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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Rajini Murugan - Full Tamil Film | Sivakarthikeyan, Keerthy Suresh, Soori | Imman | Ponram

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Madurai has been epitomized as the land of killings and theft

..filled with goons and murderers.

That's how you might know Madurai.

Trust me, Madurai isn't like that.

With a scintillating scent of jasmines,

Madurai is not a temple city, but also a festive city.

The great land of Madurai stands for the scent of flowers.

The love of the people is as pure as this city they live in.

See the heights of them temples.

The ones that are preserved as heritage.

The fearsome scream of the deity that's Amman.

Tamil flows as sweet as the Vaigai river.

The great land of Madurai stands for the scent of flowers.

The love of the people is as pure as this city they live in.

Food with the right kind of spices.

Endurance here is susceptible.

The famous Jigarthanda will soothe your hot day.

The land that restored pride to the chaste Kannagi.

The brave victors of the Jallikattu festival.

There exists no violence, but valiance.

If there's someone like this in Madurai,

see for yourself.



Yes, okay.

We'll see.

I'll call you.


Where did you apply the brakes?

You asked me to apply it at the 9th block.

I did it at the 8th one.

Do that, that's right.

- Is the truck loaded? - No, it's not.

- Don't load it. - Okay.

- Fix a rod here. - I'll do it.

- It will help your braking. - Okay.

What is this torn thing?

- Change the tyres. - Yes, I'll change it.

- Will you kill them all? - I will.

This is Mookan, although he's known as Ezhra Mookan.

If he wishes to mess with someone, he will.

If he needs to retrieve cash, he will.

The person he's messing with right now is



- Welcome. - You're alive?

You haven't been here in 6 months.

- I thought you were dead. - I wish.

God doesn't seem to grant my wish.

He will when it's time for it. Come.

What life is this?

- It's hard living with my son and daughter alternatively every 6 months. - Sit.

So, when do you wish to die?

I'm ready whenever that is.

But before I die

I want to sell the house

and split the property among my children.

But no one is complying.

The company people are troublesome.

What is this that looks like a TV?

This isn't a TV, it's an iPad.

They send mobiles and iPads,

but they are never here.

Ayangal has four children.

The once fearsome group

was considered uneducated.

He made them study and has them settled abroad.

His last son is Malligarajan.

Madurai Sethupathy School's Headmaster.

This teaching couple have 3 kids.

The eldest is in Australia.

The youngest is in the Army.

The middle son, is our hero. Rajini Murugan.

Our hero has three important chores.

To handover breakfast for his Grandpa

..then lunch

..and dinner.

Is it fine Grandpa?


This is 'Rotation' Mani.

Every 6 months he organizes something.

New festival, Grand festival,

..Family festival and Colony festival.

Today it's for his son.

I have to get home soon, bring the kid.

This is the kid? I would have brought a knife had I known.

Be careful.

Why are you screaming like it's the first time?

This is the fourth time, I myself am bored.

Hey, stop it!

If you don't maintain the lines, I'll take the money and leave.

Majestic moustache, but you're offering only 2 rupees.

Huge pays will be taken first. Beautiful girls drop your number along.

- There's a seven rupee note behind you. - Where?

- I got it. - Okay.

- Have you counted these? - Yes.

Give it.

- Why? - He'll find out if you take so much.

Yeah right.

- How much is there? - 10, 30, 000 rupees.

- How much according to the book? - 10, 70, 000.

40, 000 missing? No one is leaving, sit down.

Dad, we have 10 lakhs. Why are you worried about 40, 000?

Did you think we got it for free?

- We have to do it again next week. - Yeah right.

I suspect you.

- Get up. - I'm your son.

That's why I suspect you.

- Dad! - I said get up!

He calls himself son and he steals from me.

Should I steal from Swiss banks then?

There's only 20, 000 in this. Where's the rest?

- He got caught. - Why are you looking at me?

Are you saying I stole it?

- You st.. - I stopped you from stealing.

- What is this? - What is this dad?

Dad he's my friend.

You're insulting him.

You brand me a thief for all the work I did today?

I'm leaving right now!

If you get up, you'll get caught.

- Uncle listen to me.. - He's a teacher's son, he wouldn't have.

Stupid dad!

18, 19, 20.

My share for this year's function is ready.

Where's your share?

I have my brother for my share.

To everyone present at this 5th Anniversary of the Apartment Council,

I issue a warm welcome.

Moreover all the games that take place here

and those who are sponsoring it

I will read out their names.

Mr. Ramamurthy, 1000 rupees.

Mr. Malligarajan, 1001 rupees.

- Thank you! - Is this an amount?

Now comes the donation that will lead by an example.

Mr. Rajini Murugan, 30,000 rupees and

Thothathree, 20,000

Now that is a honorable act.

Sit down first.

Where did he get 30,000?

- Did you not lock the house? - I did lock it.

You get home, I'll take care of you.

One by one all the programs will take place.

Why are you going up?

- To remove the pot. - Why?

If you cannot break the pot, you must marry a donkey. Hence, no one is willing.


Is there no one here...

that can break the pot?

- Bro, save the world! - Relax.

Are the girls looking at us?


Then I'll go.

Go ahead.

Mister, I'll break...

- this pot. - Give him the stick.

The pot that nobody could break

is targeted by Mr. Rajini Murugan.

Whether or not he'll break it,

his marriage to the donkey

..has everyone's attention.

Everyone step aside.

Don't show off too much,

the bluetooth earphone might fall down.

Okay, okay. Ready, ready.

Move right, one step right.

Steady, keep straight.

You're facing the pot straight ahead.

Take 7 quick steps like you'd walk on fire

and stop.

He's gonna break someone's head instead of the pot.

Bro, he's confusing you.

We'll break the pot later. Turn left

..take four steps and on the 5th step

- hit his head. - Wait.

- Mango? - He's thinking

He has turned around.

- Is your sister here? - My dad is.

- You can go. - Bro?

Say something bro.

- Hello. - Please recharge your account.

- Bro? - I can't hear anything.

Damn, my balance is over.

- It's gone. - I wonder how he'll manage.

I shouldn't have participated.

Damn, what do we do now?

Stop laughing.

I don't know where I'm standing.

Please help.

- Here have some soda. - Really?

- Give it. - Have it.

Bro is back.

This is more than enough.

Get lost!

- What? - Donkey..

Only 30 seconds left for the donkey's marriage.

- I'd rather marry your daughter. - Almost there.

Hit it.

He's right below the pot.

He's going to hit it, he's going to win the prize.

He's trying to confuse me!

- Time to set up the marriage! - Time to win the prize!

- Damn! - Well...

- that's my style now! - He has done it! He broke the pot!

Cock-a-doodle-do goes the cockerel, as the rooster puts up a fight...

I'm here to have fun, it's me Murugan Rajini Murugan

Rajini Murugan

I dance to folk beats

I'm your friend Murugan.

Rajini Murugan.

Rajini Murugan.

No worries about tomorrow

No savings to count for

There's wind that seeks no time

There's trouble with a wise life

I have no worries

For I'm King without a crown

I have no worries

For I'm King without a crown

Cock-a-doodle-do goes the cockerel, as the rooster puts up a fight...

I'm here to have fun, it's me Murugan Rajini Murugan

Rajini Murugan.

All that I see is troublesome

Anything I drink they call it wine

A courageous win they snatch in the name of luck

Anything hard earned is never approved.

Our hearts are like flowers

For we are never bad

Fun and limitless care

We're just different

We're a bunch that shed no tears

We flee, away from debts

Rajini Murugan

We connect without masks

And share a free drink

We forget our homes when we are together

Together we reach great heights

Like pigeons that flock

We roam, for we have no work

Girls who adorn sarees...

are the ones we wish to be with

We wait no matter what

We rightfully give our hearts away

Cock-a-doodle-do goes the cockerel, as the rooster puts up a fight...

He is here to have fun, it's Murugan Rajini Murugan.

Rajini Murugan.

He dances to folk beats

Here's our friend Murugan.

Rajini Murugan.

I have no worries

For I'm King without a crown

I have no worries

For I'm King without a crown

Oh praise the rivers.

I wish my Dad gives me money.

Wise man, come here.


Yes, tell me.

Your brother has deposited 60,000 in Western union

- .. go get it. - I got it yesterday itself.

You didn't tell me!

You didn't ask me.

You wouldn't tell me if I don't ask?

Give it.

- That's 30, 000. - What about the rest?

Remember our flat association's function

well, I donated for the remaining for it.

You donated this money for that?

- Are you senseless? - Did I waste it on something useless?

Is donating a mistake?

Donating isn't a mistake.

You should do it with your own money.

Your brother works hard in an IT company

..and sends us this money.

Yeah like he breaks bricks there.

He sits in an a/c room and checks Facebook and Twitter.

And when they're bored they watch Sunny Leone on YouTube.

Greetings teacher!

