Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [SUB] KARD 컴백 2주차 활동 브이로그 l Self make-up, 음방, 라디오, 쭈니와 Sephy J 등등 ?

Difficulty: 0

[Tuesday: Music Show, Radio]

Hey everyone,

I just woke up and left home

Im waiting for my manager

Whats going on with the weather? (Low: -8)

Its so cold

How can it get so cold all of a sudden?

Im going to meet up with my manager

and head to our salon now

My voice wont come out!

Okay then,

see you at the salon!

Im going to have breakfast

Im done

getting my hair and make-up done

Normally in the morning

I make sure to eat something

I actually make breakfast

But when we have schedules

early in the morning

I cant really do that

Id rather sleep an extra minute or two

(gulp x2)

That looks so good..

[Somin wants a proper meal, not just snacks]

She eats really well, I follow her

Hey guys,

just now

we finished our pre-recording

and were going for our radio show

Hey guys!!

[(Bye BM~)]

Somin is really amazing



I feel so tired I could just keel over (BM does look tired)

These music shows

arent really easy to do

But even then

shes bringing around her camera

and taking videos for her YouTube channel

She really wants to show you guys

a LOT of cool and fun things,

a LOT of things about her life,

and shes working really hard to do that

Thats right!

Its amazing

Its because people wait for my videos,

a lot of people do! (I love you guys)

So thats why

Ill do my best to take videos for you

[Choi Hwajungs Power Time]

[Thursday: Music Show, Radio]


we have another music show

so I bought some morning coffee

and Im heading back to our company

Ill head to our salon now


[Hair & make-up are done, time for the music show!]

[The M COUNTDOWN dressing room]

Sweet and sour chicken~

[Somin found something!]

We didnt have this flavor earlier

Isnt it spicy pork?

Youre right!

Im just eating whats in front of me

I wasnt saying anything to you

I didnt bring this just for me to eat

Lets play Silent Agent 007, just once, please?


Just one time, its fun

That games so loud, why would we play that here?

Thats why its SILENT Agent 007


Its really fun


You two play it

How do you play?

[And so! J.Seph and Jjuni played Silent Agent 007]

He keeps losing!

Im starting

Lets stop playing

Its boring (Skills: bad at everyboringgame)

[There wasnt much time until we had to be on standby]

Its already 33 past the hour

We need to eat this all in 10 minutes

[Somin eats carefully even when theres no time!]

[Friday: Music Bank]

This is our second week at Music Bank,

and, um

We only have two more performances here

because were ending music show promotions next week

I was a bit off yesterday,

so Ill make sure I get my screen time today!


Why are you trying so hard, though?

Well, you know,

its good for all of us if Minny J does well

Someone in the comments

said they dont know if this is Minny J

or if its just Sephy J

You cant tell, right guys?

Thats the real charm of Minny J!

How old do I look today?

(expectant eyes)

[and then it was silent…]

Why are you taking so long to answer?!

Your make-up smudged under your eyes

Why are you changing the subject?!

How old do I look? (I need an answer)



But Im only 25..!

[The Minny J Salon is open for business!]

What hairstyle would you like?

I want waves

Waves? I can do that!

I need to have volume on the sides

Youre not nervous, are you?


Youre good at this

I wasnt really expecting much,

Its actually good…!

I wasnt expecting much

They go back and forth!

(a great friend)

My hand hurts!

Wow, its really perfect!

Now how much will you pay me?

For this…? (flustered)

Uhyou mean this wasnt your volunteer work?

[Sunday: Inkigayo]

I didnt film ANYTHING yesterday!

My outfit for today


Floral pants and cowboy boots

and this kind of shirt

Today Jeongeun gave me

a lot of accessories

Normally she wont give me many!

This is my vlog,

but the guys keep trying to take all the screen time

[Does anyone hear a wolf howling..?]

