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Todays Ingredient: Manager with Mood Swing

[Fork You Boss Season2] Ep.06 Angry Curry Udon



Crazy Dog has returned from the business trip.

His ranting has started early today.

Mr. Manager, the data youve asked to provide



Mood Swing Manager

Most important qualification at work is

to keep calm


Let me take a break for reading~


You are not answerin


I see.

I will modify it right way to your request sir.


Yes sir.

You are not answering the phone?!

Ms. Yeo: What the heck is going with him?

Ms. Yeo: Gunjoo must have been really upset.

Gunjoo: I was a fool. I am fine.

You fool LOL

Thought you were waving at me.

That typing noise makes me crazy. Stop typing!

Lets smile.

You must smile.

Why do I have to smile?!

Yeo Bin, Please shout out

Like youve done before

There was time when running towards the wall that never breaks

Is considered a courageous move.

[3 years ago]


I am drunk now.

You know me well.

I have nothing to hide it from.


Just spit out that makes your mind uneasy.

Lets get really really drunk. Huh?

Manager, you are a perfect guy.

Nothing to be fixed.

There was a lot to fix.

I need to speak.

Its okay.

Just release it.

Only the new comer could speak up.

Yeo Bin,

Just end this with it.

Mr. Go Dong Wook!!!

Hey Kwon Yeo Bin!


Wake up.

And Follow me.



Is there even something in this?


Answer me.

I was..

You were?

What is with that attitude?

I did not mean,

You didnt mean what?!

He rants when I speak.

He rants when I dont.

Do you think I am a fool?

Also, you need to answer my phone quickly.

You are definitely doing this on purpose, huh?

Do you need to answer my kakao talk message after 5 minutes

To feel better?

At this point,

I needed to figure out how to react to this crazy dog.

Are you laughing?

Hey you are laughing

Did you just smile?

Hey You

I am aggressive?

No way.

Only because my voice is a bit loud

I am really warm-hearted.


Now I am thinking,

You have done nothing wrong. Ive been too much.

Lets forget this with delicious meal. How about that?

Lets reconcile. No feeling left behind

We have reconciled.

Reconcile works when BOTH people agree to.


Want to die?


Noodles came out great.

Hey, youve had some rough day.

That guy has issues.

It is like he owns this place.

He says nothing in front of his boss.

Then he shows his anger at us.

That is why he is still single.

I heard that he broke up with his girlfriend.

You will never date anyone!

Manager Ko: You can make it, Yeo Bin? Manager Ko: Report due on 10 Yeo Bin: Yes I can, sir Intern Gunjoo: Yes sir. Manager Ko: Are you ignoring me? Yeo Bin: I am sorry. Manager Ko: Are you? Intern Gunjoo: No sir. Manager Ko: Yea Bin, you there?

I am here

But not for you.

Typing message Yes

Typing message Yes

Typing message Yes

Hello, this is Marketing Team Manager Ko.


I have signed back the report.


So I have again.

Ah I see.

Okay from the next time I will



What a freak

Clean this mass up.


Where did our team boss go?

It is impossible to meet

Mr. Kos need.

For a day like today,

I suddenly think of my father who has been a businessman for long

How he had endured his time

What he had endured for



Lady First

Hey Kwon Yeo Bin


Do you have a time?

He scares me.

It is 5PM


It is 5PM on Friday.

You must be excited.


Lets throw this out.

No, trash can is too far.

Hey Gun Joo, could you do me a favor?

-Ah I see. -Thanks.


I am happy today.



I think I need to quit this now.

Crazy Man

Please visit hospital.

This is so delicious.

Ah right

Thought I didnt throw my cell phone out.

Knew you would do that


Why do my arms hurt?


What a day

But it is Friday!


Hey, you must not fear this.

Just be a kiss-ass

Just be a kiss-ass Like me


Like you have never been

To him and then him and then him

Then you will be promoted.

[Next Ingredient] Kiss-Ass

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