- How about serving some food? - Already did, now go hog.

The food you make can only be thrown away.

- Dad will you cook? - I'm dismayed as I say this

I regret having a son like you.

I don't care...

but spare me 200 rupees.


- I only have 500. - Hold this.

- 200 rupees mom. - Hold out both hands.

Please give it mom.

There a shortage of 1.5 bucks.

I'll give it tomorrow.

Now come, let's go.

Spend it wisely!

Did you steal from the temple?

Stop it. That's my mom's generosity.

And you accepted it with all your pride?

What else? There's no respect for us nowadays.

I owe 200 to the tea shop.

I had to use another route to avoid him and get here.

It's right here why don't you give it?

- But it's 1.5 rupees short. - Oh God!

- I find it hard to say. - Say it.

We need to work.

What work?

Some work that would earn us reputed honours.

Bloody nonsense dog!

Catch it, we'll sell it to the butcher.

What the hell? Even dogs take a dump on us!

I guess even the dog thinks we are jobless.

If we persist on not working, our country won't develop.


Predictions based on your foot prints.

Good Lord! Shall we start?

How do you predict with foot prints?

Nobody has fingerprints any more.

That's why I've shifted to the feet.

Tell me your names.

- Rajini Murugan. - Super!

And yours?

- Thothathree. - What kind of a name is that?

Seshadri or Ravi Shastri are pretty famous but...

- Even R.B. Choudary. - How about Savithri, Velakuthiri?

Stop irritating me.

- What is this? - This is the instrument.

- What should we do? - You have to place your leg on this.

Bear it for a while, it will be like this.

It tickles. Where did you get this idea from?

- It's feels good. - I want to try it out too.

Take your leg off, you place your's on it.

- Place your leg and check it out. - Here

Cover yourself appropriately first.


- Now place it. - Better now?

- It tickles right? - Son

I'm not using something tender

It's a needle, I won't mind piercing your feet.

- Take your leg away now. - Okay.

Son, I myself am proud.

If you both start a joint venture...'ll be driving an Audi in 60 days.

Audi car?

On the 61st day the entire town will talk about your fortune.


And then you'll be donating money for the poor like myself.

You are generous givers.

Justice incarnate.

King of Justice!

Lord Rajni Murugan

Lord Rajni Murugan

Lord Rajni Murugan

Lord Rajni Murugan

Please help us.

Lord Rajni Murugan.Please help us.

- What is it? - The town is flooded by the rains.

We're all hungry.

Show some mercy.

- Don't you hear their cries? - Sir.

We donated them money to build houses...

but they ended up building it near the lake.

And now the floods have ruined it.

- How much rice do we have? - More than enough.

Give it to them.

Sit down, please eat.

Live long dear!

He can mimic others voice too.

Catch it, it's the same dog.

- One day I'll.. - Son

Don't call it a dog, he's the time keeper.

He didn't piss on you

he has cleansed you of your sins.

It means you're gonna find your lucky charm today.

What did you say?

You will find your lucky charm.

- Where are you going? - My fees!

Carry on.

- I hope this is where we work today? - Definitely.


- Need any help? - No thanks.

So you can handle it?

Dear, I'll go home, eat and be back.

Take care of my shop.

What happened dear? You didn't see her?

- No. - Don't worry.

Your efforts will bear fruit.

She will come for sure and you will see her.

Damn! The clothes!

Dear, to get a glimpse of you I wait here like a statue.

I could take you with me right away, so gift me your love, gift me yourself.

Here you are wholly present, like never before, feels like love.

Just like rain, that eases the pain. I await your kiss, that would ease my pain.

You've set my heart ablaze dear.

I had no say, you blew me away.

My love.


You've been looking for her since morning.

Did she even glance at you?

Who said she didn't?

Girls have eyes everywhere.

Except their two eyes, the rest will look at us.

Now that she's inside, she will open the window

..pretending to enjoy the rain she'll look at me.Wait and watch.

We'll see.


- That's her father. - What are you doing here?

We are just playing in the rain, uncle.

Dear, you're a very good student.

That doesn't mean you should disrespect your parents.

Even if the sky falls down

- our dignity is more important. - Shameless Malligaraja!

Come out! I said come out!

It's nothing.

Do you have any sense?

Are you stupid?

I hope what you eat is food and not animal food!

Don't you have any dignity?

And you call yourself a Headmaster.


He insulted you to the core...

and how could you be so ignorant about it?

Nothing like that...

My son would have ogled at his daughter...

and so he just vented out his anger on me.

- Oh, so you're related? - Not only related....

He is my best friend

My classmate.

He's one of the die hard fans of Rajinikanth.

Hail Rajinikanth!

Hail Rajinikanth!

All his movie releases are like a festival to him.

He makes posters and garlands him.

He even serves free food and makes it a grand day.

He'll be as happy as one gets on finding a treasure.

He's not only a fan, but a devotee.


Give us the card.

- Are you fine sister? - Yeah I'm fine.

- Come dear. - Look at my son!

Be careful.

I will name my son-in-law.

- No one should question it. - Go ahead.

You have the right.

Rajini Murugan.

- How is it? - It's..

- I thought dad's name.. - It is dad's name.

My father, Murugan.

His name and my godfather's.

- Both together. - We can go home and decide..

- Why are you giving reasons? - Wait!

It's a nice name, let it be.

He had a daughter later. I mean my daughter-in-law was born.

We didn't marry them as kids that's all.

What my son did on that auspicious day....

Aunty take me inside, I'll join you.

Take me inside, I'll join you.

You cannot go inside son!

Why are they going inside then?

Only when husband and wife go inside will there be a baby.

- Oh is it? - Yes. - You could have told me earlier.



Our parents are teachers.


Dad! Open the door!

- Karthiga! - Dad open the door!


- What happened? - The kids are stuck inside.

What happened?

- Look into it. - Step aside.

Don't cry, come.


- Dear - Yes dad? - The kids are scared.

- Get some buttermilk. - Okay.

- I'll bring - Okay

Why did you take her inside the room?

No dad, uncle said we'd get a baby if we went inside the room

that's why we went inside.

Let's leave, playful kids!

Are you senseless?

Don't you know what to tell young kids?

Your son is young?



- Why do you call the kid worthless? - It's true

What else do you expect me to say looking at his activities.

He'll become a loafer!

If you say that again!

What if I do?

Will you beat me up? Go ahead.

I'll tell you now, I'll never marry my daughter to your son no matter what!

Get lost, who are you to give her?

My son will study and he'll become something amazing!

Then you'll come and beg for his hand in marriage.

Why should I?

He fought with me for this small issue.

After that we never spoke to each other.

To keep my son away from his daughter, he sent her out of station for her education.

My son turned to be a loafer, just like he said.

I wonder when he'll forget all this.

I will never forget it!

I can't stand the sight of him!

You forget parents when you're in love.

And you forget yourself in love.

Don't forget the love after you get married.

Children can forget parents

..but parents won't forget their kids.

Start the car!


Come here.

What is it dad?

Every look of your is fireworks...

Every smile of yours is a celebration...

People will dress up colorfully and wait for you...

They will follow you like dogs...

You must be careful.

Even if you ask me to I won't even look at him.

Why are you worried?

Let go of it.

Tell me without turning around, is the scooter here?

- Has she gone inside? - She is going inside.

Let us go as well.

Whether she likes me or not, I must express the interest.

We should not worry.

True. She should.

If tsunami can arise from the ocean...

..I'm sure love will arise in her heart too.

You go ahead and do it.


- Do you remember what the astrologer said? - What did he say?

He said we'd start a business in 10 days and we'd be driving an Audi in 60.

- Where are we standing now? - In the middle of the road.

Idiot. We're in front of an Audi showroom.

If we are to drive an Audi in 2 months we have to book it now.

Everything must be logical. Let's take a look at the car.

You mean the scooter.

Look at the price.

Forty seven thousand eleven thousand one hundred and thirty three rupees.

- It's 47 lakhs. - It's that cheap?

- Is this a fire engine? - It's a car.

Sir, this is the all new Audi A3. Specially made for you.

The specialty of the car is that the engine here has such power..

You are so good and fluent in English....

but the irony is you don't know whom to speak with it.

Look at my plight, selling cars to these people.


Brother, is that a new model?

- Yeah it's new. - She's new.

- Sales executive. - What is that?

She sells cars.

- Go away and send her. - Why?

He doesn't buy cars from men.

A customer is here, go.

Excuse me.

- Greetings sir. - Greetings.

We're here to buy a car. Show us different models.

- What happened? - Cough.

When you envy others you get really ill.

- Loafer! - Excuse me?

- Key sir. - Oh. - Please take your seat sir.

Just wait I'll get you.

Is it an a/c car or non a/c?

- It's an a/c car. - So why don't you turn it on?

Is your dad paying for it?

He's got a big mouth.

- Isn't there a comb? - No sir, there's no comb.

