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welcome one and welcome all here we go then oh my goodness I decided to come

outside today but I'm starting to think that may have been a bad idea because

now the rain is coming down very heavily and I'm not prepared for the rain even

though I have my umbrella in my hand right now anyway we will see what

happens we will see how long the rain continues for Oh dear me this is a good

start isn't it

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay I

hope so I can't believe it just as I started to do my livestream the rain

started coming down very heavily and now I'm standing outside in the rain

helpless there is nothing I can do to stop this rain and coming down so I hope

you will bear with me for the first few moments of today's livestream it is

Sunday and we are now into November can you believe it it is now November I feel

like one of those weather reporters that has to go out in extreme weather

conditions you know the sort of person I mean whenever you watch the TV news and

especially when the weather is really bad there is always one TV presenter who

will go outside and try to do a weather report whether it's raining or very

windy or maybe there are some extreme and weather conditions there is always

one weather reporter who wants to go outside and try to be a hero so you

might describe me as that person today there are two things that I'm aware of

one is that I have a lot of electricity around me and two is it's raining and

for those who know all about electricity you will know that water and electricity

do not go together very well so let's have a look at the live chat

first of all I wonder who's on the live chat I wasn't expecting it to rain right

as much of this to be honest so thank you for joining me today

I wasn't expecting all this rain I will be honest with you it did seem like a

very good idea at the time but now I'm starting to think maybe this isn't a

good idea

the great British weather you can always rely on it I don't believe it

I just can't believe it's raining like this it wasn't even in the forecast come

on rain make your mind up are you going to continue or are you going to stop do

I have to go back inside quickly try to make up your mind see this is one of the

things about British weather you can always rely on it to ruin your plans

anyway there's only 80 people watching so you know I might as well go back in

the house really Hey well I'm very disappointed by this to be

honest because it looked as if everything was going to be lovely today

but the Sun was out this morning it looks so autumnal even in the distance

if you look into the distance it still looks nice even though it's raining so I

wasn't expecting this I do apologise for the rain I'm just making sure that I

don't get electrocuted at the moment as I stand here with 240 volts flowing

around me hello to the live chat thank you very much to Martha oh hello Martha

guess what you are first on today's live chat

I am trying my best to give you a round of applause there so hello to everyone

on the live chat it's a very strange day today because the weather this morning

was lovely it seemed as if autumn was really in the air and now it feels as if

spring has arrived already so it doesn't look very good here at the moment for

which I apologize I hope we get some more people watching that's all I can

say come on YouTube stop hiding my

livestream please let people see what is going on now I have some cover

unfortunately I am NOT standing under cover I am actually out in the rain

myself so I have to stand here under my umbrella and hopefully the rain will

eventually pass over and now everything is covered in water including my lovely

pieces of paper so thank you once again to the great British weather for ruining

my whole plan this is very strange I'm also slightly horrified that all of

my lovely electrical equipment is now covered in water so hello to you seven

minutes past two o'clock yes I did arrive slightly earlier today and we've

also missed the Sheep the Sheep just went past at the back row sir oh hello

Rosa Rosa says it's a very hot day here you are quite lucky in fact that it's a

hot day Berlin says thanks for teaching us where is mr. Steve we might see mr.

Steve later on it just depends on what happens with the weather because if the

weather gets too bad I will have to how we actually have to call it off so I

will have to stop the livestream Chris Dale says don't catch a cold mr. Duncan

I will try not to catch a cold the only thing I'm trying not to catch at the

moment is an electric shock water and electricity do not go together very

well what a wonderful view mr. Duncan thank you very much for that

so everything so far is not going as well as I planned

to be honest this morning the weather was gorgeous the Sun was out everything

was fantastic it looked so nice and now the weather is not so good it is pouring

down outside but the other day the weather was lovely ever so nice we have

lots of things to talk about today worried do you ever worry about things

I'm worrying right now to be honest do you know what I'm worrying about I'm

worrying about whether or not I'm going to get electrocuted because I'm standing

in a puddle of water surrounded by electrical equipment so let's hope Oh -

Zenobia hello Zenobia thanks for joining me

today thanks also to the English weather Thank You English weather it's very

lovely please do not send your messages with phone numbers or personal

information I will not allow that to be shown and it's not for my safety it's

for your safety ok we have to be careful here on YouTube unfortunately good

afternoon from Saudi Arabia hello to you I bet I bet it's not raining where you

are at the moment it's throwing it down I can't believe the rain started at

exactly the same time is my livestream began broadcasting I can't believe it

talk about bad luck I am having some bad luck today lots of drama in the house

this morning because I had one of my windows open and a small bird came into

the house can you believe it a tiny wren came into the house this

morning he was flying around so I had to catch that and make it go out of the

house and the problem is when whenever a bird comes in

your house what you find is they will often leave little poos everywhere they

will have booms especially when they're frightened you will notice this with

many animals when an animal becomes scared or frightened they will normally

have a little wee-wee or have a poopoo you will often see that with sheep so if

you go into a field and if you disturb the Sheep you will see lots of them will

have a little wee-wee or a little poopoo because they are panicking they are a

little afraid mr. Duncan can you speak other languages well I'm speaking

English at the moment because that's the reason why we're here hello Chris when

life gives you lemons it is time to make lemonade so what do I make when it's

raining because there aren't many things you can make from water you normally eat

