Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 亡霊の正体!?Ep09 EXERCISE DEAD ~死のエクササイズ~

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You seem taking a sleeping pill, Ill be impolite if another strange uproar happen.

Itll be nothing if you die. Living is the flower. Enjoy life at best. I'm going to help if there is anything able to do.

To despise your dirtiness is your own thing, but its wrong to pessimistic the dirty world.

Because he administrative services of the world population snuggle taxpayers, dirty work is probably inevitable. Isnt it?


I'm not asking the chief rule of life like that. We dont need a word of self-justification. I am the son of a bitch.

Hey, you!

To be resolved in the settlement, also treated secretly inside, Ill thank to manager.

Moved from security department to department one, based on the materials that are passed from manager, I thrust upon the innocent.

Im the son of a bitch that framing human as asked.

Strange accusation is not justified. Probably you did an investigation on your own assumptions. I still will guard for you.

I'm not going to blame you now.

After dozens of years, worked quietly until can receive a retirement allowance. Although cant put on the ritz, you would send the rest life quietly.

I'm in trouble as well if you suicide. If you want to kill yourself so much, do it after retiring.

Stop it while you are in the organization. Instead, I will defend the things during you are my follower.

You do not know anything.


I couldnt die though I want to.

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