[You are now listening to a master of the air-and-mouth guitar]

[Monday: Meetings, Radio, Content Filming]

I just slept for 11 and a half hours

I need to get up and get ready

Today we just have a lot of short, small schedules

So today

Ill do my own make-up

One of the stylists gave me NARS foundation as a present,

Im using it really well

It has a lot of coverage

My base make-up is always NARS or Guerlain

For the base make-up

you pat pat pat it in like this

First I need my powder

This is from Benefit!

I dont have a brush

so Ill use the puff from in here

I use this on my cheeks and T-zone

Thats all you need to do

And then next

Ill do my eye make-up

Im going to use this today

from Holika Holika

Im going to mix the Apricot and Peach shadows

When you do your make-up

you shouldnt do a lot all at once

Its better to go over it

with the same color several times

Now for my crease

Im going to use this burgundy shadow from my 3CE palette

Ill do that

And Ill use this darker color

and mix it with this

to give more shadows here

So now my eye shadow is done!

My make-up got pretty heavy even though I wasnt trying to do that

Even if you mess up your make-up, all you need is glitter

Its already past 10!

[Somin hanging around alone before the radio show!]

Were all hanging around on our own,

so Im just hanging out at the company

Now Ill leave for the radio show

[Tuesday: MTV The Show, Live Radio]

What time do you think it is?

Its 5AM

5:55 AM

I can never get used to waking up this early

Isnt it just an hour or two earlier than you normally get up?

It still feels different!


How refreshed I feel when I wake up is really different

Were going to the salon now

Todays OOTD!

We have a radio show later today,

so I dressed up like this

I got these jeans

on a site called Black-Up

Theyre really comfy

and theyre boot cut, so it makes your legs look long and thin

Im wearing my true love, my Nike Air Force shoes,

and my shirt is green

I thought Id be cold without the jacket,

so I wore a leather winter jacket

And I got this frill bag

as a present from Gemjem.

Now Ill head to the broadcasting station

for The Show~

See you later~

Today were at The Show

and were going to have a mukbang

Hello~ (polite)

I wanted Jjuni

to do something specific, so I asked him to do it

He was waiting for me

to come back with my camera

Thanks, Jjuni!

You can start now

Im sure this is what you want

Hes wearing a really nice sweatshirt with this high heel print

Yep (just let me eat)

Its nice

Thank you~ (soulless answer)

You put the kimbap in your ramen

You put it in, and when it starts getting soggy

One big bite!

(gasps in amazement)

Dont bite off the noodles

You have to do it in one bite

All of it in one bite!

Everyone knows you shouldnt bite off noodles

Oh wow

I want to be able to eat like that

He ate all of that in just a couple seconds!

I couldnt get all the noodles in

because they were too hot

I was going to bite them off because they were too hot

Hes such a good listener

Thanks Jjuni~

No, thank you~

Its gone

All in his stomach

Well see you next time

on Jjunis next mukbang



[Hes socharming]

Bye bye~

How about we use this time to make some content for Minny J

What have you got?

Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!

Next you have to saypaper paper rockor something like that.

I know how to play!

Paper, paper, scissors!

Rock, rock, paper!

Paper, paper, rock!

Paper, paper, rock!

The potatoes sprouted and grew leaves,

rock, paper, scissors!

Take away one!

The potatoes sprouted and grew leaves,

rock, paper, scissors!

Take away one!

This is a battle of wits

You know what I mean, right?

This is boring

Its super fun!

[Somin and the members going to record something special for M COUNTDOWN]

Hes crazy

Im crazy~!

Thats it,

did you do this

to sldkjf for my sake?

Are you seriously going to do that to this famous song?

Thats how he does it!

He does that? Really?

sldkjf for my sake”,

thats how he says it

What is the true

meaning, meaning

of love, of love,

I cant find the truth

[Sing-along mode: ON!]

You arent even on camera!

[Sephy Js greed for screen time is as high as always]

[Not a moment of quiet in KARDs car!]

[Well be back next week]

[with more stories for you!]

[Please look forward to it!]

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