There's not even a comb in a foreign car?

What else is there?

There's an engine and four wheels sir.

There's a steering.

There's an automatic gear box and sun roof.

- Where should I touch? - There.

Do it.

Bro! Look! The terrace!

- Can you see my hand? - Can you see mine?

- Yes I can. - This is great.

It's a 40 lakh car, it's supposed to be.

You're reminding us about money? Haven't we seen money?

- Sorry sir. - Continue.

There's an airbag inside this.


When you're on a highway

..and if you meet with an accident.

This airbag will save you.

I'm buying a car for the first time, don't be negative.

- I just explained what's there. - Look

Let that be. You're saying a balloon will save us

- who will fill air in it? - That won't be necessary.

- It's already filled. - Okay.

Okay sir, are you going to book it?

Sure, why not.

Cash or cheque?

- Card. - Card? Which one?

All cards.

The milk card, postcard, id card.

She's asking about payment. We made fun of her, it's her turn now.

- Let's escape.. - Hey, wait.

You think you can run?

- Hi guys. - Hi.

I am the manager for this showroom.

My name is Kunjithapadham.

- Hello sir. - Hello.

Did you take a look?

- I'm still looking at it. - Do you like it?

I came because I liked it.

Did you test drive it?

- Test drive? - I meant did you drive it?

We can test drive it?


When we go for the test drive, madam will come. Right?

- Do you want that? - Will I get it?


- What? - It's like a ship.

Bro, the breeze in the terrace is amazing.

Take it to our area.

Hey there, listen!

It's me, Rajini Murugan.

- What is it? - If my dad asks

- tell him I went for a drive in an Audi. - Okay.

Hey there! Listen...

- if he asks, tell him we went to the collector's office.

- If who asks? - Nobody will.

- You deliberately tell someone. - Let me come there.

You! Get inside.

Is he pissed off?

It's getting late. Let's leave.

Wait. Hey dude.

The car looks great

when did you get it? You never told us.

I was about to tell you, but I bought the car with my phone's balance.

- No balance. - Muruga

- Who is that? - Free with the Audi car.


We youngsters are like that, don't mind.

What about that 200 rupees balance?

- It'll be nice if you give it. - Worthless!

I think you've got the wrong person.

You never know when luck strikes.

It's getting late, get to the showroom.

Showroom? It says the top speed is 260.

It doesn't seem to go past 60.

If you can drive properly, it can go more than that.

Why do you keep saying something? Get to the showroom.

I'll pinch you, shut up.

Damn it.

Damn it! We're dead!

I told you not to say something negative.

- Look what happened. - You, shut up.

If you touch the car again! Give me the key.

- Hey. Wait, wait.

You said a balloon will save us if we hit it somewhere.

- It's missing. - What?


Sir, they're both together.

There's a huge dent. They cheated us.

Hey! Come!


- He's drunk. - Sir, we've never had a drink.

Bring the car to the station.

If you are not drunk then how did this happen?

Sir, please listen to me.

- Let's not go to the station. - Who are you?

I'm the manager of the showroom.

- If you are, how could you give them this car? - It was my fault.

The vehicle has insurance and I'll take care of you too.

It'll be very insulting if you take us to the station now. Please sir!

- You're thin, so you can take the car. - What logic is that?

We'll discuss that, come here.

- You come here. - Sir I'm thin as well.

Damn it! You're fired.

Sir, what did I do?

You could have told me they wouldn't buy it.

- What is your name? - Thothathree sir.

- You? - Rajini Murugan sir.

If it becomes a court case, you'll have to pay 10-15,000.

- How much do you have? - 20 rupees sir.

- What about you? - 20 rupees sir.

- Where is it? - He has it.

I'm a sincere police officer.

I'll make people pay for their mistakes.

Hence, I'm making you pay.

Why did you give it to him?

I stole it from him.

It's all gone.

We didn't even worry about the balloon.

And you're feeling for the job.

If I ever see you again...

- Why do they scold us? - Expecting that we will change!


Who are you?

Walking into an open house.

Sir sent us.

- Sir? Who is that? - Don't you know who?

Ezhra Mooku sir asked for 1 lakh.

Am I doing charity?

Now stop asking money and get lost.

Get out. I said get out.

- How many of you went? - 2 of us.

Take 2 more along.

Who are you?

Sir asked for that money.

You come and go as you please. Get up!

I said get up!

Why are you so angry?

We just asked you money. Not your life.

Why are you getting furious?

Tell me.

Mooka, there are people here asking for money.

- Your place? - Yes.

I'll be there.

Hey, where have you come?

Go, get out.

Senseless fellows.

Don't have any brains!

I asked them to go to Marimuthu's house and they've come to Chellamuthu's house.


You've built such a huge house in Madurai.

You didn't even invite me for the house warming.

Why are you standing? Sit.


It's nothing, I got myself a new vehicle.

Every month 30,000 rupees is the EMI.

A driver for it, 10,000 for him.

All other expenses add up to 1 lakh.

I can't handle it.

Give me 1 lakh.

You ask for money as you please.

Who else do I ask?

You've developed your business.

I'm not able to sell what I bought and get money for what I sold.

Did anybody question you? Did the corporation question you?

Did anybody say you exploited public property?

Has anybody caused any trouble?

Can they? Or will we let them?

It's because I'm there.

Go. Get 1 lakh.

How many people do I have to bribe?

Here, it's a bit difficult this month.

I have only 75,000. Take it.

When have I borrowed money from someone?

- Take it. - Okay.

He gave 25 short of 1 lakh!

Leave the car.

- Burn that bike up. - Okay.

How long do I wait?

She doesn't seem to cooperate. Oh god.

Who is that?

He's worshipping from behind the temple?

Morning duty?

Why did you ask me to come urgently?

2 policemen were eyeing me suspiciously.

If they see me, they will be sure.

- I'm leaving. - I can't go in alone.

- Stay with me and support me. - I cannot do that.

The police are here.

Try to manage.

Be casual. Keep quiet.

Be normal.

Who are you both? What are you doing here?

My grandma had a food stall here sir.

She died suddenly, I remembered that

- that's why I came to take a look. - What are you doing?

I lost my ring.

- His idea is simple. - I've been searching for it since the morning.

How can you lose a gold ring?

- Can we lose a nose ring then? - What?

Grandma! Grandma!

Looks like the boys are searching for the ring, let's help them.

Why do we need to do it?

- Let's leave. - Don't be stupid.

You're refusing your morning bribe.

We can take the ring. Everyone search.

- You too search. - You will soon be promoted.

- Show me gold. Cow dung! - It's man's.

You, hush!

When did you lose it and how?

I lost it when I was 5.

You lost it when you were 5?

What is he saying?

- Look at how he stares. - You, get up!

- Crazy fellow. - Did you find it?

Yes, here.

- Hello? Yeah we found it. - Are we stupid?

If I see you again, I'll arrest you.

Take care of your belly first.

How dare you advice me?


I want to keep looking at her.

And I need to keep getting beaten up, right?

I thought I'd somehow talk to her today.

These policemen chased us.

What else will they do?

If you're standing there, you need a reason.

If you're standing under a tree, you can say it was for shade.

Or if you're holding a post, you can say you're drunk.

If you stand like that in front of her house, it's obviously suspicious.

- What bro? - If you want to keep looking at her

open a tea stall there.

Super bro.

We can make money and I get to see her all the time.

Women don't bother unless we're entrepreneurs.

Please open.

A drink?


You won't change!

- I'm the manager! - I'm the manager!

Bro, let me sit there.

I'll sit here, you make tea.

You make tea, I'll take care of this.

People will cheat you.

If you want to be a cashier, you need to do calculations.

- Do you know mathematics? - Who is he?

- Why should I know about him? - Stop fighting.

We must not go after a chair, it must come.

You be the cashier

You make the tea, what say Rajini?

If I say it once, it equals a 100 times.

What do you think Kamal?

The milk will get cold.

Here to spoil his name.

Get it quick. Okay, sister.

Hey, you're ignoring uncle.

- Where are you going? - To buy tea.

Do I have a wine shop?

This is also a tea shop.

My sister asked me to go to a good shop.

What do you mean?

You won't get a better shop anywhere else in the world.

Now come and buy.

Two cups for brother-in-law.

- Balance? - I'm not gonna run away.

Tell your sister to come get it later.



Look there.

What the?

My tea for a dog?

Are you pouring it for the dog?

- Dog! - Yeah, hit him.

- Who's responsible if the dog dies? - Exactly!

It's the lawyer!

It's uncle!

- It's dad, get in. - A tea, son.

Sit down, I'll give it.

He's looking.

Here, where are you?


Play the song.

Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life?

Say yes, say yes because I need to know.

- Is he looking? - Yes he is.


But by the look of it, he's trying to tell us youngsters something.

Let us tell him something then.

- Bro. - Yes?

- Change the song. - Watch this.

