitely brings back memories of mom's home-cooked dishes.

Let's put those appetizing street food dishes like Steamed Pork Buns, Savory Sticky Rice, Ca Phe Sua Da, etc. aside for 1 day.

Win this round and the "mlem" mouthwatering feast is all yours.

Go for it!

Ladies and gentlemen, in this new season, everything has changed,

including the narrator.

She is humorous and somehow very informative.

- Indeed. - Excuse me!

I don't like that team's attitude. They watched the video as if all the dishes will be theirs.

They looked so certain that they would be the winner.

- No way they could beat us. - Obviously!

I saw it clearly. Their annoying attitude.

Consider your own attitude please.

If you lose, this part will be repeated nonstop.

I'm sorry but the upcoming game is associated with your height.

[We're gonna lose again!]

Wanna play? It could be a waste of everyone's time.

Sounds like it's hopeless for us.

Just let us be the winner then.

Well, if you really wanna eat, we can pretend to lose.

OMG! Then even if we win, everyone will assume that they pretend to lose. How evil she is!

Sister, keep calm! Let's win at least once!

- This is hopeless. - Nah, faith will lead the way.

We have faith in our victory...

Let's play!


What are you doing?

- Excuse me! - They're the experts.

- Oh please! - Very simple! This game is similar to volleyball.

- However, we don't play with normal balls. - Then what do we use?

Here. We're gonna use balloons.

- I see. - Rules are simple too.

- All players are required to sit on the deer hoppers. - Yes.

Use your hands to hit the balloon and send it over the net.

Do not touch the net. If you touch the net, you'll be punished.

- So we play together? - The net is about the same height with me.

- But we all have to sit. - Yeah.

- We're gonna move like this? - Correct.

You can only touch the balloon 3 times in 1 turn.

Obviously, 1 player can't touch it 2 times in a row.

Got it? Which team gains 10 points first will win.

- Yes. - I think we should play with a handicap setting.

Let us get 7-goal advantage.

- Seriously? - 7.0 handicap!

[That's the only way we could win]

[I'm just warming up]

Wait! I wanna try it too.

He almost flew out of the roof.

He's just warming up. Gee, you can already tell that he's gonna win.

I don't even dare to warm up to save my energy.

- You're more afraid of breaking your nails. - Yeah, the crystals will fall off.


Let's start.


The balloon went out of bounds, no?

- It went out. - The score is 1-0.


His arm is so long.

Stop! You hit it twice.

- Yeah right. - You gain 1 point.

The score is 2-0.


Thuan, way to go!

Meo, to the rescue!

Hold on!

- Twice! - Please go over there.

- Hey, you touch the net! - Oh yeah.

The score is 3-0.

We touched the net? So annoying!

Keep going!

Hey, he has such long arms. How are we supposed to beat him!?


You touch the net again!

- You seem to love the net, huh? - Khoa!

Come here! Let me stand in the middle.

- The score is now 4-0. - Let's change the formation.

- So irritating! - Meo, are you in the game?

- Of course. - I don't wanna play.



We play so gently.

- Hey, Khoa! - Notice me, please!

- Good job! - Meo, are you still playing?

Come on, Lan!

- I can't touch the balloon anymore. - Meo, save it!

Come on!

- It hit the net. - Okay.

At least we've got 1 point.

The score is 4-1.

- What's wrong, Thuan? - Thuan wants to let us win.



- Trinh! - Here I am!


You guys lose 1 point.

The score is 4-3.




My goodness! Not over yet!

- You touched the balloon twice. - Stop! We lose 1 point.


- The score is 5-3. - This game is fun.


Way to go!

- Good job! - Amazing, Tien!

- Meo has stood up! - No!

Here you go!

Well done!

Stronger please! That's right.

- Nice! - Well done!

The score is 4-5. One more point to make a tie.

I'm feeling so energetic now.

Hang in there, guys!

Meo, stay calm! The calmer the better!

Take it easy!

Meo, hit the balloon!

- Good! - Hey, why!?

Leave it to me!

Gosh, my teammates!

Let's move on! The score now is 6-4.


- Khoa, we count on you. - Finish it!


- OMG! - So many times.

Let me handle it.

Thankfully, this is just a balloon or else my face is ruined.

The score is 7-4.

