Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Blood Diamond Official Trailer #1 - (2006) HD

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It came from the heart of the earth

A stone so rare, men will do anything to possess it

And all who touched it, are left with blood on their hands

the diamond is my ticket out of this godforsaken continent

"so what are you?"


"no, journalist"

"so sometimes you're here to make a difference, huh?"

"and you're here to make a buck?"

"no, the Americans here bling-bling, but I'm here to bling-blang"

"where did you get it?"

"the only reason you're still alive because you haven't told anyone where it is"

"you will find it for me"

"my son"


"where is he, my son"

"what if I help you find your family, that makes us partners"

"I am not your partner"

"you're using him"

"I'm using him and you're using me, and this is how it works"

"I am his father, I must go and find him"

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