Whoever gave birth to you?

He's dead if I catch him.

- What? - Come here.

Bro, looks like he'll want to become a partner.

Don't agree, talk this way and cut him off.

Call me if you need me.

How dare you talk to me like that?

Why are you beating me up?

Damn it! Oh god!

- How dare you? - Help me!

Why are you beating me up?

Even the bar council fears me.

But you address me disrespectfully?

I meant to ask if you called me or him!

You misunderstood it.

Why are you always looking here?

We opened the shop only to look here.

- How dare you? - Any more, and you lose my respect for you!

- Wait! - Let go of me!

Get lost!

I came here because you called me

but you beat me up right?

It's the reason for the chaos that's about to take place.

My friend will come to confront you!

- What will you tell him? - Stop it uncle!

I've been watching and this is off limits!

Someone is causing trouble

Instead of killing him you're beating him up?

- We should.. - This was for you as well.

Okay sir.

He tore my shirt because he isn't wearing one.

Thank god the girls didn't see us.


Hey Anandhi, come.

Let's leave. Quick, it's getting late.

Why are you checking out a tea shop owner?

- He's not a tea shop owner. - Then?

He's put up the shop to impress me.

- Bro - What?

My girl is coming.

Play a song that will make her fall for me.

Don't I have any other work?

What is this? Stop the song!

- What? - Let's have a tea and go?

Tea? What if your dad finds out?

Dad's not home, come.

- They're coming to our shop. - Sad.

2 cups of tea.

- Bro! - Yes?

- Two cups of tea. - Two?

I didn't expect a crowd.

- What is it? - There's no sugar.

- No sugar? - No tea powder either.

- What is there? - Only the boiler.

How can we give the boiler?

Get it from the other shop.

Will he find out that I have it?

It's here.

No more stealing, go get it.

It didn't hurt.

Tea master!

- Tea master? - Go prepare the tea.

- Me? - You're the master right?

He's trying to flirt with you.

I can see that.

Why are you looking at me?

Make Horlicks, need to get addicted.

- Hey - What?

- Make it really strong! - Strong right?

I'll make it now.

No sugar.

Salt will do.

The colour of love is


The favourite hangout for couples

is a coffee shop.

Sounds about right.

This is nature.

This is also nature.



You give your girl. I'll give my girl.

Your wish.


Excuse me. Here's milk with Horlicks.

Here's tea, with love.

Where's the response?

It's on the way.

Do you like it?

Damn bastard!

- Why? - Senseless!

- You added salt to love. - A bit.

And you wanted a song. Go clean the vessels.

- Who's there? - Welcome sir.

It's you?

You opened a tea stall to check her out?

- Yes sir. - Let's leave.

- She fell for you? - Not yet sir

- Please wait - Long live!

- Thank you. - Long live!

- Have a tea. - No, I'll feast on your wedding.

Hey, how was the tea?

- It was good. - Only the tea?



A steam filled tea stall...

She came in and it turned into a flower shop.

The sight of an angel

Had me lost all day

My heart is like a cookie.

and now my angel has that cookie.

Until yesterday I was not taken...

The way she looks and smiles....

Oh so sweet, oh so sweet, oh so sweet!



A steam filled tea stall

She came in and it turned into a flower shop.

The sight of an angel

Had me lost all day

For winners!

Rajini Murugan tea stall.

Love is like cup and saucer....

they are inseparable forever.

Desire is like sweets...

cannot be overlooked

As hot as a boiler

Seems her form

A scent so scintillating, emanates from her.

Her words, they're intoxicating

Oh hear what I have to say

A steam filled tea stall

She came in and it turned into a flower shop.

Why is the baby crying?

Ask for Rajini Murugan tea.

Mouth Watering taste!

For an active body!

Hot, special, strong, Rajini Murugan tea.

We don't have branches.

Like an island, the love stays still...

It's in the papers that I read everyday.

Like salt to fulfill her taste

She consumed my love, slowly

Those eyes that say millions

Asks for permission to swim along

Those words that change your state

Takes my breath away

Her touch that I'd kill for!

Beware! Danger!

Run! It's the animal!

A steam filled tea stall

She came in and it turned into a flower shop.

The sight of an angel

Had me lost all day


Trust us and walk in...

And return home with loads of happiness.

Look, you have every right to choose your husband.

But not now, you're only 18.

It's the age to study.

All that elders say will seem wrong.

What we do will seem right.

Because this is an impulsive age.

An age where you can't decide.

Wise people don't take any big decisions in this age.

Dad, I love him.

The tea...

seems good.

What else do I say?

I'm afraid you'll stumble.

I'm not worried about anyone else.

Only you.

- I trust you. - Yeah right.

She'll deceive us.

I still trust my daughter.

Why did you go to that tea stall?

I just thought since he was doing all that for me..

Guess I fell for it a bit.


The sun has started blazing.

They've started a tea stall here.

A glass of tea.

Strong or light?

First start an account for me.

I'll provide something else instead of milk.

- I'll punch you. - Okay fine, chuck it.

- How much are the bananas? - 2 for 10 rupees.

Where's the country headed?

It was 2 for a rupee in that movie but it's 10 here.

Were you in a coma for 20 years?

Alright chill.

Shall I get it for you?

Help? To get a banana?

Why don't you call two elephants?

Mind your business.

We wear shirts of iron!

You in the green shirt!

The way you're plucking it isn't fine.

- Here take the knife. - Knife?

You give me a knife for this?

I'm from Madurai. My hands are sharp enough.

He's giving me a knife!

Get me a sword, I will slash him!

Knife it seems!

Like I haven't seen any.

What kind of a shop do you have?

He offers a knife and you're not bothered.

- It was a mistake. - What mistake?

- Come let's fight. - What is this?

- Good lord, please leave. - I'll kill you!

Eat without stressing out.

What is this obstacle?

I can't ask for a knife now.

- Let's pull it! - The shop!

It's me bro.

Where is that guy?

- Where is he? - Here he comes.


I did it!

You did it, we're about to.

You're so weak you couldn't pluck a banana!

- Don't kill me! - Bro, the banana, careful.

It's already crushed.

Push him in and beat him. He wants to kill me?

I'll bury him.

- How dare you? - Bro!

Hey wait, get beaten up first.

Catch him!

The stall itself is broken, you want the news?

You want the news? Get lost idiot!

- Greetings son. - Who is this?

- The shop is missing. - We're bored so we dismantled it.

- Who are you? - I placed a real estate board in your shop!

Son, I'm a real estate broker.

If your customers check my board out, it'll help me.

If I bring my customers here, your business will develop.

- Can I keep the board? - Keep it.

Even 3 Roses have their board here.

- I'll be happy if you grow up. - Thank you.

You seemed different then.

You look good now.

I've done some good deals of late.

Real estate has brought me riches.

Your shop was my lucky charm.

- I've reached great heights. - You have reached great heights.

We don't even know where to go.

Don't worry.

I have a 4 acre plot.

It's empty.

Why don't you do your business there?

We'll need at least 2 lakhs for that right?

Yes son.

- If you can provide that as well.. - Son

I can only help you so much.

What is your decision?

What bro? Okay?


- Partner? - Yes?

We never worked as employees.

Now we're entrepreneurs.

We need to hire employees.

True partner.

I'll place an ad tomorrow.

Who are these new entrepreneurs in Madurai?

It's the grandson of Ayangal.

Rich people.

Money flows from abroad, hence the new venture.

200 rupees form for 20,000 pay and 300 rupees form for 30,000 pay.

Stay in line, fill the forms and leave.

- This is their company? - This will get us nowhere, let's leave.


- One minute.. - One minute girls..

It's our company, why don't you take the interview?

It's obviously useless when you're the owner.

- Look at your disgusting self.. - Excuse me?

You doubt your own beauty.

Is this what we get for considering you beautiful and loving you?

I don't even feel like teasing you.

I feel like spitting at you.



You're too late.

Why are they scolding us?

- They think we'd change. - Funny girls.

We're now in Mangalyan city which is very close to Madurai.

- It says district of Dindugal sir. - I'll thrash you.

- Shut up. - 300 kms from here there's a college.

There's a school 200 kms away and there's a hospital for emergency 150 kms away.

There is no water scarcity here.

- We don't understand what you're saying. - You don't right?

Everyone check out the blueprint.

Seems like there's a police vehicle in the graphics.

They're the real police.

Why are they here?

You're trying to occupy temple property..

..and allot plots here?

Look bro they're here with a reason to get a cut.

Temple property? This is our brother's land.

Is your brother the man in the jeep?

Greetings son! How do you do?

- Him? - They thrashed me.

Damn criminal!

So you are Rajayogyam?

You're Malligaraj teacher's son right?

You're grandfather has been very generous to all of us.

How could you do this?

I'm letting you go for your grandfather.

Don't mingle with him again.

Evacuate immediately.

- Greetings sir. - Greetings.