Oh my, this is not good.

Meo, take care of it!


Lan, come on!

Well done!

Bring it on!

Trinh! Trinh!

[Failed attempt to save the balloon]

The score is 9-4.

Let me!

It passed!

The torture time is over!

May I make the last throw please?

I almost got a cramp.

Meo tried really hard at the end.

- I mean, she tried to touch the net hard. - Unacceptable!

Stand up, sis!

- Should we repeat what Meo said earlier? - 2, 3!

I don't like that team's attitude. They watched the video as if all the dishes will be theirs.

They looked so certain that they would be the winner.

- No way they could beat us. - Obviously!

I saw it clearly. Their annoying attitude.

Kha Nhu sucks at playing games.

Anyway, let's eat!

[The King of Food season 6]

Ladies and gentlemen, the games were designed with no bad intentions.

It was just a coincidence that there was a great physical difference between 2 teams.

- We didn't mean to... - What's the problem?

- Why do you keep laughing? - It seems like we're the slaves in a noble family.

We were bought to entertain them.

The balloon kept hitting our faces, you know.

Anyway, let the feast begin please.

- So well-prepared. - How lovely!

- OMG! Boiled yam! I just ate it this morning. - I love this!

- Actually, the video you just watched... - are for illustration purpose only.

It was available only at that moment.

- But the chef is busy today. - I see.

So he sends yam here for us.

I just ate it this morning. Guys, just go ahead.

Gee, my mouth got water watching the video, you know.

- Questions, please. Ask us something! - You wanna eat this too?

[Still want to eat]

- This one is delicious. - Which one?

Lesser yam, right?

- Taro tastes superb when dipped in sugar. - Taro is over there.

I'm afraid they'll finish the whole thing. Please ask questions!

- Please! Come on! - Alright.

Let's play a parlor game involved Bolero singing.

The first player sings 1 or 2 lines of a song and the next player sings another song starting with the last consonant of the last letter in the previous player's song.

- Does it have to be a Bolero song? - Of course.

Too difficult!

Ok. I got it.

- I know that song. - The last consonant is "t".

Why do you keep singing? Let us play.

- What are you talking? - Are you out f your mind?

- Let's do it again. - Nope, those songs are for example only.

Gosh, those are the only Bolero songs I know.


Let's sing! Sing the whole line!

- Stop there! "S" is easy. - Keep going! "A" sounds promising!

- But I forget the lyrics. - Then just stop at "S".

"T" is easier, come on!

Then which song should I sing now?

- [Singing] - Good job!

Here comes "".


- It's "T", guys. - What? Do we keep going on like that?

Let's dig in!

Feel free to enjoy this yam feast. Here comes our real feast.

Well, at least we get to eat.

My heart is breaking into pieces.

- The yam feast is all yours. - Meo, enjoy the meal!

You've got your own feast.

Gosh, I thought that we only got yam feast. It turns out to be a joke. But still, they can't eat.

How depressing!

Please stop acting!

- Is it good? - Yep!

I don't believe you.

Very crunchy!

The shrimp is so good too.

- Great combination! - Meo!

- Tien is such a nice person. No! Not that! - I'll feed you.

- Meo, here. - Want some more entertainment services, guys?

The older Lan gets, the more evil she becomes.

[Mocking poem]

- How about telling story? - Does it have to make sense?

Each person composes a sentence.

For example, I say "I went to the market this morning".

- And you say... - "I bought a fish".

- You need to repeat my sentence too. - "I went to the market this morning. I bought a fish."

"It was a stone fish."

- Repeat the whole thing. - "I went to the market this morning. I bought a fish. It was a stone fish."

- Got it? - Yes.

Please be smart!

- People living by the river - People living by the river row boats

People living by the river row boats in the flooding season

People living by the river row boats in the flooding season to attend the boat race

It's getting unreasonable.

- In the flooding season? - Sure. It's logical.

People living by the river row boats in the flooding season to attend the boat race

but fail.

- but fail - Yeah.

People living by the river row boats in the flooding season to attend the boat race but fail

and that's ok

What should I say next?

Gee, you have to think for your teammate.

- Is that so? - and that's ok?

People living by the river row boats in the flooding season to attend the boat race but fail and that's ok but

They just add words in rather than tell a story.

