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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Customer Wrapped Rolls Collection Dump - Entire Box of Nickels!

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well luck strikes again guys I don't know exactly what I got but I went to my

Wells Fargo which I'm parked in front of and she said she didn't have a new box

and nickels for me they didn't get their nickel box in but yesterday someone

brought it in on an entire box of nickels that they rolled themselves and

I said hmm it's probably searched but I said can I look at it just just can I

just see the rolls she goes sure so she pulled the cut of the box out of the

safe and let me show you what I see I haven't looked at it yet we're gonna

save looking at it till I get home but if what is in it is what's labeled...

this could be epic

so here's the Wells Fargo that I'm in front of this is the box of nickels and

all I see is 40s 40 and 50 40s 1950s or 50s I don't know

40s 1947 46 circulated 48 circulated 40s and 50s and 60s 51 and when I look at

the bottom down here there's more rolls 1951 P I don't know what's going on here

so I don't know if there's any Buffaloes or silver or maybe some V Nichols in

here no idea it could just be a commons early

Jefferson dump I don't know if that's really gonna be in 1950 or if there's

any 30 90s or s's or 38 I don't know so curious to get in here and see what we

got for sure I'm pretty excited but I won't know what I have until I get into

it alright let's get him home let's see what we got

so it's my daughter's birthday I'm not really allowed to go through this box

until later tonight but I just I got about 15 minutes figured I would maybe

open up a couple of rolls to sample to make sure that we actually got what

these are labeled I posted a picture on Instagram of this and somebody said hey

hopefully it's not reused rolls it got me thinking what if it's reused rules so

before I open up any of these necessarily I want to try just grabbed

one of these ones back here that's not labeled and we'll see if we

just happen to get some standard everyday Nichols out of here

hoping I can do this with my hand with one hand I should say but give me a

second here and we'll get this done almost there we go

this is an unlabeled one so kind of cure see what we get well there's a 1940 P to

start so we'll put that up here next one a 1940 Philadelphia as well

and you see I'm gonna have to check all of these now for heirs as well if I get

it's like a bunch of 39 s yeah 1940 P matter of fact these might all this

might be no we got some Commons in here too all right we got some comments in

here - there's a 98 here's another 1940 P though so it looks

like it's a mixed roll

here's a 64 I'm not interested in it right now

66 99 93 2000 P 99 2000 then we're back at the 1941 again 1940 I'm sorry I meant

40 40 so quite a bit of 1940s in that random roll with a 41 and a 46 and some

other miscellaneous years that I'll check that's still a good sign that is a

lot of 1940s in the first roll let me get these stacked up by year 40 and 41

and 46 I'm gonna put these to the side to check later and then I'm gonna grab

let's grab this 1950s roll next so I just opened both ends of the 1950 roll

and I just literally pushed them out let's take a look at it a few real quick

here the 1950 the 50 P that's a good sign

58 Denver 56 so this is gonna be a mix of 50s I believe let me go through it

and I will let you know if I have any 50 DS 54 s's and 55 DS because I'll be

checking those for the over minute marks so let me get these stacked and see what

we got so that roll had a 50 a 51 a couple of 52s handful of 53 and 54 s a

55 D it's not the deal over s we didn't have a 54 s

56 is a lot of 57 to 59 s in a few 58 still not a bad roll we did get a 1950

mind you not the 50 d so not a bad roll right there

nothing miscellaneous so that roll held true it's kind of making me feel that

maybe this box will hold true we're gonna go one more right now four I have

to go and see if this is some 40s and I'll be right back so we dumped out the

rule that says 40s and just at first glance it's looking like it's gonna be

mostly 40s if not all forties I don't know if we'll have any war nickels in

here I didn't see any war nickel edges so I'm gonna assume that this person may

have stacked their silver ones either in a separate role or will not be including

them with these but either way we're gonna go through the 40's now we're

gonna hope that we can find some silver but if not the majority of these are

gonna be not key or semi key dates since they're in the 40s other than you

obviously get some silver but I'm gonna see what we got

I'm gonna stack them up with the respective areas and I'll bring you back

alright as expected just a bunch of 46 isn't a bit beyond

and 41 and 43 aliy curious to see if we have any old guys in here that might

have some thirties but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself let me go

