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Who's gonna help when the danger overwhelms

And the mysteries are piled high?

Who's gonna be around, never gonna let you down

When you're on a wild ride?

Your friends are always by your side

It's Craig of the Creek, he's gonna save the day

It's Craig of the Creek, he's gonna save the day

It's Craig of the Creek

Craig: Hmm. Hey, Mom?

Do you think Dad will like this birthday card?

[ Garage door opens ]

Duane, you're supposed to be gone all day!

Don't come in here!

Uh, Bernard? Oh, it's just you.

I have arrived with the perfect present for Dad's birthday.

The new p-p-p-pineapple watch.

It tells you the pTime,

tracks your pHealth,

it can order you a p-Piz,

but most of all, it slaps.

This is gonna be the best gift Dad's received

since I came home from the hospital 16 years ago.

Well, you almost sent me to the hospital again.

A pineapple watch? That's so pCool.

Hubert, wet a reminder to tell Bernard

that he's the coolest son ever.

Hubert: Setting reminder --

Tell Butt-nard that he's the coolest son ever.

Um, it's Ber-nard.


They're here! They're here! They're here!

Oh, aah! Duane! Whatchu doing --

Uncle Darnell and Aunty Kim are here.

Jessica, sweetie, you got to lead with names.

Hey, party people.

[ Chuckles ] You made it.

Jessica, come here, let me kiss you.

Nicole, you stay right there. I'm gonna kiss you next.

Actually, you know what? All of y'all just get in line.

I'll get to you.

Oh, you all are lifesavers for coming early to help set up.

Girl, y'all are lifesavers for this A.C.

Three hours in that hot car,

I thought this sweet thing was gonna melt.

Yeah, I was sweating buckets the whole ride.

I think I sweat another one of myself in the seat.

He started working the turn signal,

he's changing lanes, he started tickling me.

It got weird. -Not you, Darnell.

I'm talking about the cake.

So where's my big bro at?

Your parents are distracting him while we set up for the party.

Earl scheduled all his doctor's appointments for one day.

And tha-a-a-t's an "E."

Like me. Earl. [ Chuckles ]

You know, back in the day, I wanted everyone to call me "E."

But they just called me the J-Man.

Why did they call me the J-Man?

Now, that's a funny story.

Wait till I tell you about this.

[ Grunting ]


Get over here, cuz.

[ Laughs ] What's happening?

Ah, you know, I've been [sighs] wilding.

That doesn't really sound like you're wilding.

Well, I made this card for my dad,

but I don't think it's anything

compared to the pineapple watch my brother got him.

It's Bernard.


Wow, a pineapple watch?

That thing slaps. -I know.

And my card just folds -- in half.

Hey, don't be too down, cuz,

because I brought that thing for...

the plan.

You mean...?

Both: Operation Cool Down.

Aw, man.

How'd you get a hose like this?

Our neighbor, who's a fireman, got fired,

and he was just giving it away.

He said it reminded him of all the mistakes in his life.

It's beautiful.

Mom, we're going to the creek!

Uh, alright.

Just make sure you're back by dinner

for your dad's surprise party!

[ Both grunting ]

-Hey, guys. -Whoa. Bryson. Long time.

-Whatcha been up to? -Ah, so much stuff.

I reallocated my skill points into dexterity.

Watch this. [ Grunts ]

And I found seven new joints in my body.

[ Groans ] Before you ask,

we already went to the doctor, and they said it's uncurable.

Whoa. Tight.

Well, here's a new trick I've been practicing.

[ Bones crack ]

A wizard! A wizard!

Horse Girls, you're here.

Alright, let's get this plan started.

I've located a point equidistant from everyone's homes.

By calculating hose length

and taking water pressure into consideration,

I came up with the perfect way to beat the summer heat.

Let's get drenched!

[ All shouting ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughter ]


That's my name, not what I was doing.

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

Say "butt."


The water stopped. What happened?

Hey, Craig. Over here.

Craig: Oh, no.

There must be a bend in one of the hoses.

Uh, which one?

There's like a billion of them.

Well, it looks like a tangled mess,

but it's just one hose twisted around.

If we just follow the empty line...


Okay, let's just pull this out.

[ Grunts ]

[ Screams ]

-[ Gasps ] Craig! -[ Gasps ] Craig!

Kelsey: Hey, buddy. You alright up there?

Yeah, I'm alright.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Fireworks exploding ]


Fireworks? You guys!

I think something big's going on

on the other side of the creek!

-The what? -It could be dangerous.