People living by the river row boats in the flooding season to attend the boat race but fail and that's ok but they go to sleep

People living by the river row boats in the flooding season to attend the boat race but fail and that's ok but they go to sleep and they wake up

Enough! You can go sleep too.

- You "go to sleep" and then "wake up". What does that mean? - Nonsense!

The salad is a great combination of fresh veggies, nutty taro and rich seafood.

Moray eel tastes superb.

How good it is? Tell us.

The eel is utterly tender and filled with turmeric aroma.

No fishy odor thanks to the aroma of turmeric.

It's too good to handle, guys.

Watching Giang eat makes my mouth water. Luckily, I'm the winner.

- Good! - Delectable!

- Don't look at them! - Are my lips bleeding?

- Gosh, I've been biting my lips. - It must be painful.

No fishy smell at all.

Crunchy flesh and quite chewy skin.

- Fragrant turmeric smell. Delightful! - We don't believe it.

You don't believe?

- Wanna try? - It's okay. Don't try to be nice to me.

Give me your spoon. You don't use it anyway.

I'm gonna try the Pigeon Soup.


- It has the flavor of jujube, lotus root, lotus seed. - Subtle sweet, huh?

Pure and delicate!

If you don't eat this dish, your life is a waste.


[Ok, I'm good]

Guys, wanna tune in another entertainment channel?

- Please do. We're starving. - Agree!

- It's a little boring. - Cool!

Let's sing based on a given topic.

Today, we've got flower,

tuber and fruit.

Let's sing songs that include the mentioned ingredients.


- That's all? - Your turn!


Let's eat!

- Dig in! - What? Not done yet?

Did I say you could eat after singing?

I told you to sing for fun only.

Does that mean we got fooled again?

- I think he'd like us to sing a song that has both flower and tuber in it, right? - That makes sense.

You got it!




- Is there such a song? - Nope.


This is actually the melody of Tau Anh Qua Nui (His Train is Passing Through a Mountain Tunnel]

Don't mess up the original lyrics!

Alright. Guys, keep eating!

[We don't need it anymore]

Let's try the soup.

We have no more self-esteem.

- Here you go. - It's so good that Thuan is speechless.

- Gee, what is she doing? - I'm breathing in its fragrance.

[Let me smell it]

My goodness!

The first thing we do is to observe the food, right?

Then we're gonna smell it.

'Cause flavor is actually combined of smell and taste.

You don't just enjoy the food when chewing.

Enjoy its appearance.

Enjoy its aroma.

And lastly, eat it. The pleasure will be tripled.

Good! Very delicate!

You're wrong again.

Don't use your old bowls. The flavors will be messed up.

- Take a new bowl. Give it to me please. - Exactly!

- Try it. - Sure.

- It's so yummy, Meo. - Taro tastes amazing, huh?

If history repeats in Round 3, I really can't bring myself to eat.

Go home then!

Oh gee!

The taro is incredibly rich, nutty and aromatic.

Please write a poem talking about taro and ribs.

Good ribs go with good taro.

- Nice! - Well,...

Good taro can go with anything.

Amazing! Is that considered poem?

Good ribs go with good taro.

Good soup makes everyone happy.

- Right? - Awkward!

Let me see. Good ribs go with good taro.

Everyone loves it at the first smell.

But it doesn't rhythm.

Good ribs go with good taro.

Some fish sauce makes the feast goes all night.

Excellent! You're so good at it.

Now, please give us the prize.

Wanna eat more?

Gosh! Cheers!

Drink 'till we drop!

What are you doing?

- Cool! Let's pretend to eat. - These are familiar home-cooked dishes.

People don't cook like this in my hometown.

- Not our style. - 'Cause there are turmeric and taro in it.

Our grandparents didn't have many choices back then.

Just cooked anything they got from the garden.

The ribs are utterly tender.

Gee, I'm so irritated right now.

- Here. Open your mouth. - Oh gosh!

Trinh is out of her mind.

Open your mouth, sister!

- How is it? Very elegant, huh? - It tastes like fish.

- Well, starvation may affect brain function causing... - Hallucination?

damage to nervous system.

It leads to inner monologues and disorganized speech.

- Let me help you with the veggies. - Here's a piece of jelly from my hometown.