- Sir sent us. - Sir?

- Ezhra Mooku sir. He asked for 1 rupee. - 1 rupee?

I'm already pissed, please leave.

Sir, I won't leave without the money.

- I'll make sure I thrash you. - Bro

- It's just a rupee, give him. - Show me your hand.

- Not this, I want the big one. - They don't make it anymore idiot.

You think this is funny?

We're not asking for 1 rupee, we need 1 lakh.

- Give it. - 1 lakh? - How dare you ask for money?

Get out! Hold me!

- Don't! - Thrash them! - Get out!

Your Mooka sir will also get beaten up!

- How many of you went? - Two of us.

- Four of you go. - Okay.

Don't ask for money. Bring down the office.


Hey! Stop it!

No don't wait.

- Let me go grandpa. - No, listen to me.

- They're breaking everything! - Let it be, let it go.

- Get lost you!! - Hey, look

- I'm telling you right? - What got into you grandpa?

I thought you'd beat them up.

But you're stopping me.

I didn't want to see any violence

..that's why my kids are settled abroad.

You must also settle down like that.

That's what is important.

Our family doesn't need violence.

So? We need to turn a blind eye no matter what they do?

No. Let us go to the police.

- Police station? - You listen to me now.

Greetings sir, how do you do?

Leave that.

Ayangal and his grandson have raised a complaint against you.

- They did? - Since there are already 4-5 cases against you

The SI wants to make this the 6th case and arrest you.

You must be in the station by 5pm.

That's all.

Oh god! You idiots!

Useless idiots!

I told you to destroy K.M Infotech, not R.M!

They're always like this, useless.

Fit to be cows!

Why are you here now?

We've filed a case, I'll see you in the station. Get out!

Why do we need all that? Let us talk it out.

It's the inspector.

Hello, sir

No sir, there's no problem.

I'm talking to him right now.

No need for an FIR, we'll talk it out.

Yes sir. Here, talk to him.


- Why should I talk to him? - Just do it.

It will solve the problem. Just a word.

- Just tell him we're talking. - Sir?

Mooka is here.

- Yes sir, we're talking. He.. - That's all son.

- Hey! - That's all sir, it's done.

We'll talk it out and I'll be there.

Okay sir.

That's all son, it's done.

I'll pay for the damages.

It would be around 1 lakh I suppose.

Get the money.

- Here. Take it. - I don't need your money.

I insist that you take it.

Sir, we don't need violence amongst us.

I myself won't take it, how will my grandpa..

I didn't take it.

He placed it in my hand and left.

We cannot drop money down.

Then fine, I'll keep it.

- What are you looking at? - When you can joke, why do you need me?

You made me give 1 lakh.

I'll make sure you'll see a lot of trouble.

Let's go.

Bro, what do you remember when you see this?

On the 60th day, you'll be driving an Audi!

On the 61st day, the whole town will see your growth.

Looks like he was right.

We need to meet that guy.

You're predicting using the feet?

- We'll predict using your nose. - Break it!


Finally, there's blood.

You beat me up right?

Let's go have a drink.

- Aren't you drinking? - I'll kill you.

I'm asking for an idea to get somewhere in life.

In order to do that

why don't you get married?

- What? - I'm not being an astrologer now.

I'm telling you as a brother.

People have reached great heights post marriage.

You should get married.

You'll get settled.

I was wondering how he hadn't asked for it yet.

If you need to get married, you need to get settled first.

Where do I get settled?

Did you settle and then marry?

You got your job only after you married mom.

Only then you started dressing like this.

I didn't tell him, don't look at me.

Do you know what your uncle said?


- Neelagandan. - I forgot, you tell me.

You're worthless, you're useless..

You do nothing, what use will it be to marry you?

Rajini Muruga, sit here.

I think your dad has a point.

It's just, if you need a respectful life

we need to work, right?

I'll give you an idea.

I've been trying to sell this house and split the property but there are no buyers.

You somehow sell this house.

If you sell it, your share share

..his share. You'll give it right?

Why not? I'll give his brother's share too.

- Totally 4 shares. - Okay.

I'll try to sell this house.

The value of this property is 30 crores.

If all the 16 people sign the papers, I'll give a single cheque.

This is not an issue, I'll get all the signatures in 2 days.

What do you say bro?

- My commission? - Sure.

Then okay.


What happened?

- Only my balance got wasted. - What are they saying?

They don't wish to come to India.

Why did you make them study?

Why did you send them abroad?

If they were here, they would come home any time.

The aunt in London says our city is a dust filled place.

She has dust allergy it seems.

She should have married someone here.

Your kids will never come.

I thought I'll sell this house and get settled.

Looks like it won't happen.

Why are you worried?

I'm there.

They'll come.



I guess he's dead.

I thought I'll die before he did.

He beat me to it.

Will the funeral be grand or will you just dump him?

Old man

This is a huge loss.

You just watch.

- It will be like a festival. - Note it down.

The drums.

The speakers.


Everyone must be here in half an hour.


We're going to the cemetery, all relatives please come.

Brother is almost here.

Let's wait for a bit.

My older son is yet to come.

He needs to see his face.

It's getting late, tell him to get there directly.


I'm still here.

Move, move it.

Give that to me.

Why are you in a hurry?

You didn't inform me and you're about to go on a procession?

Who are you? Disturbing a funeral?

- Get out. - I'm not here for the sake of it, unlike you.

I'm his grandson.

I'm his grandson who will fulfill all funeral rights.

A grandson unknown to us?

- Are you here for trouble? - No.

I'm here to take my share of the property.

He slept with my grandma, I'm his grandson as well.

Give my share and go ahead with all funeral activities

- ..take the body and what not. - Hey!

- Tell me. - This is about the other day.

Leave now.

- You'll feel bad. - Oh it's you.

Why? Do you want me to show you?


Ezhra, this is a big family.

All of them have come from abroad for this funeral.

Stop creating a problem and let them proceed.

- I cannot. - How can we know you're his grandson?

I cannot bring my dead grandma for it.

He was the only proof, wake him up and find out.

I'm listening.

Who is whose grandson?


Who is whose grandson?

Grandson it seems.

I'm dead right? Why couldn't you question him?

At least you could have.

Yes, one of you could have questioned him.

- Yes. - Just gazing around.

- Why? - First remove that!

Hey! The old lady is fainting.

- Hold her. - She was almost gone.

- Come here. - I got you.

What absurdity?

You're a nobody who lives off other people's money.

You're my grandson?

Tell me.

Get lost.

- Dispose this fellow. - I'll take care.

I already told you.

I told you, you'd feel bad.

You idiot, take him.

- Ask him to leave. - They'll beat me if I do.

Mr. Mookan, will you leave or..?

Ezhra Mooka, you spoke ill of your grandma for money!

Get lost!

Instead of doing this, you can beg somewhere.

What's with the look? Leave before a lady insults you.

You murderer! I had a different opinion about you.

But you're so cheap.

You were born in such a good family.

But you've insulted your grandma.

Get lost, before I spit on you.

- Hey! - Don't.

Sir, get going.

Before you are insulted any further.

Get better tyres.

Weld a rod in here.

They'd come only for my funeral.

Why don't you die then?

Pretend like you did.

- They'll come and we can sell the house. - Amazing!


No matter what, they'll definitely come for a funeral.

Yes old man, just cooperate for your funeral.

All of you sit down.

Samantha you as well.

Hey, come here.

- What? - Only if these old women cry will it be authentic.

Shut up.

If they touch him and it tickles, he'd laugh.

- My throat feels dry, get me a Pepsi. - Pepsi?

Looks like you'd ask for a girl.

- Can't do that. - I'll get up.

Don't take such a decision.

Damn, the old man is irritating.

Something is fishy, I wonder what.

Here, drink grandpa.

No one has had Pepsi like this. Enough grandpa.

We need some too.


All girls.

They're playing a movie, go watch.

Go. Samantha go, come only if we call you.

Thank god, I need to use the restroom.

- Old man! - Always flashing your thighs!

- It's coming. - Where is the washroom? - Make way.

- He's singing? - Here, hold it.

Go inside and finish it.

- Oh god he's here. - The cockroach is here.

Why are you standing here, when the body is inside?

The body has an important work.

You leave.

Something is fishy.

- But I don't know what. - You don't right?

Get lost.

- What? - He isn't dead. - I know.


- Fine now? - This is dignity.

Is this your dignity?

- It's stupidity. - Don't scold him.

The mistake is mine.

I wanted to split the property while I was alive.

So? You'll do this?

What do I do?

If I die, you'd come visit.

How would I visit you all?

Can you survive a day without seeing your kids?

That's how it is for me.

Will I not wish to see my kids?

For Diwali, pongal and other festivals.

I invited you on many occasions.

None of you came to visit me.

In order to help you all succeed

..I worked hard.

But you all left me alone

..and went to different corners of the world.

Both my soul and this house's are one.

