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[Engine noise]

>> The teachers are here to see how modern science works. They want to see how special projects

in science are being carried out and then carry that to their schools and teach it to

their school children.

>> NASA 747 Heavy, cleared for takeoff.

>> Set takeoff thrust.

>> Rotate.

>> MD, Flight Deck, looks like that sun has set.

>> 37,000 feet, Safety can you please check the seal?

>> Yes ma'am, on it.

>> Add an 'else', and then another line, add an 'exit', and then you're good.

>> And TOs on three?

>> Go ahead.

>> Just to give you a warning, after we finish this little map we are doing,

we're gonna do some sky dips, so don't be too surprised that the telescope's gonna move around.

>> [German] Here you can see a rewind of the telescope.

Whenever you see a peak, the telescope makes a rewind, and

afterwards, the curve will decrease again.

>> We are teaching in school, spectra of stars, and this I'm going to connect with the SOFIA project.

We show the electromagnetic spectrum does not end in the visible,

it's going on in the infrared. The pupils learn "ok,

there's more than visible light". This is quite interesting for each pupil because

every time when they go out in the night, they look to the sky and see stars and I think

all pupil wants to know where the stars come from and so on.

>> It is great to be here aboard

SOFIA together with astronomers and scientists and to experience how FIFI is used.

[Music/Radio chatter]

>> The flight planning software that you see on my screen over there is the tool that we use. Give it

a given date and a given time, I can say, "where is Mars? I wanna look at Mars.",

and the software will figure out where Mars is and what direction the plane has to fly,

it may say "Mars is on the other side of the Earth", but I'll try and solve it

so that if I want to observe Mars that night, maybe I better takeoff at a different time,

or observe it later in the flight or something like that. We like to think of a jigsaw puzzle,

except that everytime you put down a piece, the other pieces change shape.

>> What I have learned tonight is that flight planning is quite difficult so that the airplane can get

back to the airport and everybody is satisfied and has his measurement done. What I like

most in astronomy is that the very big dimensions and the very small dimensions are combined.

>> Astronomy as a science is very nearly by philosophy, the question of who come we from, and where

we are going. SOFIA is a fascinating observing platform. It's very highly flexible because

you can go anywhere at any time and you can use any scientific instrument. I hope SOFIA

will be in service for a very long time.

>> Good morning, sir, we're participants and we'd

like to descend on into Palmdale once we hit Swoop.

>> Science brings nations together, it's

not important from which country you are, in science, everybody is talking the same


>> Palmdale Traffic, NASA 747 Heavy is two mile final, gear down full stop Runway 25.


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