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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Betterspot: A VPN router for all devices and platforms [High Quality]

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome Todd Henderson, of 109 Bakerfield Road

Browsing the web shouldnt feel like performing for an audience.

Every time you access the internet

Your data can be viewed and stolen by hackers

your activity can be tracked and censored,

and movies and games can be blocked by regional restrictions.

But not with Betterspot!

Betterspot encrypts your incoming and outgoing web activity, protecting you online

It gives you the freedom to access movies, Live sports and games without regional blackouts or restrictions.

Whether you're at home, or traveling abroad.

Connect Betterspot to your router and all your devices all protected simultaneously!

The Betterspot app allows you to switch from VPN mode to Tor Anonymity Network.

You can also turn the VPN off to make Betterspot work like a regular VPN router

The app has easy to use controls to change the geographic location that you appear in

so that you can unlock region blocked content.

Betterspot gives Freedom, Privacy and Security to your Internet connected devices.

Keeping your web activity private... the way it should be!

Today, we are excited to introduce something that we think is going to take secure and private browsing to the next level

"It's called Betterspot"

Betterspot is a VPN router, compatible with all types of technology platforms and devices.

It's portable, works with Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection

and it's super easy to use

All you need to do is: turn it on!

it can be used on its own , or with our intuitive app

which lets you easily control Betterspot.

For the past 5 years, our company has provided its VPN services to millions of people

to ensure safe and secure internet browsing.

Betterspot uses our company's Premium servers and trusted VPN service to give customers maximum protection and security

Our team has been working on Betterspot for a year, and it's ready to share it with you.

But we need your help.

With your support, we'll be able to fine tune our designs based on manufacturing requirements

and start mass production to bring Betterspot to you.

Join our campaign, and be part of a Safer, Freer, and Better Internet experience!

The Description of Betterspot: A VPN router for all devices and platforms [High Quality]