ahead now and do another roll so they still have time this has 40s and 50s and

since we kind of have that theme going here let's get in the roll so that roll

was pretty much 40s and 50s we did get to 1939 s unfortunately there's no MIT

mark as always and I did check them for any doubling on the word 5 cent and the

word Monticello on the reverse there's not sono ddr's this time still a couple

of 39 mixed in that roll we might have some older ones I still have time they

gave me the heads up so I guess we could check the 40s here unless we've got

another mix to roll this one says 40s 50s and 60s let's check that one out

so half that role was 60s but we did add some more 40s and 50s to the collection

it's going well um is this really a role of 51 DS let's see well looks like we've

got a roll of 51 DS and with only 20 million minted of 51 D it's just about a

semi key date as it gets but the problem is it's not really worth much unless

it's an MS 60 condition so I'll have to hunt through this set of 51 DS and

cherry-pick the best ones out to see if any might even add up to Eve at least a

unit worth a couple of bucks regardless they're worth more than a nickel each

there's only 20 million minted so I think we have an entire roll of 51 DS

unbelievable I'm gonna assume that those are entire rules as well of what they

say so let's see what the 50s is maybe we can get a 1950 G in here it was all

fifties I've stacked it some more no 1950s though so we're still sitting at

only one 1950 of the bunch let's find another roll so this rule is interesting

36 to 40 and 50s let's see what's in it so I don't see any buffalo nickels so I

don't think it's 36 to 40 so now I'm hoping that there's some 38 or 39 s in

here and we'll just take a quick peek there's a couple of 40s there's a 59 it

did say it had 50s in it 241 there's a 42 don't see those too often that's not

silver though 51:41 alright let me go through this really quick and see if we

possibly see a 1950 because I see a lot of 50 ones and 50 twos

but I'm not seeing many from the 40s and I'm not seeing any from the 30s

unfortunately which I thought might be in this one

I guess we're almost there miles we'll just take you home with me 57 49 58-51

46:59 41 41 47 49 so it looks like this was a roll at one point and he just went

ahead and pulled out the 36 through 39 s maybe and left the 40s and 50s in there

still well add it to the collection and pray for some 38 39 s 50s or earlier I

was just sorting it and we did have a 39 in there 39 Philadelphia of course and I

don't see any doubling you know I'll check it out on my scope but just

thought I'd point that out and a second 39 hiding in there 39 Philly well check

him for doubling my duck down looking for something cool and I saw this same

low mintage save low mintage is save but then I see this 71 and 99 so we're gonna