you normally need other ingredients I wish this rain would stop please rain

stop what's happened to the weather why is the weather changed so much it was

lovely this morning it was so nice I can't believe how bad the weather

suddenly become very strange some people might say that that is typical British

weather and you might be right hello to sweetness hello sweetness nice

to see you here today on a Sunday yes I'm back after my 31 days of October

lessons did you enjoy those and of course you can find the playlist so the

playlist for all of my 31 days are still available under this video so you can

catch up with all of my 31 days of learning English let's have a look at

the live chat again lots of people on here today wanting to say hello how can

I improve my English well first of all you need to learn new words study

English every day make English a part of your life your daily routine actually

wish this rain would stop dripping everywhere

this is incredible I can't believe how bad the weather has suddenly become it

wasn't even in the forecast that's what I don't understand

hello to TS hello TS I recommend ginger milk during the rainy

weather well the only thing I need at the moment is a large umbrella which is

what I have right now I have a feeling that the the rain might be easing off

thank goodness for that because I am getting very wet I wasn't expecting this

today hello Khyber hello Khyber nice to see you here as

well Belarusian nice to see you back my mother is not very well but it could be

worse well can I send my best wishes once again to your parents both of them

sometimes I forget your father so can I say hello to both your mother and father

as well so thank you Bella rusia I can see that you are using your normal

YouTube account today I think it is dangerous to be in the rain with your

phone on and even with something metal yes I agree with you but most of the

things around me are actually covered up

it sounds like someone's chopping a tree down it's all going on it's been so

peaceful here today this morning was lovely it was very peaceful and quiet

and then the Sun came out it was so autumn '''l so I thought it would be a

good idea to come outside and do a live stream however I'm starting to regret

coming outside to be honest yes the gazebo the thing that is above me will

protect some of my equipment however I am NOT standing under the gazebo I'm

actually outside and under the sky unfortunately

hello flower hello flower nice to see you here today we're talking about a lot

of things I'm worried at the moment I have my own concerns right now because

I'm outside doing a live stream so I was with you for how many days 31 days I did

live streams one after the other so what is going to happen next so now we are

into November and we are coming towards the end of the year so what will happen

next what will happen in the future what does the future hold for my live streams

well first of all I haven't decided exactly what I'm doing because at the

moment I'm sitting down and I'm writing lots of things so here at the moment you

can see some ideas that I have though they are I don't want to show them to

you because it might give too many secrets away so there there are my ideas

for my for my new live streams so I'm not going to show you just yet because I

haven't finished designing all the things and creating all of the bits and

pieces as well hello to satury know hello satury No nice to see you back on

the live chat yes the rain is now easing off I am pleased that the rain is

starting to ease off very good hello also to Ana Rita also I

can't actually read the screen now because there are drops of rain on my

screen and it's very annoying I don't even have a cloth that's the worst part

of this I don't even have anything to clean the screen with hello - Joel hello

Pedro hi Pedro it's nice to see you here today

can we give suggestions about any topics well I have some topics planned the only

problem is the rain has kind of created a slight distraction there's

nothing worse than standing around in the rains and it's one of the things I

hate if there is one type of weather condition that I hate it's rain I love

the sunshine I don't mind the cold as long as it's not wet I don't like the

rain at all another thing that I've been putting off over the past few months

I've got to go to the dentist so over the next few days I'm going to make an

appointment to go along to my local dentist because I haven't been to the

dentist for around maybe eight months so I think it might be time for me to go to

the dentist and pay a visit as well hello - Tan Cheng is it helpful to read

English novels to improve my English the answer to that question is yes it is if

you can find something that you are interested in maybe a subject that you

enjoy something you enjoy talking about or reading or maybe something you have a

genuine interest in then you can read a book about that subject so I always

suggest that if you are going to read something to help your English use

something that you enjoy maybe a subject that you like maybe you won't you you

enjoy cars so maybe you can buy a book all about cars and how they work and

things like that and then you can learn lots of new words including technical

words as well so if you are keen on a certain subject and you want to improve

your English with books I suggest that you buy a book or read something that

you are interested in something you have a keen interest in something you enjoy

rain please go away come back another day Thank You Connell it would appear

that the rain has has eased off if something ease is off it means it slowly

subsides it slowly fades away it has eased off it eases away Christina

mr. Duncan you are very creative I'm sure you will plan a lot of interesting

lessons in the future yes well because I did so many lessons

during October I did 31 live streams I did kind of where my brain out so over

the past couple of days I've been trying to get my brain working again I've been

trying to get into some sort of routine of being creative which isn't easy

especially when your brain has decided to go to sleep so that's what I've been

doing but I will give you some news about what is happening with my live

streams of course I will be I will be with you I'm not going anywhere so in

case anyone says mr. Duncan's leaving us that's not going to happen I'm not going

away but I am trying at the moment to create some new things that will be

interesting to you hopefully hello also 2ts again I am interested about the UK

peatland I have read a lot of articles about this subject so when you talk

about the peatland do you mean the Moors so there are many large expanses of land