- Is it good? - Absolutely. The coconut milk makes me feel homesick.

- Let's try some Red Bean Sweet Soup. - I'd like to end this round here

letting the losing team relax and get ready for the next round.

Do you need to choose the chest?

Can we help them choose?

You don't have to 'cause all 3 chests will belong to you anyway.

- What?! - Well, I feel a little sorry for them.

Sounds like a bad omen.

- I feel sorry. - Let's choose anyway.

- Sure. - You chose number 1 earlier right?

Number 2 then. Number 3 will be yours too.

- Yeah right. - Number 2!

Let's move on to Round 3!

[The King of Food season 6]

- Honestly, I'm full. - I know right.

If we keep winning, we're gonna overeat.

Meanwhile, they're starving.

We're full without eating.

He's annoyed.

Well, let's watch the video to find out more delicious dishes.

[Qua Ngon Restaurant]

Ms. Phuong Lan, you must be worn out after playing game, right?

Don't worry. In Round 3, you're gonna be more tired.

However, these dishes will definitely boost your energy.

Introducing to you Braised Duck with Strawberry.

Strawberry plays a great supporting role highlighting the aroma and the richness of duck meat.

Let's start by cutting strawberries,

shallots and onions.

Braise duck with all ingredients.

Lastly, add strawberry in and season to taste.

- Oh my! - Ta-da!

The dish is served with rice vermicelli.

Definitely an idiot-proof recipe! Ms. Kha Nhu, you can learn it to cook for your husband in the future.

Gee, it hurts!

Everyone must be familiar with the next dish.

Yep, here comes Snail Stew with Green Banana.

My goodness!

- It makes me feel homesick. - It has green banana,

shallots, apple snails and tofu.

Firstly, cut all mentioned ingredients into smaller pieces.

We eat the snails and have someone dispose the shells.

Heat the oil to saut shallots.

Add pork and apple snails in. Stir up well.

- Add banana. - She's hilarious.

Lastly, add tofu and season to taste.

Snail Stew with Green Banana is ready.

Ms. Ha Trinh, this dish is perfect for you to enjoy while reading poems.

It's so good!

I have an ambarella.

I have a snakehead fish.

Ah! Braised Snakehead Fish with Ambarella! This simple dish will bring you to the Mekong Delta in a blink of an eye.

Cut shallots, chilies and scallions.

Cut ambarella into slices.

The chef is done with the food prep.

It's time to roll up the sleeves and cook the ingredients.

Caramelize sugar for the better color of the dish.

Add shallots, pepper and chilies.

Stir the mixture well.

Next comes the snakehead fish.

Fish sauce is the key ingredient in every braised fish recipe.

When it comes to fish sauce, Color Man fish sauce, the sponsor of our show, is the best choice.

Add sugar, some slices of ambarella and quickly mix all the ingredients together.

It's such a perfect dish to be paired with rice.

What a delicious dish!

The last dish is Stir-Fried Squid with Tomato and Pineapple.

The name already suggests the stars of the dish.

First, cut the ingredients into small pieces.

Saut the shallots.

Next, add squid, onion, pineapple and tomato.

Oyster sauce helps enhance the flavor of the dish.

Finally, add celery, season to taste and put them all onto a dish.

Fight to your last breath to win this game and enjoy the feast!

You won't be allowed to eat if you lose.

My goodness!

She's laughing at you, Meo.

[Anything fun?]

- She's teasing you guys even when you're starved. - Yeah, she's just driving me mad.

But don't worry! You're gonna play another special game in this round.

It requires strength and height.


When you guys enjoy the next feast, can we take a nap in that tent?

Sure that we're all familiar with this childhood game.

A childhood game?

Childhood in rural areas gives you a big advantage.

- Who was born in the countryside? - Almost all of us.

- I didn't play folk games, though. - I'm so familiar with folk games though I was born here.

Our game in this round...

requires your strength, agility and strong voice.

- Strong voice? - U game, right?



Ladies and gentlemen, we're gonna play U, the childhood game in this round.

- Let me explain how to play. - Gosh!

One member will go into the enemy's side to try and touch any of them while making to sound "Uuuuu..."

You have to always make that sound while trying to touch the enemies in their side and run back.

Can we catch the attacker?

Come on! There's no hurry, girl.