get into this roll and see what the heck that's about I don't really know why

you'd save low mintage 71 to 99 zoos they might have lower mintage in some of

those years than other years but unless it's the 70s in ms condition with full

steps I don't think it's worth saving so there was a lot of 60s and 70s in that

role but we did have some other dates in there as well including which I haven't

looked at the backs yet for 1939's and this one is a stunner but of course we

won't have a mint mark 39p though off to check all these for doubling let's see

if we have any DS or s's oh man we're striking out struck out all peace but

let me take a closer look and those under the loop see if anything's worth

showing and honestly this Nine's pretty nice continuing to dig

down and I found these two rolls 38 to 63 and 39 to 63 and I got a go for now

but I will come back and open those when I get back from dinner so we'll see you

guys shortly well that was legit it was 39 to 63 not

38 because we did get 539 s I've already checked the back no doubling no MIT

marks but a whole bunch in the 40s and 50s and we got four in the 60s which

I'll be throwing in the discard bin for a later check let's see if this rule

holds true as well I'm gonna cut to the chase I'm freaking out right now

the second rule did have 39 s through 63s here's the 60s I'm going to toss him

back that's the 40's we had for 1939 peas no mint marks I was checking for

the doubling on the back guys look at this 1939 Philadelphia nickel we got one

we got one that is without a doubt a 1939 P D do or DDR sorry I'm so excited

I wish it was in better shape but it is without a doubt the 1939 P DDR it is

what you want to find the Monticello five cents doubled and let me get my red

book out and show you what this bad boy goes for now again this one is in pretty

heavily circulated condition it's got a humungous sting at the bottom but it's

been missed and let me show you so there it is right there 1939 P doubled

Monticello five cents $80 in very fine condition up to 100 once you get in the

extra fines again this coin is probably gonna have some elements of fine to very

fine detail the problem is that's a pretty hefty ding at the bottom to any

extent we just found my first ever 1939

doubled I reverse and you can even see it I'm sorry I'm shaking you can even

see it with the naked eye beautiful I will take that that's the fine of the

box we'll get that sucker flipped up and makes me optimistic we got lots more

rolls to go through we've only gone through what is that 11 rolls

39 more to go let's see what's in des Nichols I'm bettin semantical so I was

optimistic about the s Nichols since they're all really 68 through 72 but

none of them are a 70s that has full stats so cool roll but it'll go in there

and we'll look at more this rule simply said 40s and after a quick perusing it's

definitely 40s so we have 32 rolls left we've gone through 18 everything is

pretty much as its labeled with a few exceptions probably got about a hundred

nickels that are from the 60s or higher which I'll be checking later like I said

I've got this rule here it says 38 P I'm hoping it's 38 I'm hoping there's more

than just peas in here maybe a mint mark or two we'd like a 38d or 13s but I just

saw this roll is that w-4 war nickels we'll get to that next let's check this

out so this is a fantastic roll I can already tell they're all 38 peas or at

least 38 now it's time to see if there's any DRS in here that they may have

missed so they were all 38 peas but guess what they're all 38 I'll take them

now let's see if this w means war nickels I'm hoping because if we have

war nickels in here who knows what else is in these rolls

they're not war nickels but we'll go through them and say there's only 39 or

50s I guess I see a lot of 40s and other years in here let's see what they are

part of the role was 1940 the other part was 1970s oh well let's check out this

last labelled role we're not the last there's a few other enabled roles in

here this one says 40s hopefully this one 39s the good news is it was actually

all 1940s --is so was it for DS it was 40s --is pretty sure this'll be 48

circulated so I'll get to that and we'll see there's more labeled ones

in the box so we pulled the rest of the rolls out there's still 28 rolls to go

we've gone through 32 got a little bit of a dump in but a lot of them are 40s

and 50s still no war nickels no Buffalo's no key dates yet but we've got

to go through these and not too optimistic they're not labeled most

likely they're gonna be forties fifties sixties and seventies I've been seeing

be nice if I can run across something worthwhile but we're gonna keep looking

see if we can find something cool well we finished hunting that collection dump

if you can call it that we've gone through all the rolls early on I was

segregating by year the Nichols that I found towards the end I just looked for

key dates and heirs and varieties now I'll tell you we didn't check all the 49

s for D over SS I still have to go through this stack and grab all the 40

nights out of it mix them with the 49 s that I have right here and check for the

deal rest there are so many 49 s I just got sidetracked inside not to do it the

good news is we did find a couple of 50s not 50 D though out of a whole bunch

only two 1950s we didn't get that 39 ddr1

which is ridiculous I have two older Nichols that are in great shape a 38 P

and 39 P I'll keep those and they missed it one loan 39 s key date so no 38 DRS

is really no 39 d or asses there one no 50 DS so whoever dumped this

definitely cherry picked out all the key dates all the Buffalo's any V Nichols

and all the war nickels not a one in the whole lot I checked all the 54 asses 4s

over DS all the 55 DS for deal breasts I checked all the 42 s for any deeds we

had one and it was the D over D mint mark so it didn't have any varieties

there so at the end of the day the last thing to do is to pull out the 49 s and

check the 49 DS for the D over s see we got one of those well unfortunately

there was no 49 D over SS there was about 549 DS and I just tossed them in

the 40s and 50s nickel bin which I'll go through another time kept out all these

51 DS and 51 piece I want to look at those a little more because that's kind

of a semi key date so I want to take a look at those little more already

stacked my 39 s and 38 away except for these examples that you've already seen

39p DDR one beautiful one nice 38 P and nice 39 P and then a 39 s key date

nickel that's about it for the box I'll be honest there was a lot of good good

probably very fine nickels but nothing that's gonna fetch more than a couple of

nickels worth each ten fifteen cents tops so wish I already got some

buffaloes and something older but beggars can't be choosers I'll take it

any a hopefully you enjoyed this kind of cool collection dump if you did

appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for


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