and areas across the UK that are very remote places that you don't want to get

lost in definitely not c-czar says mr. Duncan please send a big hello to my

daughter Kim Alison hello Kim Alison nice to see you there as well today

besides seas so hello to Kim Allison thank you for

joining me I am outside in the rain today and there are also people cutting

down trees behind me because I live in the countryside and if he's always

exciting in the countryside you never know what is going to happen next here I

tell you so hello to Kim Allison hello to you is that Cesar

yes thank you Cesar hi mr. Duncan I am studying English and I like to use your

videos as material Thank You hacci I am glad to hear that my English lessons are

useful to you Belarusian asks will there be any more

full English lessons well not at the moment because I'm doing something else

so the problem with doing this especially when you do it by yourself

because I don't have anyone to help me so I have to do all of this on my own

and the problem is that sometimes there is a lot to do sometimes there are many

things that have to be done hello mr. Duncan nice to see you again

long time today you look so handsome but why didn't I why I didn't out of this

time I don't know I don't know what you mean by that do you mean why why didn't

I get a notification from YouTube well YouTube I don't know what is happening

with YouTube at the moment it would appear many of my subscribers don't even

know that I'm still making live streams a lot of people seem to think that I've

died and disappeared but I haven't I'm still here so it's all because of

YouTube I don't know what is going on anymore with YouTube there are many

publishers on YouTube who are very frustrated about the way they've been

treated including me and many of the people are publishers

who have been on YouTube for many years and as you know I've been on for 13

years doing this can you believe it hello to Pedro again I have a suggestion

how about you introduce your bedroom and show your personal belongings no I won't

be doing that you will never get to see inside my bedroom all my personal

belongings I don't know what you mean by personal belongings what do you mean by

that do you mean my underpants because that

those are personal belongings I don't own many things you might be surprised

to hear that I'm not a person who always buys things so most of the things that I