If you get touched and the attacker makes it back to his side, you'll get imprisoned in the enemy's prison.

If you manage to stop the attacker from running back...

[Shut his mouth]

Don't do this, mate.

And he stops making the sound because out of breath, then he'll be captured on your side.

- In case... - Hey chieftain! I'm too small to compete with them.

- They just try to hold me, then I'll be out of breath. - Nah, we'll just give you a small hug.

Are you athletes, guys? Why are you so muscular?

[Are they athletes?]

You can rescue your captured ally by touching him during your attack phase.

If Nhu is imprisoned, you have to touch her and run back.

If you can run back to your side, anyone who touches you will become your team's prisoner.

We'll play until one team gets 3 points.

Be focused, guys! Don't laugh or you'll be out of your breath soon.

- Who goes first? - Your team goes first!


- What? - You go first, mate.

- Alright, alright. - Take a deep breath.

Come back!

Get back here, Khoa!

Run, Khoa!

[We win again]


Feel like he bumped into a wall.

Gosh! He's got captured so easily.

The prisoner has to stand on the green grass.

- They're attacking, Ngan! - Can we change the prisoner?

You go first, Tien!

It must be more interesting if you go first, girl.

- You sure? - Yes.

Hide in this chest, mate!

I'll close it then.

Don't let them catch all of us, mate!

They're as big as King Kong, you see?

She's coming!

She's coming!

Catch her!

[Can they catch her?]

Catch her, mates!

Catch her!

- They lost. - My Goodness!

- Did you touch her, Trinh? - I didn't.

I just ran after them.

- Did you touch her, Trinh? - Didn't you?

Who held my sweater?

- It was Kha Nhu. - Alright, Kha Nhu got captured.

Do you really want to catch me?

Wanna hold me in your arms?

Not now, man.

[Practice Flying Kungfu before attacking]

Can you stop being crazy, Trinh?

Come and save me, Trinh.

Keep silent!

I know I can't do that.

Let's wait and see. Don't make me laugh or I can't keep my breath for long.

It's a waste of time, sis.

[A bit shy]

Get back, now!

What are you doing, girl?

How could we win this game?

You're done now.

Go catch her, Tien.


Wait, Tien! Please give me a minute!

Hide in that chest.

Just do whatever you want.

Go there and bring that chest back to our side.

- I'm okay now. - How can you run in that chest?

- Try to run as fast as possible. - You're right.

You'd better run away from here.

Just go, Tien.

[Make every effort to drag him]

I'm exhausted.

The score is 1-0 to this team.

I didn't even drag her.

That's totally unfair.

- Your team goes first. - Again?

Catch Thuan, mate!

- We can't. - Just catch him.

- Catch him! - Nah!

Run, Khoa!

Run, Khoa!

Catch him!


[Two people got captured]

Oh my! Why did you two leave me so early?

Get captured and you will lose again.

Run back!

- Go get her! - That's unfair!

Go get her!

- Just go! - Me?

Don't hide anymore! Fight tooth and nail for us!

[Wait and see]

- She makes me scared. - Come here, Mai!

Stay here with me!

Hang in there!

Step back, Trinh!

- Don't leave me, please! - Tickle her!

Please don't leave me!

Stay here with me, Lan!

Don't leave me!

Stay here!

- Don't leave me! - Tickle her!

Don't leave me please!

She's almost out of breath!

The score is 2-0.

My Goodness!

Let me tell you this.

Take a rest, Tien and Lan.

Count on Thuan.

- Okay? - Yes.

Hang in there, Thuan!

Come here, long-legged monster!

Gosh! Look at Kha Nhu!


Kha Nhu!

May I ask you a question?

Is Kha Nhu in your team?

You abandoned us!

[No one understands]

I'm scared of Thuan!

You ran to the car park, right?

We were able to keep him here together, Nhu!

There were three of us, Nhu!

I'm scared!

Why did you abandon us?

- We did try our best. - I remember she acted like this when Thuan came.

She was standing like this.

Thuan just came slowly and she ran away.

Our leader made me totally disappointed.

Can we take a look back at the moment she ran away?

Come here, long-legged monster!

Come here, long-legged monster!

See that?

Get here, you two.


She just pretends to be scared of them.

Now she'll save her teammates.

Believe me!

She will lose again.