But why do you think I still wanted to sell it?

For that guy.

He keeps coming to grandpa

..and takes care of me.

He takes care of me for all of you.

What is your name?

I'm your great grandfather.

I've never seen you.

Tell me your name.

Grandpa, he doesn't know Tamil.

You haven't even taught them Tamil.

How would you have told them about me?

The registration is on Monday.

Everyone be present, sign it

..and take your shares.

You don't have to come for my funeral.

Don't grandpa, why are you forcing them?

- Let them leave. - You don't speak.

Are you trying to be sentimental as well?

How can I when you'd laugh?

Look, we'll be there on Monday and sign it.

Very good, I appreciate it.

We can't bear the mosquitoes and stay in this house.

We can stay only in hotels. Only star hotels.

All the expenses will be your's.

As long as my brother's money is there I don't care.

So far you've wasted 4 lakhs that I've sent you.

I cant give you anymore, get lost.

- Is money important or your brother? - Money.

Relations gradually break away as time flies by....

In the land of downtrodden dreams are prohibited.

When a sibling deceives, there will be a friend.

- Where are you bro? - I'm handling accounts for my dad's festival.

Very good, I'll be there in 5 minutes.

Why hasn't he stolen yet? Has he changed?


What is it?

No uncle, you remember the festival you had for your son?

What will it be this time?

Reunion of family Festival.

- Amazing, that's the way. - Sad.

- Teacher's son. - What is it?

Why are you placing money underneath your legs?

- Put it back. - Under my legs? Me?

What is this bro?

You got caught bro.

Why are you always trying to brand me a thief?

He has evidence.

I knew this would happen, that's why I put up CCTV cameras.

Give me all the money you took. Give it.

- Give the money. - Here. - Give it.

- How much is there? - Including what we took, 5,10, 000.

- How much in the book? - 5,10,000.

- How is it correct now? - Brilliant.

- Ask him. - He won't give it now.

- I said ask him. - Uncle

I mean, dad.

- I need 5 lakhs urgently. -5 lakhs? - Uncle

In 3 days my house will be sold and he'll get 30 lakhs.

If you give us this 5 lakhs you'll get 30.

Yes dad.

Can I trust them?

Why are you thinking? Is losing 5 lakhs important or gaining 30?

I'm losing 5 lakhs?

- I'm asking if 5 lakhs is important or 30. - Obviously 30.

- Give it. - Then this is important for us.

- Done? - Double done.

This is Paechi's house.



Isn't there anyone here?

Old lady?


- Are you fine? - Yes, I'm good.

- Who are you? - There's nobody in the field.

It's been 5 years since the old man died.

My son isn't well.

Only this old lady is doing the work.

- Who are you?

- Do you know Ayangal? - Ayangal?

He's a very good man, he's like my brother.

His property isn't just a little.

All these lands you see are his.

He sold everything and went to Madurai.

- Do you have his photo? - Yes.

- Get it. - Sure.

- Show me. - Here.

- Who is this? - That's me.

- And this? - That's a friend.

We were working in the fields

Foreigners took it when they were going to Kodaikanal.

- What is this metal? - It's a will.

Ayangal brother gave it for free.

- I can't see anything. - You can't normally.

- I'll give you a dash of lime. - Give it.

Only then can you see it.

Owned by the Ayangal family.

- Old lady. - What is it?

- I need this photo. - Keep it son.

- I need this will too. - I can't give you that.

I'll pay you for it.

We cannot take money to heaven.

- This is more useful. - I need it.

- No. - I need it. - I can't give it son.

- Sir - This old lady won't give you

Do we take care of her?

Alright, bring me some water to drink.

Sure, I'll bring some.

I'll bring it.

Where is he?

Oh god! He's taking my will! Hey!

You cheat!

Is this how you go around stealing things?

Good morning sir.

- Thank you. - It's okay.

Welcome sir.

What do you need?

We need to book a lot of rooms.

Wait for a minute, the assistant manager will be here.

- Who is that? - Who is it?

Oh god, bro

I feel like I'm seeing my girl everywhere.

Remove your glasses, it is indeed her.

- Welcome sir. - Hello.

- May I help you? - Tamil.

- Speak in Tamil. - Sorry, I can't understand your language.

What? You don't understand my Tamil?

You don't understand my Tamil in the city of Madurai?

Great Tamil, Pure Tamil, Sweet Tamil

- Kongu Tamil, Konar Tamil - What happened?

Madras Tamil, Madurai Tamil, Tirunelveli Tamil, Tanjore Tamil

My teacher's daughter's Tamil

You live in the land of Tamil

And if you don't understand my Tamil.

It's a shame! It's a crime!

Call the owner.

- Call the owner. - Call taxi!

- I meant the owner! - Where's the owner? - Sir!

- What do you need? - Bro? - Pomegranate juice.

Two of that without ice.

I'm the general manager of this hotel.

- You don't look like one! - I say get out!

Who should get out? We are customers.

- We want rooms and you're insulting us. - I'll try some English too.

Please help me!

Please help me!

- I did it. - Sir

They're deliberately causing trouble.

Check them, they won't even have 10 rupees.



Will this be enough?

Or do you need more?

Take it.

Mr. Rajini Murugan?

- Yeah right. - Mr. Thothathree?

I don't have time.

See, they're very important customers.

You must take care.

Sister, this is Karthiga Devi.

N. Karthiga Devi

The initial.

- How is she? - Nice.

- Name and address? - Don't you know?

- Do you have an id? - What is that?

- Do you have a family card? - How could you hurry before marriage?

All that is for later, there's a lot to see before that.


Just a minute.

Now check this out.

- Remove your glass! - Remove your glass!

- She's said it. - I meant you.

She meant you.

Yes or no?

- Get lost. - Done.

You're showing off too much.

All of you take a shower today, we're going to the bride's house.

You will have to say yes there.

- I'll poke you. - Done?

You as well?

- Annamalai - What dad?

- Close the door. - Okay. - Let's go.

You're closing the door? Just wait.

- Why are they silent? - Neelaganda?


- How are you? - Who asked you to come inside?

- Out! Get out! - Patience. We just came.

Son, spread the sheet.

Properly. Sit down.

He won't give us tea, go prepare it.

Make it for him as well, he'll get angry.

Why are you blinking?

We're here to seek alliance.

Call your daughter.

What brother? The kids have grown up.

Are you still thinking about that?

I can't stand the sight of your son.

But we all like your daughter.

Go, ask my daughter-in-law to come.

She's my daughter!

Whatever, tell her to come.

- Is it fine if she says no? - Ask her to.


That is my daughter-in-law.

Karthiga you tell me, do you like my son?

Don't worry about your dad, you can tell us.

Forgive me.

I won't do anything that dad won't approve of.

Not only that. Your son...

I don't like him either.

Look, how he has bought her up!

Did you hear that?

Get up! Everyone!

He's here for alliance!

What brother, you brought us without making sure.

Hey, take the plate and leave.

First, his son tortured us with his shop.

And now his father.

Don't they have any other work?


You don't speak!

Go inside.

We told them we won't give them our daughter.

Why are they coming home then?

Don't they have any sense?

We'll have a lot of troubles between us.

We'll fight now and argue later.

No matter what, he's my friend.

You must not come between us.

Get lost! I said Get lost!

Hey look at that.

Bro, someone's driving rash.

Someone's driving drunk.

Nice driving.

Who is it that bumped into us?

It wasn't us, you bumped into us.

Listen you beard face!

- Why are you traveling as a group? - We play at funerals.

- We're returning from one. - That's perfect.

This is also a funeral, sing a song.

Funeral? Where is the body?

It will be here. In 5 minutes.

- Hey, come out! - Come out I say!

Show yourself!

- It's my uncle! - Kick him!

What does your name Neelaganden mean?

- Tell me? - Exactly.

Does it mean snake?

Or highway to hell?

Tell me!

- Nonsense. - Come out Neelaganda....

If my friend gets inside you'll be done for.


If you don't come out even after this

..we'll wait here until you come out.

Open the door!

- What is it? - Greetings!

- Do you've any problem? - Indeed I've a problem.

Do you know what everyone is asking?

Murugan is your name. But is Rajini your title?

- Reaction? - Why are you here. Get inside.

You gave me this name. But you're not giving me your daughter!

- You guys are here? - Please come sir.

- Sweet stomach. - Take your hands off me.

I wanted to call you myself.

Why did you take off in the rickshaw outside the wine shop?

Is that a problem?

Someone stole my heart here

... I beg you for justice!

Since I was 5

..when I was too young. Every word, every minute..

he called me son-in-law.

- You invoked love in my heart and have made me stand here like this. - Son.

Even your father used to call her daughter-in-law.

Is she causing trouble like this?

- Isn't she behaving herself? - She is indeed.

Women always do so...

but us? We're idiots.

- We're always idiots. - Dad.

Why are you talking to him? Go inside.

