Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Torchwood: Jack and Ianto - Tell Me Its Not Over

Difficulty: 0

456: You said you would fight.

Jack: Then I take it back alright? I take it all back but not him!

Jack: Ianto stay with me, please.

Stay with me!

Ianto: Morning!

Ianto: But it's got a triple deadlock, it can't have!

Doctor Rupesh: Sorry.

Jack: Whaddya think?

Ianto: NHS.

Jack: Sorry!

Doctor Rupesh: No! But wait a minute!


Jack: Oh my god.

Ianto: So one day, you'll see me die, and just keep going?

Jack: Yeh.

Jack: Ianto. Don't go.

Ianto: You won't remember me.

Jack: Yes I will.

Jack: I promise.

Jack: I will.

Ianto: I love you.

Jack: Ianto (ECHOES)

The 456 is like a really, really angry valley girl. On a Saturday night. That can't get a taxi home. And it's started to rain.

Edited and subtitled by Lee (vortexguyz934)

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