We better go talk to the Green Poncho.

The what?!

The Green Poncho is the guardian of the overpass.

He protects our side of the creek

from the king on the other side.

This other side has a king?

Like a British dude?

The King is a spoiled tyrant.


He uses his wealth of candy to make kids do what he wants,

play how he wants them to play.

He makes sure nobody says otherwise.

We saw some fireworks coming from the other side.

I saw them, as well.

They're to signal a tournament held every year

for the king's birthday.

He invites his subjects to compete in vicious games

for a chance to win his old presents from last year.

It's pretty messed.

But the prizes are pretty cool. Check it out.

JP: Wow, a Make-A-Cake oven?

Kelsey: Wow, singing boxing glo-o-o-ves

from "Steven Universe."

Wow, what a hat. What?

I'm trying to be a hat person.

Whoa, guys, look at this.

"Power Punchers HD Ultimate Remix."

Me and my dad play the original all the time.

But this one's got like 50 new characters

and only 45 are palette swaps.

This would be the perfect present for my dad.

It's so much better than Bernard's watch.

-Cuz, let's go get it. -I don't know.

It's pretty dangerous over there.

And the King is after Craig's map, trying to get

intel on our side of the creek.

Walking into his territory isn't the best idea.

Wait, are you serious?

What's this guy ruling over?

Trees? Leaves? It's just one kid.

We're about to go in there four kids deep.

We'll go compete in some games,

Win the prizes,

and bounce out of there before dinner.

Then your dad will be like, "My son Craig is the greatest.

Bryson, want to stay over for this weekend

and play the game with us?"

And I'll be like, "Of course, Uncle D.

Even brought my own controller."

It's fate.

What do you think, Omar? I mean Green Poncho?

Uh, that "Power Punchers" game does look pretty sick.

Okay, but you guys have to keep a low profile.

No one can recognize you.

[ Mortimer squawks ]

I don't know.

You may have to sit this one out, Mortimer.

Stay with the Green Poncho.

Help him prevent anyone coming from the other side.

Alright, let's get those presents!


Hit the bricks, Kevin.

No randos are allowed to compete in the tournament.

Whoa, they got costumes? This is organized.

Yep. Each costume is for a different rank.

There go the Acorn Knights, some Cherry Blossoms.

JP: And I'm not sure what that guy is,

but I like his flaps.

[ Sighs ] We are not getting in there without costumes.

Don't worry.

We've got some friends on the inside.

You won't be a rando.

You won't be in danger.

Both: When you have the help of the Honeysuckle Rangers!

[ All grunt ]

Oh goodness. Shh.

We're supposed to be undercover.

We got your text.

We're more than happy to help

if it means getting back at the king.

Behold, rare and vintage Honeysuckle threads.

Whoa! These are honeysucking sick!

So are you guys gonna enter the tournament, too?

Uh, uh, no thanks.

The tournament is pretty brutal.

All the greatest champions of the king's knightly order

will be competing, and they play rough.

Let's just say

there used to be more Honeysuckle Rangers.


Both: Anyways!

Honeysuckle see ya!

Dad, you're gonna have the best birthday ever.

Now the letter "H" and I have a very interesting story.

Bro, this place is, like, next level.

[ Air horn blows ]

All hail King Xavier, first of his name,

master of candy, donor of balls.

[ Cheers ]

Thanks, everyone, for coming to participate

in my big birthday celebration.

But this day isn't about me.

It's about you competing for me

over these gifts that I don't want anymore

because they're old.


[ Cheers ]

Let's do this.

The first game of the day will be red light, green light.

I'll take this one.

Blur-r-r-r-r! Blur-r-r-r-r!

Hey. Hello. Nice to beat ya.

The Blur's running?

[ Chuckles ] Nope. I'm out.

That must be one of the champions.

You know the rules.

Red means stop, green means go.



green light.


Did you see that?

That Cherry Blossom just pushed him!

[ Grunts ]

Red light. You, Knight, you're out.

Aw, man.

Green light.

Red light.

Green light.

Red light.

Better watch out.

I'm catching up.

Guess I better go fast then.




I win.

Gray light. You're out.

Wait. What?

Green light.

20 points for the honeysuckers.

[ Yawns ] Okay, okay, Next game please.

Your boy Craiggy bringing it home.

What? What? What?

[ Chuckles ] I don't know what, but that was awesome.

What's the next event?

Looks like it's some sort of water balloon toss.

No, no. Come on, guys.

My grandma gave me these undies.

