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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Drake | The Rich Life | Air Drake $185 Million Private Jet, Yolo Estate, The 6ix Mansion & more

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The Internet is drooling with everyone hoping to get an invite to Fly Air Drake.

It's like the man watched Soul Plane and made that film his reality.

He ain't just crusing the skies in style, down here on earth Drakes has been spotted

cruising in a Bentley Continental GTC W12, a Ferrari LaFerrari, which for some reason

he hoisted into the air during a Toronto show.

He's also got a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster, a Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir, a McLaren 675LT,

a 62S Maybach Landaulet, a Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet,

a Rolls-Royce Phantom, Rolls-Royce Wraith and my personal fav is his Devel Sixteen which

was the first of it's kind to be imported from Dubai to the 6ix to be featured it in

his video for I'm Upset.

I'd roll a clip from that music video but all my Drake videos have been claimed.

What's worse is that Drake through a party at his six mansion following OVE Fest & I

didn't get invited.

My boy Kevin did though, he runs my social media so were getting close!

When Drake isn't traveling in style he likes to kick his feet up in one of his three homes.

Drake's spent almost $7 Million just on the land for his 35,000 square foot Bridle Path

mansion that's got multiple saunas, hot tubs, four guest suites, a massage room, a 10-car

garage, an elevator, a gym, a screening room, an NBA-sized basketball court, an Olympic

size pool and more.

While waiting for his Bridle Path mansion to be completed he made a home for himself

at The Ritz Carlton in downtown Toronto which would of likely have set him back an easy

$20K a month.

& it appears that Drake is still holding onto his Los Angeles pad known as Yolo Estate.

He picked up his first property here in 2012 and has since bought up the neighbours with

his private estate now encompassing 6.7-acres of property at the end of a cul-de-sac that

represents an easy $25 million dollars in real estate.

He's also gotten blinged out with the iciest of chains and watches but I gotta save something

for later in this video....

The 6ix God has done mighty for himself.

According to Celebrity Net, Drake's has pulled in over $300 Million bucks and

according to Forbes he's earned $150 Million this year alone.

A decade ago Drake's net worth was around $1 million dollars after having just signed

with Lil Wayne.

Not bad for ten years of hard work and to think, originally no one wanted to give the

kid from Degrassi a pass into the rap game.

What's going on guys?

It's your boy Michael McCrudden documenting the financial come up of Drizzy Drake and

what he spends his fortune on, here for you on an Updated version of The Rich Life.

We drop a few of these each week and update the big stars every year.

You guys gotta let us know who is next in the comments down below!

I'm gonna put something out into the universe.

Drake is gonna see this video and invite us to do a house tour.... hit that like button

if that's something you would wanna see!

As for a trivia question.

How much do you think Drake gets paid to be the global ambassador for the Raptors.

I look forward to reading your guesses, now let's get into this video...

Aubrey Drake Graham on October 24, 1986, in Toronto, Canada.

His parents divorced when he was five, and he was raised by his mother in Forest Hill

while spending time with his dad down south.

I ain't going into any more detail about his come up, we've done his bio a number of times

including an Epic earlier this year which also got claimed.

Let's get right into Aubrey's diverse portfolio of earnings.

Music is obviously his bread and butter and according to Forbes, Drake had 5 billion streams

in 2018 making him the worlds most consumed musician that year.

Forbes also ranked Drake at No. 4 on its list of highest-paid hip-hop acts for 2018.

When he goes on tour that's when the real money starts pouring in but Drake said it

himself to GQ:

Rappers arent the really rich ones.

We all have nice houses with studios and cars, but you need a piece of someones business

to be super wealthy.”

In 2012 Drake formed his own record label, OVO Sound, which is distributed by Warner

Bros. Records.

In addition to Drake, tOVO Sound reps music for artists such as PartyNextDoor, Majid Jordan,

Roy Woods, DVSN, Plaza, Baka Not Nice, Kash Doll and producers such as Boi-1da, Future

the Prince and more.

In 2016 Drake launched his own brand of bourbon-based whiskey called Virginia Black, I enjoyed some

of that the last time we did his The Rich Life video.

The company sold 4000 bottles in the first week after launching with me having bought

and drank half of them all to myself.