Come dear, my mom's daughter-in-law.

What do you think of yourself?

You'll let us get carried away

..but now you give reasons that your dad doesn't like me.

I won't let go.

I want justice!

You got drunk and you're causing trouble?

Do people drink juice and cause trouble?

You'd better leave.

Or I'll call the police.

- Police? - Who am I then? - Sir, run.

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

A devil in disguise

With all her tricks

Is driving me crazy

Her smile was tender, her drama even better

She obeys her dad

Yet tears me apart

With her ego she leaves me hanging

With those thoughts, here I am drinking

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

She was happy when I gifted her bangles.

She jumped with joy, when I gifted her anklets.

I gifted her a dress but she slowly started moving away.

Now when I seek for marriage, she leads me to my coffin.

She makes herself look so good

My attempts to admire, were futile

And now she has made me unstable.

She put the arrow right through my heart

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

She threw tantrums for silly things

She tried harder when I refused

Like nails now, my love she disposes

She flees from me now, like I was glass, breaking.

I can't find the key to her heart's safe.

She washed me away, like dirt in her vessels.

Finally only the memories remains for me to cherish.

The wounds they cause, they remain...

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

Oh my dear. Isn't this totally unfair?

Will you be paying us by cash or cheque?

It's all the same.

What are you people doing in an empty house?

Empty house? Remove your shades first.

The house owner is outside and you're here without his permission.

Who is that?

Hey, come here.

This guy is here.

Move it.

Who is here to buy my house?

- Me. - You didn't know?

I need to sign as well for it to be authentic.

It's true that we're selling this.

But not to you.

- Don't you have any other work? - Young one.

Don't talk to me like that.

I'm your brother, your blood.

Who is family?

I'll break your teeth if you say so.

I thought we don't need violence but you're a fraud!

You deceived everyone pretending to be dead, you're the fraud.

He says I am.

Grandpa.. Hey!

How dare you speak like that?

I'll slit your throat.

Get lost.

- Whatever. - What is this?

Why are you causing trouble repeatedly?

What you got the other day isn't enough?

He's being patient and you're raising your voice.

Is seeking justice a mistake?

You couldn't get yourself proper footwear

..and wore this.

And you're seeking justice?

You call yourself grandson, how do we believe it?

- Do you have proof? - Why would I come without one?

Meet me at the court or with the police.

Or call for a meeting among elders. I can't show it here.

Hey you, come here.

- This house is fishy. Leave. - Fishy?

There's nothing wrong with it.

I'm telling you there's something fishy, leave now!


I checked your documents.

There's something wrong.

Take care of your problems, we'll discuss later.

Sir, there's no problem, please wait.

How dare you place a board here?

- How dare you? - Stop it!

Why you! I'm standing here.

You're pushing me? Can you beat me?

Try me. I said try me.

Brother, let's go.

He cannot sell this place when we're there.

Go. I said go.

Let him be, he cannot do anything. We can take care.

Grandpa, why are you worried?

I pretended for our good.

He called me a fraud.

Pay heed only to a good man.

He's a loafer, don't let him bother you.

He's deliberately messing with us.

We'll see who's better.

No. We don't need to fight.

We'll take care of him through law.

- File a case in the court. - A court case?

A verdict will arrive in 10-15 years.

When do I settle and marry?

Does he think only he knows people?

Uncle, I wanted to tell you the other day.

I wasn't able to.

The only person Ezhra Mooka will listen to Thanga Pandi.

Muthu Raja's son-in-law.

He's your uncle.

- We'll meet Thanga Pandi.. - Bro..

Give me my 5 lakhs, I'll go home.

There's such a big problem and you want your 5 lakhs?

We'll meet Thanga Pandi, we'll settle this right now.

- Done? - No. - Then it's done.

He's a nobody.

You should confront him with someone and take care of him.

Who wants to go to the court? I'll talk to him.

Ezhra Mooka

It's Thanga Pandi.

Okay. Alright.

Son, day after tomorrow

He has agreed to appear in the Panchayat, we'll settle it there.


Instead of going to the court you can do this.

If we get a written consent from him, where can he go?

You do this. Get people to speak for you.

Get people who can speak well.

I'll also get some people.

What do you say?

Okay uncle.

We'll do that.


- Do you want a drink? - No. - Yes.

- We don't drink. - Okay son.

- Go. - Okay.

You're wasting your drink you senseless..


- Do you recognize him? - Yes, the female footwear.

Why are you guys staring?

Are you going to beat me? Try me.

- Try me! - Here..

Let me go. Fine, beat me up.

Go on, why'd you stop?

It's not enough.

We're bored.

I came to speak for him, I should be thrashed.

Is he human?

He asked us to come promising us 1000 per head.

He gave us only 300 rupees.


Bro, he hasn't changed a bit.

- Do we bring him to our side? - Just say yes.

I'll join you.

Brother is wise, he said yes.

The liquor bottle broke in the midst of this.

If you could get me a small..

You've decided to help us. Why just one small?

The bottle itself looks so good.

The liquor is even better.

The village session is near the temple day after tomorrow.

He's a joke, don't worry. Justice is on our side.

A lot of people are looking to attend these court sessions.

We'll get them. You keep this inside.

Keep it, we'll drink later. Let's go.

How is the male footwear?

It will be a little difficult, adjust.

It's great.

All that is fine. Where is the guy's house?

There, that's his house.

How is the guy? Does he speak well?

If he was educated, he'd be the high court judge.

Sir, sir..

- What the? - What is it?

There's a panchayat session near the temple.

- Come help us out. - Sorry.

Ezhra Mooka's men just came and gave 1000 rupees advance.

- I'm using that only.. - Let go of that 1000

I'll get you 2000 rupees.

I don't change my words after I take someone's money.

Leave. We'll meet there.

I guess we missed a good speaker.

- What is this? - Let him go he's fit for nothing.

- Someone else.. - Brother..

Look. Get us the right person.

Or you'll faint from our words.

Oh son, let him go.

There are thousands like him, I'll take you. Come.

Greetings sir.

Greetings. What brings you here?

There's a panchayat session day after tomorrow.

It's an ownership problem.

You need to come speak on our side.

Sure. Get the phone. Let's check on the opposition.

How are you guys coming to the session?

Oh. Okay.

Okay. I'll take care.

Son, according to the info we got, they're going to use weapons.

Do we also use any?

No weapons. My grandpa won't like it.

- Non-violence is best. - Yes. - Alright.

We'll prepare something else.

Also, give 30,000 to my wife for the three of us.


Why are you surprised?

My husband isn't just anyone be available so easily.

He's an important man.

Why don't we give the guys the money and get her?

- Why is your taste like this? - For the court session.

- She speaks well. - Sons

If the three of us start talking.. won't be just words, it's like fire ablaze.

- Let it blaze there. - We'll meet you there.

- Welcome. - Greetings. - Go inside.

- Greetings. - Go inside.

Our side is here.

Where are they? Call them and ask them.

Looks like a dance troupe is here.

Not a dance troupe.

It's the other's.

Hail Rajini Murugan!

I don't want politics.

No? Okay. Thatput Thangavel!

- Hail him! - Who?

- Who is that? - You don't know? It's me.

It's not a place for fun.

Greetings everyone.

Why have you come like it's a wedding?

This is a panchayat

Let it be.

We'll need it after the win.

- You stand aside. - Bro go hit him.

They have no fear for us.

Everyone is here.

Take a quick decision

..and get home before it rains.


It's blazing hot and you think it's gonna rain?

They brought umbrellas because they knew it would rain.

Hey stop talking that way. I'll come up..

- ..and thrash you. - Yeah right you will.

You're gonna come up and beat me it seems.

Greetings sir.



I agreed to this for you, you must not side with them.

Look, I won't side with anyone. Why are you scared?

You're suddenly saying you're his grandson. How?

Everyone is here. Do explain.

Hey, get that photo.

Take a look.

The one here is Paechi, my grandma.

This is my grandpa Ayangal.

Show everyone. This is a photo they took 50 years ago.

He dumped her.

She gave birth to my dad and died.

- He left me. - True.

- True. - Correct. - Ask him if he doesn't know her.

- Hey, she's like my sister. - Sister or not.

You know her right?

Like Ezhra Mooka says

..he has slept with her.

I know your daughter too, does that mean I slept with her?

Watch your tongue.

- I'll break your teeth! - Whatever fake teeth.

- Who did you call..? - There it is.

False teeth! False teeth!

Why would I want to speak for such petty people's issue!

It's not like if he leaves the court proceedings will come to a stand still!

- Showing off? - Yes, what will you do?

Do this somewhere else or I'll thrash you..

- You're always troubling for no reason. - Try me.

He's my friend!

- Yes! - He gave me 5 lakhs for free when I needed it!

I'll catch you alone someday.

Do what you can.

- Who are you messing with? - Why are you screaming?

- He paid you to come here? - Did I blabber?

