Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hayoung lost free pizza coupon! [The Return of Superman/2020.04.19]

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Guys, shall we order in some food?


- Do you want some pizza? / - Yes.

- You can't cook. / - I was exhausted.

Hello? Yes.

Oh, right. I'm ordering pizza.

(He's back to being Kyungwan.)

I talked in that voice while ordering.

We'd like to order a pizza,

and we have some coupons.

Could you bring us a pizza for 10 coupons?


Yeonwoo, I collected 10 pizza coupons.

- Let's have a free pizza with them, okay? / - Okay.

- Are you happy? / - Yes.

(Then he collapsed.)

I changed into that outfit,

installed the equipment,

- and played. It was exhausting. / - I'm dying.

- You worked so hard. / - I'm exhausted.

(This is so exhausting.)


(the kids are still energetic.)

The kids never get tired.

- Right. / - But they had fun.

You must have felt proud.

(Burn everything.)

- That's Yeonwoo. / - He's so energetic.

(She's excited too.)

He's always singing and dancing.

(The doorbell rings.)

The pizza must be here.

- Yeonwoo. / - Yes?

Open the door. The pizza is here.

Okay. One moment.

I'll go.

(Pizza is here?)

Please wait for a minute.

I opened the door in this outfit.

It must've scared him.

Coupons. What?

What? Where did the coupons go? You had 10.

(The coupons are missing.)

- Yeonwoo. / - Yes?

- Where did they go? / - What do you mean?

Where did all the coupons go?

I piled up 10 coupons.

I found one here.


(Why is it here?)

You ordered a pizza with coupons.

(While Kyungwan was passed out...)

In the meantime... My goodness.

Oh, no.

Look how swift she is.

(Why are you in a hurry, Hayoung?)

(She puts the coupon in the rice pit.)

My gosh, she hid one there.

Hey, this... Wait.

Give us a moment, please.

(It's okay.)

(Rummaging through)

Oh, no. How will you find it there?

You can't.

I'll look for it in here.

Go inside now.

You must be busy. I'm so sorry.

Give us one more minute.

Hayoung, where did you put these?

Hayoung doesn't know what they are for.

(They are busy looking for the coupons.)

Wait. What is this?

- This is... / - My gosh.

I found it!

(She put one coupon in the rice pit.)

It fell.

It's not here.

Did you put this in here?

- It's not in here. / - I had to find one more.

Where did you put this, Hayoung?

This won't do.

Sir, we'll just pay for this pizza.

How much is it?

It's 15.90 dollars.

Okay. 15.90 dollars? One moment, please.

I'm so sorry. Well...

Thank you.

- He waited for us. / - Goodbye.

I felt so sorry and grateful.

- It's not free. / - Hayoung,

we were going to have this for free.


It should've been free,

but you lost the coupons,

so we had to pay for this.

- Do you have anything to say? / - Yes.

What is it?

Oh, no.

(Only she knows where the last coupon went.)

Where did the coupon go?

Is that where it is?

- Did you not find it yet? / - No.

This is cool.

I'll give it to you.

(Although they couldn't get a free pizza...)

I'll give it to you.

(They're eating it deliciously.)

(It suits his taste.)

They had so much fun playing, so that pizza

must taste extra delicious.

(Is it finally my turn?)

Blow. Blow on it.


It's delicious.

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