own most of the things that I have with my daily use and in my personal life are

the things that you really see so my clothing I don't have lots of clothes I

don't buy new clothes all the time so I don't have lots of personal belongings

I don't just buy things all the time I am a person who doesn't like to spend

money and waste money so yes so really to be honest with you most of my

personal belongings are the things that you see on the live stream

are there people working in the rain I wonder if it's necessary asks Rosa I

don't know what's happening behind me it was so quiet this morning all I could

hear this morning were the birds in the trees but today and this afternoon

it's turned quite noisy and wet hello or hello from Thailand

what brings you to look happy all the time what is the secret of being happy

well as I always say the one thing that I do every morning when I wake up I open

my eyes and I look around and I always have a little smile

if a start of everyday because I realized that I can do this all over

again I get another day of life Wow

so to be honest with you when I wake up in the morning I always feel happy

because I'm alive and I can enjoy all of this I can enjoy another day in this

world so yes that's really it to be honest so there isn't any deep

philosophy behind the way I behave I just try to be happy

and sometimes even though it's hard sometimes to see the positive side as

something I try my best Anna says I don't know why

you haven't received any YouTube award for the number of subscribers no I

haven't I haven't received a play button or my any sort of award

so no haven't received anything like that so no I don't have a YouTube play

button I don't have any awards anyway don't worry about it I'll be fine I'll

be fine hello - Ezra hello Ezra I am watching

you for the first time and I want to increase my knowledge by watching you

hello Ezra and congratulations for being here first for the first time so can I

give you a round of applause

this might be the most difficult livestream I've ever done I think I

think the rain has actually stopped so I will remove my umbrella and there it is

now you can see where I am so there there it is I'm now in the garden and a

few moments ago the sheep we're all walking behind me but now they've gone

they've gone away unfortunately I think they've gone to shelter under a tree

if you shelter it means you go under something to protect you from the rain

and the wind you shelter from something in fact you can use that word as both a

noun and verb

yes it's mr. Duncan live in the garden and I am standing here on a very damp

day even though this morning it was lovely it was so nice this morning it's

very strange noises behind me so there was a bird in the house this morning

there was actually a bird flying around the house this morning I can't believe

it I had to catch the bird and put it outside because it was it was pulling it

was leaving little poos all around the house hello - this is great one of the

wonderful things about doing a live stream is you never know what is going

to happen

you never know from moment to moment hello to Julie hello also to satury no

mr. Duncan isn't a show-off person he is good and generous and a simple person

that is true I am simple in many ways but no I'm not a person who goes out to

buy things all the time I only have a few clothing a few clothings I suppose

that's right grammatically so I only have a few items of clothing I don't

have lots of clothes in fact this morning I realized this morning how many

of my shoes actually have holes in because I came out into the garden this

morning and the grass was very wet and I suddenly realized that my feet were

getting wet because there were some holes in the bottom of my shoes so I

think I need to buy a new pair of shoes or else I'm going to have wet feet all

the time Kevin hello Kevin Chun I am going to take my IELTS exam do you have

any advice for me about the preparation well to be honest with you if you are

going to take an IELTS exam you should already know what is expected so what

you normally do you you are told by the instructor or the person who is going to

give you the IELTS exam what you will have to do so normally you will have

some preparation anyway so I'm surprised by that so many people who take their

IELTS exam or TOEFL exam or any of these exams because there are quite a few

nowadays but many people take the IELTS exam

I would say that you need to make sure that you understand English

not only from knowing words but also thinking in English because you will be

tested not only on your reading and your speaking but also you will be tested on

how you understand the lish and that also means in here in your

mind so they really want to understand how much you know English how much you

understand English and also how much you can use English so there are many parts

to the IELTS exam and the reason why there are many parts is because they

want to test all of your abilities they want to make sure they want to be sure

that you know English not just as words but also as something that you use so

they want to test your cognitive use of English so when we talk about cognitive

we mean the way you think so thinking in English being able to speak English

being able to answer questions so maybe you will listen to a piece of dialogue

or speech and then afterwards you will have to answer questions about that so

to be honest with you you really should be prepared already

for your IELTS exam so most people who take a test normally have an idea of

what they are going to be tested on that's my my honest answer I always try

to give you an honest answer it sounds as if formula one is happening near you

I know I can't believe how noisy it is I really don't know what they're doing I

think they're chopping some trees down

Christina in life the less you have the more you are well I know I've never been

in a materialistic person so if a person is materialistic it means that they

always concentrate on their belongings so they always believe that if you have

lots of things in your life lots of things that you own they think you will

be happier but quite often that isn't true

it isn't true Theo it seems to me mr. Duncan that you found the meaning of

your life I suppose so it's taken me a long time but I think I

found the meaning of my life and maybe the things I'm able to do and also the

things that I'm not able to do yesterday my friend told me that my way of

speaking sounds a little bit similar to yours the tone and the speed and I have

haven't ever realized that before Thank You tench and well you can always use my

way of speaking as a way of improving your way of speaking so thank you very

much I take that as a compliment thank you that's very kind of you I

don't want any shoes no don't worry about it you don't have to send me too

Pedro says we can bye mr. Duncan some new shoes no it's ok it's ok you don't

have to do that you don't have to buy me some new shoes I have some boots that I

normally wear when I go on my walks and I have a pair of shoes and a pair of

sneakers however my sneakers are very old I bought them in 2007 so my sneakers

are very old they are 12 years old almost as old as

my YouTube channel so I need to get some new sneakers because they have holes in

them as I found out this morning when I went outside and my socks became very

wet hello - saara hello sigh Yara I like your name by the way you are a very good

teacher thank you darling oh darling I like that hopefully mr. Steve will be

here soon but for now we are talking about fire at

the moment we are now going to change the subject because on Tuesday here in

the UK it is bonfire night on the 5th of

November we always celebrate bonfire night and for those who are wondering

what it is all about here is a video that I hope will help you

can you see what I'm doing today I'm preparing to light a fire I have some

old wood and garden debris to dispose of to start a fire you need some dry

material this will light easily paper is the most common material used or small

pieces of wood will also do the job the material used to start a fire is called

kindling you use kindling to start the fire

kindling establishes the fire there is also the word Kindle which means to

start a fire kindling is a noun while Kindle is a verb

I will use a match to start the fire I will strike the match and light the

paper this will start the fire the paper will ignite the word ignite comes from

the Latin word for fire we sometimes use the word pyro to describe something

related to fire for example a person who is addicted to starting fires can be

called a pyromaniac the most obvious part of a fire are the flames and smoke

can you see the flames the movement of the flames cannot be predicted flames

move randomly we can use the word lik to describe the movement of a fires flames

the flames licked around the doorframe a flame flickers we can describe the flame

on a candle as a flickering flame a flame can shimmer flicker glow dance

the fire I'm lighting today will be safely contained this container is

called an incinerator you burn things in an incinerator the inside of the

incinerator will become very hot to keep the fire under control I must put this

lid on it now the fire will burn steadily and remain safe the small hole

in the center of the lid allows the smoke to escape in a controlled way

just like the chimney on a house wood

fires are fun to watch but they can also be very dangerous especially if they get

out of control after the fire has gone out there is normally some debris left

this gray looking substance is called ash this is all that is left of what was

burned you can also put out a fire using water this action can be described as

extinguish you extinguish the fire you put the fire out

you have extinguished the flames the fire has been put out

here in the UK we have a tradition that involves lighting fires each year on

November the 5th people light large bonfires to commemorate the capture of a

group of men who were plotting to blow up the houses of parliament and kill the

then King of England in 1605 Parliament was and still is the meeting place of

the British government the plot however was foiled when Parliament officials

discovered one of the plotters a man named Guy Fawkes guarding the Gunpowder

this event became known as the Gunpowder Plot the celebrations take place every

November fifth it is known as Guy Fawkes night large bonfires are lit and

life-size effigies of Guy Fawkes are burnt on the fires fireworks are also

let off and quite often food such as baked potatoes are eaten there is a

rhyme that goes with this event - which begins remember remember the 5th

of November gunpowder treason and plot I see no reason why gunpowder treason

should ever be forgot

dvb-t all I hope you enjoyed that that was one of my full English lessons there

are lots of full English lessons on my youtube channel some people don't even

realize that I have a YouTube channel however if you want to join in you can

of course like and subscribe I know it always sounds desperate lots of people

on YouTube always ask their viewers to LIKE and subscribe but if you want to

like this with your thumb and also subscribe you are more than welcome to

do so welcome to chainsaw city there are

people behind me using chainsaws at the moment so if you hear some some noises I

do apologize but I will try I will try to to stop your inconvenience from being

too bad so I do apologize if you hear any sounds but there are some people

cutting the trees behind me and I found out why they are doing them because they

are actually cutting some of the trees that are very close to the electricity

lions so where the electricity is flowing on the poles that are above all

of the people that live around here so they are cutting the trees to keep the

branches away from the electricity pylons and the electricity lines I hope

I explained that well so a lot of people have been asking where is mr. Steve we

haven't seen mr. Steve for a long time so I thought it would be fun if I magic

mr. Steve so if you want to join me everyone close your eyes so I want you

to close your eyes and I want you to say mr. Steve can you please appear with mr.