[Can she save her teammates?]

[Mission failed]

She's laughing so hard.

She's laughing.

- Congratulations, sis! Now you're blissful! - I don't need you to hold me up like that.

How could I save my teammates?

My goodness!

A complete failure!

- What a shame! - A big shame for your team.

[The King of Food season 6]

Eat again?

I told you that you didn't need to choose the treasure chests. All are for your team.

Alright, we continue to eat and laugh at them.

We don't let you guys tease us again.

Let's try this dish.

- Snail Stew with Green Banana. - Such a delicious dish!

Oh my!

I can't help myself drooling as watching his mouth.

- My dad could cook this dish well. - You miss your dad, right?

Please give me some, dad?

Crunchy snail, soft and nutty banana.


We're waiting for your challenges.

Don't bring pleasure to them anymore.

- We won't be allowed to eat anyway. - We won't give them pleasure.

- How delicious! - Just have fun with ourselves.

- Do you wanna hear Korean songs? - A Blackpink's song?

Don't make noises.

- No singing? - Poor you.

We should be more elegant in this round.

Braised banana is as nutty as sweet potato.

Try some pork belly, guys.

Yeah, pork belly.

I thought the green banana was bitter in taste but it's actually not.

Nah, it's sweet and nutty.

- There's some fermented rice. - It's paired well with beef shank.

Your dishes taste the same as my dad's.

- Can you give me some, dad? - Keep dreaming.

I wonder whether the strawberry still tastes sweet in this dish.


Can I have some strawberries?


Hey bro!

He doesn't even care.

If you say so, I'll give you some chilies.

Stir-Fried Squid with Pineapple.

How delectable!

Dip it into the fish sauce.

It's familiar with us all, right?

- Crunchy squid, aromatic pineapple. - Sweet pineapple.

Why does tahitian quince turn into this color? - Such a peculiar dish!

It's time for this.

- Aromatic pineapple. - Duck Stew with Strawberry.

This is the first time I've tried this dish.

Slightly sour and aromatic.

Why are you holding the chopsticks for?

Tell me why.

It's just an unconscious action!

- Let's dig in, mates. - Enjoy it yourselves.

All I want now is to stab her with these chopsticks.

Does it taste sweet?

- Is it sour? - A bit sour and juicy.

Just take a bite and you'll feel like the strawberry seeds keep popping in your mouth.

The strawberry seeds will germinate and grow in your stomach.

Do you know that?

- Nonsense! - Poor this little girl.

- Poor this little girl. - You're like that again and again.

It's a big mistake to be in your team.

- Actually... - You'll lose for sure if you play alone.

- Don't be afraid of strong enemies. - A weak teammate does more harm than good.

Nah, we're at the same level.

How delicious!

It tastes so delectable and flavorful.

All the fruits perfectly blend with the tastes of these dishes.

So good.

There's no need to explain, guy.


Alright, I'll hold this piece of ambarella horizontally just like how Xuan Tien carried Kha Nhu in our game.

How evil you are, Lan!

Just eat. You don't need to explain how it tastes.

Yesterday, I read an article about Kha Nhu. She now becomes a singer, right?

I don't.

- Really? - I don't.

- You start to branch out? - I don't.

I just sang some songs.

- What's your project, Nhu? - I've just covered some songs.

- What song? - My favorite songs.

Love songs, to be more specific.


I'm in a habit of writing some notes on Instagram.

I just wanna take use of that.

When you start a new project on your own, that project shows what you really want.

That means you're longing for love, right?

That's not true.

- Have you named your album yet? - Yes.

- What's its name? - Yeu Dai Kho(Silly Love) and Dung Di (Please don't leave me).

The second one is Loi Chua Noi (Unspoken). There's no happy ending in my songs.

There's no happy ending in my songs.

Why don't you name it "If love never comes"?

- "My love leaves me forever"? - That's it.

"Don't prolong the agony".

You're such an excellent host in this show, Giang.

We should end their desperate desire for food here,

and move on to the next round.

In this round, we invite the elders, young boys and girls, those who are vendors,

those who have cute eateries and tea shops,

those who have unique recipes...

and prepare famous as well as delectable dishes.

What's the dish in this round? I'm sure that so many boys and girls love this dish.

Banh Trang Tron (Rice Paper Salad)?


