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Shit. I just had to buy a cake (!)


Why are you saying Sytze? - Put away that cake. He is coming.

Goodmorning. - Hi.

Something wrong? - No.

Slept well, little brother? Starting today monogamous.

I know you have no problem with it, but Tess will find it difficult. - Do not fear him, soon he says "no".

These were in the bag. Which one do I have to iron? - You are going to iron for me?

Take advantage of it. It happens only once. - Perhaps you have to shut up today.

Iron this one. I tried to iron yesterday, but without success. I had a fight with Tess.

Quarral before a wedding? - There's nothing Tess and I can't stand.

Where are my shoes?

Gentleman, Ladies... I have question. Who come by car to the wedding? There's some burnt...

Keep your hands. - I'm sorry, kitchen prinsess.

I come with the motor. - I drive with Ilyas.

Sanne, how are you going to the wedding? By car?

Yous, Sanne doesn't go to the wedding. - Have fun all today.

Did I missed something? Ciao.

I understand you know it. - Don't say sorry.

Does it mean Maus also know it? - I don't know.

If Tess is smart, she tell nothing. - That would be good for you, isn't it?

It will also be good for you. Otherwise it will ruin your whole day. - Do you expect something from me?

Maarten, believe me. - Jasper, fuck off. OK? I'm going to marry today. You can solve your own problems by yourself.

What? - I need all the time think about the ritual burning we have ever done.

That's Maarten. He doesn't want to marry you (!) - Of course not.

Shit. Call me. J. - Or doesn't he has enough of you?

Well... - And, he don't want to marry you? No. Eh, the shoes of Sterre are still here.

Can you bring them to my mother? Now? - Can't they just get them here?

No. If she sees me, she doesn't want to leave. - Eh, well. Where are the shoes?

Between the chest of drawers and the bed, I think.

Something wrong? - No.

Listen. You go to that wedding today, and I want you to know this. I was with Linda yesterday...

Please, shut up. Serious, I don't want to hear this. Go away.

Hi. Yes. You didn't told it, did you?

Yes. I told it Maarten. I'm going to get married today and I want no secrets.

Please, say nothing to Maus. It will be as hell... - Tess, I can't found them. They don't lie anywhere else?

Listen. Maarten and I can live with it, so you and Maus can live with it also. - I do, but you not.

You were just resolved. Do you really want to lose her? - Perhaps it's easy for you, but Maus and I tell each other everything.

Not now. OK? - I'm sorry, but it's not your decision.

What? You can say it. I'm obsessive, jealous?

Of course it's strang, my ex will marry, but that emotion is totally normal.

That's what I think.

It went so well.

That stupid woman has applied for leave for today. I could stop it.

When you came back from Tibet, you were totally Zen. You was happy, you was thinking about your future...

And now? You have to think about yourself. - That's what I do.

You're right. - Nice. So what are you going to do?

I'm going to get my job back. - Yes. And...

Night life, dance, have fun... all things I have to wait for, for at least a month.

Good afternoon. You speek with Lotte Dagobert from Centre South. I call you about a patient, Linda Smit.

Yes. - Is it right you had a conversation with a therapist about her day off today?

Yes, and it's canceled. - I think this would be interesting. We have discussed and Linda will get her day off.

What? - Yes, it's indeed one year ago that her mother died today. So she can visit the cemetery.

I thought you would know this... - That's impossible. It's not right.

According to our data, it's right. - I'm sure, it's longer ago.

You can't let her go. - Can you prove it?

Yes, 100%. - On paper? Can you show it?

That will change everything. - Yes, I'm searching...

Here... 2004. - Really?

What do you want? Shall I bring it to you? I'm coming. You can't let her go before I'm arrived.

I'm coming so soon as possible. - OK. Thank you.

I'm going to shop. Do you need something? - No.

Tess? A nice woman, but it's clumsy. - I had not to tell you.

I'm glad you trust me, but what you have to do now?

If I don't tell it to Maus, it will go well between us, but then I keep the risk she will discover it.

She doesn't heard it from me then. If I tell it to her, she'll be angry and I lost her.

Well, you gave the answer by yourself. - Keep it secret?

Of course not. The risk that someone else will tell it, you have to minimize.

That's what you would do. - Yes, of course. And you will do the same.

I hated it when you had 'adventures'. - This is your 'adventure'.

I hated the way you behaved you then also. - I did it to protect you.

Bullshit. You wanted to go on, and it was only possible if we didn't know about it.

I'll tell it to her. - What?

Thank you, dad.

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