Rajini Muruga

- Come here. - Go son.

This won't do. This can't be taken as proof.

People photoshop pictures as though they're in another planet.

But you've done a great job with it.

Hey, what's with you?

Yesterday you were with me and now you're there?

Whatever it is, justice is on their side.

You've neglected a 50 year old photograph.

This is a will on metal, 150 years old.

He gave it to my grandma.

Deny this if you can.

Can you?

You, wake up.

Deny it if you can.

I'm saying this to everyone.

No matter what he shows.

He isn't my grandson.

We are related in no way.

- This is the truth! I swear! - You swear?

What do you mean you swear?

You want to swear?

By the power of God!

If you're honest

and your words are true.

Swear on this piece of cloth if you can.

Why won't you?

No man can do it.

Neither can I.

- Godman try it. - No.

Even the godman can't.

Shall we do it?

- Youngsters not allowed. - Then fine.

You must have gone somewhere and it might have just happened.

Now it's here in the form of a grandson.

All this happens everywhere.

It was perfectly fine during old times.

Take my godfather for example, he had 4 wives and 7 mistresses.

I knew only last week that I was from one of the mistresses.

He speaks like he's royal blood.

- Rascal. - There are so many who are like this.

You're considering this and having a panchayat session?

He's not asking the entire property, he only wants a share.

You'd better settle his share and get home.

Everyone has a lot of work. I have to go for the next work.

I've got 20 missed calls already.

I can't be here all day.

Move it! They're here to speak it seems.

Bro, ask those three to speak.


Say something now at least.

We're waiting for a good point.

The session is about to get over and you need a point?

Say something!

From what we've heard, it looks like Ezhra Mooka is right.

Thanga Pandi, what do you say?

Yes it looks like according to what we..

Son, can you whistle?

Are you kidding?

The verdict is going in their favour and you're asking me to whistle?

It's for a reason, do it.

1 share won't be too much in 30 crores.

According to this session..

An ox!

Grandpa this isn't allowed.

- You leave. - Get him in the car.

- Run! - You spoiled the session!

Just wait and see!

Oh god my dress!

It's about to kill me, catch it!

Old man, you're on top as well?

You said there will be rain.

- You forgot the ox. - Can't tell you everything.

I've seen many sessions like this.

You dared to kill!

- Give me my money. - It's been spent.

- These are your weapons? - Yes.

Look how we disbanded the session.

Even if we don't win, we must not lose.

It's no time to speak, run.

The ox is coming for you, save yourself.

What is this?

You didn't want this violence. Isn't that why you got us settled abroad?

Then why all this?

If he says he's your grandson, go to the police or the court.

Uncle, don't get tensed.

I told him not to go to the police or the court.

You just shut up and hold on, okay?

You just want us to sign and you'll sell the house.


Here's the power of attorney.

We've all signed. You sell this house or do anything.

Please leave us. We're going.

Go. Everyone.

Even if you go it won't make any difference.

Everyone around here respects this man.

Someone has insulted him and says this house is his.

You couldn't question him

..and you want to leave. Leave.

You want us to keep the property?

Who wants it?

I'll start a juice shop

or a fruit shop

or a cycle shop and survive.

Grandpa wanted to see you, and he did.

Everyone get out.

I'll take care of all of this.

- Muruga. - Hey wait.

Rajini Muruga where are you going?

Ashok come fast.

My granddaughter has matured.

I'll do all the necessary customs and then you can leave.

Arivu get the calendar.

We'll start the rituals in 3 days.

On the 7th day it will be done.

Everyone has to stay and help us. This is my wish.

What's going on?

I think we'll have to stay for another week.

- Okay. - Why did you leave?

- Get home. - I just spoke rudely.

They'd insult me if I come immediately.

I'll be there for dinner.

Thirusala has matured.

We have to renovate the house, right?

You said you don't like me. Get out.

How dare you lay your hands on me in front of everybody!

Who will take my hand in marriage now?

- So? - You must marry me.

No, I won't


I'm in love with someone else.

- With me right? - Yeah right.

- A foreigner. - A foreigner?

- Who is that? - There.

A modern girl.


You love her

..does she?

People don't date without loving each other.

Tell her to say it in front of me and I'll leave.

Why should she?

Get lost.

Call her.

- Hi guys. - Hi Andrea.

Yes? Did you call me?

- Yeah I wanted to say something nice. - Is it?

How do I say it?







You haven't even asked her out yet?

I already did all that. Watch.

Andrea. I love you.


- I'm sorry. - Why sorry?

Because I'm dark?

No no, dark skin is not the problem bro.

I already love someone.

- Already love..? - Yeah.


- Australian? Or American? - No.

He's from Madurai.

- Madurai? - Yes.

See? It's my boyfriend there.

- Hi darling. - Hi darling.

- Happy birthday. - Thank you.

- Cut the cake baby. - It looks so nice.

Happy birthday to you!!

Open the mouth.

- I can't take this. - Please open the mouth.

Happy birthday.

How dare you! Go!

Who is it?

Hi dude.

What brings you here?

Good question.


Oh that bro?

She was mesmerized by me.

One day grandpa asked for water.

- What? - Yes.

This happened that day.

Can you please help me?

Can you tie this saree for me?

I don't know what to do.

I got lucky with this girl?!

Oh no, I feel shy.

Oh dear, who can see the blooming love inside.

I feel your presence even after you had left.

I swear that I was just waiting for some girl to come into my life.

But I never expected to get such a girl.

All credit goes to my Lord


You mean Jesus?

Yes. My name is Albert Einstein.

- That's the name of a scientist. - It's my name now.

Oh my God!

Look at this kid!

The entire family is in the mood.

- Wait. - What?

What is this?

Can't you see? It's love.

You're jumping at it at this age?

Why not? You take my sister. I'll take her.

Just because I'm a VIP now in Madurai.. thought you could give your sister to me?

It's not like you own flights and ships and you own an IPL team.

You're still a loafer.

How dare you? This girl isn't for you, get lost.

You disrespected me as well. My sister isn't for you. Get lost.

- Thank god. That could've been worse. - Annamalai.

Control yourself....

or else you'll get judged!



I don't want anything. Let me go.

Get lost. Behave yourself.

What does sir want?


I've my eyes set on you.

You are the one for me

This girl, right here, is your better half.

Without you this soul has no meaning.

I exist for you

I'm afloat somehow

I feel dizzy

I'm broken, take a look my love

I've my eyes set on you.

I'm rightfully yours.

This girl, right here, is your better half.

Without you this soul has no meaning.

I exist for you

I'm afloat somehow

I feel dizzy

I'm broken, take a look my love

You shy away from cuddles

You cuddle as I beg

Why pretend?

You shy away from cuddles

You beg as I cuddle

Thoughts of you all day!

Of words unsaid

You have me wander

You deprave me of desire

And have me craving

All I need now is consent

I've my eyes set on you.

I'm rightfully yours.

This girl, right here, is your better half.

Without you this soul has no meaning.

You gel when you shouldn't

You don't when you should

Crazy fellow...

You don't gel when you should

You do when you shouldn't

Come my princess

Scream not and be tender

I'll take you as you are

Love me forever....

and I'll dance to your tune.

I'm a woman of desire

I'm your's

I've my eyes set on you.

You're the one for me

This girl, right here, is your better half.

Without you this soul has no meaning.

I exist for you

I'm afloat somehow

I feel dizzy

I'm broken, take a look my love

Get lost.

Stop right there.

Stop it.

Nayaga stop it.

- I'll blow you away. - What grandpa?

I'm here for the function with all these presents.

Instead of welcoming me, you've stopped me.

Welcome, the one who insulted your grandma.

You've said it yourself. You're a gentleman.

How do you speak so cheaply?

Everyone listen!

People from Madurai regard dignity highly.

But no matter what, they'd never give up customs.

This is a family function...

So let me do my part of the customs.Now move.

- Stop right there. -Watch out.

Stop it with your customs!

You stink-face.

Uncle just because you can, don't say such things.

- Respect me. - Why do you need any?

You're a nobody and you expect respect?

- Get him and kill him. - Get out everyone.

Get lost! I said get lost!

Hey brother!

Give that.

Just because you got some people and cause trouble

We won't give you the share.

You won't get anything until I'm alive.

Young one

This house is our's.

My grandpa's.

Just because you disbanded the verdict

.. I won't go away.

I have all the rights that you have.

You have 3 days. Take a good decision.

Or Ill host the house warming on the 4th day.

- Go. - I'll be back.

Go inside and play.

Get down! Get down!

- Careful. - Somebody save them.

Move it.

Remove everything.

Lift the kid. Lift him.

Get him out. Careful.

He's unconscious. Lift him.

Call the ambulance.


It's getting late, you leave.

Your parents will look for you.

It's okay aunty, I'll be here for some time.

You start dear.

Leave dear.

Oh God he's here!


- Who is