Fried banana?

Let's figure out what the dish is.

[The King of Food season 6]

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the last round.

- We'll eat together. - Yeah.

There's no game and torture anymore.

- What a moment for humanism! - Our show has its own true value, you know.

Such a peaceful moment! There's no quiz anymore, right?

- No singing and game? - True that. This round is just for you to enjoy the food.

That sounds so good.

Take a look at that food cart.

It serves Chuoi Nep Nuong (Grilled Banana Wrapped in Sticky Rice), Banh Chuoi Hap (Steamed Banana Cake),

Banh Khoai Mi (Cassava Cake) and many else.

Welcome Uncle Tu and his wife to our show!

Hello, The King of Food.

Hello, chieftain.

My name is Tu.

I'd like to introduce my Grilled Banana Wrapped in Sticky Rice,

Cassava Cake, Banh Tam (Cassava Silkworm Cake) and Steamed Banana Cake.

I've sold these cakes to get by for years.

As you might know, my parents instructed me how to make these cakes and earned money by selling them.

The first step is to stir-fry shredded coconut,

mix them with coconut milk and sugar.

Then, put some sticky rice into the pot.

Mix all the ingredients up.

Next, add some more sticky rice.

When all the ingredients are well-cooked, put them all into a steamer.

Steam the sticky rice for a while.

After that, wrap the steamed sticky rice round the banana.

Finally, grill the banana on a coal stove and serve it to my customers.

It's served with coconut milk.

Do the same with Steamed Cassava with Coconut. It takes around 15-20 minutes...

to prepare a big pot of steamed cassava.

Grind cassava into powder.

Then, mix cassava powder with ground coconut and coconut milk.

After that, pour some panda juice and magenta extract in.

Obviously, we should divide the mixture into 2 pots:

one for mixing with panda juice, the other for magenta juice.

Steam the mixture until it's cooked.

Mix it with ground coconut in a big bowl.

Then cut it into long pieces.

To make some cassava cakes, we need to cook cassava with coconut milk in a big pot first.

After that, take the cassava out.

Put it into another pot

and start pounding.

After that, put them into a mold and press it hard.

Take the cake out of the mold and grill it on a coal stove.

In the early morning everyday, I prepare these cakes around 2 am and ask my children to go out to sell.

And I go to the city center to sell my own cakes.

Our family have 4 food carts. My children won't go home unless the cakes are sold out.

The same goes with me.

But I start to sell cakes around 11 am or 12 pm everyday.

This is a familiar but delicious dish for many boys and girls.

Easy to eat, right?

I want to serve our guests in The King of Food some of my cakes.

He's Uncle Tu.

- Hello Uncle and Auntie. - Hello.

How long have you run this food cart?

Around 40 or 50 years.

- Oh really? - Wow!

- This food cart is older than me. - It's older than us all.

Hey boys and girls!

What do you wanna eat?

- Cassava cakes, please. - Me too.

And Steamed Cassava with Coconut.

- Grilled Banana. - Hold on, girl. Don't try to steal his cakes.

- Keep calm. - Let me hold her back.

- Cassava cake, right? - Yes.

- What else? - Steamed Cassava with Coconut.

- What's its name? - Steamed Cassava with Coconut.

- And Grilled Cassava Cake. - That's it.

We have 2 types: raw and cooked cakes.

In the past, people used pork floss to make these cakes.

Oh dear.

The cakes were made by pork floss and ground coconut.

Nowadays, the cakes aren't popular anymore. That's why we've created a new type of cassava cakes.

The first step is to mix the ingredients with ground coconut.

Then add some green beans and coconut milk.

Put it into a mold and press it hard. Then take it out and grill it on a stove.

- These cakes are still raw. - I see.

Grind the cassava into powder.

- Then mix it with green beans and coconut milk. - How sophisticated!

- Just mix all the ingredients up. - Sophisticated!

You two usually prepare these cakes at home, right?

- True that. - We sell things on our own.

- Is that so? - 4 food carts for us two and my two children.

Ah, your family has 4 food carts.

- Oh my goodness! - This food cart is in Thu Duc District.

The ones we used to film the introduction videos are in front of University of Architecture.

Oh dear! All members in his family sell cassava cakes to make a living.