-Yeesh. -I'll do this one.

Maya: Next up is the water balloon throw.

[ Trembling ]

Maya: Ready...


Come on, man, just -- just think about that sweet hat.

Besides, that kid signed up for this.

[ Whimpering ]

I-I think.


[ Screaming ]

Yes! Mm. My bad.

Hm. Hm. Hm.

-Whoa. -The Arm.

[ Gasps ] The Arm.

Another champion?

[ Screaming ]


[ Splat ]

I'm sorry, Grandma.

Yay! That was fun.

It's okay. We can still win this.


Me and JP got the next one.

For our next joust, we have...

this kid from the Honeysucker Rangers

versus the Squashinator.

What, they let little babies compete now?

[ Laughs ]

Let us go, noble steed.

Uh, I'm -- I'm actually a truck.

Oh, yeah, sorry. Well, start your engines.

Vroom vroom.

Best two out of three wins.


[ Yelling ]

[ Grunts ]

The Squashinator?

Heh, more like the Fall-and-see-ya-later.

[ Growls ]

[ Shrieks ]

[ Screams ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Laughs ] Did you see that?

[ Speaking indistinctly ]

I thought it was crazy where I'm from,

but the suburbs are savage.

[ Laughs ]

Come on, Kelsey, get up. You can do it.

[ Grunts ] Let's end this.

But y-you don't have a pool noodle anymore.

I don't need a noodle.

Oh, I bet you need a diaper after that one, huh?

You're right. I am gonna need a diaper,

because I'm gonna give it to you after I'm done with you

because you're gonna need to wear a diaper

because it's gonna be so bad!

Do you get what I'm saying!

[ Yells ]

[ Shrieks ]

-Yeah! -Whoo! Yeah!

Alright! -Yes!

[ Crying ] I got a boo-boo.

Poor The Squashinator.

I did what I had to do.

Maya: Hmm.

You see this?

Yeah, that little girl went flying.

Wait, she's alive?

Maybe you should pay closer attention to those kids.

Congratulations to both teams on making it this far.

Let's hear it for our finalists,

the Cherry Blossoms...

[ Cheers and applause ]

...and the Honeysuckle Rangers.

Our last game of the day will be slaps.

I'll do it. Slaps is a warrior's game after all,

and nobody here is more of a warrior than me.

[ Grunts ] -Aah!

Kelsey, you're hurt.

We're all hurt, Craig.

Physically. Emotionally.

Our lower backs.

I'm never gonna forget the look on that kid's face

when I blasted him with that balloon.

Don't worry. I'll do it -- for my dad.

Next stop, the podiatrist!

Besides, how hard could it be?

I think I can take on...


I'll be taking over for the Cherry Blossoms.

[ All gasp ]

What's this?

Maya has entered the fray.

She must see a worthy opponent in our Honeysuckle champion.

First to yield, loses.

[ Grunts, gasps ]

Looks like you missed.

My turn.

So, are you new around here?

What? No.


[ Groans ]

No, I'm not new.

Really? I haven't seen you around before,

and I never forget a face.


Ow! Ow! Ow! Ho-ho!

You got this! Shake it off!

[ Chuckles ]

What's so funny?

Why, I'm about to smack your hands clean off your wrists.


[ Yelling ]

[ Screaming ]


I yield.

Wow. A forfeit.

From Maya?

-What? -Are you serious?


-Yeah! -Whoo! Yes!

Alright! You won by doin' nothing.

Honeysuckle Rangers,

get on over here and claim your prizes.

Why did she quit?

Come on, cuz, let's just get those prizes and go.

Come on, everybody, give them a round of applause.

What an exciting performance from...

Craig of the Creek.



[ Grunts ] Oh no.

Craig, we've been invisibly cuffed. Aah.

You know, it's hard being the king,

because you have everything you could ever want.

There's nothing anyone can buy you to make you happy.

But you know what would make me happy?

A handmade gift, right from the heart.

Your map. -Ha.

Too bad for you, I didn't bring my map, so --

Hey, w-wait. Wait. Don't look in there.

Stop. Chill! Chill!

No. Gah! Eugh.

You won't get away with this.

I'll get my map back and --

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

And one more in landscape.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

Ah, all done.

You can have it back now.

Look, man, you have your picture.

Now, let us go.

[ Sighs ]

My friends, these heathens from the other side of the creek

lied their way in here

and impersonated members of the court

with the intent to steal your gifts.

-No way. -What nerve. -Are you kidding me?

What do you think? Should I let them go?