Duncan right now so after three I want everyone to say please can mr.

Steve appear now ready 1 2 3 can mr. Steve appear now that went well

hello mr. Duncan hello mr. Steve I brought my headphones why because of the

noise well this ought to have stopped no no it's that again yes well but of

course you think it stopped you've got these on it's quite a noise anyway I've

got these of course I keep these in the house all the time because if mr.

Duncan's annoying me with what he's talking about I can just

put these on that's a nice thing you say that the other week a new ones by the

ones broke Katty these are quite trendy but they're not really headphones they

are actually ear defenders yes Ian's defenders so these will help to

keep all of the sounds annoying sounds out of your ears however and can you see

how I've color-coordinated the headphones with my new gardening gloves

I've noticed yes so your your lovely ear defenders actually match your gloves

exactly see even the garden you've got to be color-coordinated not not only all

time not only that they also match my shirt as well it's rubber of these over

your shirt in the garden today you've been busy in the garden as as

every elderly man is doing at the moment in the UK you're trying to suggest

I'm elderly lots of elderly men are in their gardens at the moment they are

getting ready to put the garden to bed they are yes that's a phrase which we've

heard many times bye-bye let's say retired gentlemen elderly men who would

say I'm put in the garden to bed yes so that means that they're cutting back the

old plant because winters on the way winter is coming so nothing's going to

grow in the winter so they're just letting the garden rest yes they're

putting it to bed they're cutting back all the dead plants and just making it

look nice and neat like a nice neat bed comfortable and

cozy maybe putting some compost and some rotten leaves over the ground just to

protect the plants from the frost putting the garden to bed yes so when

you put the garden to bed you are preparing for the onset of winter you

are making sure the garden doesn't need any more maintenance until spring Oh

should I put these mr. Duncan I can think of one place you can put them well

everyone's saying hello so hello to everybody who's saying hello to me of

course people have missed you because we did thirty-one days of October lessons

and mr. Steve didn't appear live in any of them did you I wasn't allowed to mr.

Duncan that's why weren't there I was at work yes you were we were out you

weren't it you can't be in the livestream if you're not here you do

realize that I hope I'm very cold out here mr. Duncan it's damp

can you believe it Steve when I first started today I started my live stream

and it and it exactly the same moment it started raining the rain was throwing it

down well I did wonder I thought mr. Duncan hasn't put his waterproof gazebo

up what will happen with all this rain perhaps presumably use of my gazebo is

there yes why you weren't underneath it oh yes because I want to know that's

just a technical thing I mean I buy these things for mr. Duncan then he

doesn't use them properly so I did I did start to worry I was a little worried

when it started to rain because I'm surrounded by electrical devices lots of

lots of electricity all around me and as we all know electricity and water do not

mix Armen says what do I do for a living I'm in sales Emery um oh yes Armenti

said T I think we would pronounce that our men are men yes it's a bit a little

bit like after you say a prayer if you say are men okay yes the gloves Esther

does everything is matching today mr. Duncan okay then so what so your job is

sales sales can I just say mr. Steve is a very good

salesman I've been doing it for over 30 years he's very good in fact Steve is so

good we actually got not one but two free holidays we actually got free

holidays this year from your company because Steve did so well last year so

we went to Paris and also we went to Portugal not only does he of the company

I work for not only that but also I did live streams I I was standing on the

corner of the street in Paris with all of the traffic going by and that would

that was quite horrendous and I stood there for three hours I wonder if people

can hear can people hear this they can this is a chain strong so that's what

the causal chain saw so they're cutting down something and you've discovered

that they're cutting down the trees around the powerlines

yes and and in a moment they're coming here right behind us because the power

line goes right behind our house so in a moment they've already said I've seen

the man the man was there just and he called the blokes he says you love to

cook this book in a minute so they're coming here that's for the one you might

see them you might get not only see them you're gonna hear them well we're

getting it three I don't care about hear it or seeing them I'm more worried about

mind you you see we have been having a lot of power cuts recently okay

haven't we Annoying power cuts okay and of course cuz the pack we live in the

country the power lines the trees eventually grow around the power lines

and then if they touch the the power lines you get an outage a power cut and

I think that's why we've been getting a lot of it so about every few years they

come round and cut everything back to make it safe see what you've done now

now everyone wants to know what your job is

and who you work for so I'm gonna say never never go down that road too far

because everyone everyone wants that personal information well Pedro earlier

said he wants to see inside my bedroom and where I sleep in all my personal

belongings mmm-hmm kinky as I mentioned I don't

have many longings though so worried there are

many words you can use to describe worry and I think this word should be mere mr.