He's also got his own clothing line, he's got restaurants and he's got sponsors.

Drakes endorsement deals rival that of top professional athletes with some notable

entries including, Sprite, Burger King, Whataburger, Nike and Apple.

When Apple Music launched, Drake signed a $19 million exclusivity deal - How do you

like them apples?

I just wanted to work that in somehow..

Drake's done mighty well for himselfso let's take a look at what he spends his fortune

on kicking things off with his brand new mansion here in Toronto.

If you been on the internet you've undoubtedly seen news coverage during it's construction.

Located at 21 Park Lane Circle Drake's dream mansion was designed by famous designer and

luxury architect Ferris Rafauli who has been sharing plenty of views of the mega mansion

during the build.

Drake hasn't given an official tour just yet but he's thrown enough parties for some video

footage to have popped up online.

His bedroom alone takes up half of the mansions

second floor.

And its more than just a bedroom.

The master suite includes a kitchenette, two closets, two dressing rooms, two covered decks,

separate steam showers and hot tub.

Not to mention a ginormous master bath.

He spent $6.7 Million on the land and god knows how much on the mansionit looks

like he sparred no expense on his dream home.

Not a bad piece to add to his portfolio.

Back in 2012 he picked up his Hidden Hills California Yolo Estate because it boasted

one of the largest privately-owned pools in Southern California.

The story is now known the world over but his grotto was actually the screen saver on

his computer for years before he made it and bought the crib for $7.7 Million.

The property features multiple residences including a 12,000 square-foot main house

and a 2,000 square foot party house.

The estate also features equestrian stables, a 25-person movie theatre, a full-sized basketball

court, sand volleyball court and is notorious for being the ultimate party destination in


I hear they brought babes in by the bus load.

In 2015 he extended his property by buying the neighbouring 1.6 acre estate for $2.8


In 2018 he extended the property again when he spent $4.5 million to buy yet another neighbouring


His private estate now encompasses 6.7-acres.

Damn, why is this guy rapping he's upset?

Aright, I wanna talk about Drake's Private Jet.

Earlier this year Drake released a video to the gram of his brand new private jet Air

Drake which is said to be worth between 75 and 100 Million.

The interior comes with more amenities than your average Toronto home.

It's decorated with golden walls and features a number of luxury sofas, plush leather recliners,

seating areas, as well as multiple bedrooms, a sprawling cabin area, and of coursea

massive flat-screen TV.

There was also this Yacht posted online via 6ixBuzz which I couldn't' confirm to be real

thing looks more like a spaceship!

It turns out there is an Australian brand called OVO Yacht so expect Drake to get in

on that business sooner than later.

When it comes to cars, I listed a bunch of them off the top in the intro.

But I did promise that I would walk you through some of Drake's Jewelry.

Creeping Champaign Papi's IG he's showed off a $750,000 EROTIC RICHARD MILLE WATCH one

of only 30 ever made.

The dude has a thing for Rolex's including his Daytona.

He's also got a Drakes GMT-Master II and a Sky-Dweller amongst countless others he

likes to show off via his IG page.

When it comes to Chains Drizzy again is no slouch.

It appears he has a humber of OVO owl chainssome made in toronto and one made for

Drake by Jason of Beverly Hills which boasts a kilo of gold and over 100 carats of Asscher

cut diamonds.

& another oneprobably my fav with the ruby diamonds made by Ben Baller.

He got a 50 Chain in honour of his fallen bro Fif.

Another recent addition includes his New Young Money piece.

According Jason of Beverly Hills, the chain has 6.5cts of flawless white diamonds and

over a half kilo of gold.

At the end of the day it's good being Drake.

He's got the rap game on lockdown and he's got an entire city supporting him.

He also took home a big W as the Global Ambassador for the Toronto Raptors this year which is

a job that he's rumoured to do for free.

The court side tickets are on them though...

Aright guys, I'm wrapping up this video.

My name of course is Michael McCrudden and this was The Rich Life of Drake.

I'm gonna be in the comments looking for suggestions from you guys on who to do next.

No one is left off the table and the bigger the star the deeper I'll dig to get you the

best info on the web.

I'll see you guys in another video.

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