[ Spectators booing ]

[ Spectators chanting "maze!" ]

The people have spoken, Craig of the Creek.

Maya: For violating the laws of the king,

you are hereby sentenced to get your sorry butts

dropped in the maze.

[ Chuckles ]

Good luck getting out before dinner --

or ever.

[ Cackles ]

[ All scream, grunt ]

Okay, this is bad, but nobody panic.

Aaah! [ Grunts ]

It's too thick to jump through.

[ Grunting ]

It's too thick to cut through.

And there's no service.

We can't even tell our parents we'll be late.

It's okay. I think I saw enough of the maze

from the bucket to figure a way out.

Uh, come on.

Uh, left.

Right. Left.

Another left.

Now it should be just a straight shot to the exit.

Aw, no.

Ugh. We shouldn't have come here.

The king has a picture of my map,

and I'm gonna miss my dad's surprise party,

not that it matters because I don't even have a present

for him besides that dumb card I made.

I'm sorry, you guys.

Bryson: Nah, this is on me.

You guys were all like, "It's dangerous,"

but I was like, "I want a hat."

And honestly, I should've listened to y'all

'cause these kids were wyling.

If we ever do get out of here,

I'm sure your dad will love the card you give him,

'cause you always make great things,

whether it's a birthday card

or making a bunch of hoses into a cool water fountain.

[ Gasps ] The hoses.

They looked like a tangled mess,

but it was really one hose twisted around.

The maze is the same thing.

One tangled line.

The exit connects to this entrance,

so if we just keep to one side

and follow it all the way, we'll get out.

Wait. Spikes ahead.

[ Teeth chattering ]

[ All gasp ]

[ All scream ]

[ All scream ]

[ Grunts ]


[ Gasps ] Look. It's a huge pile of brownies.

Pssht! What an obvious trap.

Yeah, it's clearly just a distraction

to play on our hunger.


JP, didn't you hear us all agree it's a trap?

Relax. Brownies are a grab-and-go snack.

I'm just gonna grab one and go.

[ Screams ]

[ All grunt ]

Brownie Monster: [ Cackles ]

I just want a grab-and-go snack.

[ All scream ]

Hands on the wall! Hands on the wall!

[ Panting ] We made it out.

The Blur: Well, well, well.

I was blurried for a second,

but you all actually made it out of the maze.

Too bad for you, the king left us here as an insurance policy.

Prepare to fight --

[ Cellphones vibrating, beeping ]

Dinnertime? -Dinnertime?

Chili dogs. Got to go home.

Yah! Yah!

I'm coming home, Father.

Hey! How'd it go?!

We won the tournament, but the king caught us

and took a picture of my map!

We'll talk later!


Wait, what?!

We made it.

Together: Surprise!

Aw, it's just Craig.

Are you kidding me?

Everybody reset. Places, people, places.

JP, where is your shirt?

Oh, a brownie monster took it.

Wait, wait, who are those other kids?

Ah, they're with me.

Yeah, Nicole, I didn't know we could bring friends.

Our boy Ron didn't have nothing to do today.

And he can make a mean grilled cheese, too.

Please, you say that like it's more than two ingredients.

It's just bread, cheese, and fire.

Nicole: Shhh! Hey. Shh, shh, shh!

Dad, the next time you schedule your doctors appointments,

you ain't got to do it all in one day.

Together: Surprise.

[ Squeals ]

Here's your first gift --

you will always be my oldest son.

[ Squeals ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Wow, a pineapple watch.

I been wanting one of these.

These cost a fortune.

Did you use my fortune?

I used my own fortune -- and a couple of coupons.

My man.

Thanks, Bernard.

Calling Butt-narc.


That's so cool.

H-H-Hey, Dad?

I made this for you.

Oh, a card.

I-I-I know it's not a cool watch or anything, but --

Oh, look, it's us. [ Laughs ]

With our muscles.

And my catchphrase -- ka-boom!

"To the best dad ever."

Craig, I love it.

Well, at least we got cake.

And bruises.

Man, we sure were lucky to make it home in time.

Sorry about your map, though.

[ Sighs ] Now that the king has a picture of your map,

it's only a matter of time before he makes his move

to take over our side of the creek.

I don't know when or where the king will strike,

but when he does, we will be ready for him.

When it's time to go to bed

I know I don't have to feel alone

'Cause I'll see you tomorrow

At the creek

It's time to go to the creek

The creek

It's time to go to the creek

The creek

It's time to go to the creek

Tomorrow at the creek

Just like I drew it.

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