My children should make money by themselves to raise their kids.

- We couldn't take care of their whole lives. - True that.

What will happen to them when we pass away?

Just show them how to earn money.

Let's dig in.

- Let's dig in, everyone. - Enjoy it.

Just eat.

Take a seat, please.

Ah, steamed cassava with coconut.

- So good. - This one is cooked from cassava, right?

- That's true. - Here you are, Kha Nhu.

- You don't like me, right? - Nope.

I don't have any fork.

Let me.

Give us some forks, please.


He seemed so honest and frank when I asked whether he liked me or not.

Cassava Cakes taste so good.

How delicious it is!

Let me ask you some questions.

When do you usually start to prepare these cakes?

- Around 2 am everyday. - Oh, 2 am.

We prepare these cakes from 2 a.m. to 9 or 10 a.m.

As we're done with the preparation,

we put them all onto this food cart and move to Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street.

You have 4 food carts, right?

When will you go home?

I start to sell cakes around 12 p.m. on Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street.

As for my children,

they sell cakes at Thu Duc Agricultural Product Market from 9 am everyday.

- They won't go home until late afternoon, right? - Around 11 a.m.

- You know, my things sell like hot cakes. - We often sell things out at 11 a.m.

As for me, I start to sell from 11 am everyday.

Then I spend the whole afternoon on this food cart.

When I sell things out, I'll get home.

I guess that you've set aside an amount of money for your future, right?

- Actually we haven't. - We spent all the money for our children and grandchildren.

How old are you?

I'm 66 years old.



I realize that...

I'm 62 years old.

what happiness truly is.

Money can't buy your happiness.

The true happiness is that we can stay together.

On the way home after my show,

I noticed 2 small food carts on Truong Dinh street.

There were 2 elders who sat together...

and ate 2 bowls of soup.

They were so happy to stay together.

I took a photo of them, then sent it to my wife.

I told her that was the true happiness.

I think the old couple could be me and my wife.

Previously, we used to live there for years.

That was just a small house in an alley.

We usually ate together on the sidewalk in the late afternoon.

- At the intersection of Nguyen Thi Dieu and Truong Dinh, right? - That's true, uncle.

I'll take a look back at that photo when I get home.

Let me tell you this.

In the past, we sold cassava cakes in that neighborhood.

That's it.

This is a small gift for you two from our show today.

Here you are.

Thank you for giving us these delicious dishes.

Thanks for joining the show. Wish you good health and prosperity.


Thanks, uncle and auntie.

- Say thank you, honey. - Sure things.



Can you give me that food cart?

That's the only thing I have for my living.

- We can't. - Just kidding.

Thank you for joining the show.

It's time to receive your prize today.

There's no surprise for you guys.

Go take them all, Thuan.

Not interesting at all.

I saw that Trinh hid herself in a treasure chest.

Honestly, I didn't know what's inside that chest.

It's a small roll, just like a King's decree.

It's wrapped in a banana leaf.

Just an amount of money, that's all.

Go take it.

- It's all for you. - Gosh!

- Just go. - Keep eating, Kha Nhu.

Let me open the chest number 3.

Is it a roll of banana leaf?

Or money?

There's one banana leaf roll.

- What's inside the chest number 1? - Oh, 3 rolls of banana leaf.

There's a paper inside each roll.

- Lots of numbers on the paper. - "Better luck next time", right?

There's one roll which contains VND10 million dong for sure.

- Of course you'll get VND10 million dong. - Is that so?

Oops! There's a board with number 0 on it.

Ah, it's for your team.

A good idea from the producers.

Keep it, Tien.

We can use this board to cover our face.

That's it.

Where's Khoa?

He got lost?

Thanks for joining the show.

You brought lots of laughter to the show, enjoyed delicious dishes, as well as got an amount of money home.

Giang is just talking with them, not us.

We don't feel good with our failures in 3 rounds.

And we don't have chances to eat, either.

- We've got just some pieces of cakes. - They're good, though.

Alright, thanks.

Thanks very much.

Thank our guests for bringing us lots of laughter.

Thank you, everyone, for watching this show.

The King of Food is brought to you by HTV and Dien Quan M&E.

The show is aired at 8:35 p.m. every Friday on HTV7.

Thank you Color Man fish sauce for sponsoring us.


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