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Poki is so scared of the moving company.

How did you get in there, buddy?

Hey guys! We're finally moving! I'm so excited.

I remember a few years ago, before we even started YouTube, I think

I saw this video on the internet

of someone filming a Japanese moving company

packing all of this stuff really neatly and amazingly

and it blew my mind.

And I can't believe I'm here in this situation now

where *I* get to film a Japanese moving company!

So I can't wait to show you guys what it's like!

The moving company we're using is called Art Hikkoshi Center (Art Moving Center)

which is one of the most famous moving companies here in Japan.

It's super well-known.

We got special permission to film from them

And full disclosure, this isn't a sponsored video but we are getting our move for free.

Woohoo! Yeah I know

So after we chose them as our moving company, the very first thing was about a week ago

we had a guy come here and he had this pad

where he walked around in our rooms and made notes

of all the large items we have to move.

You're not taking any of these shelves, correct?

Uhh yeah, I think so.

Rachel, you want to keep this one, right?

Just that one, yeah.

Oh Haku!! Hakuhakuhaku

It's totally fine.

But cat hair-

Cat hair is fine!

No problem at all.

Cats are always attracted to me.

Moving day will be noisy and our truck is going to take up a lot of space

so it'll be bothersome for the neighbors.

So before we start that day we'll greet the neighbors

and also give them a box of tissues to apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

Something I didn't know Japanese moving companies do

I don't know if it's all of them or just this one

but they can take our old appliances to get rid of them,

and he had a pamphlet

we new appliances that we could buy through the moving company.

And for a lot of those items you could get it cheaper than you can get it in the store.

So we actually ended up buying almost all of our new appliances through them.

And when we move into our new place they're going to bring all that in and set it up for us.

Oh yeah! They're bringing it for us.

So let's get to our actual move today!


I'll introduce myself.

My name is Toyoda. I'm in charge of today's move.


We will start with packing the entrance hallway.

We have a special box that is specifically for packing shoes.

Let's get started.

You have money in here.

Oh, oops.

10 yen... 100... Oh, I do.

We finished packing the entrance so now we'll put up the protector sheets.

He's so quick. I know.

He's so quick! I've done this when I was in high school, a part time job.

I wasn't nearly...

It took me forever.

We're going to take the bed out next.

The bedroom is almost done.

I haven't seen this much space...

Do you remember doing all of this ourselves?

Can you move the bed to the left?

My shoes are on.

Could I go through the stuff in this room with you?

Of course.

Where in the new apartment will these things go?

In our new place where do these go?

Crockpot goes in the kitchen.



Yes, please.

This is hard.

I don't know where to put stuff in our new apartment yet.

We have some things we're taking ourselves.


even those they're carrying to our car for us.

I don't know why I feel so bad.

If you do this the paper spreads itself out.

Oh, and that makes it easier to pick paper to wrap.

That's so clever.

It just disappeared.

After we're done boxing,

we place a piece of paper with number on it.

Then when you open the box later,

you can easily tell the things in this box belong to the 4th section of this cabinet.

That's really helpful.

"Kitchen counter" "Snacks, food, etc"

Before taking this cabinet, we'll wipe it first.

I was not expecting them to wipe the cat litter off of the bottom of our furniture too.

Ready... go

I have one more to put on.

Tilt it to the side.

It's like a furniture sock.

What is that?

Our kitchen counter looks warmer and more comfortable than I am.

Okay, let's go.


I'm turning to the left.

We're going to pack dishes.

We have special boxes for packing dishes.

It fit perfectly.

Is there a reason the tape is different colors?

Red is for fragile items like glass.

Yellow means it has stuff you'd probably want to use right away after you move.

When there's nothing special we use white tape.

We use three different colors for those reasons.

How are you feeling honey?

Just standing there doing nothing while workers working hard to pack all these stuff.

I feel like I should be doing something.

It's amazing.

That is so quick.

Goodbye cat tower.

Let's turn this around.

Oh no.

It's too tall.

We should've unscrewed the top.

Is it clear of the doorway?


I'm pushing now then.

We have a special box to pack your TV.


Tightening the strap here makes it secure.

It's done.

This is a special box in which you can pack your clothes with hangers.

Will all these clothes go in the same room in your new apartment?


I'll start packing now.

You have a lot of clothes.

This is my shame.

It's not shameful.

Most of these are from the thrift store, anyway.

I'll hold the other side.

On the scale of 1 to 10,

how messy was our place?



It was pretty clean.

You told me you've lived here for a few years.

I thought you must have lived here for only a year.


So there are places worse than this?


It wasn't that bad.

I'm relieved.

We've been worried about it all day.

So the last part is this light?


A different worker will take care of it.

I'm uninstalling the light now.

This apartment seems really nice when nothing's in it.

So we have a special box for packing lights.

What do you not have?

Ceiling lights often break in transit, but they won't break if they're fastened into this box.

Please take care of our light.

Yes, sir.

It's done.

I'll carry this to the truck.


It's amazing.

It is.

Goodbye beautiful blue hallway.

We've finished packing.

Thank you.

Thank you.

It's over, Jun.

This is "Jun's Kitchen".

It's so tiny.

Is it normal to be able to touch your ceiling?

I'm Shinkai. I'm in charge today.

I'm Shibata. I'm Tsurubayashi.

I'm Sakamoto. Nice to meet you all.

The four of us will take care of your move today.

Thank you for your hard work!

Thank you.

I'm Ishikawa.

I'm Ueda.

I'm Miyazaki.

Should these towels go in the closet?


Is it okay to open? Oh, of course!

I can't believe they unpack stuff for you.

It's our dishes. Yay!

Ahh!! ♥

Sorry, I can't let you out! ♥

He thinks we're going to play with him! ♥

He's not scared! ♥

Oh, sorry! Don't bother them!

We don't need your paw.

※"Neko no te mo karitai" (I even want to borrow a cat's paw) is a phrase that means you're extremely busy.

How did this stuff fit in our apartment? What even is this?

I don't want it.

It's slowly getting cleaner.

Yeah, it's looking more organized.

We've finished today.

Thank you.

We just moved in! I can't believe it's already done.

I can't believe this is our new apartment.

I've been smiling all day. I'm so happy to be here.

Yeah. This is, I don't know, it's unbelievable.

And it was really quick!

Well, obviously we have a lot to do. We still have a lot of unpacking.

We need like... most furniture.

We have a couch and like a table.

We don't even have kitchen cabinets yet.

Right. So there's a lot left to do.

But we're very excited. Can't wait to get started.

Yeah! Well, can't wait either.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed watching a ~*J A P A N E S E M O V I N G C O M P A N Y*~

I did. See you guys later. Bye!

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