Steve because mr. Steve I think mr. Steve worries more than I do

so I think this one is your word yeah I would say mr. Steve is a person who who

will worry about things also I think Steve is a person who will often agonize

so again agonized I do it or shan't I yes it

should I go left or right which we shall I take to this town should I go that way

or that way I just can't decide yes or maybe maybe something that's happened

recently and you're just thinking about it

so it can cause you a lot of pain and upset so you will sit there you will

worry and you will agonize and then I will be very indecisive is that a word

that you've got printed out mr. Duncan indecisive excuse me about what's

happening today everything everything literally everything today has gone

wrong if you are indecisive you're a person who finds it difficult to make

decisions sometimes very easy decisions for example what should I make to eat

tonight you could have a choice of three or four things that you could cook but

I'm the sort of person that we don't shall we have that but then didn't we

have that two days ago so therefore we shall give other one but no the other

one I'm not sure that I want that tonight or is that gonna sit one of my

stomach so I I that's not really worried is it no I'm on about indecision we've

moved on mr. Duncan I don't worry my indecision I think I've moved on okay I

have all words to do with worry so yes sometimes you can overthink things and

sometimes you need to use your gut instinct to make decisions instead of

having to analyze everything because you see my background is science okay so I'm

used to analyzing everything but yes when you're making everyday decisions

sometimes you don't need to overanalyze everything sometimes you just let your

your gut instinct tell you okay nobody can see

down there mother goat goat when everyone knows where the

gut is the depth and that's a phrase people use what your instinct sometimes

it's all right sir well what do you think you should what do you think you

should do and so many might say what's your gut instinct okay what's your

what's your the uh Nana litical part of your brain telling you go then well this

just this isn't really worried is it we're talking about worry at the moment

see worry is the subject yes but worry you see as with indecision

can lead to worry well yes it can or it can lead to indecision I think so okay

then so if you worry you can also suffer as well so you might talk about worrying

causing you a lot of pain a lot of worry a lot of upset and also you will suffer

from worry which I think again can happen to anyone really if you if you

worry about things you can suffer and of course you can worry about genuine

things the phrase don't sweat the small stuff okay this is a phrase which is

used to mean you should only really worried about the the really important

things in life not worry about the the little thickness

don't sweat don't get yourself into a into a into a heated a heated state over

silly things and worry about them and chew your nails chew your nails will I'm

a bit of a nail biter mr. Duncan aren't I gonna say that but I've managed to

stop do you know I've been biting my nails ever since I was probably about 11

are we repeating it a live stream we did I don't remember talking about how you

talked about your biting nails did I look at them now they're perfect perfect

that's for you where's your thumb well I'm not going to affirmed Eve was hiding

his thumb you want to see Steve's thurman his thumb looks awful Steve is

always picking and chewing his his thumb I'm worrying about something I do it

unconsciously who you never stop worrying and fair line I meditate and

trying to engage during the lesson stress stress

and that's what Steve is causing now stress can be the result of worrying

Carter oh definitely yes stress is if something happens oh well we know we'll

know what stresses stress it particularly at work people get a lot of

workplace stress where there they've got a lot of things to do the bosses telling

them they're not doing it right they've got a lot of tasks to do in a

short period of time or something's not going right at work and that causes

stress and it's a long term of course that causes you to worry about your job

and and that can lead to long term stress of course can lead to anxiety all

sorts of symptoms stress directly affects your digestive system so that's

the first thing to get upset by stress is your digestion okay so you might have

acid reflux or you might have problems going to the toilet me stress really has

there's a direct link a doctor told me there's direct link between stress in

your brain and your digestive system about 15 more words right hurry up then

you can go over something yes go over something in your mind yeah and go over

it so sometimes when you're thinking about summit Steve it can go over in

your mind okay you could you keep thinking about it it won't go away it

keeps going over and over in your mind and that I get that a lot with the

pleasant things like music so a musical tune or a song that you really like goes

over and over in your mind and if that keeps happening its pleasant but if it

happens too much was that always happens to me it becomes stressful you can't get

to sleep you can't concentrate on anything else and before you know it

you're getting all sorts of stress symptoms so you go over things in your

mind you go over something again and again you can't get it out of your mind

neo says that they already have hypertension and only 21 there how that

must be genetic I don't think that can be environmental they're not doctors

we're not doing we're not doctors so it might be genetic it might just be that

sometimes you know things things just get too much to bear are you able to

that's the trouble you have to I think if you get older as well not that we are

getting older but as you get out I'm talking generally okay you don't handle

stress as easily as you did when you were younger and I think the the

physical symptoms of stress are more pronounced when you get older because

your body can't handle the stress as well as it you went when you were

younger you would you would just throw these problems away and not worry about

you wouldn't give a care you wouldn't you wouldn't have a care in the world as

I always call it the exuberance of youth Pedro says am I able to fix everything

that gates ruse walls well shaking your head mr. Duncan I'm a

I can do a bit of everything but I'm not particularly good and what really good

any one thing apart from cutting the grass I'm good at than that oh here's a

good good idea satury know has a good idea maybe you are putting your gloves

on so you don't bite your fingernails battery no you are very clever because

what do i do mr. Duncan but when order to prevent myself from chewing my I

often get into these habits when I'm watching television when I'm not doing

anything and what I commonly do is we'll be sitting there watching the television

and I'll just start like that and then before I know it it's gone too far so if

I put I put these gloves on white gloves it sounds a bit ridiculous but I've got

up some gloves and I put them on my wrist watching the television and that

stops me could I just say let's Steve does it wear these I'm giving away far

too much of my personal information today I'm trying to keep my personal

information back and you're just spilling it spilling the bean these

downtown seasonal owners dwell well dwell so again it's very similar to

having something going over in your mind you will do well on something you will

think about something maybe for too long or too

often it will dwell so when we talk about dwell normally it means to to be

in a certain place so dwell means that the thing you are thinking lives inside

your head you keep dwelling over it over the same thing again and again I think

the chainsaws are getting nearer that's causing us all nervous nervousness and

stress I know I've had a stressful day when I started by livestream today it

started raining the rain was falling down heavily on my head and then the

chainsaws behind me started and this morning there was a bird in the living

room it was pooing everywhere I was leaving

little poos all over the furniture so there's nothing worse than having a wild

animal in your house the first thing they will do is poo Lewis says here that

oh I don't think mr. Steve is a troublemaker but he can have explosions

of it I can I can have explosions of rage like that but then I can go stress

but yes I can have these explosions of rage I won't do it now well you just did

what do we won't do it now you just didn't do it shall I go and rant and

rave rant and rave that means that it's a talk and in a loud sort of domineering

manner a domineering I mean thanks for AV and the word Steve is looking for his

anger you rant and rave at somebody it means that you're shouting at them in

anger yes okay then I should I go and do that to those you nearly gave me a heart

attack thing and also people on the live chat I think you've given them a heart

attack sorry about that sorry for Steve that's shouting if you're wearing

headphones at the moment I do apologise Naomi says that she had stress when she

was younger but now she can manage it better so sometimes you can handle

stress better when you're older it's the reverse for me another word for worry

connected to it sorry for my outburst you can

what's this become concerns yes you can maybe something comes along in your life

maybe something you weren't expecting and maybe it's something that wasn't

there yesterday but now is something that suddenly comes along that you have

to think about yes sir maybe you will become concerned

there's a strange I've noticed mr. Duncan on the end of your nose there's a

very strange spot I'm getting quite concerned about it I think you should go

and see a doctor I wouldn't I wouldn't observe expressions even people are

concerned about you they they have this expression don't they I was worried

there I wasn't sure where that spot was going to be on my body I'm glad you said

my nose talked about the others so you might he might become become concerned

you start to worry about something you become concerned maybe you're maybe if

you are a parent and your your daughter has gone out for the night with her

boyfriend and then it's midnight suddenly it's midnight you may you may

become concerned you start to worry flower s Bois and there if I pronounced

that correctly of a lovely name listen to calm music and carry out physical

exercise well music and exercise are two fantastic ways to reduce stress hmm

because they release they want one they distract you away from whatever it is

that's on your mind it's a distraction and secondly it releases these what they

call endorphins these happy hormones in your brain to make you feel better and I

often say mr. Duncan what I'm feeling stressed I'll do I'll either do some

singing or go for a run or something like that something to just break up

that because what you can get is you can get into these loops of thinking where

your mind just keeps going over and over the bone the same thought and that

causes stress within your body you gotta break it somehow sometimes you can be


analytical analytical so you can think about things you can analyze things too

much and I think this is another thing that you sometimes do maybe yes so you

can analyze maybe a small moment of time where something happened you you look at

tiny things or tiny moments from your life and you analyze them you can be too

analytic I like the way it says anal as well I like I like a favorite analytic

has the word has the word anal at the start of it I don't know why but you

pointed that I didn't it always makes me laugh so you could be very analytical

analytical you think too much about things it's good to be analytical if

you're doing certain tasks certain jobs maybe need to be analytical and you need

to know all the detail but in most everyday tasks you don't need to so

sometimes that can cross over and being over analytical can cause you to be

indecisive not make decisions and and cause you stress but you need to be

analytical in certain things for example you wouldn't want to if you were if you

were if you got a pension for example yeah it's a lot of money it's important

when you're you might be building up a pension for many many years decades you

you have to be a little bit analytical there in terms of deciding where you're

going to invest your money you can't so I'll just put it there yes because that

could have long-term consequences you have to know when you need to be

analytical so some types of analyzing are good something importantly you have

to consider but sometimes we analyze things that aren't important or things

that are small and trivial something else if you are a person so it can I say

something typically though typically when you've had maybe not an argument

maybe an argument or maybe you've you you've had words or you've said

something to somebody and you're you worried about what you said afterwards

or something's happened in vent and you go keep going over to well

wonder what what you meant by that or I wonder if she thought that I meant this

and like really I meant that and that that's an example where you can be over

analytical when you're when you're in a social situation with people and then

you worry about or maybe you've got a girlfriend or a boyfriend and you're

worried about you know doubt what they're going to think about what you

said or what the present they bought for you and then you go into too much detail

yeah so trivial moments you can be a bit of a worrywart

I like that expression so you might describe a person as a worrywart I've

never heard of that expression before you haven't no you've clearly never read

the books of Enid Blyton of worry whoa I think they use that in a Blyton so some

of some of her books especially which is especially with the famous five so well

a worrywart it's just an amusing term so it doesn't have anything to do with the

other thing it's just a funny way of saying that like smartypants

when you say smartypants it doesn't mean a person's underwear is intelligent what

you are saying is just something humorous it's a humorous thing so you

might describe a person who worries a lot as a worrywart okay I've learned

something mister don't complete a lesson today thank goodness for that

all my work was not in vain and finally of course you can be a worrier worrier a

worrier so a person who worries not warrior that's a different word so there

is a difference between warrior and warrior warrior so it's a slightly

different pronunciation you would have an A in it wouldn't it yes so a person

who worries a person who is always worried about the future or maybe

something that happened in the past can be described as a warrior

they worry too much right their nails and give themselves a lot of stress yes

you sometimes you worry too much about trivial things that aren't important

I've ever sweat the small yes as I said and I think that's one of

the secrets of being happy as well a lot of people asked earlier mr. Duncan you

always seem so perky and happy and that's it so sometimes worrying can be a

thing that makes you feel worse about your life in general I think so Eric

makes a very good point here another way to reduce stress or worries is to do

some deep breathing hmm deep respiration or deep breathing we would say here

where you just breathe in slowly through your nose okay exhale through your mouth

maybe counting to ten something like that do that a few times and that just

calms you down yes so sometimes it's nice to be calm anyway we're going now

Steve useful in a road rage incident okay

what they say is instantly if something happens it could Anor you just stop

breathe in a few times count to eight do that and that will that will reduce the

get rid of that stress hormone count to eight

what why eight because it's just enough to distract you without you actually

suffocating why not 12 well you'd have scanned into 12 might be difficult for

some B but if you've got good lungs count to 12 goodness me if you can't

hold your breath for 12 seconds then you probably shouldn't be driving a car to

be honest that's just my opinion 9 10 11 12 it's Eddie it's only four more

seconds yes anyway we're going now Steve we don't do two hours anymore that's

true so I'll go and get the tea ready and the tea cakes we're having a cup of

tea and also a tea cake and then tonight we are having salmon yes we're not stuck

in our ways at all are we what I love is the chainsaws have now stopped now so

now we're going the chainsaws have stopped that's because they've realized

it you're online and they need to start well they didn't stop very quickly

did they they carried on for ages before they decided to stop so thank you very

much to the nice men with their chainsaws and also thank you to mr.

Steve for coming out here today and deciding to give us some of his valuable

time so that I've got to mention these because it's at the third today it is

the third today so this is an 18-inch sparkler and we're going to although I

ought to show that this out mr. Duncan yes

monster sparklers we're going to be lighting these in two days time yes

because on the fifth of November we always celebrate Guy Fawkes night so

there you can see some lovely sparklers so normally you like the end and then

they will Sparkle we've done that live haven't we did we did do that live a

couple of years ago and we burnt half the house down that's something to worry

about on that note mr. Duncan I will I will go

inside and prepare our little snack yes because between you and me I'm freezing

bye-bye everyone lovely to see you and I hope you don't

mind me interrupting today mr. Duncan it's okay and there we go look fetus

warrior and warrior yes are you a warrior a person who fights and goes out

at X humanity a brave person brave person now the sun's coming out

what what the Sun is now coming out you can see that you can see the sunlight

behind me isn't that just typical he's with me guitar see you all maybe

next week yes baby bye that was mr. Steve and I can't believe the Sun is now

coming out look look at the view now outside so now I'm going The Sun has

decided to come out isn't that just typical very typical indeed so I will

see you during the week now I will probably be with you on Wednesday but I

am at the moment doing a lot of work preparing some new live streams I'm not

sure how often I will be on now one question I want to leave you with and

this is something you can do in the car it's below so maybe you can leave your

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what do you think do you like my live streams shall I do more live streams oh

by the way TS asked do you still have your incinerator and there it is behind

me so you saw earlier in the video I was burning some paper and there you can see

the actual incinerator so we still have the incinerator behind me there it is

the same one thank you very much to Hong gaze or hung gates

thank you very much Pedro ana ts very nice thank you to Luis Luis Mendez I'm

sorry I didn't say hello to you today I'm sorry about that yes I will be going

soon Thank You pal Mira Thank You Pedro I should be with you on Wednesday now

one of the things I'm thinking about is maybe doing something late on Wednesday

like I used to the only problem is it takes a lot of preparation and work so

it is something that I'm considering I am thinking about at the moment

so after my 31 days of live streams I took a little rest and now my brain is

working again now I am ready to do some more creating Thank You pal Mira thank

you very much to everyone thank you very much

so if you want more live streams more of this please let me know in the comments

underneath this video thank you very much for your company I'm going now this

is mr. Duncan England feeling a little bit cold right

now in the garden saying thanks for watching I hope you've enjoyed today and

I will see you on Wednesday we will make it Wednesday does that sound like a good

idea will you be here on Wednesday I hope so and of course until we meet

again you know what's coming next yes you do...

ta ta for now 8-)